Master Mike

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Master Mike is a 50 year old divorced, Gay Master with a shiny bald head and a black mustache. He stands 6’6″ and his hard, muscular body is the product of good genes, healthy eating, and years in the gym.

I met him online after placing an ad about me and my growing need to meet a discrete dominant male interested in helping a married heterosexual man experience another man’s cock for the first time. Of course, I know a thing or two about getting a man’s attention, so my last statement was: I can swallow 10″ of my 12″ dong and now I’m very eager to try the real thing.

In his first email to me, he politely introduced himself to me as Master Mike and that he was definitely interested in helping me experience the joys I sought. He also stated that he was a very experienced Gay Master and offered a link to his profile page if I was interested in learning more about him. The email indicated Master Mike lived less than 2 miles from my house.

My heart beat fast with curiosity. I clicked his link and my screen filled with a photograph of a tall, attractive white man dressed in black. It excited me to look at his picture and feel the attraction begin as I studied the details of his polished appearance. On his head was a black Stetson. A black silk unbuttoned shirt revealed the top half of very well defined pectorals. Tight black jeans presented an impressive bulge just below the silver buckle of his silver-tipped leather belt. On his feet he wore black lizard skinned boots. Definitely, the man knew how to dress and look dominant without being pretentious. I unzipped my jeans and felt my cock harden as I looked into his bright blue eyes. I wondered if he would kiss me on the mouth, at our first meeting, and force his tongue to dance with mine.

Below the photo was a series of visual cues indicating non-smoker, non-drinker, safe, sane and consensual sex practitioner. All clues helping me to feel good about looking into him further.

Below the picture and visual cues were two buttons. The button on the left had a caption that stated “press here if you are jacking off already.” The other button simply stated “Exit to Main Menu.” I clicked on the left button and continued to stroke.

On the next page was another picture of Master Mike. This time, Master Mike was standing naked with a monster-size hard on. The caption below said “reserved for submissive men only.”

After several moments of hard stroking, I came like a rocket. I hadn’t even moved off the page of Master Mike’s naked body. Instead, I imagined kneeling before him with my palms resting on top of his feet while he held his ball sack out to me and I licked and sucked on them both as a set and then one at a time.

In my mind, when he finished having me bathe his balls, he presented the mushroom shaped head of his exceptionally large hard cock to my lips. I greeted his cock warmly by parting my lips and letting him push his massive tool into my mouth.

After my orgasm completed, I remained in my chair and tasted my own cum while I continued looking at this masculine man’s body. I was so very turned on still and feeling this incredible urge to contact him and confess my lust and behavior upon looking at the two pictures of him.

I found myself really letting go as I continued looking at Master Mike’s picture. I studied his beautiful big cock, the hard ridge crown surrounding the mushroom shaped head and the bulging veins along the shaft. I said his name out loud with frequency and by the time I finished eating my own cum, I was ready and wanting to suck this man’s cock.

In my reply to his email, I thanked Master Mike for contacting me and then I shared in explicit detail my behavior and the lustful thoughts and feelings I had as I looked at his first two pictures. I also promised I would continue looking at his site to learn all I could but that I hoped we would chat soon.

Within just a few minutes of sending my email, I received a reply from Master Mike. He was inviting me into private chat and his email provided a link, user ID and password. I took a deep breath and clicked the link. Following the log-on, a chat window opened and I received a greeting from Master Mike.

“Hi” I typed. I was so excited. I felt my heart beat quicken as I waited for his reply.

“Hello Bob. How are you?” he typed.

“I’m fine Sir. I’m also a little horny still.” I typed.

“Yes. I appreciated your email and your honesty. Are you hard again and stroking it Bob?”

“Yes Sir. Do you want me to stop?”

“Not unless you want to.”

“Thank you, Sir.” I kept stroking.

“I’m flattered that you came while looking at my pictures Bob. It’s certainly ok by me that you continue stroking as long as it makes you feel good and comfortable chatting with me.”

“Ok, thank you Sir.”

Master Mike asked me about my marriage and my other life interests and I answered his questions truthfully. He also volunteered his own answers to the questions he asked of me as well as questions I thought of. When I looked at the Eryaman Escort clock next, several hours had passed and we were sharing intimate details and getting along famously.

He never once asked me for my picture but it was the one thing I suddenly wanted to share with him. I didn’t have a picture of me on my pc though and the better thing to share anyway was my web cam and microphone. While he continued typing, I went to my closet and retrieved the cam and microphone. I plugged them into my pc and noticed Mike’s last message. He was suggesting he turn on his web cam and was interested in knowing if I wanted to see him live. I just invited him to view mine and then I waited.

He accepted and invited me. So all of a sudden we were viewing each other. He looked every bit as good on cam as he did in the pictures. He was wearing some thin strapped leather jumpsuit that exposed all of him. The leather strands connected to a cock ring at the crotch and his cock was already thrust through it. He stroked with his fingers and smiled at the camera. I smiled into the camera and waved hello.

I typed into the chat window that I had a microphone too and if he turned on his speaker he could hear me. To my delight, Mike had his microphone on too. This made the whole interaction so much easier.

“Hello” I said into the microphone “Can you hear me?”

“Yes I can Bob. You sound terrific,” he said.

“I want to suck your cock so bad. It’s so beautiful and big.”

He laughed. “Slow down there Bob. In time, if we feel the timing is right, we’ll meet and you will suck this hot cock until I let you stop. But for now, let’s try the cam and microphone experience.”

That sounded reasonable to me. “Ok. Is there anything you would like for me to do for you Sir?”

“Take off your shirt and show me your naked body.” He said.

I stood and did as he asked. I turned side to side in front of the camera and hoped he liked what he saw. The response I sought came quickly.

“Mmm, yes!” he moaned.

I watched his fist move up and down his long shaft and I moved closer to my own cam to show him mine.

“I’m so turned on Sir. I want to suck your cock and taste your cum.”

“I want that too Bob, but only pleasure slaves get that experience.”

“How do I become a pleasure slave?”

“You have to have training and then pass tests.”

“Will you train me please?”

“Yes Bob, but first you must demonstrate to me you are worth the effort.”

“Wait just a minute.” I quickly retrieved my 12″ double dong and a ruler. I held them up to the cam and said “Watch me. This is what I want to do for you live in person.”

I spit on the dong and rubbed my hand up and down the long shaft. I spit again on it and rubbed my saliva all around. Then I took the head to my lips and while looking into the camera I swallowed until 2″ remained outside my mouth. Although I heard him express his excitement, I kept going, pulling it out and pushing it into my throat for him until finally he invited me over to his home.

I called his cell phone and shut down my pc. My training was beginning and he wanted me to be on phone with him each step I took from now on.

He told me to put on some shoes and a rain coat and to drive to his place. In the car he gave me directions. The distance was a little longer than the site indicated but not much and the great thing was Master Mike appeared to live in a nice neighborhood given the directions I was following.

Master Mike’s residence was a 2-story house surrounded by acres of fresh mowed St. Augustine and well-manicured Oak and Pecan trees. A 10′ high wooden fence cut across the yard and connected to a high iron fence that surrounded the front half of his property. An automated gate closed off driveway access, but an intercom was available. I pressed the button and Mike answered and soon the gates opened.

He asked me to park in the back under a car port and to enter his back yard through the wooden gate. As I looked up at the gate, it was part of the same 10′ high wooden fence I had seen. From where I stood by the car, it looked as though the fence had dual purpose: keeping someone in and others out. That thought excited me and I walked through the gate without hesitation.

Master Mike was wearing a robe and standing in his bare feet beside his pool when I first saw him. He was very much the attractive man I met online. I was nervous and yet feeling the lust in my veins and knew that this was the opportunity I had been waiting so long to experience.

As I approached him, Master Mike pulled something out of his robe pocket and said to me, “take off your jacket and shoes boy, and kneel before me.” His firm tone did it for me and I obeyed his command. The warm evening air cooled my heated, perspiring body as I shed the rain coat. I flipped my shoes off one at a time and then stepped closer to the man with the cock I desired. After I knelt before him, he held up the object in his hand and Sincan Escort spoke.

“This is a training collar. It is a symbol of commitment. Mine to you as your teacher and your’s to me as my student. Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

“When we are in session online or in person, you will be wearing the collar. Its snugness around your neck will remind you of my strong commitment to your training and the safety you seek as we explore the dark sides of our sexual desires.”

As Master Mike spoke, I felt my cock grow hard. He told me of his excitement to receive me in his home and that whatever we did together would stay between us. Before he put the collar on my neck, he made a point to ensure I understood that I would be free to go at any time.

As he fastened the collar around my neck, I felt its tightness unleash a deeper lust within me. My cock was rock hard and my mouth was salivating. Master Mike opened his robe while backing away from me and I got to see his muscular body and the massive cock that hung between his legs. It was hard and much bigger than what appeared on cam. I licked my lips and began to knee walk in his direction.

He responded quickly, gesturing with his open hand and saying “Stop.”

I looked up at him and he said “Not yet my boy. Show me just a little more patience and let me explain a few more things you need to know.”


“First, you will address me as Master Mike at all times,” he began. “And, if you don’t I will remind you with this.” He withdrew a coiled black belt from his the other side pocket on his robe. He let it uncoil before me and I just licked my upper lip as I looked at his cock and then up at him.

He smiled before continuing, “As a trainee, you will have certain leeway, but keep in mind I am very serious about having control and respect at all times and I will whip you hard and unmercifully when you fuck up.”

“I understand Master Mike.”

“Now then, before we begin, I want you to tell me your limits, what you want to do and what you don’t want to do.”

“I want to suck your cock Master Mike. I want to feel you grow harder inside my mouth and I want to swallow your cum. I don’t know what I don’t want, I haven’t thought about that Sir. Uh, Master Mike, I mean.”

“You’re a good boy, I can tell already. You may also call me Sir, if you wish.”

“Thank you Sir,” I said.

“Now then, I think you’ve shown enough patience. Why don’t you crawl over here and start what you came here to do.” He let the robe fall over his shoulders and onto the floor. His body was ripped all over and he stood with his hands on his hips and in the one hand he held onto the belt.

I started moving on all fours toward him. “Rise and knee walk toward me. Show me the lust on your face. I want to see that pretty mouth open up to accept my cock.”

I moved upright and winced under the pressure of his pebble-stone patio. Little rough edges dug into my soft knees and the feeling was unbearable. “Ow,” I exclaimed.

“Do you want to suck my cock Bob?”

“Yes Master Mike, more than anything.”

“Then focus on my cock. It’s hard and ready for your hot mouth and you’re only 3 feet away. Ignore the discomfort you feel on your knees and show me your desire is greater than the sacrifice you must make with your knees.”

I took two knee steps closer and winced again as felt the same harsh edges as before.

“That’s it Bob, feel your lust for cock take over and confess your need to me with each agonizing step.”

“I want to suck your cock Master Mike, please give it to me.”

He bent down and picked up is robe. He folded it and dropped it at my knees. “Move onto the robe Bob and open your mouth.”

The robe felt wonderful to my knees and just as I opened my mouth, he stepped forward to close the distance and placed his cock at the opening. I waited and he held just the tip at the opening of my mouth. As I began to look upward at him, he said “When you are ready, you may begin. But, do not stop until I tell you to.”

Finally! I kissed the head and felt its sponginess. It was so much softer than my 12″ dong. Like the difference between night and day. His cock tasted wonderful as I took more and more of the large mushroom head past my lips. I flicked the tip of my tongue like a serpent against the underside of his head and then I withdrew momentarily and lip sucked his cock head while looking up at him.

“That’s a good boy, Bob, explore my cock and enjoy yourself.”

I couldn’t have asked for more if I’d known to. This was exactly the experience I needed to have. I had craved this moment so long and now it was happening. I opened my mouth wide and took him deeper. The joy I felt was incredible. His head reached my throat and I continued sucking him down to my gag reflex. As I gagged and tried to get him further in, tears welled up in my eyes and cascaded over my face. Master Mike began to thrust his hips forward and push his giant cock down my Etlik Escort throat. Pooling saliva suddenly plunged upward from the depths of my throat and out past my lips. He withdrew and then thrust himself back inside and more saliva escaped my lips. Soon, my saliva was all over my face and chest as Master Mike began to saw his cock in and out of my throat.

I felt his hands along side my ears, his fingers lacing together behind my head. He was holding my head firmly in place and literally fucking my throat. My breathing was shallow as the time gap between thrusts was allowing me minimal breathing air. Yet, I never really felt frightened. Just the long awaited joy of being used as a vessel.

The only warning I got before he came was his cock swelled. It felt suffocating and then his semen began flowing into me. Very slowly, he withdrew his cock from my throat and held it in my mouth as he continued blasting ropes of hot cum. He had so much in his balls that he was able to alternate shots onto my lips and back into my open mouth. I was a baby feeding on his cream stick and licking my lips clean, swallowing all that was available to me and feeling wonderfully naughty throughout the entire experience.

“Oh my god, that was awesome!” I shouted.

“Come here.” He extended his hand to me and I grabbed it as he lifted me up. I looked into his eyes and he embraced me in his arms and then he kissed me full on the mouth. I kissed him back and we made out right there for several hot passionate moments. Then he stopped us and invited me to go upstairs to his bed room.

The inside of his house was immaculate. I felt like I just walked into a museum. Paintings hung on walls and shelving outlined rooms and held artifacts from all over the world. As we made it to the grand staircase, I turned to face him. He looked quizzically at me and I simply knelt and took his cock into my mouth. He thrust himself inside and moaned as I swallowed him and then he withdrew completely.

“You said outside I was to suck you off until you told me to stop.”

“So I did. And, so I forgot.” He laughed.

His laughter was joyful and contagious. I soon joined him and then he helped me up and told me to go upstairs to the Master bedroom and wait for him on my knees.

When he returned, he set down a small duffle bag near me and offered me some grapes and a glass of water that were on a tray carried with his other hand. I drank the water and it felt refreshing. “Take some grapes to cleanse your palette.”

After I finished with the water, he took my glass and set it on his dresser. Then he turned to me and fastened a leash to a loop extending from my training collar. I had forgotten about the collar until he touched it. He led me to the bed on my knees and he got on it while I remained on the floor. He opened his legs and told me to suck him off again as he pulled on the leash.

I made love to his cock and balls with my mouth for nearly an hour before he came again. He kept me on a short leash and occasionally, when his cock was fully inserted into my throat, he sat up and gently lashed my ass with the other end of the leash. As if there wasn’t enough to overwhelm my senses already, this certainly did it for me and I lost all inhibition from that point on. When he lay back the next time, I lifted his balls and dove down to lick his asshole.

“I should whip you for ignoring my cock but you’re doing such a nice job with my ass that I guess I’ll overlook it for now.”

I jacked his cock with my hand and continued rimming him.

“Good boy, so resourceful.”

I licked his ass one last time and then proceeded up his balls and shaft and then resumed my cock sucking delight. I swallowed him easily and soon he rewarded me with another blast. This time, I caught all of it in my hot mouth and swallowed it in one big gulp.

“Tell me boy, have you had enough cock sucking for one day.”

“No Sir.”

“I see. Well I hate to disappoint you, but I’m going to need some time to recover. Perhaps you would be interested in another activity?”

“What Sir?”

“Tell me why you licked my ass hole. What made you want to do it?”

“I just got so turned on with your cock down my throat and your lashes on my ass. I felt this need to show you my appreciation. Does that make sense? I don’t know how else to describe it.”

“I thought maybe that was it. I very much enjoy giving lashings that bring pleasure and cooperation to the relationship.”

“Master Mike? Do you want to lash me and see what else I’m willing to do for you?”

“Yes I do Bob.”

“Will you let me master bate while I’m here Sir?”

“Yes my boy. Perhaps I will do it for you. But first, tell me how much longer you plan to stay. You’ve been here for several hours already.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. Am I overstaying my welcome Sir?”

“No Bob. I just thought perhaps your wife would be expecting you.”

“Oh, she’s out of town this weekend. She went to a seminar and won’t be back until Tuesday.”

Master Mike smiled upon hearing my news. “Have you any commitments this weekend?”

“Just need to take care of my dogs, Sir.” And, just like that I got up and asked permission to go home and let my dogs out, feed them and then return to Master Mike’s home. He asked if I minded him coming along and that way we could talk over a few things.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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