Making the best…Pt. 5

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Making the best…Pt. 5. The longest part yet! Enjoy!

I had one of the greatest nights of sleep in my life. Content and happy I awoke the next morning sad to see that Christi was no longer in my bed. Well, that’s for the best. It would have been pretty awful if Jen and Ashley had caught her in here with me. I have no idea what we would have told them. We’re going to need to be a lot more careful in the future if we don’t want to get busted. We definitely can’t fall asleep in each other’s beds anymore.

I was hungry and absolutely reeked of sex. After showering and cooking myself a big breakfast I went from room to room and my sisters were nowhere to be found, but the first floor of the house was pretty trashed. Returning to the kitchen I noticed a note on the table that I must have overlooked during breakfast. The girls had gone into the city an hour away to do a full day of shopping and asked me to clean the house and return the now empty keg before Mom got home.

Great sisters I have! Leaving me to clean up this whole mess by myself. It took a few hours and 4 trash bags, but I finally got all the half full cups of beer dumped and everything back in its rightful place. I didn’t really mind all that work. What had really sucked was trying to remove stains from the white carpet and putting a door back on its hinges. How the hell did someone get it off in the first place?

After I dropped the keg off at the liquor store I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket. It was a call from Ali! Ali was the first person I’d hooked up with after I found out what a cheating skank my ex Amanda was. Apparently she was driving through town on the way to her cousin’s where she was spending the rest of the summer. I was excited to hear that she’d be only a town away for the next three months. Maybe that would mean a few more opportunities to hook up with her!

Anyway, she wanted to know if I’d like to go ahead and get some lunch before she went the rest of the way to her cousins. Of course I did! I was pretty hungry again after all the cleaning I’d done, plus I could never pass up a chance to hang out with gorgeous Ali.

We met up at the park where Maggie and I had come the week before. Ali and I both thought it wouldn’t hurt to make ourselves a little extra hungry and this park was the perfect place to get nice and high before we went to eat. I only had to wait in the park about 5 minutes before I saw her roll up in her car.

She was looking pretty sexy when she hopped out of her car. Ali’s auburn hair was flowing gracefully over her shoulders and her green eyes were dazzling with sunlight. Even better was the small shirt with a low cut v-neck she was wearing. It offered an eyeful of her B cups and her cleavage was looking amazing. It took a lot of will power to not just pin her up against her car, rip her clothes off, and take her right there.

Meeting half way between our cars I locked her into a bear hug while she gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Hey Ali, you look stunning today.”

She blushed a little before answering, “You aren’t looking too bad yourself, Stud.” We both laughed at her calling me Stud. It just sounded so unnatural. I threw my arm around her shoulder and led her over to a picnic table. In fact, the same one where I first entered Maggie’s ass. Ali pulled out a fat blunt and lit it up.

“So how many bowls you smoke on the way out here?”

“Only 3 or 4,” she replies and we both break out laughing. Smoking really was the fastest way to pass the time on a road trip. “So how’ve you been doing, Dean? What’ve you been up to out here in this shitty little town? I’m guessing there’s not too much to do to keep your mind off all the drama you left at school?”

“Honestly, I’m doing pretty damn well. I really haven’t given Amanda much thought at all. I actually HAVE managed to stay pretty busy and not think about her.” Then, for some reason I still don’t understand, I told her everything that had happened since I’d been back. “First night back I got hammered and had sex with a different old girlfriend. Second night I fucked a girl named Maggie up the ass. Third night I had a threesome with two girls from high school. Then, to top it all off, yesterday I had sex with Maggie’s mom and after, my little sister.”

My truthfulness stunned me into silence, but Ali just burst out laughing and rolled off the picnic table. “You’re so full of shit, Dean! But that was a great story!” I didn’t blame her for not believing me. If I heard anyone say such things I’d think they were trying to pull my leg too. No one EVER had a week like that. Saying it out loud I’d barely managed to believe my own words.

She was laughing so hard that tears began forming in her eyes. That is until she noticed how somber I was. Picking herself up off the ground she looked me square in the face, trying to read the lines for a sign that I was lying. There were none, though. “Do you mean?…You really?….With all those different girls?…And your sister too?!” I just politely nodded to each of her questions and waited for what came next.

There was no way she could have a positive reaction to this. She’d definitely think I was a man slut. I wasn’t really worried about that. I was worried what she’d think about me and Christi. She had to think I was twisted and perverted. I guess the best I could hope for was that she wouldn’t start telling people.

“That is so HOT!!!” My jaw dropped straight down into the top of the table. I was utterly shocked at this response.

“So…you don’t think I’m sick for fucking my sister?”

“Hey, we’re all a little sick. Plus I can’t blame you. You’ve shown me a few pics of your lil’ sis before and she’s sexy. If given the opportunity I’d jump her bones too. Her tits are absolutely incredible!”

It was great finally being able to talk about everything that had been going on. Everything that had been running through my mind the last week. Ali was so easy to talk to and she didn’t think I was some sort of freak for hooking up with my sister. The two of us just talked and smoked for the next half hour, completely care and worry free.

Finally, we realized how badly we needed to munch on some food and went to Joey’s Pizzeria. Their pizza was some of the best I’d ever had. I missed it when I was away at college. During lunch Ali told me about how intolerable it was living at home again. She loved her parents but she couldn’t stand living with them anymore. Her cousin has his own place and needed a roommate, so she figured it would be a good place to spend the summer. Plus she could deal there to make rent money and hopefully a little extra. It just made sense.

Eventually we were finished eating and it was time for Ali to leave. I was sad to see her go. It’d truly been great seeing her. Talking to her a sense of relief had rushed over myself, knowing that there were some people out there who could handle how messed up I’d become.

Feeling great, I decided that I’d make a nice, big dinner for my family tonight. I quickly drove over to the grocery store and parked. It only took me a few minutes to find everything I’d need and I pushed the shopping cart up towards the front. As I came out of an aisle another cart t-boned my own. “Oh, I’m so sorry. Dean!” Looking at the owner of the happy voice I see Linda, John’s mother, and Traci, his younger sister.

Now, John had been gaziantep lezbiyen my best friend and roommate until I caught him in bed with Amanda. Thus, I wasn’t nearly as pleased to see Linda as she was to see me. Actually, I felt like vomiting. I wasn’t prepared to run into Linda and Traci at all and the painful memory of John and Amanda was almost too much for me at the moment.

“So, how’ve you been? How was your first year? And why haven’t you been coming over to the house, young man?” Linda inquired in a playfully serious voice. Incredible! John hadn’t told his family about what happened. Well why would he? What he did was a pretty scumbag thing and he was obviously too embarrassed to explain himself.

I had no idea how to respond, but thankfully beautiful Tracy came to my rescue. “Mom, stop harassing him. How do you expect anyone to answer that many questions at once?”

Finding my nerve, I finally managed to speak, “It was nice seeing you guys, but maybe you should ask John why I’m not coming over.” With that, I left them and bought my groceries.

The whole way home I thought about what had just happened. The more I thought about it, the angrier and more pissed I became. John fucks my girlfriend and then doesn’t even have enough balls to own up to it with his own family. The little bastard had told them nothing and I’d almost had to explain the whole thing to his mom and sister. Spineless twit! By the time I pulled on to my street my blood was boiling and steam was practically shooting out of my ears. If John was in the middle of the street right now, I wouldn’t hesitate in running him over, reversing over his body, then running over him a third time for good measure.

My exuberant anger wasn’t helped by the sight before me as I pulled into my driveway. Amanda’s car was parked in front of my own and I could see her standing in front of the house. Seeing her was too much for me to handle. I’d finally reached my breaking point. All conscious thought left my mind and everything went blank. The whole world turned into nothingness.

I slammed the door of my car shut and began a quick pace towards Amanda. “Dean, I know you don’t want me here, but I need to talk to you.” I heard none of it. I firmly grabbed her forearm and fiercely dragged her into the house, up the stairs, and into my room. With all my force I tossed her onto the bed.

Quickly as I could I took my clothes off and then stood over Amanda. Only now did I fully take her in. She really was a gorgeous girl. Her tight, white tank top fit nicely over her large C cup breasts and her small skirt covered only a fraction of her tanned legs. Looking at her face I could clearly see the lust burning in her eyes. I needed to do something to get rid of this pent up anger and Amanda was going to be that something. With force I rip her top from the neck to her waste, then her bra, her skirt, and then her thong. Quickly I yank the variety of clothing from her body.

Hopping onto the bed near her head, I grabbed the back of it and led her mouth straight to the tip of my very hard cock. Palming her head like a basketball I repeatedly forced her mouth to the base of my pole. Amanda was gagging loudly and her mascara was running wildly down her face. Each time I briefly allowed her to pull off my dick she’d inhale huge gulps of air and then I’d shove her right back onto my cock.

Holding her mouth in place at the base I let the sensations rush over me. Her throat was continually contracting around my pole and she started tonguing my balls. I pulled out and used all of my 7.5” to smack the side of her face. Once, twice…again and again, trying to land the cock slaps in the same place each time. I could already see a long red mark forming the shape of my dick on her face. She was going to have a nice mushroom stamp from this.

Pulling her by the hair I hung her head over the edge of the bed. Humping in and out of her mouth I reach a furious pace. I can feel her lips clamped down tightly against my shaft. I wanted this to be as rough as possible. That’s exactly what she deserved. The dirty cheater showing up here uninvited. This reminded me, that’s exactly what she did at college. She just showed up at my dorm room and I roughly fucked her up the ass so she’d learn to leave me alone. She didn’t, though.

Withdrawing from her mouth I look down at her and ask, “Bitch, you came for the rough sex didn’t you?” She nodded her head at me. I was actually pissed to learn this. Now it was like a challenge. I wanted, nay, needed to fuck her so hard she couldn’t enjoy it.

I flipped her body around and over on the bed so her ass was up in the air next to the bed. Lining my cock up with her puckered hole I press the head down firmly. Just as my knob begins slipping in I thrust with all the force and weight my 6’3” frame can offer. My cock only makes it in 2 inches before the extreme tightness allows me to go no further, but I do enjoy Amanda’s loud scream.

Each hard thrust takes me slightly farther in and offers another scream of pain. Too soon, though, I hear more pleasure than pain in those screams. I roughly shove and hold her face into the sheets, laying my chest on her back. Reaching around with my free hand I dig the fingernails of my thumb and forefinger into her nipple and twist it harshly.

The sweet dominating sound of pain returns to my ears and spurs me on to finally thrust the rest of my cock into her asshole. As I bottom out the force of my humping shoves her ass straight down to the bed. Not wanting her to grow to comfortable, I swiftly pull all the way out, re-aim, and bury myself to the hilt in her pussy. The shock and change of holes makes her emit the loudest scream yet.

I look down at her gaping brown hole and watch as it slowly shrinks back to its regular, tiny size. Once I’m convinced it has tightened back up enough, I return my hard cock to the small star. She’s definitely tight again. Only 3 inches sink in. Half an inch at a time I work my way deeper.

I’m no longer concerned about causing her pain, but as her pussy starts contracting more regularly I pull out so that she can’t orgasm. I stroke my cock for a few seconds. Then noticing the boiling in my balls I roll her onto her back and hop onto her abdomen. I spit between her breasts and flop my dick down in the valley. Instinctively Amanda forces her breasts together and I start humping, my knob consistently bobbing into her mouth. Without warning I pull back and start cumming everywhere. “Eat it up, Bitch!” I yell as my load explodes out the tip. The first spurt shoots straight into her left eye and the next into her open mouth. A few more cover her face and the last couple land on her neck and upper breasts. Amanda is an absolute, cum-covered mess.

Breathless, I collapse onto the bed beside her. As amazing as that just was I still couldn’t stand being in the bed with her. With a foot I forcefully shove her ass and push her onto the floor. “That was fucking amazing. Ever since I felt all of you up my ass, I’ve been craving to have that wonderfully full feeling again.”

“Shut up, Bitch,” I spit harshly. All Amanda could offer me now were three glorious holes. She would never again mean more than that to me. I didn’t need to be quite such an asshole, though. “But you’re welcome.”

“What the fuck are you doing, Dean?” I hear from my doorway and look over to see Christi. “You’re a heartless bastard!” Before I have a chance to say anything, she runs away from the room, tears flowing down her face.

“Get out, Amanda,” I command.

“But I don’t have any clothes. You tore them all.”

“Do you think I care?” Timidly she got up and started walking out of the room. “See if Jen and Ashley can find you something to wear. I’m guessing they’re back now too,” I tell her as she leaves, remembering my resolve to be nicer to her.

A long, hot shower calmed my nerves. With my head clearing I walked downstairs hoping to find Christi, but instead see Jen and Ashley sitting on a couch in the living room. “Hey, do you know where Christi is?”

“She stormed out of the house crying and mumbling, but we couldn’t understand what she was saying,” Jen says.

“What the hell did you do to her? And was that blonde bimbo Amanda? I thought you guys were over,” Ashley asks.

“All I did was have a little fun with Amanda.” Then remembering my groceries in the car, “Hey, I’m grilling some steak and potatoes for dinner.” I rushed out to the car and was glad to find that the steaks weren’t ruined.

The dinner was delicious and my sisters and Mom were grateful that I cooked for them. I was noticeably down the whole time, though. Christi hadn’t come home yet and I was anxious to talk to her. I hated hurting her and hoped I would have a chance to talk things over with her soon. Jen and Ashley clearly knew there was something going on between me and Christi now, but I was appreciative that they didn’t push the issue.

After dinner I didn’t really feel like doing anything. I was feeling so small by this point that all I wanted to do was crawl under my sheets and never leave again. The world hadn’t different plans for me, however. Hearing my phone vibrate on my nightstand, my hand shot out of the sheets and snatched it. I had a text from Traci.

“Hey, Dean. When Mom asked John about you he wouldn’t answer and got really pissed off. What happened? I’m the only one home for a couple hours. Come over and explain things to me. Please?! I miss having you come over too…”

As much as I didn’t want to, I told her I’d be over shortly. That was about the longest text I’d ever gotten from Traci, so I could tell she was taking this pretty seriously. After getting dressed it was only about a five minute drive to her house.

I waited in my car for a few minutes. I needed to gather my thoughts. It was going to be hard explaining to Traci what an asshole her brother was. She was only a year younger than John and me, but she’d always hung around with the two of us. It had seemed like she’d idolized her brother as long as I’ve known him.

She appeared in the doorway shortly after I rang the bell. Traci’s short, dirty blonde hair that usually came down to her shoulders was pulled back into a ponytail. She had a small white tee on, but on her slender 5’ frame it fit fairly loosely, barely making a curve at her A cup breasts. As she turned to lead me into the room I stole a long glance at her best feature. A pair of tiny volleyball shorts were covering her juicy, little bubble butt.

The two of us sitting down on the couch she began, “So John’s been getting pretty moody whenever we mention you lately. Today, when Mom explained what happened at the grocery store and asked him what happened, he completely blew his lid. He punched a hole in the wall in the hallway and took off. Now he’s not answering any of my parent’s calls. So…I wanted to know…um….what exactly happened between you guys? I figured you were the best person to ask, since you didn’t break anything at the store.”

Taking a deep breath I launched into the story of waking up to find him in bed with Amanda. I told her that John and I haven’t seen or spoken to each other since. This whole time my eyes were locked onto the carpet, but as I finished I looked up at her beautiful face and saw tears slowly sliding down her cheeks. As we made eye contact she flung her arms around my neck and pulled my head tightly into her chest.

Even in this situation my first instinct was to inhale her fragrance. She smelled of fresh-picked strawberries. “Oh my God! I’m so sorry, Dean.” From her shaky voice I could tell she was still tearing up. “John’s always wanted what you’ve had. Your athleticism, your brains, even your girls. I can’t believe he did this to you, though. I know he’s my brother, but you’ve always been the best part of him.”

I could tell she truly meant what she said and her words moved me. I picked my head up out of her chest to look into her eyes again. Slowly and silently I swiped each tear from her face with my thumb, ignoring the red that flushed to her cheeks as I did.

The last tear removed, she broke the silence. “Thank you,” she said with a slight sniffle, “Oh, I’m a real mess now haha. You must think I’m such a little girl. I try to make you feel better, but you end up having to wipe tears from MY face.”

When she says “little girl” something in my brain clicks. That’s exactly how I’ve always viewed her. She was always my best friends little sister. I’d never had a single non-platonic thought about her…until now. Looking her over it hit me how sexy she’d become. She wasn’t a girl anymore!

“No, I think you’re a beautiful woman,” I say and gently push her back into the couch. Climbing on top of her I mash my lips against her own. She immediately responds, her tongue snaking into my mouth and exploring. She licks across my front row of teeth before beginning a battle with my own tongue.

I free her short hair from the pony tail and run my fingers through her soft locks. Traci burrows her mouth into my neck, slobbering everywhere. Somehow her tiny body manages to roll us off the couch and I land hard on my back, her on top. She licks up my neck, through the stubble on my chin, and over my lips.

Our lips reform into a kiss again, this time with much more passion than before. I lift her t-shirt up and off her body, flinging it away. Then I pull back down into my body, smashing her small breasts against my body. As we make out I can feel her fingernails softly scratching the whole of my scalp and playing with my short hair.

As Traci lifts her chest away to undo her bra, I swiftly remove my shirt. As our chests greet each other the skin-to-skin contact sends shivers through my body. Grabbing her hair I pull her body higher. Her hard nipples slowly drag across my chest before hanging above my head. My tongue and teeth attack her right nipple while my hand twists and tweaks the other.

Moaning loudly, she holds my head firmly against her breast. “Oh, yeah! Suck my tits! No one ever wants to…oh, my…they think….Jesus!…they’re too small…Bite harder…Most boys just want my pussy. Holy FUCKKK!” Her body shakes wildly on top of me as her orgasm hits her hard. I don’t relent in my attack until I hear her breathing start to return to normal.

Unlocking my teeth from her nipple, she slips back down my body so that our lips can meet. The recklessness she’s kissing me with makes me think she might be possessed. Breaking away, she says, “I want you in my mouth. NOW!”

She tries to slide down my body, but I hold her in place. “And I want to taste you,” I reply. Figuring out what I mean, Traci quickly does a 180 on top of me. In a moment, she has my shorts and boxers off. She grabs my stiff rod at the base and gives my dick a little kiss on the head. Squeezing my cock, a small glob of pre-cum droops out the end. Diving down, she licks it up and starts flicking her tongue at my knob.

All the teasing she’s doing is driving me crazy. Her shorts soon find the floor and I’m happy to see that she doesn’t have any panties on. I quickly bring my mouth to her bald pussy. I slowly lick up and down her lips, wanting to take in all of the flavor. Her pussy is insatiable. It tastes like strawberries and her juices are the sugar. Thrusting my tongue in, I devour her sweet twat.

When my tongue enters her wet folds, she moans loudly and thrusts her mouth around my cock. Taking a break for a second, I look between our bodies and watch her bob up and down. Her small mouth can only take about 3 inches, but she has both of her hands wrapped around my shaft and they’re furiously stroking.

Returning to work I use both thumbs to spread her nether lips open. Rolling my tongue into a little cylinder I fuck her juicy hole with it. Moving my mouth slightly, I wrap my lips around her clit and suck hard. As I begin to flick her clit with my tongue, I push my forefinger into her pussy. With just one finger in her, she’s already feeling tight. Realizing that if I ever want to fit my dick in her hole I’d need to loosen her up, I roughly force my middle finger into her twat as well.

Feeling the intrusion of a second finger, Tracie moans loudly around my dick. Withdrawing her head from my cock, she holds my member to one side and lifts my balls up higher with her other hand. She licks and slobbers all over my sack, occasionally nibbling and pulling on the skin. She then begins to rotate each ball into her mouth. She sucks them deeply into her mouth, tonguing and licking them thoroughly.

I desperately want to make her cum. I rub the tip of the forefinger on my free hand around her puckered hole. Every once in a while I would jab down sharply, pressing firmly against her backdoor, but not entering. I notice Traci’s wet mouth return to my head. Now, getting ready to enter her ass for the finale, I lightly bite down on her clit and press my finger more firmly against her asshole.

Before my finger can break through and into her rectum, her hips start wildly bucking down on my face as she enters her second orgasm. The vibrations from her moans that can’t escape reverberate through my cock. The sensation is incredibly intense and I release my load in torrents. Her mouth is soon full of my cum and starts running all over my cock.

As soon as I come down enough from my high, I realize that I never got my cock into her pussy. That’s unacceptable to me. So, without realizing how I did it, I stood up, never releasing Traci this whole time. My arms were wrapped tightly around her back so she wouldn’t fall on her head and we were now in a standing 69.

I started walking out of the living room, determined to make it to her bed upstairs. My cock only deflated to semi-hardness after my orgasm and Traci made sure to clean all the cum off and then kept on working. Before I even made it to the stairs my cock was fully hard again.

It was difficult walking up the stairs in this position, but we eventually made it and I kicked open the door to Traci’s room. Holy shit it was pink in here! Wherever there weren’t pictures of Tracie and her other cheerleader friends on the wall, there was nothing but hot pink. Her bed sheets and pillow covers were pink. Hell, even her carpet and a rocking chair in the corner of the room was pink.

Rocking chair! Carefully dropping Tracie to the fall, I then sat down in the rocking chair. Obediently, she followed and climbed onto my lap. Lifting herself up high, I positioned my cock head beneath her juicy little pussy. Ever so slowly she lowered herself until my knob brushed against her lips. Then, exerting more downwards force, her folds enveloped the first few inches of my dick.

We moaned simultaneously and she raised herself back up and dropped down again, now taking a little more than 3 inches. I placed my hands on her hips, controlling her light body and helping her work further down my pole. The deeper she went, the louder she moaned.

By the time she had 6 inches inside of her she was so tight I didn’t know if her pussy would be able to accommodate me entire length. Like a real trooper, though, she lifted herself to the tip of my dick and forced all of her weight down, finally fitting all of my cock inside of her.

When she bottomed out on my rod, I felt my dick push hard against what must have been her cervix. For the third time that night, Traci orgasmed and orgasmed much harder than the first two times. Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as she screamed loudly. Her body was shaking uncontrollably and I had to hold her in place so she didn’t fall backwards and onto the floor.

As she finally came down I pulled her chest tightly against my own and we lightly kissed one another for several minutes. Then, ready to get things moving again, I lifted her small frame (she couldn’t have weighed even 90 lbs.) and carried her to the bed. Wondering how flexible this beautiful girl was, I grabbed both her legs underneath the knees and pushed them toward the bed. She took over for me and pulled both of her feet behind her head.

I was amazed at first with the sight before me. Tracie completely naked with both legs behind her head. Sweat was dripping down her body as much as down mine and her pussy was dripping so badly it would leave a horribly big stain on her sheets.

Bending over to lick on her nipples, I fervently humped into her juicy twat. With each entry I could hear loud squishy sounds, because of her dripping wetness. I buried my head into her neck, primal growls emitting from my lips while I mauled her tits with my large hands.

I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer. “Ahhhh, I’m getting close,” I yell.

“Oh fuck…ahhh….me too! Fill me with your seed!” Needing no more prompting, I thrust in to the hilt and exploded. My white hot semen flooded into her tight twat and I felt her pussy clamp down on my rod. We shook together for a few moments. Then, looking up I couldn’t believe I hadn’t learned my lesson about closing doors earlier today.

Standing just inside the door was John. At first he looked shocked, but then his shock turned to blind fury. “You motherfucker!!!” he screamed as he rushed towards me. Pulling out of his sister, I ducked his first swing, delivered one of my own straight to his gut and a second to the side of his head. He fell to the floor, too dazed to further react.

“Actually, it’s sisterfucker, you bastard.” I walked over to Tracie, who was too exhausted to move or cover herself, and gave her a peck on the cheeks. I went downstairs to put on my clothes and left.

Thank you for reading Pt. 5 of Making the best…! I hope you all enjoyed it. All comments and suggestions are appreciated and welcome. Acre of Freedom will be the next story I put up. Based on a few comments I’ve gotten, I think you’ll really like some of the things I have planned for it. Not sure when I’ll be done with the first part, but by the weekend at the latest. Also, this is NOT, repeat NOT the last part of this series. Thanks again!

College Bum.

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