Making Space

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I’ve always been wild…the wild one in my family, at school…I regularly got grounded, got called out…got pulled back. Maybe it was just timing but I learned a valuable lesson my 12th summer…at church. My family is religious. One sunny Sunday at church, I couldn’t sit still. The fidgets and squirms were constant. My mom hand me in her grip. I saw birds swirling and squirrels chasing each other.

“Mom, can I be excused?”

She shot me a look that let me know I was in trouble. I slid quietly down the aisle. Instead of turning down the stairs to the bathroom, I dashed out into the sun. I ran and ran and ran around the parking lot, swinging on low branches where I could. 5 laps and I laughed out loud. I dashed to the bathroom, peed and splashed water on my hot face. My mom was looking around for me when I crept next to her.

“What took you so long?” The chill in her voice and the fire in her eyes I’ll never forget.

As quietly as I could I said, “I chased my fidget away…”

She looked confused. I sat perfectly still. I glowed with peace. The lesson? I could do what I needed, wanted to do and still please my mom, my family and my wildness. After the worship was over, I asked my Dad a question about the sermon. I had been able to pay attention. I didn’t really hear the answer he gave. I felt love for my Mom because I’d made her proud.

My wildness stayed with me…but I got really active in sports…it gave me the outlet I needed. Years later in high school is where I also got to be crass and bold in the locker rooms…I was good looking and charming…I spent a lot of time strutting, being charming…pulling pranks…I had a girlfriend, our parents were super strict…I got more blue balls than real kisses…But we stayed within our parents’ rules. We dated all thru high school and some of my time at community college. She wanted to marry, I wasn’t ready. We sadly went our separate ways.

I earned my family’s trust and respect and quietly lived my own life. I discovered places and people to be wild with as my community college was near a seedy section of town. Strip clubs, hookups on line…bookstores…I had a phase where glory holes had my attention just before my 21 birthday. On my 21st I went to Las Vegas and had the time of my life. I fucked three women and two guys in 5 days. I wasn’t hiding anything…just kept things distinct. Living at home was a bummer, but I earned a landscaping contractors license. I was wild and mild; both sides of me were fully living.

I met a new gal. My family liked her. She was in college and lived at home too. We got together whenever we could. She finally graduated and moved in with girlfriends. I was 23, lean, horny and did what I liked and wanted.

I love jacking off…I am a daily dude…even when my gal and I fucked, I get myself off at least once a day…my gal is awesome…we’re in love. She’s a little conservative for me at times…not just in bed, but doesn’t like Thai food, or foreign films…I’m totally in to her otherwise…just more adventurous than her. It’s not a stress really…I can eat Thai food without her! The bedroom…well there’s always porn and my hands!

The three months before my gal and I started dating seriously, I was living large…I was dating thru several websites…fucking a couple of gals…and had a buddy who we swapped blowjobs…I’ve messed with a couple guys before…always casual…my blow buddy Kevin and I are on the same Parks & Rec basketball league…we watched porn and got off together more than a few times. It was always fun and easy going.

Just before things got serious with my gal, I chatted about it with Kevin, in his truck after a game. He gobbled my cock right there. I blew him after I got off, thinking it would be our last…he texted me later that night…I went over and we completely drained each other…just before sunrise I was really into sucking him off…on my knees, him on the side of the bed…he popped his cock outta my mouth and said, “fuck me?”

I suited up and slid home…he took my fuck like an all-star. Filling the condom as his ass clenched my shaft had me flopping on his back. I dozed off…we washed up and naked snacked as the sun came up…he lay down and pulled me on top of him…he got hard again!…This time he kept kissing me and nibbling my neck. I got hard too, thinking of just humping together…he whispered, “Can I fuck you too?”

I shivered…I’d only bottomed a few times…I nodded…and spread my legs lying on my belly…he ate my ass until I was on my knees for him. He gently rocked me to a shouting orgasm. It was one of the few times in my life where I was able to fuck my balls empty. We slept.

Over breakfast we said little. Three days later my gal started ‘the talk.’ I don’t cheat. I’m faithful. Kevin and I understood with few words at basketball that Friday.

Fast forward six moths…Kev got steady with a gal too. A lot of changes happened quickly: I transferred at work, had more evenings free. Three of my high school friends started hanging out at my house Büyükesat Escort in the evenings, playing videos. Then my brother’s roommate bailed on him. I moved outta my Dad’s and in with my brother…I was able to really relax with my buddies. My gal and I had date nights a couple times a week…fucked two or three times a week…I jacked off daily.

My brother was pretty conservative (as is my family), I kept the porn quiet, kept clothes on around the house. Kept my gal and I quiet when we fucked. My bother complained about me jacking off in the morning before work. I didn’t know he could hear me. I kept it to the shower. I started to feel bored and restless…

One of my buddies, Robbie caught my eye one day…he was skating, waiting for me, I watched him from the red light across from my house…I’d not really ever seen him as a stud…but he was graceful and his thighs and ass looked great in his jeans as he flipped and jumped his board. We had burritos at a truck and for the first time, he got gritty when talking about chicks…he’s a quiet one.

I got hot and bothered. In my sturdy jeans my boner was hidden…at the picnic table in back of the taco truck…we swapped hot stories, fantasies…I wasn’t going to see my gal for a couple days…I made up my mind to jack off as soon as I could…thinking about Robbie…

He’s small, maybe 5’5″…lean and dark…killer eyes…he hides them behind his cap a lot…he got up to get more salsa and his ass flexed in his jeans…he had torn pockets and his bright red boxers drew my eye…when he turned back around with the salsa his long cock was outlined down his thigh…for a little guy he was packing…he was hot to fuck too…probably not with me…but…fantasies are free!

A family sat down near us…we chilled on the hot talk…we went our separate ways shortly after…I had my cock in hand in the shower pounding, pounding until I rose up on my toes…I came with the image of Robbie’s cock in my face…the fantasy cycle spiced things up for me with my gal…Robbie and I got tighter, texting more often…my fist kept busy with the thoughts of hot 69’s with him…

I was content, out of the blue then another high-school buddy Sam called me…he was newly single…having dumped his gal because she’d cheated on him. He was broken up…he felt he had no guy friends and wanted to hang out. I’d barely seen him in three years, but liked him. He was kinda shy…didn’t like crowds. He worked and was finishing a degree.

We met for pizza on campus. Shit he was stacked! When I commented, he blushed and said he had really only worked and hit the gym. His buzzed blond hair and constantly flashing eyes, the way his pecs and biceps rolled under his baggy polo…got me. I saw how sad he was…I got goofy. I got him laughing…I wanted him happy and relaxed…I spent hours with him over the next week, getting him balanced out again…

It was a Wednesday…my gal was slammed at work, I’d not fucked her in 6 days…and was half hard all day long…Robbie and Sam were both texting me…I’m a landscaper and had a client cancel and another postpone…I had two hour to kill…it was drizzly so I sat in my truck, texting the guys…we were all just bullshitting…I remembered Robbie’s tight jeans, and Sam’s rocking arms…boing! My cock jumped alive…without thinking twice, I pulled it out…lubed up and jacked in my truck…thinking about the two of them…together and with me…combos…and trios…I shot so hard it hit the windshield twice. I slurped it up…just as Robbie made a texting joke about going down on a gal, eating his load outta her…

My brother let me know the next day that he was taking a two week trip for work. My first thought was: I can go naked in the house! My second thought was: I came make my gal moan loud when she comes! My third thought was: I want to hang with Robbie and Sam…I told my gal and texted the boys…The all seemed excited for the freedom…That Friday, fucking my gal it was really hard keeping the noise down…my head was spinning…my brother was polite the next morning, but I could tell he was upset. I apologized, he grumbled. My gal was embarrassed when I told her.

Two nights later, Sunday at 1130pm, I took my brother to the airport…I had my cock out, toying in my truck before I was on the freeway. I got home stripped and without caring walked around, boner swinging thru the whole house…I got silly and humped the couch…I lubed with olive oil in the kitchen…a fat drop of precum fell on the floor…I left it there. I put porn on the big screen…talking dirty out loud…calling out names: my gal, Robbie and Sam…Kevin…and then just loud swearing…I jabbed my prostate with two fingers and flooded my face with shot after shot of hot sweet come…

The next morning, I sipped coffee bare assed naked and stroked off in the kitchen…I left my load dripping on the sliding glass back door! All day at work I was half hard. I toyed with my boner over lunch. I had a league Elvankent Escort game that night…Kevin texted asking if I was going…I called him and we chatted…the last thing I said was, “Wish we were single, buddy.” The first time I referred to messing around since that last time.

His quiet, “Damn dude!” made me smile. I dashed home and fought with my boner the whole time. I changed my mind at the door and took off my jock. Fuck it. Freeballing during the game was awesome! Kevin and I were on the same team, he kept an eye on my swinging cock and balls. At halftime he threw a towel at me and mumbled, “Slut!” with a wink and a smile.

He disappeared and came back…freeballing too. We kicked ass and tromped the other team. Our other three teammates wanted to go out for beers…I barely shook my head when Kev raised on eye brow…I wanted him alone…I wasn’t gonna cheat, that’s for sure…but I could stretch out the tease…”Follow me home…” was all it took to get him in his car behind me…we sat on the stairs and trash talked…sporting wood the whole time…

“I gotta go; man…this is getting too much…” He mumbled after 20 minutes.

I threw my arm over his shoulder, “You get to fuck your gal…or are you jacking off tonight…or both?” I laughed in his ear.

“Both, you sexy fucker…”

I jumped up and at the door lifted my shirt off, “I’m watching porn…with a finger up my ass…” I left the door open…and dropped my basketball shorts off…I was lubing, dripping…I flopped on the couch and called up a hot bi threeway I’d watched last night…I was moaning like a dog…Kev came into view, one hand down his shorts…I put on a show…humping and thrusting…I never looked right at him…he slid his shorts down and joined me stroke for stroke.

I lifted on foot on the couch, my Nike catching the edge of the cushion. I pushed two fingers into my hole and shuddered all over…my cock was deep red and oozing…I looked over my shoulder at Kev…he had his cock out, I’d forgotten how thick it got…we made eye contact an electric jolt thrummed through me. I saw my gals face in my mind…we both flushed deep red…and fear swept between us…

In the same breath we said, “This is not okay.”

We both began to soften and he pulled his shorts up…I thought of my gal again and actually kinda welled up…Kev was moving towards the door, I snatched up my shorts, “Wait, buddy, wait…”

I grabbed him in a bear hug, and I’m not sorry to say we sobbed. I was so close to fucking up in the most major way…”Kev, lets call our gals right now, come clean…I never want to hurt het or you or your gal like this…not like this…”

He nodded, “But, I…I don’t have a fucking clue what to say…”

Around the lump in my throat, “I’ll go first, you next, ok?”

He wiped his eyes on the back of his forearm and nodded.

I dialed my gal…not thinking where she was…she answered; she had just got to work.

“Baby, I called to say I love you…uhuh…when…when can you talk?”

The shakiness was in my voice…”no nothing’s wrong…I didn’t do anything…well if you wanna talk now, it’s kinda hard…ok? I know, I love you too…well a situation came up…and my first thought was you…I really saw just you in my mind…well I had…I mean I coulda…I didn’t want to…that’s the amazing part…but I coulda been with someone else…but I love you so much…you were my first thought…”

She was silent, then in the smallest, softest voice she said, “You thought of me?”

“Yeah baby…only you…I’m so sorry…”the shakiness spilled over to a sob…”I’ll tell ya all about if…or not…Its up to you…”

“I don’t want to know any details…just tell me you love me…” Her warmth was spreading over the phone easing the cold shaky feeling.

“I love you.”

We made small talk about dinner plans in a couple of days, her weekend…we hung up.

Kevin was looking less like a deer in headlights…he swallowed hard and dialed his gal…the call went almost the same…

Kevin and I stood for a long moment, forehead to forehead…”let’s not do this again, alright, man?” He whispered.

“yeah…we shouldn’t get this work up, be alone ever…”

We nodded together and he left.

I was wired…I couldn’t sit still. Even though I’d just played a hard fought ball game, I went for a run. I burned out the worst of the emotions in the hour I ran…In the shower I was drained. I texted my love and good night to my gal and I crashed by nine.

I was blue balled, oozing hard when I woke up…I edged for a while in the kitchen while my coffee brewed…but decided to hold off coming…something was churning in my head that kept me distracted. My gal was awesome on the phone when she called. I sat bare assed on the back steps, coffee in one hand, phone in the other. She was calm and said she trusted me.

I dashed thru a short workday and after running errands decided to hit the gym. I took my Beşevler Escort time, worked out. Got home and shaved my bush, balls and ass…my phone buzzed while I searched for my lube (it had rolled under the couch last night). Robbie wanted to hang tonight. I told him to head over any time.

I pulled on a pair of beat up old sweat shorts. Sam called. He sounded weird. When I called him out about it he said, “Can I tell you the truth?”

“Sure, man, what’s eating your lunch?”

“Dude my stepdad is freaking out…he chewed me out last week because my Mom found uh…used tissue in my room…the kept going on and on about the ‘sin of polluting myself!” He’s forbid me to jack off…I’m fucking climbing the walls…I hate the bastard…for how controlling he is…” It came out in a rush from Sam. It was the most worked up I’d ever heard him.

“Aw, man that sucks…that totally sucks…do you need to get away…?”

“Fuck man…I’m almost tempted to go buy a hooker…just to get back at him…but I’d hate myself more for doing that…”

“Don’t waste your money, buddy…tell ya what, lets have an all-nighter…play videos…eat bad take out…Robbie wanted to hang too…this sounds cheesy…but lets have a sleepover…tell them, don’t ask…tell them you’re crashing at my place tonight…alright?”

He exhaled loudly…”Yeah, yeah…alright…Robbie’s cool…we can all be stupid together for a night…keep me outta trouble…”

“Come over anytime…”

Suddenly I felt on top of the world…I remembered that jack off session in the truck, thinking about Sam and Robbie getting it on…I wasn’t gonna cheat, but I might get some good fantasy material…

I texted Robbie…and started the flirt…”I was cock swinging at Home Depot…’forgot’ briefs when I left gym…going commando!”

“Dude…I never get the chance to free ball…I’m always coming or going to work…” Robbie took the bait.

“LOL…mi casa es su casa…I’m going commando all I can while my brother’s away…”

“Ha! See you in a while…gotta take a run and shower…”

I texted Sam, “Get over here!”

“He replied, “yup! Stepdad’s said he’s gonna call you…”

The phone rang; I was polite and answered his questions. I told him the truth: boy’s night of video games…it was a Tuesday, so we all worked in the morning…it was just a way to relax. Stepdad grumbled.

I was a bit hungry and noshed at the fridge. I surfed for ‘Girls gone wild’ videos…I put up a tits and asses video…”R” rated…but hot in its own way. I put on an old Yankees jersey, the button down kind, leaving undone…my abs were bare to the pube…I sat on the front steps, soaking in the sun…feeling the buzz in my balls.

Robbie zoomed up on his board…hat low, backpack over his bare shoulders, his dark green cargo shorts barely covering the globes of his ass. He skated right up to the foot of the steps. I leaned up and we grabbed hands and ‘bro-hugged’ his lower back was slick with sunny sweat.

“I got a new board!” He beamed. I know nothing about boards. He showed off on the curb…every sweep of his arms pushed either his ass out or his package swung in his shorts…I was getting chubby…I stood and caught his look under the brim of his cap. I was evident in my third hard cock. I downed my soda and belched.

“Listen…I wanna get real for a sec…Sam is hanging with us…he’s having a rough time with his stepdad…monster controlling him…hell, I’ll tell ya, I’ve never seen Sam without his buttons up, T-shirt on under everything…I think I heard him say ‘breasts’ once…”

“Fuckin, really?” Robbie fished water out of his backpack, “So we’re gonna corrupt him, huh?”

“Yeah…I think so…here’s the deal, when he gets here, I’ll chat him up outside… my house…my rules…he has to fucking unwind or he’s gonna break…remember how gritty we got at the taco truck…let’s make that the standard…alright, bro?”

“I’m all in…let’s rape his cherry ears!” he raised his hand for a high five…

“Well now…lets now scare him off…just open him to…I dunno know…being bros…bro hoes? Ya know locker room talk…”

“Bro hoes?!?” he burst out laughing, but nodded. “Yeah, play it cool, but I get it…I got a skate buddy who’s like Sam…but get him alone and he’s a right proper foul mouthed fucker…”

We moved inside, Robbie whistled at the boobs on the big screen. I took a hot long piss…with the door open. Robbie was sitting on the arm of the couch, his package pushed up by the cushion. I draped my arm over his shoulder…”Glad to hang out.”

He slapped my abs, “I know some other soft-core videos…more nc-17 than x-rated…but great background…” I nodded to the laptop attached to the TV. He sat on the couch and tapped away…the tops of his ass cheeks and the triangle of muscle that defined his tailbone were perfectly framed by the low riding shorts…I flopped down on the couch to lay behind him and my belly even with his butt. He didn’t move away.

He pulled up a video…called something like, “The Roman Way”…it was costumes and cheesy music BUT it had hot, hot bodies…mostly straight stuff, and the camera always managed to not show cocks and pussy…but it was spectacular in its showing of hot people humping and grinding…I loved it…we watched in silence for a long five minutes…I heard Sam’s truck pull into the drive.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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