MarynWood: Joaquin

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Female Ejaculation

As I lay spent and shivering on the metal table with my legs spread wide and secured, I watched Dr. James’ face closely, out of both fear and curiosity. He turned away to the cart and began putting the items he had just used on me back into their assigned spots. His movements were practiced, and I could tell he had done it many times before. Finally he turned back around, but instead of speaking he let his gaze linger over my naked body and the sheen of sweat it was coated in. He reached out his hand and touched his fingertips to the plane of my stomach, grazing it softly before letting it come to rest just above my groin.

“You have a beautiful body, Alice,” he murmured softly, not looking me in the eye. He moved his hand slowly towards my leg, running it up the inside of my thigh, and I sighed deeply. I wanted him to touch me, to push my body to it’s ultimate limit again. Suddenly an intercom blared loudly into our quiet white room, making us both jump and flinch.

“Dr. James to room 501, please. Dr. James to room 501.” He quickly walked out of the room, his pace brisk and professional.

Within several minutes the scantily clad nurse, Jenny, returned to my room along with another man dressed in all white scrubs. His skin was naturally light toned and he appeared very Mediterranean – somewhere between Portugal and Italy. His black curls adorned his head loosely and were several inches long – much more than I could boast for myself. He stood several feet from my body, hands clasped behind his back, and gazed with a strange intensity at my face. Jenny, bare-breasted, appeared at my side and readjusted the straps at my wrists, which were firm but did not chafe. She smiled at me and winked, and then took a few soft cloths from the cart and began wiping away the liquid that coated my pussy. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, savoring the cool feeling against my overheated skin. When I was thoroughly cleaned and felt Jenny stop, I opened my eyes to find myself staring into a pair of deep brown ones. The man was now standing next to me, right at my side, staring at my face. He reached out and began stroking my hair, smiling gently at me. It was tender yet eerie at the same time, and I looked questioningly at Jenny.

“Alice,” she said, “I’d like you to meet Joaquin [Wa-keen]…Here at MarynWood the new women are chosen by male or female “Sponsors” – basically our alumni, as I like to call them – Joaquin is your sponsor. He’ll be in charge of you and be your constant guide and companion.”

I looked back at Joaquin and was reminded immediately of an extremely faithful dog – granted this dog was beautiful beyond words and my personal guide to the sexual delights ( I anticipated ) of MarynWood.

“Well, I’ll just leave you two to get aquainted.” She walked – or rather bounced – out of the room, her long bronze legs mesmerizing to watch.

When she had left, I suddenly felt awkward. What was I to say to this man? He couldn’t be completely mindless, could he? As I silently scanned the room, trying to think of something to say, he spoke up for me.

“Would Şanlıurfa Escort you like to watch another movie?”

“Another movie?” I replied.

He pointed towards the ceiling.

“Ohhh – sure.” I was unsure of what to expect.

He fiddled with the remote on the cart, and a movie began playing (yet again) on the screen in the ceiling. It was a woman with long straight brown hair – nearly to her waist – dancing sensuously around a pole in a pair of satiny black panties and a barely-big-enough bra. He gorgeously tanned breasts were busting out of it, and they were both large and firm. She turned around to face the pole, wrapped her hands around it and leaned forward, gripping it, and began swaying her ass in front of the camera – it was incredibly erotic to see her large, round ass gyrating in the air with a tight black thong on – as if she were riding the cock of a ghost. After reaching back to caress her own ass cheeks, she reached upwards and undid her bra, freeing her breasts. When she turned around to face the camera, her large and pointy nipples stuck out almost obscenely from her chest, and they jounced when she tossed the bra off camera. Her hands cupped them from beneath, and the beautiful globes of her breasts rested in her hands as her fingertips lightly brushed her nipples, hardening and engorging them.

I began breathing hard, and almost forgot Joaquin was there, until I felt the touch of lips on the outer side of my right breast, where Joaquin was leaning down and softly trailing kisses across the under side of my breasts. His eyes were closed and his long black lashes brushed against my flesh, causing me to shiver. I wanted to cup his head in my hands and run my long fingernails through his curls but my hands were bound fast, and all I could do was arch my back to meet the touch of his silken lips.

When I looked upwards again, the brunette was sliding the black thong off her hips – she was completely shaved save a small triangle above her clit, which was protruding prominently from between her pussy lips. The camera followed her across the room and away from the pole towards a pillow propped up against the wall. She sat down, resting her back against it, and spread her legs open wide for the camera. Her juices shimmered like glitter.

Joaquin’s smooth lips latched tenderly onto my nipple, and I gasped, involuntarily softly crying out and clenching my eyes shut. He had moved between my legs. His hands reached toward me, one pressing into the skin of my stomach, the other moving up my neck. His palm cupped my cheek and his fingers strayed over my lips, and in a moment of ecstasy I opened them and tasted his fingertips with my tongue as they caress my nerve sensitive lips. He groans against my breast, biting down softly on my nipple, and I cry out again, louder.

He pulls his hands down to my chest, each one cupping one of my swollen tits, and buries his face in the cleft between them. He kisses and caresses my skin, and I whimper as his thumbs flick my nipples.

I open my eyes and Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan find the girl in the movie now entranced and panting, her fingers buried deep between her thighs and thrusting in and out.

“Joaquin…” I pant.

He raises his head to my neck and presses his lips to the soft skin there, talking into me. “Alice.”

Our immediate attraction and passion road so heavily on my body that I pleaded. “Joaquin, make love to me, – make love to me – please…”

He didn’t answer, but groaned softly as he pulled his shirt over his head and pulled his pants off over his hips. He stared into my eyes as he ran his hands down my torso to my thighs, then moved inwards to my wet slit. He ran his fingers up and down, then slid them inside, and my pussy welcomed the intrusion warmly as they slid in easily. I moaned and squirmed, but was held captive by his dark gaze, unable to unlock my eyes from his. His chest was bare but a line traveled down his stomach, widening to surround his large and rigid cock at his crotch. His fingers explored my insides gently, making sure I was ready. He slid them out, then used the drenching wetness on his hand to moisten his whole cock, and I watched him coat and caress it, as all the while he stared intently at my face, his lips parted ever so slightly with lust.

“Oh, Joaquin…” I breathed his name, and his eyes shut for a moment and a tremor ran through his body. He grabbed his cock in his fist and pressed the large mushroom head against my entrance, shaking with control and anticipation. I began whimpering, wanting him inside me, wanting him to make love to me, yet unable to move my body at all.

“Put it in, Joaquin….put it inside me…” His eyes burned a hole in my own eyes and soul as he drove in to the hilt using his hands on my wide hips to push himself snugly inside. I cried out, throwing my head back and panting at his fullness and the way he filled me up, and gently stretched my insides to the shape of his cock. He leaned forward over my body and pressed his lips to my ear, breathing hard, and reached his hands above my head and undid ties that held my wrists. My arms fell to his shoulders and I gripped him tightly as he impaled me from between my widespread, vulnerable legs. My calves twitched from pleasure, but were unable to move because of their bindings. For several long moments he did not move – his cock was shoved deep inside my pussy and my arms wrapped ’round his shoulders clutched him tightly to me.

Finally he began pistoning steadily in and out, in and out, making me cry out at each entry. My hands gripped his back tightly and I buried my face in his shoulder as his hips plunged his beautiful hard cock into and out of my body.

He shoved hard and quick, grunting against my skin and drenching his body in a coat of sweat. With each thrust my body tingled, building the pressure in my chest and throbbing in my pussy, so strong that with each heartbeat I could feel the skin of my labia. I cried out louder as his cock head bumped against my cervix, eager yet Escort Şanlıurfa scared to fall off the narrow ridge of control I had over my body.

One of my hands strayed to his hair, burying deep in his curls and running my long nails over his scalp, making him moan against my neck, while the other hand trailed to his lower back, digging in with each of his increasingly urgent shoves.

He shivered, his body jerking as he held my hips in his hands, and he suddenly pulled back, standing straight up but pounding my pussy harder than ever. His eyes were clenched tightly shut, his lips were tantalizingly slick, thick, and tender.

“Yes, Joaquin, yes…more….oh yes…” I cried out to him, encouraging him to send us both over the edge, and I let my empty hands stray down, letting the pads of my fingertips find my clit and rub in insistent circles, causing my pussy to convulse around his cock.

As my body filled with blood and was pounded, begging for release, my nimble fingers sent me crashing into a mind-numbing orgasm that milked Joaquin’s cock so tightly I heard him scream, even over the roar of blood pounding in my ears as I thrashed about on the table, my restraints doing little to hold me. I felt like a butterfly convulsing as it is pinned by a long, thick, pulsing nail to the earth.

When my body finally stopped quaking, Joaquin was still fucking me, harder than ever, in rough, deliberate shoves at even intervals. The aftershocks radiated in my tender pussy, and I moaned in sensitivity. My sated, blood engorged cunt was slicker than it had ever been before, so wet I could here the sloppish wet noise of his cock ramming in.

Suddenly Joaquin began pounding me hurriedly, impaling me so hard I cried out half in pain. He grunted and his body began convulsing and the muscles of my pussy felt his cock begin to pulse inside me as he shoved in to the hilt and arched backwards, lips parted, and squirted his seed into me, letting it pour like thick cream into my hot, wet cunt.

He stiffened and then fell limp against my body, and I cradled him in my arms, unable to wrap my legs around him because of my restraints. His feet supported him weakly, but he nuzzled his face into my breasts, breathing hard and wrapping his arms around my waist. He was shivering slightly, perhaps from the chill in the room, and out of some strange and alien maternal instinct, I leaned my head down and pressed my lips against his soft black curls then his forehead, whispering his name.

His cock slowly softened inside me, and when, many long minutes later, he pulled back to stand on his own, it slipped out easily. The cool air hit my still wet cunt and I gasped, feeling both our juices ooze out of me. He walked backwards until his back was pressed against the wall, and he leaned the back of his head against it, watching me with his strangely neutral yet intense eyes. His naked body – even unaroused – was easily the most beautiful thing I had ever seen – the soft contours of his stomach, the pattern of hair on his chest, the definition of his kneecaps and calves, the soft and tender feet, the scar on the underside of his forearm, the dark brown tint of his small nipples, and his beautiful cock, soft and unintimidating, resting against his thigh, still shimmering with our liquid.

A soft smile spread on his lips – a gentle, loving smile. I returned it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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