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I had an even funner time writing this. 6.5k words.


The Johnsons were enjoying their seafaring trip; the sun cast its soothing sun-rays upon a sunbathing Amelia; while her twin brother Liam rested on the railing, gazing upon the cerulean sky with puffy white clouds peppering throughout. Whereas their father and mother helped themselves to a bit of ‘alone time’ inside, only going so far as making out and kissing each other’s neck; all before Liam crashed their secret love affair to yell out, “Dad! There’s a storm incoming!”

For a second, it didn’t register in the patriarch’s mind having been caught mid-session until it finally clicked. He ripped himself from his wife’s wandering hands and ran out with his son. He was now facing up against the ashy clouds that swirled overhead. In the distance were booming thunder-strikes. Thomas blurted a curse directly towards the weatherman forecaster. “Fucking bastard!” he muttered aloud.

The next few moments were a blur. Amelia scrambled to her feet to carry her phone, towel, sunscreen, and water and bolted into the yacht where her mother was. Both women cowered and comforted each other as they watched the men scrambling to sail away from their impending doom. But it’d be no use–they’d watch in sheer terror as a gigantic wave carried them and crashed upon impact. No one knew what followed from being knocked unconscious.

Liam woke up before anyone else, cradling his throbbing head before realizing how lucky he was to be alive right now. He checked his person, counting his four limbs and no missing facial features. Everything was there, thank god. He breathed a sigh of relief and wobbled standing upright. The young man cowered from seeing the now calm, cerulean sky. He shook himself out of it, and carried on.

He looked all ways and found his sister’s form lying a few feet away from him, still unconscious. He kicked the sand behind him rushing over and to his surprise see she was incredibly naked. He immediately looked away and blushed. It’s not much of a surprise, though, seeing as how she was only wearing a bikini, and that wave was incredibly powerful.

Thinking on his feet, before he’d wake his sister up, he wanted to make sure she was properly covered. That’s just what a decent person, and brother, would do. While he was out searching for a type of malleable leaf, his thoughts crudely went to his naked sister. Liam thought only thought of her as his bratty sister, always chastising him on stupid stuff like chewing with an open mouth or leaving the toilet seat up, but man… seeing her so vulnerable and sexy triggered something in him, but pushed those thoughts away immediately after feeling guilty.

Meanwhile, Amelia woke up dazed, rubbing the salty waters from her eyes. She sat up and felt a cool breeze hit her naked skin. The young girl looked down and shrieked when she saw how exposed she was, hands fanned out to cover her most private parts. Her thoughts frantically tried piecing together what little information she had; one moment she was sunbathing, another and she was scrambling for her things, then she was in her mother’s arms when–she gasped! Her dear mother, where was she?!

The girl snapped her head side to side but only caught sight of a pair of hairy, muscular legs. She shrieked once again in surprise and terror, clutching her breasts and bare pussy. For a second she didn’t know who this strange man was, until he soothed, “Amelia, it’s me, your brother.” Amelia would’ve angrily kicked the sand towards her brother if she wasn’t insecure about covering her body.

Tears prickled her eyes as she sobbed, “Where’s mom?” looking up at him.

He shook his head and answered, “I don’t know. I woke up a few minutes ago myself, then I found you, and… when I saw, um… you, I decided to make something to cover yourself with.” He then dropped the leafy material onto the soft sand. “I-I’ll just turn away now, so you can dress yourself,” he stuttered, turning away. In the back of his mind, though, he wanted to grant himself just a sneak peek at his nude sister.

“Thank you Liam,” she sniffled, putting on the snug undergarments he made. It was definitely uncomfortable, but it’ll do for now. “Okay,” Amelia said and Liam turned back to disappointingly see her now covered. But his sister felt her heartstrings tug when she thought how her brother took the time, care, and effort to fix her something like this when he didn’t even have to. This made her grateful to have her brother, and she promised to herself she’d return the favor one day.

On the other side of the relatively small island, the parents woke up almost simultaneously with similar splitting headaches. The father was the first to ask in a hoarse voice, “Are you okay, hun?”

She nodded, “Well, except for this splitting headache, thankfully I’m fine. No missing limbs. You?”

“Me too, thankfully. Fuck,” he groaned, pressing against his forehead. “When I get home so help me god I’m gonna take that flimsy little urfa escort moron and–“

“Thomas, this is not the time, sweetheart,” she soothed, crawling towards him. Just then did he notice his wife’s bikini top was almost in tethers. As hot as she was, it was important to focus on the matters at hand. He removed his shirt, exposing his hardened body he meticulously looked after, and gave it to his wife, who was oblivious to almost being fully exposed herself. “Oh!” she exclaimed before laughing cheekily and putting his shirt on. “Have you seen the kids?” his wife asked a moment after, worried.

“No,” he sighed, grunting as he struggled standing up. His knees cracked as they bent straight. “But I think before the sun sets, we should find water, food, and shelter–in that order–before we go looking for them.”

Elaine, his wife, shot up and held his arm, “But honey–“

“Look,” he interrupted. “I’m worried about them, too–god knows I am, they’re my kids too, but it’s imperative we create a base to store our food and water. When,” he stressed, “we find them, they’ll have a place to join us.” He knew she wanted to say more, to plead more, but he knew she knew that he was right. She nodded along, trusting her confident husband. “First, we should look for the ship and whatever remains there.”

The pair of siblings trailed along the lazy shores, Amelia following behind her brother. “What should we do, Liam?” she asked, worried for their well-being. She had no idea what island this was, what animals or god forbid people that live here, if there was any food here.

Amelia’s mind was reeling in a whirlwind of ‘if’s’ until her brother spoke. “I truthfully don’t know, Amelia.”

She stopped in her tracks, staring at her brother’s toned back until he turned to meet her upset eyes. “You don’t know?!” she yelled. “Liam, we are on this godforsaken island with no food, water, parents! And you don’t know what we should do?!”

Anger bubbled inside him, yelling back, “Well I don’t get marooned for summer *fun* Amelia!”

“But you should have at least *some* idea, genius, aren’t you supposed to be the *man* who knows *everything* about *survival*?!”

“You know what’s a good way to survive?! Not *bitching* at the only person that can help you!” he screamed hoarse, snapping forwards and quickly stomping away.

She scoffed and tried catching up, “And I can’t be able to handle myself?!”

Liam snapped back to stare daggers at her. “Ah, well, since you’re pressuring *me* to do all the dirty work and know everything there is to know about survival, *yes*! If you wanna continue bitching, you’re free to be an *independent woman*,” he air quoted. “But if you’re going to stick with me, you have to listen to what I say, not give me any lip, and do as I say. Capiche?”

Amelia silently threw back daggers at her brother but nodded, not knowing what else she can do by her lonesome; if some tribal member caught her, god forbid, or a wild animal pouncing on her. She decided the best course of action would be to stay with her brother, even if he didn’t know anything.

Back on the parent’s side, Thomas and Elaine were still searching for their wrecked ship. Their high hopes and spirits served them well when they suddenly found parts of the ship protruding from the waters. Thomas kicked through the sand and water in a frenzy, hoping there will be a crate of rations he can save. Sure enough, there was! Elaine stood smirking on the shore with hands on her hips, thinking smugly to herself that now he’s glad she made him buy that. Soon after, he also found a crate of water bottles! Both were giddy, hoping to share it with their children when they arrive or find them. It won’t be enough for however long they were stranded, but all that matters is that they have a chance. They thanked god they did.

By now, Liam and Amelia were sore, especially the latter who wouldn’t stop complaining about it. Liam angrily barked, “Enough!”

“What do you expect, we’ve been walking for god knows how long,” his sister snapped back.

He sighed exasperated and facepalmed, knowing he’s tired too. “Fine, you sit here and stay, while I try to find us some shelter.” Amelia shrugged and took a seat on the warm, comforting sand. Her feet ached as she wiggled her toes and rotated her feet. She sighed a breath of relief as she didn’t have to stand anymore. While she was watching the sky’s beautiful blue hue transform into an incredible sunset of orange, pink, and purple, she thought how desperately she’d rather be at home and enjoying this with her friends.

Amelia thought deeply about the little things she missed about home. Waking up in her queen-sized bed with actual sheets and a soft pillow was one. Having the liberty to eat whatever she wanted, whenever, was another. Being able to go anywhere she liked and do whatever she pleased was maybe the most she missed. The young girl got this sense of isolation despite having someone to talk to. At least uşak escort she still had her brother, she reasoned. She could’ve been left all alone and then she wouldn’t have had a brother at all.

As his sister was lost in his own thought, Liam struggled as he ventured into this jungle-like area. As far as he knows, this place hasn’t had a human set foot on it in ages. Somehow, though, he catches sight of this immaculate waterfall gushing fresh water into this impossibly blue lagoon. He runs away to call for his sister, and she runs to join him in awe. Excitement surges through her as she kicks off into the lagoon–squealing when she hits the cool, refreshing water. She works towards her tangled, messy hair, painfully combing it with her fingers.

Liam watched her in satisfaction before noticing the sun going down. He freaked out, forgetting that they had no light source! Frantically, he searched the ground but couldn’t find flint or a decent rock to spark a fire with. He let his sister do her thing to not disturb or worry her. He made sure not to stray far ahead while he searched for something to make a fire with. But as he scanned through the trees caught a glimpse of a warm fire!

Liam’s heart leapt in his chest, instantly thinking it’s his parents. He wanted to call out, “Mom?! Dad?!” but he didn’t; he was afraid if they weren’t actually his parents but someone else–someone who was hungrier, dangerous, and uninhibited. The young man wiped the cold sweat off his forehead, glancing over at his sister where she was lazily floating, ignorant at what was going on.

He carefully sneaked his way closer against his better judgement. He hoped whoever started the fire was their parents or at least someone with a civil state of mind. The fit, toned young man continued to slowly foot his way over until he could distinct two shadowy figures. Still on guard, he ventured forwards and to the side, keeping a keen ear out in case the two were talking.

Meanwhile, Amelia began to get frightened in the waters having lost sight of her brother, and the sun setting. The young girl realized she had no flashlight, no phone, no torch! She hurriedly swam and then ran once she had a good footing on the ground. Sopping cold, she held her arms as her teeth chattered, panicking. Amelia looked in all directions and saw the fire. She carefully shuffled towards it, yearning for the comforting flames to warm her chilled skin.

At the campfire, both Thomas and Elaine cuddled by the fire recounting all the things they’ve managed to accomplish in a day: found food, water, and shelter, wrote “HELP” with good-sized rocks, gave each other much needed oral, and finally relaxed. This is how the children found them and all four shared a warm group hug. All four relayed what they’ve accomplished for their first day marooned.

“Well, I made Amelia this beautiful leaf ensemble,” Liam joked, presenting his blushing sister.

“I see, how wonderful!” their mother exclaimed. Thomas, meanwhile, was staring at his flesh and blood daughter like a piece of succulent meat. “That’s so nice of you, Liam! So resourceful, right, hun?” she asked, breaking him out of his trance.

“Y-yes, dear, very resourceful,” he repeated absent-minded. Elaine eyed her husband, but decided to ignore him. She told Liam all the wonderful things their father did while they were away. Meanwhile, Thomas continued to eye his mature daughter up and down. She was practically the spitting image of her mother back in the day when they were 18 years old. He felt this longing he should only share with his wife, but stifled it.

The night carried out with the family finally together again–thankfully none hurt or scarred–laughing until yawning and decided it would be best to go to bed.

In the morning, Thomas took reign over and delegated the tasks. “Liam and I will start by hunting nearby fish, while Elaine and Amelia search for anything else to recover from the yacht. Sound good?” Everyone agreed, and set out for their tasks.

As father and son grabbed long sticks to sharpen into a weak and primitive spear, Thomas wanted to talk to his son–man to man. “Son,” he started while whittling his stick. “I don’t know what to expect on this island. I’m not confident where going to be saved anytime soon either, I’m simply not sure of it. All I know is you’re a man, as is your father. And if you’ve gotten my genes, that means you’re going to be wanting something the only two females on this island has.” Thomas intentionally tread his words to Liam, but it was useless.

His son crinkled his nose, asking sharply, “What do you think you’re getting at?”

His father shook his head. “You know exactly what I’m getting at. I’m giving you permission. What happens on this island, stays on this island.” Liam stared dumbfounded at his dad while he nonchalantly continued whittling. Soon he joined, and there was only the sound of sharp metal cutting wood and the waves washing against the shore.

On van escort the other hand, the women were out of earshot and searching for any tools or resources to recover. “We were incredibly lucky to have found all these things,” Elaine said. “It’d be a different story had I not nagged your father into buying those crates.”

Amelia rolled her eyes. “If we have food, why do we have to catch fish anyways?”

Her mother tsk-tsked and shook her head. “Even on an island, you still find the energy to have a hotty attitude,” she laughed. Her daughter only squinted her eyes at her. “Your father and brother have to because god knows how long those rations is going to last us. We should use them for an emergency, and though it may *seem* like an emergency now, there are plenty of fish in the sea,” she answered long-winded. “Maybe it’s our fault we never taught you kids any self-reliance. Your father and I weren’t always rich, y’know, we had to survive and think on our feet.”

Elaine noticed her daughter rolling her eyes. She scoffed, “It’s true, young lady!”

“Okay, whatever, just stop talking down to me!” Her mother looked at her incredulous, shaking her head. How is she ever going to survive without her parent’s help, she asked herself.

Thomas noticed the commotion even a distance away and offered help. “You guys okay, need any help?”

Elaine gave her spouse an irritated look. “Your daughter is just being difficult and unruly.”

The patriarch pinched the bridge of his nose, sighing. “Okay. Amelia, sweetie?” she looked over at her dad, arms crossed. She looked ridiculous, yet cute with her leaf ensemble. “Change in plans; you’re going to pick berries and any other fruit you spot with your brother while your mom and I look for the resources. Got it, okay,” he said curtly. His daughter huffed as she trudged into the trees, Liam following not too far behind.

“What’s going on?” he asked concerned.

“Just mom being a bitch,” she grumbled. “Now I have to look for some stupid berries for everyone.”

Her brother was rolling his eyes until he could spot, “Hey! Look! There’s some mangoes up there!”

Amelia gasped, “Really?!” She could really go for something sweet, and mangoes were perfect.

“Yeah, up in that tree,” he pointed.

“Oh my god, yes,” she drawled, in joy she found something to eat. “But, how are we gonna reach all the way up there?”

Liam blurted out the most obvious thought after a moment of pondering. “I’ll just pull you up.”

She laughed. “No, really.”

“I’m not joking, Amelia. You’re too small to lift me up while I can easily pick you up,” he answered honestly.

“But that would mean…” she trailed off. Vulnerability and insecurity crept upon her. “You’d see me…”

His breath hitched when he realized that. Then his father’s words echoed in his mind; “what happens on the island, stays on the island.” Well, just because he can doesn’t mean he should, he argued. “Amelia, that doesn’t matter right now. I know what girls look like, plus, I’m not gonna be thinking about that while I’m eating a sweet mangoes. Now c’mon, if it makes you feel any better, I’ll try not to look.”

Cautious, she stepped forward. Her brother’s words slowly sunk in and gave her a boost in confidence. “O… Okay…” He nodded, guiding her in back of him. He squatted down, and she climbed on top of his shoulders; but to her dismay, her flimsy attire snapped and fell to the ground. The girl shrieked, hugging the tree close to her, afraid of letting go and someone in her family seeing her naked.

Liam took a massive gulp as he noticed her makeshift clothing fall down, trying very hard not to take a peek upwards and seeing his twin sister’s naked breasts. Not only that but he could feel her warm pussy against the nape of his neck. His heart was starting to rapidly beat as blood rushed to his penis. He quickly tried to soothe her nerves, telling her, “It’s alright, sis, just keep going, there’s literally a couple mangoes within arm’s reach; it’ll definitely be enough for today. And I’m not looking, I promise.”

“O-okay,” she whimpered, reaching over and snatching a few mangoes. “Put me down, now,” Amelia asserted, and swung her leg off as soon as Liam did. He was about to look at her out of habit until she snapped, “Don’t!” But after a moment gave up. “Ugh, what’s the point anyway. I have no clothing, everything is just going to break anyway… It’s only a matter of time until everyone else’s clothes get ruined at some point.”

Liam still respected her sister’s wishes despite his penis telling him to. “Well, I can’t say no against that.”

Amelia crossed her arms, lost in her thought as she stared at the dirt. “It doesn’t hurt to just look, right…?” she blushed.

“Well… I guess not…” her brother trailed. Yet his hand stayed glued to his eyes, not sure whether he wanted to escalate things further. The young man knew deep down that if he saw his naked, vulnerable sister he’d instantly want to shove her to the ground and fuck her pussy raw until she’s crying out from the pleasure. But then he’d have to live with the fact that he fucked his own sister. It was still weird to both siblings, but maybe it was for the best to rip the band-aid off now before it got incredibly weird later.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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