Mardi Gras Ch. 02

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Mardi Gras II: The French Quarter

~Min continues to enchant me in the Crescent City~

Arm in Arm we stroll. The Carnival of Bourbon Street fading away behind us. I watch as the passing Men look back to see you go bye. Seeing the yearning look in their eyes. Knowing they are feeling the fever of the heat you are emanating. The heat that is surging up my arm, seeping into me, and making me want you even more.

We turn a corner and the door man at Pat O’Brien’s virtually bows to you as he waves us in. We work our way to the center Courtyard, your nails digging into my arm. The excitement in you is on Fire! I can almost hear it popping in you. Your smile is Delicious, your Countenance the most alluring thing imaginable.

I find a Single, RARE seat at a Counter and lead you to it. Settling you into it, I hail a barmaid and order 2 Hurricanes. At my return, I find 3 men paying you exclusive attention. You keep me from pumping adrenalin by seeing me and reaching your hand to me. The Rat Pack falls away, and we Toast one another and where we are.

Two Hurricanes Later, we find ourselves dancing to the swaying beat coming over the Sound System. Sashaying our asses, we’re swinging one another, our knees tween each others. Our hips meet in some wild Merenge/hip-hop/Texas-Two Step kinda Grind! Everyone around us catches the Energy Şanlıurfa Escort and they ALL begin to move. I wonder how many OTHER people are going to feed off this Energy of OURS! We Whirl, like some Manic Fucking Nuclear Reactor. We Dance! Your arm extended. Your wrist lazily hangs over my shoulder as we grind, your skirt hiked suggestively high on your thighs as you work my knee higher yet.

The People around us are Amazed. BABY! We are all but fucking! You feel my hardness rubbing you. Your sending an Electrical charge through me. Shocking enough to make me look deep into your eyes. The music slows and I see myself. Happy. Satisfied! With the Person I want to be WITH! The music slows and you come into my arms. So Close. So Softly. So Endless.. Our eyes locked, gleaming, and Inviting. The Crowd seems to fade away. When we next look, People in Love are surveying us. Smiling! KNOWING the chemistry passing between us. You come sweetly close to me, whispering into my ear, “Lets get outta here!”

Once again we walk. Through the enchantment of the Quarter. Pulling one another into Dark Corners. A quick Kiss, a pressure, a Grope, a Skirt Lifted! An erection outlined! A Tweak, a tug, a Wet Kiss up a Neck! You are backing away from me, Laughing!

We turn down ‘Pirates Alley’.

Half way down, you come to me. Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan Your lips maddening, with your Body forming to mine. You Lead me to a dark corner. We are ALONE at LAST!! You turn, rubbing your back against me, your arms going round my neck as you twist to Kiss me. More like DEVOUR me! A Wet, NEEDING Kiss! My hands roam over you, over your chest, down ‘tween your thighs. Telling you, by your very affect on Gravity, how MUCH I need you! Your hand presses mine to your crotch. The Skirt flows with my hand, tickling, teasing at your thighs as I slide my finger through your Magnetic Snatch.. Just DRAWN to it! You moan into my mouth and I grind my Hard Cock to you. Suddenly, you turn back to me, kissing me as you feverishly undo my belt and run my zipper down,,, taking my hardness in your hand and yanking it free!

You ease yourself away, looking back as you bend over a Railing. I raise your skirt. My hand slides to you, your back arching. Your hips wriggle as you spread your footing. I push aside your thong, my finger sliding through your sopping wet slit. Your clit jumps at my touch and your knees nearly buckle. You reach back grabbing for my cock. Feeling the Desire, the Hard Desire, that YOU have brought to US! I center myself to your sweet ass, and stepping to you, rub myself through you. You Escort Şanlıurfa feel the Head of it slide through, wetted by your Labias, the head bumping over your clit as the shaft rubs its length over your hypersensitive button.

As I pull back, you reach under, your fingertips feeling it slide back over your clit, only to leave them touching yourself. I push forward, and you guide me INTO you! SO wet. So warm. So sheltering. SOOooo ONE! My pants slide to my knees.

It seems to glide forever, till my hips meet your ass cheeks. You lay your head on the Railing and sigh deeply! My hands clasp your hips as I pull back, poise, and push into you again! Your hair falls over you as you pound your fist on the Railing. GAWD, but I love when you do those spontaneous Gestures! I grab the beads round your neck, rubbing them over your back as I begin to pump into you, you meeting my every thrust. We begin to thrash at each other. We are such consummate Lovers!

As you begin to moan, I say your name, “Minnnnnn!!!” Followed by “BABY”!!!

Suddenly, People appear at the end of the Lane forcing me to pull out. Stiffly falling from inside you. Turning, I force myself into my Pants as I pull them up.

You moan to me, “Dadddyyy,,,NOOooooo!!!”

I engineer a gasping, “Baby,,, come with ME!”

We walk off down the Alley, me supporting your returning knees, heading for the Mississippi River’s “Crescent” and offering a “Good Evening!” to our intruders as you bite my knuckles and suck my finger into your mouth.

Soon, We are Giggling, holding one another close to our sides. Singeing each other with what to expect….

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