Master Jack Ch. 04

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I settle in to my new home and new life


Author’s note:

The setting for this story could prove disturbing or challenging to many readers. I make no apology for that; how you respond is entirely your choice. However, I hasten to add that the story is not based on any sect, cult or other group, nor is any offence directed at any group in particular or towards groups of this nature in general. The story is entirely fictitious and bears no relationship to any group or organization to my knowledge,

I have based the story on the song “Master Jack” whose lyrics were written by David Marks, the original song being released in South Africa in 1967 by Four Jacks and a Jill. I have attempted to interpret the message from this song since then and note that there are a variety of interpretations described in various pages accessible through Google. The interpretation I have placed upon the lyrics is a fictitious account and is not derived from any ideas recorded online of which I am aware.

As usual, I do not condone, approve of or suggest that any activity depicted in this story is attempted in real life. It is, as I say, fiction and nobody in the story is based on or is meant to represent any person in real life. Any such likeness is purely coincidental.

Other than that, enjoy.


The loader helped me up, sat me in a seat, then closed the door. Immediately the wind in the cabin dropped and the roar of the machine was slightly muted. He fitted my seat belt and a helmet with microphone, attended to Cedric, then sat and fastened himself in.

“Thanks very much, Pete and Ryan,” said Cedric, his voice audible in my earphones, “I didn’t expect it to be that close. Another few seconds and we’d have been caught.”

“No problems,” said Pete, who must be the pilot, “All in a day’s work, as you know.”

I heard Cedric chuckle and wondered just what he really did for a living. He obviously knew these guys well, but that could all come later. I noticed my body was shaking with adrenaline from the escape. Then I relaxed, reached for Cedric’s hand and watched the moonlit landscape pass beneath us as we flew to I knew not where.

Despite, or possibly because of, the excitement, noise and time, I drifted off to sleep and was awakened by Cedric gently stroking my cheek. Once my eyes were open, he unfastened and lifted off my helmet. Almost silence. I grinned up at him.

“Where are we?”

“Home. This is where I live.”

Ryan opened the door and we all clambered outside into the relatively chill air. It was only then I became aware that I was hardly dressed for the environment, but Cedric wrapped his coat around me and escorted me to the large mansion a short distance away. I glanced over my shoulder and saw Pete and Ryan tending to the helicopter, fitting wheels to the skids before wheeling it into the large shed beside what I took to be a helicopter pad. So, Cedric had his own helicopter, I surmised, or maybe he was just staying here. I didn’t know and was too tired to find out right now.

Once inside, Cedric escorted me to a comfortable bedroom, helped me remove my few pieces of clothing and bundled me into the large bed. I didn’t sleep immediately but looked about curiously as he readied himself for bed in the adjacent bathroom. Then he cuddled in beside me, kissed me goodnight and we both slept.

It was late in the morning when we awoke. I climbed out of bed to use the bathroom, then returned to embrace Cedric, lying on his body, feeling his erect cock exploring between my legs as we kissed sexily.

“Is this your house?” I asked inquisitively.

“Yes, honey, I’ve lived here for about 6 years now.”

“It’s huge,” I replied, “From what I’ve seen of it anyway.”

“It’s huge,” he agreed, “But I don’t live here alone.”

“Oh, who else lives here?”

“Well, for a start there’s my wife, Evie,” he replied with a grin. Wife, I thought, he’s married? Yet he still came to the club to buy a girl for the night? He continued: “Then there’s her boyfriend, Cliff who is groundsman and his wife, Sal, who is cook, as well as her boyfriend, Pete, who flew the chopper.” What sort of crazy, mixed up family was this, I wondered? “Then, of course, there’s the staff; a maid, Alice, who isn’t attached to anyone but shares everyone, and Ryan, the loader who you’ve met, and day staff to run the business.”

“What’s the business?” I asked, too numbed to formulate deeper relationship questions.

“I started a small business servicing offshore drilling rigs. The business grew and we now have several employees, plus the helicopter crew, Ryan and Pete, who you met. We hire in contractors if we need them.”

“So, how come you can arrange my escape, bring me to your home and sleep with me for what was left of the night when you have a wife?”

He chuckled and I felt his cock ease its way inside me before he answered. I kissed him again, feeling my hips begin to move back and forth, seemingly of their own accord.

“Evie, my wife, and I have a very flexible relationship. We both agree that Bursa Escort we can have other partners, and do, regularly. Evie’s boyfriend, Cliff, is the groundsman and his wife, Sal, is the cook, so Evie and Cliff will be sharing tonight, while Pete will be in Sal’s bed. If you can count, and I’m sure you can, you’ll see that we’re a female short in our happy family. We’re all hopeful that you’ll fill that vacancy.”

Right now, I felt my vacancy was well and truly filled as Cedric was meeting my hip movements, thrusting into me deeply as our breathing deepened and became more rapid. He moved his hands to my breasts, cupping them, squeezing the nipples, which he knew I loved. Sensations shot through my body, straight to my clit then to my brain as I moved harder and faster, demanding more sensations, more arousal. He pushed me more upright, forcing my clit against the root of his cock. I rocked my hips harder, pushing myself to my orgasm and screaming as waves of release washed over me. As though from a distance I felt his hot cum filling me as he held my hips and pushed them back and forth. It was over in a few seconds, it seemed, and I collapsed back onto him, kissing him and nuzzling into his neck. I noted that he reached out and pushed a button on the side table.

The door opened and I instinctively tried to draw the sheet over me, but he held it in place so the woman who entered the room saw us both naked and connected. I turned my head and looked at her, noting her very casual mode of dress, a triangular piece of fabric tied around her waist, reaching to her knee on one side and just covering her pussy. Clearly, she wore nothing underneath and her evenly tanned breasts showed they were used to being free.

“Elizabeth, meet Sal; Sal, this is Elizabeth. As I explained a few minutes ago, Sal is the wife of my wife’s boyfriend.”

Sal laughed out loud, then she sat beside us on the bed and hugged me as I lay on Cedric, his softening cock still inside me.

“Pleased to meet you,” said Sal formally, “I’m sure you’ll just love living here with us, judging by what Cedric’s told us about you. I’ll bring you your breakfast.”

She rose off the bed and wheeled in a trolley with several plates of food and a steaming pot of coffee. Suddenly I felt hungry and Cedric rolled me off him, sat up and began serving breakfast on our plates.

“I’ll leave you to it,” said Sal.

“No, stay with us and you can chat with Elizabeth while we eat.”

Sal sat on the bed and I quickly lost my shyness; sitting naked on a bed having just made love to your lover while chatting to the wife of your lover’s wife’s boyfriend is a certain way to enable connections to develop quickly. I told her a little about the commune and Master Jack, then about Cedric rescuing me last night. By the end of breakfast, we were like old friends.

“Thanks, Sal, that was a delicious breakfast as always. Would you like to take Elizabeth on a tour so she won’t get too lost? I’ve a few things to do this morning so will meet you for a late lunch in a couple of hours. Elizabeth, please ask Sal anything you wish and maybe she’ll have a job for you in the kitchen when it’s time to prepare lunch.”

“That’s fine,” I replied, still a little perplexed from lack of sleep, the excitement of my escape, the information I’d learned and, deep down, I recognized a mourning for losing friends in the commune and, especially, Master Jack, who I now realized had become a mentor for me. “Thanks, Sal.”

Sal helped me off the bed then suggested a shower. Cedric was in the en-suite shower, so Sal led me down a hallway to a larger bathroom with two shower cubicles and several large fluffy towels on the vanity.

“Help yourself,” she said, waving her arm at everything. “If you need anything just call my name and I’ll return. The kitchen is just down the hall so I’ll hear you.”

The shower felt wonderful and I soon felt clean and comfortable, warm and dry. I then realized I had no clothes except what I was wearing last night. I called down the hall for Sal, who arrived in a few seconds.

“I don’t have anything to wear,” I told her.

She simply put her arms out sideways and spun around. “I don’t have much either. Around here we don’t overdress, in fact often we don’t dress at all. I usually wear a lap dress like I am, or a lappy we call them, we don’t cover our boobs and we don’t get embarrassed by naked teaspoons either; both are for feeding babies.” She laughed and I joined in, appreciating the humor. “So, come with me.”

She gestured and I followed, my towel still wrapped around me. Sal grinned over her shoulder. “You can lose the towel unless you really do have something unusual to hide, like two pussies or three tits.”

I realized I was being over-cautious, so removed the towel as I walked, enjoying the feeling and slight trepidation of walking naked around a strange house. Sal led me to the bedroom I slept in last night and walked to a large wardrobe and threw open the doors. “Cedric estimated your size and ordered these on approval from the clothing shop Bursa Bayan we use. Sort through them, separate out what you like and would wear and what you wouldn’t be seen dead in. You’ll find some lappy skirts there too, so if you want you can put one on now, if not, and you wish to remain naked, that’s all good too, and if you want to wear something more substantial, feel free.”

I was stunned, not only by the range of clothing but by Cedric’s forethought in obtaining these for me. My instinct in a strange place would be to wear something more covering, but if every woman wore a lappy, then I would stand out. I’d try a lappy, I decided, and chose a pale blue one, then wrapped it around my waist and tied the ends.

“How do I look?” I asked Sal, who had watched the whole procedure.

“Yeah, cool. You look like you belong here. So, sort through the clothes during the next few days, no hurry. Come out to the kitchen when you’re ready.”

Sal turned and walked towards the kitchen and, with a glance at the clothing, I followed her. I spent much of the rest of the morning and early afternoon talking with Sal, finding out more about this place, the relationships that existed, and what she knew of where I fitted into this whole scheme. I found that Cedric had been searching for another young woman to fit into the family and that he had discussed me with the whole family and gained approval before he planned last night’s escapade. The family had heard about the rescue from Pete and Ryan and were thrilled that it had all worked out. She also mentioned that there was a huge welcome party planned for me next Saturday night, when all the family and many friends came together and it was to be a no-holds-barred orgy.

“They really are lots of fun,” she said, “And quite exhausting, making love with countless partners in lots of ways all night long. Some people are into BDSM so we cater for them as well. Have you explored that aspect of sexuality?”

“A little. Master Jack whipped me hard once, and I wouldn’t like to repeat that, at least at that intensity, but otherwise, not a great deal.”

I noticed when I had mentioned Master Jack, I had a feeling of sadness that I had left his commune. It seemed strange that, having been released from servitude to him, I should find that a part of me missed the camaraderie. I guessed that feeling was akin to the Stockholm Syndrome, when people who had been kidnapped often ended up siding with their captors. Sal cast me a quick glance at my silence and I turned my face away.

“You miss him already, don’t you?”

“No, well, actually, yes, I do a bit; no, a lot. I didn’t think I would. When I was there it wasn’t like I felt trapped. Instead, I felt needed; I felt he needed me, I had a place in the community. All that’s gone and the place inside me where that was is now empty. So, I guess I try to fill it with what I know, because that’s less scary than what I don’t know.”

She put her arm around me and kissed me on the cheek. “Yes, I understand. Before I married Cliff, I was in a dysfunctional and dependent relationship with a guy. Cliff rescued me from that, though not as dramatically as Cedric rescued you, and it took several months, or even years, for me to get over the dependency. There is something addictive and constricting about being needed. Being wanted is great, being needed is disempowering. I think Cedric has arranged for some deprogramming for you; he knows a really great guy who does this. He helped me a lot when I first came here.”

At the late lunch, I met the family. It was a little daunting, but reassuring at the same time. All the women were dressed like I was, the men wearing loin cloths, the male equivalent of the female garments. They all seemed to know a great deal about me, were sympathetic to my previous situation, and were overjoyed to meet me at last. I found it quite overwhelming being engaged in several conversations at once with people I had only just met, but their friendship and support was amazing.

I helped Sal clean up after the meal, then she took me on a tour of the property. She showed me her suite, then Evie’s suite. “I guess that the room you slept in last night will become your suite with whoever you choose to sleep with. That, of course, can vary from night to night. It’s very convenient having minimal clothing because then you don’t need to have a mobile wardrobe to sleep in someone else’s suite.”

We walked outside and Sal showed me the large pool, with someone swimming lengths. “Feel like a swim?” she asked.

It was certainly hot enough so I stripped off my lappy and we dived into the cool water. It was the first time I’d swum since well before I’d gone to the commune and the feeling was divine. I gently surfaced and swam two leisurely lengths before resting against the side of the pool between Sal and the guy who had been in the pool when we arrived. I recognized him as Ryan, the loader on the chopper.

“Hi Ryan, thanks so much for rescuing me last night.”

“My pleasure. Pleased the operation was successful, although it was pretty Escort Bursa touch and go for a short time. How’re you finding the place?”

“Great, thanks, Sal’s been showing me round.”

“Good. I had to go to town with Alice so we missed lunch, but I’m guessing you met everyone else there, right?”

“Yes, although I’m not sure I could put names to faces in a line up.”

“It’s not too difficult after a few days. So, what’s your specialty? I’m just curious because Cedric doesn’t recruit anyone without a reason, and you must have been very special for him to risk last night’s operation.”

“Oh, I don’t know. I met him at the commune I was at. I guess you could say my specialty is making love to Cedric, because before last night that was all I’d done with him.”

“Oh, that’ll do it. Cedric’s a bit like that with the ladies. Means he took a shine to you though; lucky girl.”

“So long as Evie doesn’t get jealous,” I replied.

“Yeah, it’s a strange set of relationships here. Probably best described as polyamory, loving more than one partner. Probably how the world was meant to be. Imagine a world like this; no jealousy, no possessiveness. Absolutely wonderful. Guess we can only do what we can only do and start small right here and now. By the way, in case you’re wondering, Alice and I are lovers also, but we’re by no means exclusive in our relationship. Share and share alike, that’s our motto.” He grinned, eyeing me up and down for a few seconds. “I can see I’m going to have to pry you away from Cedric sometime soon.”

I looked him over quickly, as a potential lover not simply a naked acquaintance I chanced to meet in a pool, and was impressed by the size of his semi-hard cock, even knowing that it would be magnified by the water. “Yeah, sounds good, but you’ll have to arrange it with Cedric.”

“Oh, that’s easy, eh Sal. Nobody objects to another wanting to borrow their wife or lover. That would be very unfriendly. Sometimes we have threesomes or even foursomes as well. Be better now with another woman in the pool, so to speak, not this pool in particular.” He laughed at his joke. “Then once every few months we have an orgy. I think there’s one in your honor next weekend.”

“Yes, that’s right,” Sal confirmed, then sighed. “I hope you’ll be able to help with cooking for it, Elizabeth.”

“My pleasure,” I replied.

“Time I left you two gorgeous ladies,” said Ryan, looking at his watch, “We’ve got a flight this afternoon to a rig so it’s business as usual.”

We watched as he climbed out of the pool, scorning the steps and hoisting himself over the wall. It was an interesting view, looking up between his legs at his cock waving in the air above his large ball sac.

“See you soon,” he said as he turned and walked away.

“You’ll love him,” said Sal once he was out of earshot, “All the women do. A great lover.”

We swam a bit more then climbed out, using the steps, and collected our lappies, holding them as we dried in the sun while we returned to the kitchen.

“We’ve decided on a theme for the party,” Sal informed me as we prepared food for supper, “It’s going to be a Pearl Panty Party.”

I looked at her quizzically. “Pearl panties? What are they?”

She looked at me with a grin. “Finish the prep work and I’ll show you.”

We finished preparing the meal, leaving the cold dishes ready and covered, while the hot food was prepared and ready to cook. We washed our hands, removed our aprons and I followed Sal to her suite. She opened a drawer and pulled out two pairs of panties, a red and a black, although there was very little of them to actually be colored. She handed me the red pair and I noticed that it was simply a contoured waist elastic with a loop of thin elastic designed to pass through the crotch. The thin elastic had many small spheres threaded on it. I looked at Sal with an obvious question on my face.

“Put them on,” she told me, “Then we’ll go for a walk.”

I put them on under my lappy, then noticed that she had removed her lappy, so I did also. Then Sal knelt down in front of me and repositioned the crotch strap, spreading my labia so the pearls sat right into my love trench.

“That’s lots better. Now, let’s go for a little walk.”

As soon as we started walking, I could feel what was going to happen. The pearls moved between my lips and particularly over my clit, causing immediate stimulation. I kept walking; I didn’t want to stop. Once we were outside, Sal asked how I was feeling.

“Aroused,” I replied, “I wouldn’t have thought that such a simple device could be so stimulating.”

“Let’s go for a short jog,” she replied, taking my hand and increasing our speed.

The jogging motion caused greater stimulation, sending pangs of arousal from my clit. I felt I needed to stop because it was so stimulating, yet another part of me wanted to keep going, faster, harder. We did neither; we both kept a steady jogging pace. I looked at the steadfast look on Sal’s face and knew that she was feeling exactly what I was. I wondered how long I could continue and what the end point would be. I imagined myself collapsing onto the ground, writhing in ecstatic orgasm. Probably overstated, I thought, although I couldn’t see us simply heading home and removing the panties without some form of release.

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