Manjiri Ch. 01

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I was helped to edit this story by a voluntary editor by the name hornybeauty.


My name is Ash and I live in Mulund which is a suburb in the city of Bombay situated in India. This is a story about me and my sister in law. Actually she is the wife of my wife’s brother. Wow!!! And is she hot!!!. This incident took place when I was 24 years old and just married. She is also the same age as I am. She was married a couple of years before my marriage. Her name is manjiri.

The eyes have it. You can tell by the eyes what is on the mind . I could see desire in Manjiri’s eyes. She was just married to my wife’s brother. She had a lovely slim body. Nice firm medium size tits and a firm round ass. She was smoldering with sex. This I got to know by small actions and nuances of hers.

I got opportunities to visit their house only with my wife since it was her mother’s house. We used to go there about once a week for dinner or plain social evening visits. It was a small suburban flat in Thane with a living room bedroom a small balcony and a kitchen.

I used to sit in the living room watching T.V . She would move around the house doing small things like arranging furniture etc. she would bend down in front of me on some pretext which would give me a view of her bra covered tits. At first I thought it was by accident. Gradually with a shiver of lust I realized it was deliberate and an invitation of sorts. This continued for a few days but I could not muster courage to go any further. I used to fantasize about her when I masturbated.

After a few months she gave birth to a baby boy. Things started hotting up after that. During our evening visits she would sit among us in the living room and feed her child. She would make sure I got a good view of her breasts during this time.They were swollen and taut with veins standing out. When she popped them out of her dress milk would spurt out from the swollen nipples. This would happen in front of everybody and nobody would notice. Everybody would be busy watching T.V. I was the only one who was watching those lovely mounds. She looked at me and our eyes met. A shiver of lust went down my spine. Seeing me staring thus at her boobs she arched her back and raising her hands above her back yawned lazily.

Suddenly on some pretext she got up and asked me, “Ash hold the baby for a minute?”

“Sure Manju “I replied.

She brought the baby to me. I took the baby in my arms from hers and while doing so squeezed her big milk-filled boobs against my hands.

“Aaaah”, she moaned softly but nobody noticed. Everybody was busy watching T.V. I put the baby on my lap and played with it until she returned.

“Shall I take him?” she asked.

Before I could answer she picked the baby from my lap and doing so squeezed my semi-erect penis.

“Umph”, I gasped, startled and excited and still nobody noticed.

It is our custom that we have our meals sitting on the floor. While serving she used to bend down. It so transpired that she was serving my mother and father in law and I was sitting on a chair nearby. When she bent down she arched her buttocks in such siirt escort a way that I could see the outline of her pussy through her dress. Not to lose an opportunity I got up and walked past her and while doing so languidly brushed the back of my hand on her upturned pubic mound. She kept her twat jammed firmly to the back of my hand.

These incidents continued and we got bolder and bolder. One such evening I had gone there and everybody was out shopping. She was alone with the baby and I was mustering courage to get something going between us. She too seemed to glance at me with hope and expectation. I played different options in my head, bold and erotic and lewd options. My penis was straining against my trousers.

Just as I was about to make a move, the doorbell rang and the maid came to clean the dishes and do the clothes. I resigned myself to just feasting my eyes on her. But I guess she was hotter than me. Up till now there were no words spoken between us about sex or what was happening over the past few weeks. I was not the flamboyant type and could not talk my way with women. She might have guessed that I would not make the first move to fuck her. So she took the initiative.

Picking up the phone she started talking without dialling any number. The maid glanced at her and thought she was having a normal telephonic conversation. Manjiri knew that the maid did not understand a word of English.

“Hello”, she said on the phone.

“Did you like my tits?” she talked matter of factly on the phone.

She glanced in my direction and I almost exploded in my pants. My cock started throbbing. I couldn’t believe she was talking like that.

“Sweetheart, would you like to squeeze them good and proper?”.

By now, the maid was in the kitchen. From where I was sitting, I could see her working. Manjiri sat on the couch between us with her back to the kitchen. She then casually placed the receiver down she slowly opened her blouse and brought out her magnificent tits. Taking them one in each hand she squeezed them. I felt my eyes would pop out. I looked back and saw that the maid was coming out to the living room. I cleared my throat and looked in that direction. Manjiri got the hint and took the baby and started feeding it, covering her breasts nonchalantly.

“How much I want you to suck and squeeze them”, she again started talking in English. “Hey are you listening…would you do that…come on speak up.”

Now she was looking at me. I glanced in the direction of the maid and just managed a hurried nod. Just about then the maid finished her work and left.

Manjiri immediately placed the baby on the bed and came to me. She placed her hand on the back of my head, and holding her breast with the other, placed it in my mouth. I opened my mouth wide and took the large brown nipple deep in my mouth. I wetted my tongue and flicked her erect nipple. As she squeezed her boob, a thin stream of warm milk filled my mouth.

I took the hint and started sucking on her warm nipples. My trembling hand went up to her other breast and squeezed it.

“Aaaaaaah”, sinop escort she moaned.

She was now holding my head with both her hands. I kept sucking and biting on her nipple. My hand rubbed and pinched her other nipple. I let go of her other breast and rubbed my erection. I wanted to unzip my pants and end my agony. Just then the doorbell rang. Manjiri hurriedly closed her blouse and I answered the door. It was my wife and mother-in-law back from the market. I had totally forgot about them. I was back from heaven to reality. I gulped down the last few drops of her breast milk that was still in my mouth.

In this time Manjiri had managed to put everything in order and was engrossed in watching T.V. She looked totally cool and behaved as if nothing had happened. I was exactly opposite. It was difficult to breathe. My head was jangling and there was this constant pounding in my heart. And my dick was still straining in my trouser. I hoped that my wife did not see my hard-on.

However no one noticed anything amiss and after a yank in the bathroom, I too calmed down.

Things were now different between me and Manjiri. The forbidden fruit was consumed. Her intentions were totally clear. She was hot and ready for a fuck any time. And I too was dying to put her on her back and mount her.

A couple of weeks passed after that incident. Things got busy for me and I did not get an opportunity to visit her. And when I had time, my wife did not. Going alone to their place was not very easy for me since she stayed with her in-laws. I knew I had to make the most of the opportunities I got whenever I visited them on a social visit with my wife.

One weekend we went to their place for lunch. It was a festival and we went there in the morning. I was sitting in the balcony reading a novel. The balcony is attached to the living room and there is a window between the two rooms. If you sit on the sofa in the balcony the person sitting in the living room can see your head and shoulders but nothing else. I was sitting at my ease on the floor with my back to the sofa. An idea began to form in my head.

The telephone is located in the living room but since the wire is long enough I took it in the balcony and placed it on the table near the sofa on the pretext of making a call. My wife was in the bedroom chatting with her cousins. I took my cell phone and dialled this number. The phone I had brought outside started ringing.

I cut my cell phone and picked the other phone and calling in a loud voice said, “Hey Manju, call for you.”

“Coming”, she chimed.

She was laughing at some joke when she came running to answer the call. She was wearing a knee length flowing dress and she sat on the sofa to answer the phone. She was bending slightly to the left and her knees were slightly parted. Mustering some courage I placed my hand on her knees. She froze for a moment. She looked at me. She was scared.

I gave her a reassuring smile and slipped my hand up her right thigh. She started talking into the phone. My hands caressed her inner thighs. Finally my hands could move up no şırnak escort further and touched her panty-covered mound.

This time she started angrily but did not move away. For a moment she seemed to have lost her customary cool. So I slowly withdrew my hand, running my fingers over her soft flesh. She caught my hand between her knees and closed her eyes. She knew how dangerous this game was. But more than that, she wanted me to make her feel good. She was willing to risk it all for that one moment of pleasure. Her cheeks flushed slightly and she took a deep breath.

As I started to move my hand back up the forbidden route, she got up abruptly and went away. I was a bit confused. I could not comprehend what was going on inside her head.

‘Did I offended her?’, I thought.

But she came back in a few minutes shouting to someone in the bedroom, “Give me 10 minutes and I will finish the call”.

She again sat on the sofa and again picked the phone. This time she sat with one leg on the floor and one leg folded on the sofa in Indian-style. I looked between her now open legs and was stunned to find out she had removed her panty.

‘She must have managed to sneak into the bathroom’, I wondered.

“Go ahead” she murmured into the dead phone.

I again slipped my hand up her open thighs to her pussy and started feeling her outer lips. I ran my fingers all the way from the top to her ass. Then I managed to open her with my fingers and dug my middle finger in. She was sopping wet. My finger went easily into her hole. I languidly caressed her cunt. With my thumb I gently rubbed her clitoris.

“Unhhh…Ash it feels real good”, she breathed into the phone.

There were people sitting in the living room but all they could see was Manjiri talking softly into the phone. I slipped my finger deep into her pussy. She was sopping wet and scorching hot. I slipped another finger into her twat. My thumb was flicking her clit vigorously.

“Ashhhh”, she hissed, “Make me cum baby…bring me off.”

I started thrusting my fingers in and out of her cunt. I increased the speed of my actions and started ramming two fingers into her pussy. The force of my thrusting was making her lower body jerk in rhythm to the thrusts of my fingers.

Throwing caution to the winds I hiked up her dress and started rubbing her clitoris. I continued thrusting into her cunt with my hand.

“OHHHH fuckkk….fuckkkk baby feeels sooo good”, she was whimpering into the receiver.

Bringing my other hand around I started probing her ass crack.

“OHH baby I am going to cum”

“Ohhhh shit”, she was hissing.

She tilted her ass slightly and I gently slipped a finger into her ass. The added stimulation was making her go out of her mind. She arched her back and rammed back her ass crack making my finger go deep into her anus.

Then she went over the brink.

“Cumming” she cooed.

Suddenly she went all rigid and clamped my head between her knees.

She let out a muffled scream into the phone. I felt my hands getting wet with her orgasm. She was still in the middle of her orgasm when I saw my wife coming towards the balcony.

There was no way for Manju to regain her composure so soon. Her eyes were still glazed and her breasts were heaving with her heavy breathing. And my hand was clamped between her thighs, my fingers still feeling her pussy twitching.

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