Mature Barmaid Relents

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“Hi, how are you?”

I’d always had a soft spot for Rita the barmaid at our local village pub in Devon, England. I’d often pop down for an early beer when she opened up at 6.30 and usually it would just be the two of us for an hour or so. Like many village pubs in the UK, business was a little slow these days.

Rita was a grandmother of 59, some 18 years older than I was. She was about 5’4″ and could never have been described as a looker with short, mousy brown hair and thick glasses.

We had known each other for around fifteen years and always got on well in a fairly superficial sort of way. Usually she talked and I listened, occasionally sneaking a glance at her breasts as we chatted.

My life in the sex department at home was also a little slow and I had often fantasised about Rita as I masturbated in the shower or when surfing the net. I got the impression that she had a soft spot for me too and there was always distinct hand contact when I paid for my drink.

Although not particularly pretty, there was something attractive and ‘earthy’ about Rita. I guessed that she was about a 38d and had on occasion glimpsed her nipples poking through her t-shirt in summer although she seemed to usually wear concealing bras. On one occasion, I remember her complaining about the effects of age.

“My boobs are hanging down to my belly, Nick”.

Now I love hanging tits – always have done – but I was a little lost for words when she came out with that!

Rita had financial problems with large debts and only part-time work available to try to pay them off. One Friday, it all came out.

“Oh Nick, what am I going to do – I really can’t cope financially”

Tears were welling up in her eyes and, fortified by a couple of beers, I was amazed to hear myself saying:

“Rita, would you be offended if I made you a small offer?”

“What kind of an offer, do you need some help with cleaning?”

“Well, no, not exactly – no I can’t say it!”

“Oh deneme bonusu veren siteler please tell me Nick, I’m desperate for any kind of work.”

“Well here goes. You know that I told you about the problems I’ve been having at home recently?”


“Well, I confess that I’ve been thinking about you more and more. Okay so I know you’re married but here goes: I’d like to pay you just to see your boobs on occasion. There, I’ve said it!”

Well, she went completely mad.

“How dare you!” Her face flushed and chest heaved with rage.

“I’m really sorry Rita, I should never have said anything and that was way out of order”.

I managed to calm her down a little and apologised profusely before making my excuses and leaving. The next week I went back in with trepidation.

“Look Rita, I’m really sorry about last Friday – I didn’t mean to insult you. It’s just that, well I’ve always found you attractive – I didn’t want anything to get carried away, just to admire your boobs on occasion. I’m so sorry.”

“Well actually, after I calmed down, I admit I was a little flattered. I mean, who would want to fancy a 59-year plump granny with saggy boobs! How much were you thinking of paying me anyway?”

I couldn’t believe that she was even contemplating the question!

“Well, I thought £20 a pop if that sounds ok – just for you to flash your tits at me.”

She didn’t even flinch at my use of ‘tits’.

“Nothing more?”

“No – nothing, I just want to add some spice to my fantasies.”

“You are a horny bugger on the sly, aren’t you Nick?”

“Yes, sorry.”

“How often do you play with your cock?”

“At least once a day but often more”.

“And you think of me and my saggy old tits?”

“Yes Rita, I do a lot”.

She was wearing a white cardigan with a white t-shirt underneath. She looked me in the eye and slowly she removed the cardigan and stood in onwin front of me in the empty pub in jeans and t-shirt.

“Come through to the lounge” she ordered.

I made my way through to the back room. Slowly, she pulled the t-shirt up to reveal a white lacy bra. It was slightly transparent and I could just make out the dark circles of her nipples through the lace.

She reached behind her and unclasped her bra. Wide eyed, I watched as her two huge, slightly wrinkled tits eased out and rested on her plumpish belly.

“There, I told you they were horrible” she said.

“Wow Rita, they are just magnificent”.

Her brown nipples were nearly 2″ in diameter and stuck out for at least ½ an inch.

“Can you make them jiggle for me?”

She moved and her pendulous breasts swung backwards and forwards.

My cock was straining in my jeans; this was just too much. Her nipples appeared hard.

“Can I touch them please Rita?”

“You said nothing more you pervy bastard but I can’t believe that this is making me horny”.

I walked over and bent to lick the right large brown nipple. I teased and nurtured it like a man possessed and a groan escaped from her mouth.

“Rita, you have no idea how many times I have wanked thinking about you.”

“Hold on – let me lock up.”

I watched as returned from the front door, breasts hanging and swinging free as she came back towards me.

“Please don’t stop what you were doing” she whispered “I haven’t felt like this for 30 years”.

I continued to worship both breasts, licking and sucking and caressing them.

“Rita, have you ever been kissed down below before?”

“No” she gasped, “and that’s not right.” “Now I know you are a perv – you’ll be wanting to sniff my panties next!” (The thought had crossed my mind on many a time.)

“Come on, how do you know if you’ve never tried it?”

I bushed aside her protestations and unbuttoned yatırımsız bonus her jeans and eased them down over her fat, round belly and chunky thighs. Her panties were white lace to match her bra and I could make out her prominent pubic triangle as I eased off her jeans. I could also make out the unmistakable aroma of a mature woman in arousal.

I pulled down her granny panties and was faced with an unfashionably large black bush. I couldn’t believe it, there was Rita the ageing local barmaid, tits hanging out with erect nipples and a big black hairy cunt standing in front of me.

I slipped a finger between her legs and it slid along her sopping wet cunt. Again, she groaned. I helped her on to a chair, pulled her legs apart and drank in the glory of her pink pussy emerging from the mass of black curls.

I started to lick and suck at her pussy lips and clit and, involuntarily, her widened her legs and moved her hips to meet me. Her gasps and groans became louder and louder.

“Oh Nick, I’m going to come you bastard – what are you doing to me?” I kept licking and sucking until she came, my face soaking from her juices from her come.

“Jesus” she shivered, “that was unbelievable, I have never come like that before in my life”.

“I need to come too” I said and pulled out my straining 6.5″ cock and started to wank.

“That’s it Nick, play with your cock – look at me Nick, look at my huge tits, come on baby.”

I looked down at Rita with her tits sagging and glistening cunt and I only lasted about two minutes before I came in a rush all over her tits and belly. Slowly we got dressed in silence.

“Noone must ever find out about this, do you understand?” she said. “John and I rarely make love these days but I would hate to hurt him”.

“No it’s our secret, I promise. And promises are promises” I said handing her over £20.

“I suppose you’ll be wanting some more of my old titties next week then?”

“Of course, but do me a favour – can you wear a skirt for me please?”

“My God you’ve got a nerve – you’ll just have to wait and see!” She winked and pulled me a pint before handing me her sodden white panties.

“For you Nick, a souvenir to help you through the week.”

To be continued.

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