“Marine Corps Tail Of All Tales – Justin’s Conquest”

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For the next six months, Justin was a constant fixture at the gay bar. During that six month time frame, Justin encountered numerous sexual endeavors. He still realized that something special was missing from his life. The sex part was great, but there was an empty void eating away at him. During this time frame, the Gunny had been transfered to Okinawa and a new Gunny had taken his place. Justin really didn’t care for the new Gunny, but then again, none of his fellow Marines did either.
As each day ended, Justin would lay in his bed, naked as the day he was born, eyes transfixed to the ceiling. His 5’7”, 145 pound chiseled body stretched out while his slender 6 inch missile aimed itself towards his face. As he lay there, his mind took him back in time to some of his most memorable sexual encounters. Justin couldn’t explain why he was so infatuated with older men and their body hair. In his mind, the hairier the better and he really didn’t care about their age just as long as they were older.
Forcing his body from the bed, Justin stepped in front of the full length mirror to look at his body. He simply couldn’t see what others saw in him. His eyes peered down to his erect cock and he smacked his lips with mild disgust as to its overall slenderness. His hard cock jutted straight out from his lean chiseled body straight forward, offering no hint as to any arch. His tiny pubic patch was a mixture of white/blondish hair which you nearly had to strain your eyes to see. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had a natural born olive tan complexion, his pubic hair just might not be visible at all. Justin figured that’s why he liked hairy men cause he simply didn’t have body hair at all.
Turning slightly to his right, his eyes took him to his profound little butt. The more he turned, the muscles in his ass cheeks pronounced themselves. He did give himself a compliment as to just how shapely his butt actually was. It was definitely small, but he knew from all the mens actions, it was definitely eye catching. Soon, Justin grew tired of looking at himself and tossed his body back onto his bed, folding his arms behind his head in the process.
Days passed, followed by months, and Justin’s sexual episodes dwindled as well as his visitations to the bar. It wasn’t that he was tired of sex, more so, he was tired of just having sex with a stranger for one night. As time passed, the void in his heart grew stronger and stronger. That was up until the day came when a messenger informed him that he had to report to the base commander’s office.
Justin knew that something was wrong immediately by having to do something like this. No Marine, as a rule, ever had to report to the base commander’s office unless they were in deep, deep trouble. Justin immediately went to his room, showered, and got re-dressed into his dress uniform. The walk was long and as each step took him closer, Justin’s legs grew weaker and weaker. His heart beat harder and harder as he neared the base commander’s office.
Opening the door to the office, Justin was met with a Marine Lieutenant who instructed him to take a seat. Justin obeyed and his body began shaking from sheer nervousness. The longer he sat in the chair, the more nervous he became. His eyes wandered the large room, hoping to see something that would calm his exploding nerves. Nearly five long heart pounding minutes passed when an office door opened and out walked Ken. Justin had to swallow hard as his eyes ventured up to Ken’s uniformed collar and peered upon two stars. Justin couldn’t hardly believe that Ken was a Marine two star General.
Ken walked up to Justin in which Justin immediately rose to his feet and saluted. Ken saluted back and then told Justin to follow him. They entered Ken’s office and Ken instructed Justin to take a seat. Ken eased himself down into the large leather office chair while keeping both eyes zeroed in on Justin. Clearing his throat, Ken spoke, “Hey Justin, calm down, everything is alright. My God Justin, you look absolutely gorgeous as always.”
Justin piped up and angelically whispered, “Thank you sir.” Justin’s body began fidgeting in the chair as he looked at Ken not knowing what all this was about. Taking in a deep breath, Justin politely asked, “Sir, how can I help you today?”
Ken smiled and let out a slight chuckle, then replied, “Justin my boy, if I wasn’t working right now, I’d be eating that asshole of yours, getting it good and ready for my cock to plow you just right, but unfortunately, I’m working and I have a favor to ask of you.”
Justin didn’t respond, but Ken could see the inquisitiveness in the young Marine’s sparkling blue eyes. Clearing his throat once again, Ken spoke, “You see, we have a very special guest visiting the base this weekend and my orders are pretty clear. We have to ensure his happiness! I have only met him once, and it is my understanding that he prefers someone who is blond and who is young. Naturally, you were my first choice! You certainly don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, but I would be forever eternally grateful if you would help me out on this one.”
Justin patted his thighs with both hands, then softly whispered, “Sir, who is this guy, and if you don’t mind me asking, what all is he in to?”
Ken quickly replied, “This guy is someone who is very powerful and what he is in to I honestly don’t know. All I know is that he prefers young blonds, and you my friend, truly are a fantasy of all fantasies. He’ll take one look at you and bust a nut in his pants. I know, I did the very first time I laid eyes on you! Justin, I can’t make you do this, but I would truly appreciate your assistance on this one. Believe me, I would never ask you to do such a thing if I wasn’t in such a jam.”
Justin smiled at Ken, then said, “Yes sir, but I am scheduled to work this weekend.”
Ken sat back in his chair then stated, “That my young gorgeous angel is not a problem. I’ll make one phone call and your name will be stricken from the work roster, and that, I give you my word. So, what do you say? Will you help me out on this one?”
Justin didn’t say a word, but he could see the pleading written across Ken’s eyes as he shook his head in a yes motion. Seeing Justin’s nod of approval, Ken spoke up, “Do me one last favor, please don’t jack-off no more this week. Save it for him please!”
Justin replied, “Yes sir.”
Ken followed up by adding, “Now that that is settled, I’ll have a driver pick you up at zero nine hundred hours on Friday morning in front of your barracks. Just bring your overnight bag with you, and hopefully, that will be all you will need.”
Justin responded, “Yes sir, but since I am doing you a favor, can I ask a favor of you sir?”
Ken smiled and replied, “Just name it!”
Justin stood up, walked over to the corner of Ken’s desk, smiled than softly whispered, “Can I suck your cock sir?”
Ken didn’t say a word as he unfastened his belt, followed by his pants. Raising his butt up off of the chair, Ken lowered his pants to his knees revealing his 9 thick inches of uncut monster to wave in front of Justin’s eyes. Justin dropped to his knees and his mouth dove on Ken’s cock in a flash.
Justin forced his mouth over the large flesh covered head while sliding his tongue between the foreskin and the bulbous cock head. The rewarding taste of man meat mixed with pre-cum, sweat, and piss instantly targeted his taste buds. Justin’s left hand caressed and massaged Ken’s large hairy balls while his right hand toyed with Ken’s pubic hair.
Ken let out a soft long moan as the fiery heat from Justin’s mouth literally began baking the flesh on his hard cock. When Justin’s tongue slid across his piss slit, Ken’s body bucked upwards in an uncontrollable rage. Ken’s left hand caressed the back of Justin’s head as the young Marine orally assaulted his rock hard cock.
In less than three minutes, Ken’s body convulsed and his cock throbbed savagely as his sperm began shooting out of his cock by the bucket load. Justin gulped down the first eight powerful shots, relishing in the mildly salty flavor, as his mouth continued its vacuuming pressure. In no time, no time at all, Justin had swallowed every ounce of Ken’s man juice he could offer. Ken’s cock, completely spent, became too sensitive to keep Justin’s constantly milking mouth on it, so he basically had to use both hands to pull Justin’s mouth off of his flaccid super sensitive cock.
Justin stood up, smacking his lips in the process, and stole Ken’s heart with his priceless smile. Justin adjusted his own pants while Ken was pulling up his. Ken looked at Justin then said, “Damn Justin, you are absolutely incredible in every way imaginable!”
Justin gave his thanks and departed the office. As he walked back to his room, Justin pondered the idea of not jacking off at all. This was Monday and he was supposed to meet this guy on Friday. His mind raced with all sorts of ideas about who this man was and what all he was supposed to do with him. Any how, he had given Ken his word that he would go through with it, and that’s precisely what he was going to do.
As each day passed, Justin wondered what this guy looked like. His balls also felt bloated cause he was accustomed to jacking off at least three times a day. Friday finally came and Justin woke up early. Knowing that the possibility of some form of sex may arise, Justin figured it would be best to clean himself thoroughly.
Justin first gave himself a fleet enema and after that was accomplished, he grabbed his enema bag and began pouring in his own special concoction. Justin poured in a larger amount of coconut oil than normal, followed by minty fresh mouth wash, then filled the bag with warm water.
After completing that task, Justin filled the bathtub up with hot/warm water and poured in some more coconut oil, then submerged himself into the tub. His cock was rock hard the entire time and his bloated balls ached something awful. Justin wanted so bad to relieve himself, but he refused to allow himself to fall victim to self stimulation.
Keeping an eye on the clock, Justin soaked in the tub for nearly an hour and a half. He drank his pineapple juice as always, then brushed his teeth thoroughly and gargled with the minty mouth wash. Once his bathroom duties was concluded, Justin began getting dressed with the clothes he had chosen from the night before. Justin put on each sock which only came up to his ankles, then put on a bright white tank top, followed by the shortest white set of shorts he owned. He put on his white Nike’s and knew fully that he had elected to not wear any underwear.
Just before he walked out of his room, Justin did take the time to take a look at himself in the mirror. Somewhere in his mind, he pondered whether the man would like him. Taking one last look, Justin walked out of his room, locking the door behind him.
No sooner had he stepped up to the curb, a government car pulled up and the driver got out and opened the door for him. The driver didn’t say a single word as they drove to a part of the base Justin didn’t even know existed. Eventually, the driver pulled into a long and winding driveway leading up to a white southern style mansion. After they parked, the driver got out and opened the door for Justin.
Justin entered the large home through the front door only to be greeted by Ken and 4 other men, all of which were high ranking Marine Corps officers. 2 of the men Justin remembered from the pool party. As soon as he was inside, one of the men who Justin didn’t know blurted out, “ Mother fuck me and the horse she rode up on! I’d drink this boy’s bath water! Damn Ken, you said he was gorgeous, but you failed to mention that he was breathtaking as well!”
The other man Justin didn’t know blurted out, “If you’re gonna drink his bath water, then I’d drink the water out of his toilet after he just got done using it. Wow, he’s definitely everything you said and a shit lot more too! Oh my, oh my God! I’d lay everything I own against all odds that this young beauty can’t take a shit. Yes sir, I’d bet my fucking life on that one!”
Ken spoke up, “Alright, enough already. Remember boys, Justin is doing me a favor by doing this, gaziantep swinger so knock off all the wise cracking bullshit! Our ass is on the line here and thanks to Justin, and that perfect ass of his, we just might get out of this mess unscathed. Don’t forget, the longer Justin can keep this mother fucker here, the better our chances will be, so we all have our jobs to do and we better get busy doing them. Justin here has the toughest job of all, so to help him, I don’t want anyone, and I mean anyone, to venture up to this house this weekend. This place is off limits to everyone!”
With that being said, Ken walked up to Justin, giving him a heartfelt hug, then whispered into his left ear, “Thank you, thank you so much for doing this!”
Before Justin had a chance to respond, the group of men walked out of the door, leaving him all alone in the large mansion. Justin explored the house, taking the time to venture all three floors. It had a lot of bedrooms and bathrooms and the main floor had large rooms in which Justin had no clue what they were used for. Walking out of the back door, Justin stepped onto the patio and took in a deep breath as he looked at the giant swimming pool.
Everything about this mansion was large. The backyard was huge as it bordered a thickly wooded tree line garnished with several flower gardens. While Justin was entranced at all the glorious beauty, he didn’t hear the car pull up, nor did he hear the doors of the car being closed.
A few minutes later, Justin was startled when he heard a voice from behind him say, “Good morning.”
Justin spun around and saw a man who had to be somewhere in his mid fifties with salt and pepper wavy hair standing before him wearing a three piece suit, sporting a heart pounding smile. The suit itself glistened against the sun as they began walking towards one another. The man was carrying a briefcase in his left hand as they approached one another, extending their right hands simultaneously. As they stood face to face, Justin could easily determine that the man stood a good 6’3” and had to weigh a pretty solid 220 or so pounds.
The man, who introduced himself as Jim, felt a surge of electricity surge through his hand and spider web throughout every square inch of his body. His legs began trembling and his eyes started to water as he quickly determined he had never met anyone who was so astonishing gorgeous. Jim was no stranger being around young men, but in all of his 56 years of living on this planet, he had never had the honor, nor the privilege, of coming face to face with such powerful beauty. When Justin smiled, Jim’s legs almost buckled as the young Marine’s perfectly straight and dazzling white teeth sparkled in all of their glory.
As their hands released one another, Justin could easily tell that Jim’s right hand literally engulfed his smaller right hand and his grip was one of sheer power. Justin’s cock reacted as well for he found Jim to be absolutely hot. Now Justin wondered if this perfect specimen of a man had body hair. To Justin, that would definitely be the icing on the cake.
Jim cleared his throat, then stated, “Shall we go inside? I need to take a shower after the long flight.”
Justin nodded in agreement and once they were inside, Jim walked down one of the corridors and strayed out of Justin’s eyesight. Almost 30 minutes had passed when Jim reappeared wearing nothing but a satin bathrobe that fell just above his knees. The top was partially open and Justin swallowed hard as his eyes had no choice but to detect the bubbling ripples of salt and pepper hair boiling outwards from the man’s chest. This sight made Justin’s hard cock throb to no end as his eyes lowered themselves to see Jim’s legs were just as hairy as his chest.
The room they were in had eight long sofas and Jim walked up to one of them, sat down, then patted the cushion to his right, saying, “Come here young man!” Justin obeyed and sat down right next to Jim. Jim turned his face towards Justin’s then asked, “Do you know why you are here?”
Justin replied, “Yes sir!”
Jim placed his right hand upon Justin’s bare left thigh, smiling graciously, then asked, “So, you say you know why you are here. Please tell me why you are here so I’ll have a better understanding?”
Justin returned Jim’s smile, the ever so softly whispered, “Well sir, you like young blonds, or at least, that’s my understanding sir.”
Jim replied, “Yes, that is a part of it, but do you have any idea who I am?”
Justin nodded his head in response offering his true unknowing knowledge as to who Jim was or what all he really wanted from Justin. Jim simply stated, “That’s perfect that you don’t know who I am, but hopefully, if all goes well, you will know who I am and everything about me. I, on the other hand, want to know everything about you, that is of course, you don’t mind telling me.”
The first part of the conversation was all about Justin, and his life, leading up to present day. Jim’s heart sank when Justin told him about his life growing up in an orphanage. Jim listened with all earnest, and to be quite honest, he could sit there forever and listen to Justin’s angelic soft voice. The longer Justin spoke, the more Jim wanted to devour every inch of his perfect body. With his every inward breath, Jim could smell the soft fragrance of coconut, and that aroma was driving him absolutely mad with lust.
After nearly two heart felt hours, Jim intentionally eluded to the fact who he really was, but by this point, his cock was wanting to do all the talking. Jim couldn’t rip his eyes off of the young beauty seated to his right. Had he not known this was real, Jim would have thought that sitting next to someone so profoundly gorgeous, was nothing more than a vivid dream.
Jim reached over and took the bottom hem of Justin’s tank top, looking into Justin’s crystal blue eyes, politely asked, “May I?”
Justin whispered, “Yes sir.”
Jim began slowly pulling Justin’s tank top over his head and stopped suddenly when his eyes came into contact with Justin’s armpits. The tiny tuft of blondish white hairs sent feverish chills racing up and down Jim’s spine. Unable to contain himself, Jim leaned forward and drove his nose right into the crevice of Justin’s left armpit. Inhaling deeply, the fresh rich scent of coconut spewed sharply into Jim’s expanding lungs.
Jim’s right hand latched onto Justin’s left wrist, stretching it further out to Justin’s right side. Jim opened his mouth and sank his teeth into the middle of Justin’s armpit. Initially, it kind of tickled, but as Jim’s teeth sank in deeper as his tongue slithered all around, it began to feel pretty good. Jim was growling like a starved bear after a fresh kill as his teeth and tongue sharply dined on Justin’s right armpit.
While Jim was basically eating his armpit, Justin’s eyes peered to his left to see Jim’s robe spread open a bit, revealing the man’s cock. Though Justin couldn’t determine the length, he could see the huge bulbous pink cock head and the gaping piss slit pumping out globs of pre-cum. He could also see the mass of salt and pepper hair as it bubbled outwards.
From the angle Jim had him in, Justin couldn’t maneuver himself to reach out with his right hand to latch onto the man’s cock. Seeing the oozing pre-cum as it spewed out in globs made Justin’s mouth hungrier than ever and he wanted nothing more at the present moment to taste all Jim had to offer.
Jim managed to free Justin of his shirt and now his fingers began freeing Justin of his shorts. Suddenly, Jim stopped gnawing on Justin’s armpit, as he sat erect, then basically ordered, “Stand up, quickly stand up and remove everything for me!”
Justin stood up and began taking off his shoes, followed by his socks. While Justin was removing the last sock, Jim spread his legs and flung the robe to each side, finally revealing his cock to Justin’s marvelous eyes. When Jim spread his hairy legs, his cock was finally free to expose itself, and expose itself it do so ever so defiantly. Justin actually gulped as his eyes traveled the length of Jim’s more than impressive rod. At best guess, Justin figured Jim’s cock to be close to the 8 1/2 to 9 inch range. But the one thing that stuck out in Justin’s mind wasn’t so much the length, it was the overall girth that laid heavily on his mind. By far, Jim’s cock was the thickest he had ever laid eyes on!
Also, Justin could see Jim medium sized hairy balls as they flattened out on the sofa’s cushion. The more he looked at Jim’s cock and balls, the more Justin wanted to feel them in his mouth, and especially, his ass.
As Justin slid down his shorts, Jim’s eyes watered profusely as the young Marine’s erect cock jutted out from its confinements. To Jim, Justin’s cock was the vision of immortal perfection, straining ever so graciously out from his chiseled body, straighter than an arrow, offering the vast impression of a tasty missile. Taking a second look, Jim saw the tiny patch of blondish white hairs resting just above the boy’s perfect, and mouth watering, cock.
Justin was standing straight up, angling his body towards Jim. Jim wiped his mouth as he saw the two small hairless nuggets trapped into what looked like one hell of a velvet olive complexion colored sac. Stuttering his words, Jim spoke, “TTTTurn around!”
Obeying Jim’s command, Justin spun around, offering his pert little muscular ass to Jim for his viewing pleasure. Jim sighed as he gazed upon the two solid little mounds and tiny ass crack. His mouth instantly watered and his cock began throbbing with his every rapid breath. Without having a need to contemplate things, Jim instantly realized the ass his eyes now feasted on was the most perfect he had ever laid eyes on. Not one single blemish could be detected as his eyes traced every muscular chiseled outline of Justin’s juicy butt.
Jim scooted his body over towards his right, then barked out, “Young man, come here!” Jim instructed Justin into the position that he wanted. Justin now had his left knee draped across the top of the sofa while his right one dug into the soft cushion of the sofa. His chest rested on the armrest padding while his fast dangled softly downwards.
Seeing the two mounds part ways, and revealing the tiniest asshole he had ever seen, Jim was literally besides himself with animal like thoughts. Straining his eyes, Jim couldn’t see the beginning of hair life anywhere along Justin’s spread crack. The scrawny little speck his eyes were glued to puckered, sending a shock wave erupting throughout Jim’s already trembling body.
Jim angles his body closer to Justin’s taunting butt and placed both of his large hands upon each of Justin’s butt cheeks. Moans of pure pleasure spewed from Jim’s contorting lips as his hands gripped and slid along the two smooth cheeks with effortless ease. Unable to control his true desires any longer, Jim sank his nose directly onto Justin’s asshole. Justin knew just by the pressure of Jim’s nose that the man was sniffing his ass. With each deep inhale, as Jim exhaled, a loud audible moan sprang forth. The aroma shooting inside his lungs was nothing more than some powerful aphrodisiac yet to have been discovered by man.
Using his thumbs like a hook, Jim dug them into the interior of Justin’s crack, spreading his cheeks out further. Now, Jim dug his nose up and down Justin’s crack while using his tongue to grace the interior, paying particular attention to Justin’s asshole. Each time Jim’s tongue splashed up against his asshole, Justin couldn’t help not to moan. Justin’s moans didn’t go unnoticed by Jim’s ears either. Soon, Jim was using his tongue to dwell entirely upon Justin’s hungrier than hungry asshole.
Justin cried out as Jim began sucking directly on his asshole, sending waves of pleasure crashing throughout his entire body. Between Jim tonguing his asshole and sucking on it, Justin’s body went into a full blown body shuttering convulsion. If things couldn’t get any better for Justin, it did when Jim reached around Justin and latched onto his throbbing cock and began steadily jerking it back and forth.
Jim eventually graduated to sticking his right index finger up Justin’s ass while steadily tonguing and sucking on the boy’s asshole. Justin was besides himself with sheer pleasure running through his body and he knew he was getting dangerously close to unleashing his built up load. A week of not jacking off certainly didn’t help matters any.
Having been in this situation many times before, but never with anyone so downright gorgeous as Justin, Jim knew the boy was fixing to blow, so he yanked his hand from Justin’s cock. Jim replaced his right index finger with his right thumb, then added his left thumb to the equation. By this point, Justin was rocking his ass back and forth to feel the full affect of the man’s thumbs and ass eating tongue.
Within a very short time, Jim had to remove his thumbs and stop dining on Justin’s super hot ass to prevent the boy from an untimely orgasm. With one last long lick of his tongue on Justin’s ass, Jim had Justin flip onto his back. Now, Justin had his right leg on top of the sofa and his left foot was on the hardwood flooring. Jim stuck his left middle finger into his mouth, ensuring that it was properly slick from his own saliva, then shoved it straight up Justin’s asshole. Before Justin had time to react to the sudden anal invasion, Jim leaned over and engulfed all six slender inches, burying his nose in the soft patch of precious pubic hair.
Jim growled as his mouth slid easily up and down the velvety smooth shaft, using his tongue to slither around the missile like mushroom shaped cock head, lavishing himself to a frenzy as he swallowed Justin’s sweeter than sweet pre-cum.
The long finger probing around inside his ass kept on striking his prostate, forcing Justin’s body to convulse uncontrollably. Within a meager 45 seconds, Justin felt his cum start to boil as he flayed his head from side to side. Jim saw this too so he reluctantly eased his mouth off Justin’s cock, but kept his ass plunging finger deeply rooting away. Jim spoke, “Do not even think about busting a nut young man!”
Justin heard the command and was now biting his own lips to prevent that very same thing from happening. His body was bucking wildly and Justin wanted nothing more than to bust a nut at this very moment. The finger up his ass felt so awesomely good and wasn’t helping the situation any.
Turning his head to the left, Jim began running his tongue up and down Justin’s quivering right leg, basking in the pleasure of not only the sheer taste, but the silky smooth flesh as well. Justin moaned angelically and began whimpering with his every breath as his body shook lie the rumbling from an erupting volcano. While Jim’s tongue was busy racing up and down Justin’s right leg, his long middle finger was twisting, turning, diving, and crawling all around inside Justin’s convulsing anal canal. Jim could feel the searing heat and the strength of the boy’s attacking and overly aggressive anal muscles, which only pleased him that much more.
In time, Jim’s mouth once again resolved itself to skillfully worshiping Justin’s pre-cum oozing missile. While his mouth worked on the boy’s cock, his finger continued its anal assault while the fingers of his right hand began pinching and pulling on Justin’s perky little nipples, taking turns toying with each one.
Justin’s body reflected the pleasures ripping throughout his body as he bucked his ass up off the cushion, driving Jim’s finger deeper into his rectum. Jim was overwhelmed with Justin’s pure beauty and wanted to prolong the inevitable, ensuring himself that when he did allow Justin to cum, he would surely have the mother load. Each time Justin got just to the very point of blowing his load, Jim would suddenly stop.
When Jim took his mouth off of Justin’s cock, his mouth instantly swallowed both hairless nuggets, allowing his tongue to frolic all over the smooth hairless tasty balls. Jim grunted and groaned as Justin’s bodily scent shot up his nostrils with his every breath. The more Jim breathed in Justin’s heavenly aroma, the more intoxicated and consumed he became. The boy’s swollen balls felt so special inside his mouth and his tongue raced to ensure that every square inch was being properly respected.
In the course of the next four hours, Jim kept Justin on the sofa, preventing Justin from blowing his load. Justin was begging beyond his foremost pleas to be allowed to free his built up cream. All of his begging, all of his pleas, everything fell upon deaf ears as Jim rotated from Justin’s cock, to his balls, his nipples, his legs, his neck, and dining furiously on his cock crazed asshole.
Tears rolled out of Justin’s enchanting blue eyes as he honestly felt like is balls were on the verge of exploding. The pain his nuggets offered him wasn’t anything like pleasure, though all that Jim was doing to him was nothing but pure pleasure.
Jim had Justin stand, taking Justin by the right arm, then took Justin into one of the large bedrooms. It was a king sized bed and Jim had Justin lay flat on his back. Attached to the bedposts near the headboard were two leather padded cuffs. Jim shackled each of Justin’s wrists to the corners, stretching his arms over his head and extending them widely.
Once Jim had Justin’s wrists restrained, he sat in between Justin’s spread legs, on his knees, admiring the gorgeous angel before him. Justin was still pleading the burning urge to be allowed to cum as Jim leaned forward and shoved Justin’s rock hard delicious Marine Corps meat all the way into his mouth. Using the same right middle finger, Jim shoved it all the way up Justin’s anal canal and began twisting while turning it with a rapid speed and needed frenzy.
Within a few heart pounding seconds, Justin almost blew his load, but once again, Jim stopped just short of allowing Justin to do so. Thankfully, it was just Jim and Justin inside the mansion, cause anyone within earshot could have easily heard Justin screaming. His young body bucked and bolted off of the bed as the exploring long finger tore through his anal canal with blinding speed.
For nearly an hour, Jim sucked Justin’s cock, bringing the young Marine to near orgasmic heights, but always stopped just short, causing Justin to cry out that much louder.
Jim hooked Justin’s left ankle, and raised it way beyond Justin’s head, attaching it to one of the restraints on the bedposts. Once Justin’s left ankle was secure, Jim shackled Justin’s right ankle. Now, Justin was all balled up with his own cock aiming directly towards his contorting mouth with his ass jutting upwards towards the ceiling.
Sliding off the bed, Jim used another padded restraint to secure it around Justin’s left knee, or right at the bend of the knee, then pulled it sharply towards him drawing Justin’s left thigh extending outwards. Then, Jim did the same thing to Justin’s right knee.
The only part of his body that Justin could move was his head, but Jim was preparing to restrain that as well. Taking another long leather strap, Jim tied it under the bed, flapping it over Justin’s forehead, then tied the other end to the underside of the other side of the bed. Justin couldn’t even turn his head, nor could he even force it upwards. His face was stuck looking straight up at the mirrored ceiling. This was the actual first time that Justin even paid attention noticing that the entire ceiling was one huge mirror.
Jim wasted no time in slamming his tongue straight up Justin’s ass. In time, Jim added both thumbs inside Justin’s butt alongside his slithering snake like tongue. Justin could feel his body shaking, though it was restrained in such a way he couldn’t move any part of his body except his toes and his fingers. Having his ass eaten out like the way Jim was doing sent Justin into some kind of sexual orbit.
Justin continuously cried out, and Jim was now, more than ever, totally infatuated with eating Justin’s ass to all eternity. His tongue madly and wildly crawled deep inside Justin’s rectum, and with each intoxicating taste, Jim grew to be more animal like with his dining behavior.
A long while later, Jim’s anal dwelling tongue grew too sore for him to continue dining on Justin’s more than delicious asshole. Slipping his tongue free, Jim sat back on his knees and stared at the most precious sight his eyes had ever saw. There wasn’t anything about Justin that wasn’t truly perfect.
Jim slid off the bed and retrieved a large overnight carrying bag. Once he unzipped it, Jim latched his long fingers around a long and slender vibrator. Smearing lubricant all over the vibrator, Jim then eased the vibrator all the way up Justin’s ass. Justin could feel the vibrator slide up his rectum, but when Jim activated the switch, the vibrating sensation crashed through Justin’s restrained body like a tidal wave.
Using his left hand to guide the vibrating vibrator in and out of Justin’s ass, Jim reached up with his right hand and began jacking crazily on Justin’s throbbing cock. Justin’s cries of maddening passion could easily be heard anywhere inside the mansion as Jim increased the vibrating speed as well as the in and out motion of the vibrator shooting in and out of Justin’s convulsing ass.
Each time Justin got dangerously close to blowing his built up load, Jim would take his hand from Justin’s cock. Justin’s balls felt like they were on the very edge of exploding inside his tightly withdrawn sac, and the pain they contained sent surges of pain riddled current up to his brain with his every breath.
Jim removed the vibrator, only to replace it with a larger and more thicker one. For quite some lengthy time, Jim pleasingly tortured Justin with the vibrator, bringing Justin close several more times, but never allowing Justin to drain his cum bloated balls. It was during this time that Jim felt his own cum rocket sore and he knew he was going to blow his load.
Straddling Justin’s restrained body, Jim shoved his pre-cum soaked cock head up to Justin’s lips. Justin felt the satiny flesh of Jim’s cock head and the slick pre-cum smear upon his lips as he opened his mouth wide as Jim shoved only the large mushroom bulbous shaped head of his cock into Justin’s mouth.
As soon as Jim felt the heat from Justin’s mouth on his cock, and the boy’s tongue strike his piss slit, Jim arched his body as his cock unleashed its gooey sperm pellets into Justin’s mouth. Justin groaned as the milky goo flung into his mouth, seemingly by the gallons. Unable to contain anymore sperm inside his mouth, Justin opened his throat and allowed huge globs to trickle down his throat.
To Justin’s delight, he discovered that Jim’s semen had very little taste. It was thick and gooey, but other than that, that was it. Justin gulped down the last remnants, moaning gleefully at the taste of the rewarding flavor.
Jim was in high heaven as the last of his seed departed his still rock hard cock. His body shook violently and his eyes saw total darkness. Using his right hand, Jim pried his cock from Justin’s perfectly O shaped mouth. After having just deposited a load inside the boy’s mouth, Jim felt it was time for him to actually taste Justin’s cum.
Fishing through his bag, Jim retrieved another toy. This one was an anal probe. The handle itself was about 5 inches long with the shaft being a good 8 inches in size. The shaft was thin, but at the very end, there was a rubber ball about the size of an acorn. Along the edges of the thin shaft were tons of rubbery hairs about 3 inches long for extra added stimulation.
Jim shoved the little ball and entire length up Justin’s ass, flicking on the switch to its slowest speed. Justin’s body violently exploded in a seizure like motion as the waves of intense pleasures shot through his body as if he had swallowed a hand-grenade that had just exploded.
Holding the handle tightly, Jim fucked Justin’s ass with the probe, allowing the gyrating ball to slap every inch of Justin’s anal walls, including his prostate. After a couple of minutes, Jim flipped the switch to the medium speed and watched Justin’s body react to further pleasure.
Justin was crying and screaming as the ball inside his ass smacked his anal walls with fierce pleasing pleasure. The little rubbery hairs brushed his prostate constantly, sending his already spinning mind into deep orbit. Then, about 5 long minutes later, Jim hit the switch to its maximum speed. Justin’s body reacted, doing everything his restrained body could do to retaliate from the shocking pleasures erupting everywhere inside of Justin.
Shoving the anal probe in and out of Justin’s ass, Jim leaned forward and sank his mouth all the way down on Justin’s pulsating cock. Justin was screaming like crazy as his body bucked against the restraints. In less than a minute, Jim felt Justin’s cock expand, then jets of ropy cream began harshly jetting into his mouth.
Justin was whimpering like never before as his cock bolted hot cream, seemingly traveling from his vastly curling toes, like never before. Jim greedily accepted the gooey nectar, doing his best to contain all of it inside his mouth, then wanted to sample the substance as if he were a wine connoisseur.
As the wave of sperm missiles rocketed inside his mouth, Jim quickly realized he had no other choice but to swallow to allow room for more of Justin’s volcanically erupting semen. When Jim swallowed the first sampling, his grunting moans was evident of his approval of the taste he was now basking in. Swallowing more, Jim, just like the rest before him, quickly realized that Justin’s semen offered no taste whatsoever.
After making room for more of Justin’s sperm, Jim sucked the boy’s cock, trapping the gooey semen until Justin’s cock fell defiantly limp, then and only then did Jim relish in the divine nectar as he swallowed the last of Justin’s appetizing tasteless cream. Once he had devoured the last of Justin’s semen, Jim continued to suck on Justin’s cock. Justin whimpered and whined as the man’s mouth became extra sensitive on his deflated cock.
Jim eased his suctioning mouth from Justin’s cock, but still fucked the boy’s ass with the anal probe. Looking at Justin, Jim could easily see the boy gasping for well needed oxygen. Justin’s body shook violently and the anal probe only added to his body shaking madness.
Sensing the time was just right, Jim pulled the anal probe out of Justin’s ass. While he was doing so, Jim was smearing the lubricant all over his massive hard cock. Justin’s eyes were closed, but he could feel something being shoved up against his asshole. Justin was simply too exhausted to open his eyes, but when the object penetrated his asshole, his mouth flung open.
Jim had managed to shove his thick cock head into the boy’s ass and was now pushing more of the thick rod up Justin’s ass. All Justin’s mouth could do was form a perfect O shape as his anal walls stretched to accommodate the thick beast shooting deeper and deeper up his ass.
Using brute strength, Jim forced all thick nine inches into Justin’s anal canal, then began humping his hips back and forth while slinging his head from side to side, cherishing the overwhelming fiery heat which was now consuming his entire cock. Jim increased his pace with each thrust until he was now slamming his monstrous cock in and out of Justin’s pain riddled ass with a fiery hot passion.
Justin felt like his ass had been torn in half and the pain was almost unbearably intense. With each inward thrust, the enormously thick cock pounded the very wind from his lungs. Justin fought to relax, hoping beyond any and all hopes that the pain would soon evaporate.
After three long ass pounding pain riddled minutes had passed, Justin’s ass either became numb to the pain, or it finally accepted Jim’s cock. Either way, it was more than a blessing to Justin. Now, it was Justin’s turn to retaliate. As Jim plowed his ass, Justin began clamping down with his anal muscles. Jim immediately felt the vast difference as he slung his head backwards and grunted at this new sensation attacking his cock.
Jim continued his anal assault, and though he had been in this position hundreds of times, he had never felt anything like what he was now enduring. It felt as though his cock was being assaulted as if caught in the clutches of one very pissed off, and hungry, anaconda. With each thrust, the boy’s anal muscles converged around his cock, pulling it deeper and deeper into its fiery hot darkness. Each time he tried to pull out, those very same muscles clamped down even harder, making a hasty retreat near impossible, yet utterly mind boggling, all at the same time.
After about 5 minutes of hard anal pounding, Jim’s cock erupted, shooting globs of man juice deep into Justin’s magical anal kingdom. Justin felt the hot spurts shoot inside of him, which caused his own cock to lash out and fire its thick gooey load into his own wide open mouth. Though somewhat dazed with his own orgasm, Jim watched Justin’s cock blast its load straight into Justin’s mouth. Jim was doing all he could do to fuck his semen into the boy’s ass as hard as he could while clamoring in the way the boy’s anal muscles milked his shooting cock.
Justin began swallowing his own load as his mind spun with pure bliss. Jim pounded the last of his seed into Justin’s ass as his once hard monstrous cock rapidly began deflating. Justin was cooing and whimpering as the last of his own seed trickled down his gulping throat.
Jim forced his limp cock from Justin’s incredible ass and just sat there, sitting behind Justin, admiring the view of the most precious gem known to mankind. He had fucked a lot of guys before, but now he questioned who had just fucked who. Never had his cock been inside an ass like Justin’s. To Jim, this was the most magical moment in his life!
A very short time later, Jim freed Justin of all his restraints. Justin was relieved that his body now had movement, and he was still totally exhausted from all that had just taken place. Now, Jim lay on his back right next to Justin’s right side. Both men breathed heavily while looking up at the mirrored ceiling.
While they lay in peace, neither uttering a single word, Jim glanced over to admire Justin and all his priceless beauty. Jim still couldn’t get over the fact at just how awesomely gorgeous Justin truly was. Even in his most wildest fantasies, his mind never created an image as gorgeous as the boy he now lay next to.

Jim and Justin spent the entire weekend having raw sex. Jim never once left the mansion. Their constant sexual escapades led them all over the mansion, as well as all over the beautifully landscaped grounds. Jim simply couldn’t get enough of Justin, and Justin couldn’t get enough of Jim.
When Sunday rolled around and it was time for Jim to leave, Jim held the sides of Justin’s face, then softly whispered, “Justin, I could spend the rest of my life making love to you.”
Justin smiled his breath stealing smile, then replied, “Me too!”
Jim’s eyes began to water as he quickly asked, “Do you mean that? Do you really mean that?”
Justin kissed Jim’s right hand, looked into Jim’s teary eyes, then angelically whispered, “Yes! I mean that with all my heart!”
Their lips met and their tongues embarked on a bitter sweet, fiery hot, mouth swapping journey. After several long passionate minutes passed by, their kiss unlocked itself.
Jim whispered, “You still don’t know who I am do you?”
Justin replied, “No, but I do know who I wish you were!”
Jim asked, “And who might that be?”
Justin fired back, “The love of my life!”
Jim wiped away the tears sweltering in his eyes as Ken opened the front door. Ken smiled, the quickly asked, “So, how did your weekend go?”
Jim smiled while looking into Justin’s heart melting eyes, then replied, “Perfect, everything was perfect. Congratulations General, your base passed with flying colors!”

Three weeks later, Justin was called into the Gunny’s office. Upon walking into the office, Justin spotted 3 men, all of which were wearing expensive three piece suits. The Gunny ordered Justin to sit down, then spoke, “Young man, it seems that you have been Honorably Discharged from the Corps. These men here are going to take you to a new post, one of which, is none of my business.”
Justin quickly replied, “Sir, am I in trouble?”
The Gunny fired back, “No, not as far as I can tell. I have no clue what’s going on, but you need to go with these men.”
Justin announced, “Sir, I have to go and pack up my things!”
One of the stranger’s shot back, “No need for that. We’ve already got you packed!”
Justin followed the men out to a long limousine and got in. Justin had no clue what was going on and his nerves caused his body to shake like a falling leaf trapped against the wind. Not a single word was spoken as the limo pulled into some sort of private airport terminal.
The men led Justin up to the jet and escorted him inside. Still totally clueless, Justin placed the seat-belt around himself as the jet began its take off. To the best of Justin’s gathering, they had been up in the air for at least 3 hours. When the plane arrived at yet another private terminal, Justin was whisked away in another long limousine.
The ride was about an hour long, and though no words were ever exchanged, Justin looked out the window and admired the beautiful scenery. When the limo turned off the road and passed a gate guarded with armed security, Justin’s nerves began acting up once more. He had no clue what was going on, nor did he know where he was.
When the car pulled up in front of the biggest mansion he had ever seen, Justin’s eyes began sparkling with all glee. Though he didn’t know what to expect, just the mere sight of this huge mansion struck a nerve somewhere inside him. He also saw all the men walking the grounds, all of which were heavily armed. Though he didn’t know where he was, or know anything taking place, he was smart enough to realize that whoever lived here was quite powerful!
Two armed men escorted Justin inside the mansion, both walking to his sides. The first thing Justin marveled over was the marble floor and all the fancy artwork hanging on the walls. The men led Justin through the mansion until they walked up to the patio door. One of the men opened the door and just pointed. Justin stepped out of the mansion and onto the patio to see Jim standing there in just a silk bathrobe.
As their eyes met, the two men literally ran towards one another, and once their bodied collided, their tongues instinctively shot into the others mouth. Their hands roamed the others body like wild maniacs as their soft grunts departed their intertwined bodies.
When their kiss broke, Jim softly whispered, “I love you so much! You have been my only thought since we last met!”
Justin’s eyes were filling up with water as he replied, “I love you too and I have missed you something awful!”
The two men lovingly hugged one another as their hands once again roamed the others body. While they were hugging, the void that Justin had felt seemed to vacate his body, filling his heart with pure overwhelming joy. Justin, with his head buried into Jim’s left shoulder whispered, “Is this your home?”
Jim separated their bodies, then cupped Justin’s face with the palms of both hands, smiling with everlasting eternal bliss, replied, “No Justin! This is our home!”
Justin’s heart burst open as his eyes rapidly filled with water. Jim brought Justin’s body closer to his one more time as the two stayed in their hugging position for nearly three passionate minutes.
Justin regained his composure, trying his best to swallow all of this reality, then angelically whispered, “Jim, who are you really?”
Jim smiled at the question, then replied, “Justin my love, I’m your lover, but to the rest of the world, I’m a U.S. Senator!”

Everywhere Jim went, Justin went too. His new lifestyle opened his eyes to all the beautiful wonders of the world. Jim’s passion for young boys ended when his heart grouped into one with Justin’s. Justin was now his only lover, his only true love, and nobody else could ever come close to Justin’s natural born beauty.
Justin’s final quest ended with Jim. No other man could replace the love Justin had for him. No other man could fill his heart with so much joy and happiness. No other man could win his heart! Justin was now at peace with himself, and at peace with Jim as his life long lover!

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