Master Robert’s gift

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Author’s note: Master Robert and his slave, wife, submissive Anna are back (see my stories “Anna’s Punishment and reward” and “Anna’s new regimen” on this site). Re back. You don’t have to read them to understand, but in case you already did. Here are a few basics to refresh your memory: Robert Masterton, A former football star, now turned self-made millionaire, lives as Master to his wife and “pet” Anna, who aside from being ‘his’ in their private life, is the Vice president of Finances for a multi national Fortune 100 firm. Special thanks go to my patient beta reader Andrea.

Summary: returning from a business trip Robert tells Anna about his journey and has a surprise for her.


It was late afternoon on a Thursday. Robert Masterton turned his key in the lock of the front door of their house. He was looking forward to see his wife and pet again after three and a half weeks in Hong Kong, Beijing and Tokyo to check on his local offices and inaugurate the new Tokyo office. He was half an hour early because his flight had ridden in on a tailwind for most of the time. So, he did not expect to find his beloved submissive already waiting on her knees in her spot on the Persian carpet in the corridor.

Having finished all of her preparations for her Master’s return Anna passed through the corridor when Robert returned. She recognized her Master and hurried towards the door. By the time she had reached the Persian carpet Robert had pulled his suitcase inside, closed and locked the door again. To say that she had missed him very much during his absence would have been an understatement of massive proportions. She had dreamed of him every night, the whole night. She had dreamed of being made love to, gently and firmly, of being taken in her mouth, her sex and her anus, of feeling him inside of her, of being allowed to enjoy herself, of being denied her release.

She had dreamed that he would come home and make love to her and then tell her that from now on they would always follow the rules of her stage II regimen, that it would be normal for them and would no longer be reserved for times when her Master felt that she needed a special punishment. She had dreamed that he would make her crawl all the time and that she no longer would be allowed to talk about herself in the first person, except when at work. She had dreamed that he had decided that he wanted her to wear a clear sign of his ownership and would have his initials branded on her outer labia. She had dreamed that he would give her so much maintenance discipline that not a day would go by without her being in pain one way or the other. But none of this had made her love her husband and Master any less in her dreams or made her not crave to obey his slightest order. Now, he was back and the dreams had no power against the reality of his presence. Now, he was back and she did not need the dreams anymore.

Anna crossed the carpet as fast as the eight inch hobble chain between her ankles and her six and a half inch high heels allowed, raised her arms and stretched them over her Master’s head. Robert pulled Anna closer, against his front and raised her up, but he still had to lower his head to be able to look into her eyes.

“Hello, my darling, my pet. I missed you. It’s good to be home again.”

“I missed you as well, Master, so much, you have no idea. I hated every single night I had to spend without you, my Robert, my beloved Master. Even being locked up in one of the cages did not make me feel safe and secure. I missed you so much, Master. Did you have a good trip?”

“Yes, my pet. I did. It was everything I had hoped for, very successful, but the next time I’ll have to leave for such an extended trip I will not leave you behind. I will take you with me. Without you everything is only half as fun. Just talking to you via the video phone is by far not enough. It made the whole situation bearable but I will not willingly put myself in such a position ever again, sweetie. We will find a way for you to connect remotely to your office while we are gone; that way you can still work while I do my job. And now, my pet, tell me: Have you been a good girl while I was gone? I know you have been good and obedient up until yesterday evening, doing all your chores and everything else I have asked of you. Has anything happened in the meantime, sweetie? Or why are you wearing a hobble chain?”

“Yes and no, Master. When we spoke yesterday, you told me that when I did my mandatory masturbation before going to sleep, I should give myself an orgasm. I’m sorry but I have to tell you, Master. I failed you. I tried very much to come, but I could not. I tried but I was not able to give myself that last decisive push. I tried to tell myself that I was only obeying your orders but without your tangible presence my imagination was not good enough. I failed you, Master, please punish me for disobedience,” Anna rushed those words out and pressed herself even closer against his body Sahabet as if in search of protection; her whole body was slightly trembling, and she did not dare to look her Master in the eyes.

“Oh, sweetie, calm down. I said you should come, I did not tell you that I wanted you to come. I did not order you to come. I said ‘should’ as a strong suggestion not an order. You did not disobey me. In fact I’m glad that you were not able to come. I have been looking forward to see you come for the first time after three and a half weeks of abstinence.”

Robert put his hands on Anna’s buttocks to get a better hold on her. She flinched at the touch, almost imperceptibly but for her experienced Master it was as plain as day to see. “What happened, baby-girl? Your buttocks can not still be that sensitive from the buttocks’ maintenance on Friday, almost a week ago.”

“No, Master, the cane marks are from earlier today. Master Charles called today shortly after lunch. I was busy with two other calls I had to put on hold to talk to him though I really did not want to but I knew that I could not keep him waiting or make him call again. He wanted to reassure himself that his duties as my guardian during your absence really ended today or if he should expect me tomorrow morning to ask for my Friday maintenance session. I was not in the right frame of mind to stand on protocol: so I ended the call before Master Charles did.

“About an hour later Master Charles came to my office, took me to the disciplinarian room, made me bend over the spanking horse and gave me a solid caning with the fiber glass cane. The way he had put my hands on the front legs of the spanking horse was uncomfortable; so I changed my grip. Master Charles then gave me six additional strokes for breaking position, thirty-six strokes instead of thirty. He ordered me to hold my position after he was done and wrote a note for you with suggestions on how to complete my punishment for disrespect and uppity. He put the note in a white envelop, made me thank him and left. I put it on the Island in the kitchen for you, Master.”

“Pet, do you think that you deserved to be punished? Or do you think that Master Charles overstepped his boundaries by caning you outside of a maintenance session?”

“I should not have ended the call before Master Charles did. He was right. It was disrespectful and irreverent. I deserved the caning, and whatever other punishment you deem appropriate, Master. Master Charles was not talking to the Vice president of Finances of a multi-national company. He was speaking to the submissive of his friend, a submissive his friend had left in his temporary care. My thoughtless actions insulted Master Charles. It was his right to administer punishment for those transgressions in your absence. Do you want to have a look at his suggestions now, Master?”

“Do you know what he had in mind, pet?”

“No, Master, he did not find it necessary to tell me. The white envelop has your name on it I would never open that without your permission.”

“It can wait. Now, tell me about the hobble chain.”


During their talk Robert had carried Anna past the living room to their bedroom and deposited her on the bed, face first. He inspected the cane marks. Charles was more than just proficient with the cane. The marks would be gone by the next morning, but the skin would still be tender for a few more days.

“Just as I should have expected Charles did an excellent job with the cane, clear, individual marks without any crisscrossing, very thorough. Depending on how you react tomorrow morning, I might take it easy on you during your maintenance sessions, but I won’t make any promises.”

“I do not deserve your leniency, Master.”

“That’s for me to decide and for you to accept, baby-girl.”

“Yes, of course, Master.”

Robert caressed his pet’s flanks and buttocks with so light a touch of which a casual observer would never think the former football player capable.

“The hobble-chain, pet. Why?”

“Just a precaution, Master. I put it on to prevent myself from running at you and jump your bones the moment of your return. It worked. It served its purpose. I would be very grateful if you could take it off again, if it so pleases you, Master. I know that though I’m allowed to put on disciplinarian item as I deem fit when you are not around, Master; I’m not allowed to remove them without your permission.”

“Not right now, sweetie. I first want to put my suitcase in the laundry room, change into something more comfortable and read Charles’ recommendations. Stay where you are, I’ll be right back.”

Robert knew that Anna would not even move a muscle without his permission. He slipped into a pair of sweatpants and a muscle t-shirt, picked up Charles’ missive from the kitchen. Pushed his suitcase in the laundry room and came back.

He sat down next to his prone wife and opened Charles’ letter. Charles expressed his disappointment Sahabet Giriş at Anna’s unexpected actions and described his outrage at the way he had been treated by his friend’s submissive wife. In addition to the caning he proposed to keep her in a strict bondage for at least twelve hours, followed by another caning after the end of the bondage session. He also proposed that Robert should lecture her on the proper ways to treat another Dominant and ban her from the bed for at least a couple of days.

“I guess Charles already told you what you did wrong while he punished you.”

“Yes, Master. He reminded me that with asking him to take care of my maintenance discipline you gave him temporary authority over me and that it was his duty as my temporary disciplinarian to make sure that I understood the consequences of my actions. I do not remember everything he said, Master, at one point I was too busy focusing on trying not to scream in pain. When he made me wait while he wrote the note for you, my Robert, he emphasized that his wife would not get off this easily had she acted that way with him.”

“You do not seem to be very contrite about your lapse in judgment, pet. Before I decide if or if I will not follow Charles recommendations I need to know something. You know it was wrong to end the call before Charles had dismissed you; you know that action deserves to be punished. Would you have told me about it if the good Charles had not taken matters in his own hands to drive the message home?”

“Yes, Master. I would have told you. I knew it was wrong the moment I had ended the call. In a way I was relieved when he came to punish me. It made me feel less guilty.

“It balanced the scales, at least in my mind. I should have remembered what Megan told me one night in a cuddle pile. She said that a spanking or caning is never the only punishment her Master imposes. It’s always accompanied by some sort of bondage and additional chores or maintenance sessions. So, Master have you decided if you will follow Master Charles’ recommendations?”

“You’re really nosy, my pet. Has no one ever told you that patience is a virtue, baby-girl?”

“In my book patience is completely overrated. For the last three and a half weeks I have been patient. I have done nothing but long for your return, dream about your strong, loving hands touching my skin, fantasized about your beautiful tool embedded deep inside of me, making me come again and again; imagined how it would be to get to taste you again, to swallow your wonderful seed. I missed you so much, Master.”

“You, my pet, are very eloquent and usually flattery will not get you anywhere, but I also missed you while I was gone. I never thought that I would one day say and mean that, my Anna, but I’m addicted to you. I had more than enough opportunities to have my needs taken care of by willing women, but I was not even tempted. Without you at my side, my own hands were enough, but you are here now. And it’s time. Just thinking about your sweet lips around my shaft makes me hard, but not as hard as letting you do it yourself will.”

Anna slid from the bed and knelt on the floor; Robert raised his hips and Anna pulled his sweatpants down. The tip of his cock was pulsing slowly and it was already half erect. Anna bent forward and touched his freshly epilated balls with the tip of her fingers.

“No teasing, baby-girl. Get to work. By the way I have a surprise for you.”

Anna stopped what she was doing and looked up to her Master with big, curious eyes, “A surprise? I love surprises, Master, will you show me?”

“It’s not the kind of surprise that can be shown or unpacked or something. I’ll let you know when I think that the time is right and now no more about that until I say so; back to work, sweetie.”

Anna answered with actions not with words. She closed her lips over his moist head and started to lick. Robert’s reaction was almost instantaneous. His penis grew and he groaned. He reached for her head as she had known he would, but he did not push her deeper than she went willingly. Robert knew she would go deeper and faster soon, and leave him no choice but to come or make her stop, but he did not want her to stop not any time soon. He had been patiently waiting to first fill her mouth and throat with his seed and then later take her pussy and make her scream his name.

But first it was Robert’s turn to moan and finally scream when Anna pushed his head as deep in her throat as it would go, way past her usual gagging point. She swallowed everything he had to offer and only pulled her head a bit back when his ejaculate started to slow a bit. She wanted at least a small taste of his divine cum. She knew she had missed his taste but she had had no idea that she had missed it that much, that he tasted so wonderful. Then she waited patiently for his penis to shrink again but before it was back to his normal flaccid size, Robert grabbed her hair, pulled her head back and pulled Sahabet Güncel Giriş her up on the bed. He held her in his arms and stroked her back. He was tempted to pat the welts on her butt cheeks but she felt so nice resting on top of him all mellow and relaxed and yet, his nose told him, extremely aroused. Robert knew she had every reason to be but he did not plan on giving her her much wanted release any time soon.

“Now, my sweet pet, do you intend to feed me or will we have to go out?”

“I prepared one of your favorites, Master, it only needs a few finishing touches. Hungarian goulash with hand made pasta and green salad, and a nice bottle of Spanish red wine that has been breathing for the last two hours.”

“Sounds good, baby-girl. Now go and get started. I’m hungry. Besides the hobble chain stays in place. I like the way it forces you to walk. It emphasizes the play of your muscles. And, sweetie, I want you to set the table for two.”

“Thank you, Master.”

“You’re welcome, baby-girl.”


Robert complimented her on her cooking and asked about her work, in more detail than he had during their daily video sessions. Robert took his after dinner Brandy in the living room while Anna cleaned up the kitchen. When she was done he made her sit on his lap, started to play with her nipples and breasts and at her prompting began to tell her about his trip.

“Hong Kong was your first stop, Master, right?”

“Yes, baby-girl. I’ll never know why some people find that city so extremely appealing. It’s full, no overcrowded and dirty, no filthy and loud, no deafening and hectic, no chaotic; and I swear with every visit it gets a bit more oriental and less ordered. There are parts of the town that don’t have any street names at all or at least a numerical system that helps to distinguish one house from the other.

“Master, I don’t want to contradict you, but everything you just said is also true of where we live. New York is re-known in the whole world to be full and dirty and loud and hectic, but you once told me that you would never want to live anywhere else. Yes: it’s all of that but it’s also quiet and beautiful and peaceful and friendly. I’m sure if one knows where to look you’d find the same is true for Hong Kong.”

“Maybe, sweetie, and maybe the next time I’ll go there and have you with me we’ll find those peaceful and beautiful spots together.”

“I would like that very much, Master. Except for not liking the city, how was your trip? If I remember right you went there to make sure that the new security systems work according to your specifications.”

“Yes, Anna, I did. The installation was almost complete when I came to the office, as had to be expected there were a few glitches that had first to be ironed out. It was more work than I had foreseen but less demanding than I had feared. I had planned for four days of fine tuning, but with the help of my head of security I got it done in three. The next day we had a little party and the day after that I took the next flight out to Beijing.”

“I went to the office right after I had checked in at the hotel. I was a day early and a few of my people were a bit nervous at having been surprised. I looked through a couple of active files after I had a short talk with my new office manager. The official reason for my visit, just like in Hong Kong was supervising the installation of the new security measures, but I also wanted to gain a first hand impression about my new manager: A young man named Tanju Man.”

While talking Robert played with Anna’s nipples and breasts and flanks, occasionally he let one hand slide down her belly and dipped a finger in her wet folds. Her clear and evident arousal made his cock stir in his pants, driving them both crazy with want, but he told himself to be patient and that he had the whole night to get reacquainted with his beloved wife. Anna had her head on his shoulder and moaned softly at his insistent, teasing ministrations.

“His predecessor though having been highly recommended had been such a disappointment. He had embezzled money and had been stupid enough to get caught with the hand in the cookie jar, almost literally. The audition team stopped him when he was in the middle of wiring a sizable sum from a corporate account to his private account in Nassau. So, having him replaced and file civil charges against him was a no-brainer.

“Getting the security system running this time took only two days, because I already had a pretty good idea about its weak spots. I was tired when I came back to my hotel room after a full day at the office. When I entered the bedroom I found a naked young woman lying on my bed. She jumped up when she saw me and got down on her knees and started to kiss and lick my shoes. I pulled her up and ordered her to stop. Her back had been recently whipped and there were cane marks on her buttocks. She was about five foot six tall with long, dark shiny hair and a very slim figure. I told her to calm down and tell me what she was doing in my bed and asked who had let her in. I pulled her over to the bathroom and made her wear a hotel-issued terry-cloth robe. I made her lie down on the couch and took a seat on the couch table to find out what she had to say.”

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