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After returning from a long and successful hunt, a young hunter of the Amazon spotted a particularly lovely-looking mango tree, picked a luscious fruit, sat against the tree, and took a bite. Unbeknownst to the hunter however, the tree was not just a tree. She regarded him with a negative predisposition because of his occupation, but otherwise saw nothing wrong with him picking a mango or two – no more than that, though!

The hunter considered the mango as the most delicious he had ever tasted, and began to pick a few more of the tree’s fruit. The nymph had been having an uneventful day as it was, and was feeling a bit daring. Although there was no wind this far below the canopy, she began to sway in annoyance. The hunter immediately perked his head in her direction, having felt the tree’s movements, yet clearly noticing a lack of even the smallest breeze to entice it. Intrigued, he stood up and inspected it closer.

She was initially surprised that the mortal had noticed, but she hadn’t been around many enough to know that they’re more observant and less foolish than she thought… Or at least this individual was, anyway. As a hunter however, he had been trained from childhood to be ever mindful of his surroundings. He slowly drew out his hunting knife before jabbing the trunk that jerked unnaturally in response. Having his suspicions confirmed, he realized that the tree was, in fact, an epimeliad! Feeling mischievous, he pulled off a few small leaves to entice the tree-spirit.

She noticed the look of realization and excitement on the young hunter’s face with dread and watched as he pulled leaves from her. It’s the equivalent of pulling a hair out, and although dulled, it was still painful and definitely annoying. She knew what he wanted, but that only hardened her resolve to stay in tree mode. The hunter, looking disappointed that the nymph was more or less unfazed by his antics, began to think of alternative methods by which he might get her to change form. He began to scratch the trunk, but after a while with no response at all, cursed mildly under his breath, the tickling affecting the tree even less than the pulling of her leaves had.

Growing impatient, he fished for the flint stone in his bag and hastily lit the driest stick he could find before sitting down again, this time facing the tree, and held the burning wood in front of what he assumed to be the tree’s face. She tried to ignore the flame, but she already hurt from before, and the pain was becoming too much to bear… After almost a full minute of it, she couldn’t take it anymore and was forced to her last resort, shrinking and softening into a white-haired nymph.

Disoriented from her shifting, the successful young hunter easily caught his prey in his strong arms. The epimeliad snarled and slipped out of his grasp with surprisingly fast speed, hissing at the hunter like a leopard from a good distance of three or so meters away. The man quickly jumped up and chased after her. Once again, the nymph as a reflex attempted to dig her feet into the ground to revert to a tree, but realized that she was standing on thin topsoil – impossible to root in. She instead turned around and leapt onto a tall, broad tree trunk and began climbing the generous amount of vines, narrowly missing the predator’s grasp.

Being a swift-footed man, he quickly caught up to her on the ground and – of course being skilled in tree climbing, – leapt up the tree behind her. She began to feel frightened – wondering what this man wanted from her.

Surely not mangoes!

Otherwise he wouldn’t have forced her into her true form! She climbed faster, and although she was but a sapling, she had decades of experience climbing trees. However she wasn’t used to being chased, and was panicky, slipping and falling a few feet. She scrambled desperately for grip and quickly found it again, but the hunter had managed to catch up to her when she had fallen, and was again able to grab a hold of her, this time in a stronger grip. He pulled her down, forcing her to relinquish her hold on the tree and pressing her against and it with his body.

He leaned forward and bit her lip.

The nymph yelped, (but not without a deep blush) wrenching her head back and began to squirm desperately. The huntsman wondered if this girl, this epimeliad, was truly this naive and inexperienced. He held tight to her wriggling form and again pulled her close before sinking his teeth in her clavicle. She gasped as she felt his teeth press into her collarbone, trying to jerk away again, but was pressed flush Starzbet against him and couldn’t move. He moved up her neck, the bites changing to nibbles, and to just kisses, going across her face and toward her lips.

It was only then that she realized that this young mortal wanted sex, this realization accompanied with feelings of defiance. Surely no mortal could satisfy a nymph! She deemed him unworthy, attempting to slip out of his grasp again. Instead of pinning her to the tree again, the hunter let go of the hold he had on the vines and still holding the girl fast, the pair fell the few meters to the ground, their fall slowed and smoothed by the vines of the tree. The epimeliad kicked and pushed at the man, trying to get distance between them.

“Who does this girl think she is?” He thought irritably.

“You need to calm – down –” he murmured as he pushed the tree-girl into the soft ground, holding her limbs away from his body, and bit her neck hard enough to leave a faint mark. As if to answer his unstated question, she managed as she struggled, although not very strongly:

“I-I am an epimeliad! A diety! You – you can’t d-do this to m-me…!” She manages as she’s helplessly pinned to the ground, limbs held fast and useless. She studied him, wide-eyed and wounded-looking, searching his blue eyes for some hint of letting up. But alas, there was none, only a hungry, lustful gaze. He again bit her neck as she whimpered softly,

“Please… n-…” but doesn’t finish, a deep blush spreading to her cheeks as she becomes aware of the electric feel pooling at her sex. The hunter loosened his grip slightly as she finally stopped flailing beneath him. He bites her again, more softly this time, and from there, with alternatively tender and fierce nibbles, moved up her neck until he reached her mouth and pressed his lips forcibly against hers. She quickly noted that his hold had relaxed and decided to attempt an escape, lurching from his grasp, but not fast enough as the bigger male pushed her into the ground roughly, looking annoyed. The nymph’s eyes follow his as they trailed up to the copious amounts of durable-looking vines in the near vicinity and then came back down as he grinned knowingly at the girl he had in his grasp.

Her heartbeat quickened.

Although the hunter was by that point rather displeased with the nymph’s behavior, he spoke to her remarkably calmly:

“So that’s how it’s going to be, is it? Mmm… Well, that’s fine by me – it’s more fun this way, anyway,” he added with a beam. He reached over with one hand, easily restraining her with the other, and grabbed a bundle of vines, which he quickly used to bind her, wrists to each other and ankles to a pair of nearby trees. She writhed beneath him, but his hold was strong and merciless as he tied her limbs together. It suddenly hit her that – although she had never worn a stitch of clothing in her half of a century-long life, this – lying with a man’s Vienna sausage hinting at his intentions through his pants – is the first time she has ever felt truly naked. She was thoroughly terrified, but simultaneously hugely turned on…

Her writhing and squirming only aroused the hunter further as he threw off his clothing. He ran a hand, with very little of his prior gentleness, through her hair before impaling her with his swollen cock. She cried out, back arched in the sudden, shocking pain, her eyes beginning to prick with hot tears as he suddenly popped her cherry, not to mention the splitting sensation of her tightness being stretched so ceaselessly. She stayed frozen in place, trying not to move due to every shift caused her terrible splitting pain. Inadvertently her cries as well merely turned him on further and he didn’t slow down at all, thrusting into the nymph formerly untouched by mortals and deities alike.

Tears streamed freely down her cheeks now as she struggled to breathe through the lump that had suddenly formed in her throat. Somehow through the subsiding agony, she still managed to receive some sort of pained pleasure from this. He again bit into the soft flesh of her neck, running his hands all over her smooth form as he pounded his spam porpoise deep within her. She had given up on attempting to form the words to beg him to slow down or to be gentler, knowing that if she’d said them he would likely ignore her. Despite this, she found herself unintentionally relaxing – all except for her pelvic muscles, which unintentionally remained tense and unbelievably tight.

The young man noticed her begin to relax, and at this Starzbet Giriş slowed his movements slightly. To compensate, though, his thrusts became that much more powerful. The nymph was forced into the ground repeatedly as her captor’s thrusts became more violent, she whimpered and cried out alternatively, useless hands and feet clenching and unclenching in their bonds. She was surprised when she felt the hunter working at the vines on her wrists, freeing them. She looked up at him, visibly curious to see what she would do with this bit of freedom. She didn’t waste a second before darting her hands toward his hips to restrain them.

She was surprised when he did slow to near stopping, and looked up to see him looking at her peculiarly.

“Please… Just… Just slow down a little… It hurts…” she begged quietly, her eyes glazed with tears.

Surprising even himself, he couldn’t help but perhaps take pity on her and listen to her plea, and slowed to a much less violent pace. She breathed deeply, as if it was the first breath she’d taken in years, and shut her eyes, slowly removing her hands from your hips as he – slowly, now – crashed in and out of her. After quite some time she even indulged in thrusting back after quite some time – a daring move, as she hoped he wouldn’t pick up the pace again.

Upon her return of his thrusts, he again picked up speed – but only for an instant, slowing again somewhat with her reaction of digging her long nails into his back accompanied by an immediate pained cease of movement. Now bucking back minimally, she began to breathe heavier, her sparse twitching turning to responsive thrusts. The hunter sensed the shift in attitude,

“Ah, noowww you’re being a good little nymph, aren’t you?”

Another blush crept up her cheeks as she submitted wholly,


The edges of his lips turned up slightly, somewhere between a sincere smile and a sly grin. He pulled his hips back slowly, drawing his rather bloodied manhood out before plunging back in causing the nymph to yelp again as he suddenly began to pick up speed, although the discomfort was much less prominent that time. Finding the current position becoming somewhat of a bore, the hunter suddenly got off of her and unbound her legs. He barked orders at her,

“Get on your hands and knees! Quickly now!”

Off-put by his sudden withdrawal and then angry orders, she hesitated for a moment, looking a bit defiant. The hunter wasn’t pleased by her lack of obedience. He grabbed her by the hips and forcefully twisted her around, pushing her head toward the ground. Startled and offended by his sudden take on manhandling, the epimeliad scooted away just as he went to re-enter her, making him miss, his tip poking into her upper thigh instead.

“Really? Reeeeally? Are you sure you want to do that? Remember who is in control here.”

“No! W-wait!” she began as he worked on tying her legs down again, this time even more restrictively than the last. She lay there for a moment of fearful anticipation before he dramatically pierced her from behind. The nymph gasped/cried from the sudden intrusion, realizing that this wasn’t nearly as pleasurable without the epitome of her nook being stimulated. With regard for neither her pain nor her pleasure because of her poor behavior, the hunter thrusted deeply and powerfully. She once again began to cry, pleading him to stop, begging her apologies, but the words were muffled as she was pushed over and over into the dirt with each of his plunges.

Unable to hear her words but still mildly curious of them, he slowed his thrusts, but was equally ready to assume an even faster pace if she decided to misbehave again. She breathed heavily as she was allowed some leverage to at least place her head on her crossed arms. He was pleased that she had had gained enough sense to not act up again, and he rewarded her by maintaining these slower thrusts, his hands holding her hips as he pumped in and out of her,

“You didn’t have anything to say, did you, my little nymph?”

“N-no…” she whimpered, shuddering and fully realizing that she was truly yours, whether she liked it or not. He ran his hands through her now quite messy hair, pulling back – still gently, again in reward for not being a bad little nymph – in time with his pelvic movements. Hoping he wouldn’t notice, she – without permission – curled a bit more to allow herself access to her neglected pleasure-nub, rubbing it in sync with your thrusts above her. Ever mindful of his surroundings – for he must Starzbet Güncel Giriş be, as a hunter of various dangerous beasts – he did notice his quarry’s self-pleasure

“…And just what do you think you’re doing, little one?”

She froze instantly, looking over her shoulder for a brief instant before breaking eye contact and acting as if nothing had happened.

“Did I tell you to stop? Nooo, I’m quite sure I didn’t.”

She smiled weakly for the first time during this whole engagement and hesitantly returned her fingers to where they were, continuing. The young man chuckled a little, thrusting deeper than he had this entire time, surprisingly gently, causing you to gasp – but not this time – entirely out of pain. The nymph’s hand suddenly dropped as he reached her cervix, becoming weak with pleasure has he brushed against the sensitive area over and over.

She couldn’t tell if the pain or pleasure were more prominent, nor could she tell which she enjoyed more. The hunter, finding this ever more pleasurable, continued to penetrate as deeply as he could. The epimeliad threw her head forward, spreading her legs apart even more and riding back eagerly, tensing and untensing rapidly, beginning to let out desperate moans. Her movement, tensing, and moaning pushed the man right to the edge of climax as he forgot his slow pace and again moved quickly and powerfully, pushing you against the soft earth. The nymph – panting now – felt his hot genetic material jet into her, and realized she didn’t have much time to climax herself. She began to buck back harder than she had ever before, hoping she could draw out his orgasm out long enough to share her own.

The hunter jerked his head back and continued to push into her wildly, her bucking succeeding in prolonging his orgasm, for at least a while. But the couple of moments were all she needed as she spilled over the edge too, lower body going numb with pleasure as she writhed and collapsed beneath him. The thoroughly spent – and equally pleased – hunter withdrew once more, this time sitting upon the dirt next to her. The nymph rolled over, her arms splayed, still breathing hard, and her eyes finally opening.

“And what do you think happens next, young mango tree?”

Her eyes drifted up and focused on him as he spoke. “I… I should kill you for defiling a nymph…” – she pauses to breathe – “but… You proved yourself in the end…” She closed her eyes again, and tried not to think about the sticky substance between her legs she was sure were her own blood and fluids from the both of them.

“Haha, you? Kill me? You’re a funny one.” He smiled a sort of one-sided grin, “and defile? You enjoyed it as much as I did, don’t deny that.”

He reached over and untied the vines binding one of her legs, and cut the other from where it was anchored, but left it attached to her just in case.

“I could have a leopard on you in moments….” she mumbles stubbornly, not looking at you. “And what’s this? You’re keeping me here?”

“And I could have this knife in your throat even sooner than that,” he retorted, and she frowned at the graphic threat, placing a hand protectively over her neck subconsciously. “Oh, you’re free to leave. But I don’t think you will. You can kill me at any time, right?” And at that, he turned her head and made her look him in the eyes, “Then why haven’t you?”

Ignoring his second comment, she was forced to look at you

“…. Because… I don’t enjoy killing. And… And it’s a lot of work – maintaining all this -” and she gestured to the forest around her “- it’s sort of nice to take a break… Having the responsibility forced out of you… and I suppose for that, I thank you, even if you are a bit cruel.”

He laughed again, and cut her remaining bond,

“You are quite welcome, nymph.” And he moved closer to her and again sank his teeth into her collar once more. She shuddered under his touch, then pushed him back,

“I have a name, you know. I’m not quite that feral. I’d prefer if you addressed me as Aamra.”

“But of course, Aamra. Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

She looked at him as if he were an idiot.

“You chased me up a tree and fucked me against my will, there wasn’t really a time to introduce myself…”

He winked at her again – “You were the one who ran up the tree! – and why? Perhaps I merely wanted to engage in a pleasant conversation!”

“You and I both know that’s not what you wanted… I ran for a reason.”

But the young hunter just smiled at her teasingly. She took a breath before standing, glancing at the mess between her legs.

“I am going to wash in the river. If you ever want to… see me… again, then leave me a sign on a mango tree. I will find you.” And without a backward glance, she disappeared into the trees.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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