Mammary Mansion Ch. 06

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We rested and cuddled, my arms filled with glorious feminine pulchitrude. I caressed her marvelous breasts and occasionally ran my fingers through her curly pubes. We talked a little and the conversation got around to Monica.

“She took on the responsibility for the whole company and the family when she was only eighteen. She really is a whiz kid at business, but I worry she can’t seem to relax. You’re here, Michael, because she knew we were missing out on sex. My son-in-law kept us amused for years before he died. Margaret never married as she was happy getting what she could whenever James could spare her some time. I’m sure that all that fucking did him in earlier than it should have. He was a grand fuck, a lovely man and I miss him dearly. Strangely, the only offspring was Monica. I could have got pregnant but never did. Wierd really.”

During this, her hand was caressing my dick. Towards the end of her little reminiscences, it started to thicken. Marjorie broke free of my embrace and clambered down to kneel between my legs. She grabbed my cock and lowered her mouth to it. Sucking, licking, twirling, caressing my balls, it rose to its full length. She scrambled off the bed and went to the bathroom returning with a palm full of shower gel. She rubbed it up and down my rigid penis and then knelt on the bed at my side.

“ Please fuck my arse now, Michael. I want to experience the forbidden. I want to know what the fuss is about.”

I got behind her and spread her knees with mine. Her crinkled anus winked at me in the subdued light. I ran a forefinger up my shaft gathering some of the gel and pushed it slowly into her arse as far as it would go. I pushed it in and out and then added a second finger until it gaped open. She sighed and moaned. Gently, I pressed my plum-like cock head against her starred orifice and began to push gently. Her sphincter put up some resistance but I pressed on until with a giving plop sound, the helmet was in. I pushed on for some inches, withdrew, then pushed more inches into her, repeating the action until I was fully imbedded in her hot pulsing depths. She moaned into the pillow. “Yesssss! Michael, yesssssssss! Soooo good. Now fuck me.”

Starting with a gently rhythm, I slowly built the pace, clasping her meaty hips as I sawed in and out, her rectal walls gripping in a sensual embrace. As I raised the pace, I reached under her using one hand on her clitoris and one on her huge breasts, pinching her nipples as hard as I could. Marjorie orgasmed and clenched her buttock muscles, almost severing my dick at the base.

“It’s wonderful, Michael, keep going you stud, you,” she moaned.

The sensations I was feeling were wonderful as well. I controlled myself, determined to give this old girl the experience of her life. I pulled out and flipped her over on her back, lasciviously eyeing her magnificent mammaries as the rolled and swayed over her gaziantep evi olan escort bayan chest. I hoisted her legs up over my shoulders, dipped my cock to the depths of her cunt and then positioned it to her upraised anal entrance. I drove it in and she moaned with delight. So did I. The feeling was again exquisitely erotic and added to as I groped her huge roiling breasts, while commencing the sawing in and out motion.

“Gorgeous, darling. Fuck me ‘til I faint.”

I obliged fucking in and out of her tightly clasping anal sheathe in steadily increasing rapidity until she milked my sperm in great gouts into her turgid bowels. She screeched with joy as the hot spunk flooded her insides. Her large thighs fell from my shoulders and hugged my waist, the deep tan of my torso contrasting with the creamy white of her thighs. She threw her arms around my neck and crooned into my ear. “That was marvellous, Mikey. Just the best. I bet you didn’t know what a raunchy old tart I was, did you?”

“No. Marjorie, I have to say, you are one marvellous fuck. I have to admit, you turn me on more than any of the models I’ve fucked, and I’ve fucked half of them. I can’t explain exactly why. I just know I enjoy it more with you and your daughters. Might be that cajun black magic Molly’s been slipping me.”

She continued to hug me as my cock slowly deflated and slipped from her arse. She kissed me lovingly. “Michael, you’re a lovely boy. It could be you really like older and more bountiful women. I don’t care, I’m having the time of my life.” She rolled onto her side and took me with her, pressing my head to her mountainous tits. I popped a raspberry sized nipple in and sucked hard. She sighed.

“Sleep, Michael, sleep.”

Like a baby I went out like a light, virtually smothered as I had been that morning, so long ago.

I awoke alone next morning, the sunlight streaming into Marjorie’s room. There was no sign of her. I grabbed my clothes and went to my room and showered. Dressed in shorts and t-shirt, I went down to the kitchen to see what Molly had for breakfast. Molly wasn’t there. But there was a young woman, with lustrous black hair down to her shoulders. She stood from the table and I had time to take in a stocky figure concealed by a white silk blouse with a ruffled front and a knee length skirt. Her round face burst into a brilliant smile showing wonderful teeth. Her dark eyes lit up as she looked me up and down.

“Hey, you Michael,” she said in an Italian accent. “Me Maria. I chef at Barents International at Lake Como in Switzerland. I have bambino five weeks ago. I help Molly in the kitchen.”

She turned to go to the oven, but I stopped her. “Where is Molly?” I asked.

“Oh, she go shopping wid the old ladies. Not back for hours.” She went to the oven and came back with what turned out to be beautifully gaziantep fetiş escort bayan cooked eggs benedict with a side order of beluga caviar and mocha coffee. She sat next to me and regarded me with her dark beautiful eyes.

“Do you have a husband or boyfriend, Maria?” I enquired, sipping my coffee.

“No. I get pregnant when head chef Bruno give me figgy fig one night after he trick me into having strong drink. He married and his wife a big nasty woman. Monica sent me to hotel in Paris for five months then brought me here to have baby. I go back to Paris in two weeks with Roberto, my bambino. He lovely. He look like my father, not ugly old Bruno.”

She looked at me solemnly. “You very handsome man. I would like you to be father of my child.”

I noticed that the bulge in her silk blouse in front of left breast had become opaque with moisture showing a large dark shadow. She was leaking breast milk. My dick stiffened. “You’re leaking, Maria,” I said, licking my lips and staring as more of her large, dark areolae was revealed.

She stood in front of me and being quite short, her breasts were the same height as my head. “Roberto not take enough milk. You help, yes?” She undid the buttons down the front of her blouse, revealing vast expanses of olive skinned breast. She flipped the left one out. The almost black areolae was at least 4 inches across and in the centre was an angry looking nipple, the size of strawberry, with a large tear drop of milky white fluid.

I gathered as much breast as I could in my hands and fastened my mouth to her teat and began to suck. Her head arched back and she moaned as a squirt of mother milk bathed my tongue. I swallowed and continued to suck, being rewarded with a flood that I gulped down hungrily. It was delicious. I slid a hand into the other side of her blouse and groped her massive right breast. Rubbing my thumb across the nipple, I felt moisture and rolled it round and round. Eventually, the left breast stopped spurting and I moved to the right. I slid a hand up between her thighs and found a sopping wet pair of panties. She spread her legs as I slipped a finger inside straight up a gaping slimy cunt. She moaned and clutched my head to her breast as I worked my finger in and out of her cunny, her breast milk bathing my tongue in pulses.

Maria pulled my head off her breast and bent down to plant a passionate kiss on my milk smeared lips, thrusting her tongue into my mouth to duel with mine. Her sexy lips were a major turn on. I rose and laid her on the table, scattering the dishes, still kissing her. I stood up and inched her tight skirt up to her hips. She had on black panties that were saturated. I pulled them down her stocky thighs and threw them over my shoulder. I pushed her knees up so that her feet were flat on the table. I gently pushed her thighs bayan gaziantep escort apart and gloried in the sight revealed.

Her cunt was covered with abundant hair that trailed on up toward her belly button. It was without doubt, the hairiest I had ever seen. Pushing through the forest was a pair of fat lips that were bedewed by cuntal juice. I fell to my knees to worship at the bounty. I licked up and down then sucked the hood at the top. A mini penis bulged out and I sucked it as hard as I had sucked her nipples. My hands were busy. First opening the rest of her blouse buttons and pushing it off her shoulders, then reaching down to push my shorts off my hips. Her hands came up and ripped my tshirt off over my head. I went back to licking and sucking her cunt, groping and mauling her magnificent breasts. I couldn’t wait any longer. Maria was panting like a dog on heat and I knew what she wanted.

I stood and placed my cockhead at her portal. She looked up at me with lust crazed eyes. “Figgy fig, now, figgy fig.” I skewered her long and deep, leaving it there pushing against a ripe cervix bathed in liquid heat. My turn to groan – it was bliss. A juicy but tight cunt gripping my dick and pulsing along its length. I opened my eyes and surveyed the lush form in front of me. Two huge breasts pointed up to the ceiling both big black nipples graced with beads of mothers milk. Her smooth olive tummy was marred by stretch marks that I didn’t find offensive – rather sexy in fact. I gripped the top of her stocky thighs and started fucking her.

At almost the first stroke, she came, violently, clutching her tits and causing them to spurt milk high into the air to fall on my shoulders. I kept pounding into her, and she kept cumming and spurting, spurting and cumming, rolling her head from side to side and giving out whimpers. Every time she came, her pussy clenched onto my dick and pulsed strongly causing a rippling effect that had me on the verge of cumming several times. I held back, intent on the spectacle of a female Mount Vesuvious in front of me. It was a sight to behold.

“Give me baby, Michael, give meeeeeeeee!” she screamed, wrapping her strong legs about my arse, her cunt clasping me tightly like a bitch on heat. I couldn’t hold back. I spurted baby making seed far up her womb. She came strongly as she felt the boiling hot spunk lodge against her receptive cervix. She hgged me close, kissing me, her orgasmic spasms continuing but lessening as my baby maker slowly deflated.

“You wonderful, Michael. You best figgy fig I ever had,” she murmured against my neck. “I hope you give me beautiful bambino, a girl with your eyes would be primo.”

She was primo and I sincerely hoped I’d get a chance to throw another fuck her way. I got up and she straightened up pulling her blouse together and hopping off the table. “I go and change. There is letter from Monica on sideboard for you. Thank you again, Michael. You good. Me great!”

She sashayed out the door as I pulled a letter out of an envelope. It was from Monica, the first part telling me that a door off my bedroom contained an office with all the latest computing gear and would I mind being there at 10am so that she could talk to me. It was about five to ten. I bolted for the stairs. For some reason, I didn’t want to upset her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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