Max Delivers 08

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Max delivers 08

Hello there, I’m Max, I’m 23 and I drive a cube delivery truck which supplies many small shops in and around the city of Middleton. And I stay quite busy on my routes because every single box in the back of my cube delivery truck has “world’s best” printed on it. Now, I don’t know if that is true or not, but all of the boxes make that claim, so if you need some supplies, my company has them or can get them and I’m happy to deliver the “world’s best (fill in the blank)” goods to your loading dock or back door.

And today’s stop is the third-party shipping warehouse company, Tip Top Shipping, which is managed by Mrs. Tanner and her small work crew. I don’t deliver much there, but I guess every office or warehouse needs coffee and paper products, so it’s a regular stop on my delivery route.

And it’s always nice to be greeted by the cute little chicken who works behind the front counter.

“Oh, it’s you Max, well, fuck you Max and drop the coffee in the usual place. And then, you know, fuck off and die.”

Yup, Gina is my favorite counter worker on all of my delivery routes.

“And it’s nice to see you to, Gina. I have your favorite tea bags with me, so I get points for that, right Gina?”

“Fine, don’t die, but fuck off anyways.”

“Whatever, is Mrs. Tanner available to sign off on the delivery?”

“Max, I know that you explained to me that you have had a few weird experiences on your delivery route lately, but I promise you that I don’t have a dick. I’m a girl with all the right girl parts, so you can fuck off and die if you can’t realize that. Your whore, I mean Mrs. Tanner is in the back, fuck wad.”

Now, Mrs. Tanner is not a whore, just to clarify that. I mean, in the heat of the moment she often yells for me to treat her like a cheap street slut, but overall, Mrs. Tanner is a fine and upstanding member of the community. Gina on the other hand, keeps a blade in her combat boot.

“Listen asshole, I already promised to lighten my eye shadow from midnight black to charcoal black, so you need to give me a chance, Max.”

“And as far as the blade in your combat boot goes? Mm-mmm Gina?”

“I promise I switched over to a single edge blade from a double edge blade. What else do you want from me? Oops, you stupid fucking judgmental asshole. Girl parts, Max, girl parts I say!”

“And your rep from the hoodlum park? I mean, it’s Bad Ass Goth Gina, right?”

“It’s all hype and street cred, Max. Um, my girl parts are fresher than you might think. Actually, too fresh, but don’t spread that around. Besides, look at me, I can barely reach the middle shelf.”

Well, the hype and street explanation actually made sense because I know that can be important to certain groups of people.

“Hmmm, would you be willing to leave a black lip gloss lip print on my Polo shirt collar this Saturday night at the Monster Truck Rally, Goth based Gina?”

“Yes, yes, a thousand times yes, Max. And I officially accepted, so taking our first date back.”

Well, sometimes I bite off more than I can chew, but my track record kind of dictates that, I guess.

“Oh, Max, I didn’t realize that you had arrived, good and I hope I’m not breaking anything up between you and Google Gina.”

“Goth Gina, Mrs. Tanner, Goth Gina. And we were just finishing up.”

“Oops, sorry Gina, no disrespect Demetevler Rus Escort intended. So, I see coffee and tea boxes, so there must be something for me to sign off on, right? Ah, Giggly Gina, keep your eye on the counter, will you sweetie?”

Look, I had to whisk Mrs. Tanner away towards the back because Gina was reaching for her boot and it wouldn’t look good on my record if one of my delivery stops came up bleeding. Besides, all of this is Gina’s fault. I mean, under all that black makeup is a very attractive girl with, LOL, all the right girl parts as she says it and a very desirable body, but how was I to approach her when all I received in return was a string of “fuck off and die” comments, right? Also, I really want to know if her pokey boobs could cut glass, not that I think about that. A lot.

Now, Mrs. Tanner on the other hand, well, she’s graceful, LOL, until we hit the heat of the moment thing. But I really like how she “scolds” me for flirting with Gina as she simply undresses. And by the way, whoever put a zipper on the back of a skirt so it’s zip, drop, poof, well, thank you.

“Max, the hubby has been trying to come around again, so to be fair to him, we should cut back our fuck fests to once a week. And maybe hold off on doing it dirty for a month or so.”

“You’re in charge, Mrs. Tanner, but I’m going to miss you screaming out about how I should make a slut mess all over your butt cheeks.”

“Well Max honey, I said we need to back it down, not stop everything. By the way, I’m basically naked and moist, so???”

Hey, she’s good at sex and like she said, she was standing there in stockings and a necklace, so I did my job. LOL, those heat of moment screams come extremely quickly from Mrs. Tanner, but it’s a good thing and she’s really a good fuck.

“Hmmm, that was a lot of cum Max. Does Google Eyed Gina work you up more than I realized? Be honest with me, Max.”

“Well, Mrs. Tanner, she’s really cute and all and other than she constantly tells me to fuck off and die, well, you’re seen her ass, right?”

“Oh, well, indeed I have and I will admit that she has something special going on back there, but I won’t stand for playing second fiddle, Max.”

‘Oh no, Mrs. Tanner, you’re not only my main number one, you’re my entire sex life, but Goth Gina may have an interest in partnering up with you for a sister wife situation.”

“Hah, impossible! That sounds like second fiddle to me! But, um, refresh my memory on what a sister wife is, Max.”

“Oh, well, it’s like you would be my Anime Girlfriend and Gina would be my other Anime Girlfriend but because there are two of you girls and one of me, well, I think they call that sister wives.”

“Ahh, I see, the old Anime Girlfriend switch back, OK then, ah, so, as the head Anime Girlfriend, do I still get fucked by your amazing cock on a regular basis?”

“Well, Anime Girlfriends are widely known to provide relentless sex and by the way, were you going to get dressed yet so I don’t response to your naked body, again?”

“Hmmm, not just yet Max, but if you feel the need to plug a hole, well, stand up. By the way, if Goofy Gina is the junior sister wife, does that mean she has to listen to me and obey me?”

“Maybe, if she doesn’t cut your tongue out, Otele Gelen Rus Escort I mean, each sister wife family is different, except for my role. I get relentless sex all the time, I think.”

Oops, I spied a hole alright and I plugged it. I mean, wouldn’t you?

“Max, I like things the way they are, but because I’m still a married woman, you may do what you want with Gingerly Gina, for now, OK? But if it comes up, she would have been the junior sister wife. Let me lick you clean so you can say good bye to Gina the Grape without giving our secret away. Num, num, num.”

I mean, wouldn’t you?

“Oh wow, a third pop. Wow, I really am your favorite number one, aren’t I, Max?”

“Forever and always, Mrs. Tanner, for now and ever more.”

I mean, I know what to say and when to say, am I right folks?

“Max, just make sure that she’s actually a girl this time, alright?”

Ah, no, I have no idea what the hell Mrs. Tanner is talking about, so you know, it was back out to the front area to say good bye to my little dark angel of the night.

“Forget it Max, you already said that we have a Monster Truck Rally date, so you’re not cancelling on me.”

“Oh no, we’re on for a night of exhaust fumes and a Rave After Party, but Mrs. Tanner had a few things to say.”

“Hah, like I wasn’t listening at the door. Anyways, if you ask me to be your Anime Girlfriend, well, that’s a big commitment on your part, but I would be happy to be that for you. Also, just where is that little side room that she spoke of where I could prove to you right now that I’m a real girl with the right girl parts? Mm-mmm?”

“Oh, it’s her secret sex den. She had the “Danger, High Voltage” sign placed on the door to keep people out.”

“And you know where this room is, Max?”

“Oh, well, ah, um, I’ve seen the sign and all when I deliver the paper products, I mean, you know, I may have seen a sign on a locked door or something before, he, he.”

“OK, asshole, show me this secret room that you may or may not have passed before.”

Whew, right? For a minute there I thought she going to say where she was going to cut me if I pulled a key out of my back pocket, I mean, whew, right?

“And to save your fucking ass from getting cut Max, I’ll bring along the warehouse master key ring, fuck brain!”

I mean, it’s still a “whew” moment, right? But all that anger went away as soon as I unlocked the door and let her inside of Mrs. Tanner’s secret sex den room.

“Holy fucking sex den snap! My boss is a fucking freak! Look at this room! OMG, look at those things! SOB! I mean, WTF, right Max? I also mean, hey, what’s this vest for? It’s cool.”

“Oh, ah, a guy named Butch left that behind, I mean, I think. Anyways Gina, are we going to have our first kiss or gawk at all the wonders of, OMFG, I never saw that contraption before!”

“LOL, we will not share the location story of our first kiss with our grandchildren Max, that’s for sure, but yeah, we should seal this with a kiss.”

Huh, so, black charcoal shade of lip gloss tastes like charcoal. Huh?

“Hmmm, best first kiss ever, Max. So, if we run into people on the street, can I introduce you to them as my boyfriend or would you prefer me to introduce you as my friend? And by the way, Balgat Rus Escort I already posted that I have a boyfriend now and a legit boyfriend at that.”

“Legit, huh?”

“You won’t regret me, Max, you’ll see. I mean, seeing how we’re in this room and all, would you like to personally inspect my body for signs of boyhood? Mm-mmm? And I promise to shave a little before the truck rally. But we’re not having sex today, I mean, not in this room and all. We need to find a place that we can call “ours” and not this “everyone” room, OK Max?”

Seriously, all those girl lovely girl parts and packed into such a small frame too? How did mother nature even do that?

“Satisfied, Max?”

“Oh, holy very satisfied snap, Goth Gina! Are you sure we can’t fool around just a little babe?”

“LOL, and give you the chance to figure out just how little I know! Hah, fat chance.”

“Yeah, but, just a little poking around like this, right Gina? It’s harmless.”

“Hmmm, that’s more like my honeypot than harmless, but just for a moment more, Max. I suppose you would like me to return the “harmless poking around” favor, huh?”

“Well, if we’re to be engaged, don’t you want to know what you’re getting into, Gina?”

“Hah, I know what you’re getting into and that’s a lot more than “poking around”, but since I have checked you out from afar, I suppose there’s little harm with a little harmless rubbing. And by the way, I haven’t always peeked from afar. Sometimes you and your whore leave the office door cracked open when you get your quickie from my boss.”

“Wow, your dainty hands feel so much bigger now. Hmmm, you’re the best Gina.”

“And yet, we still haven’t kissed (smooch, kiss, smack), oops, sorry Max, that was nice. So, am I your girlfriend now? Also, SOB, did you just lower your zipper? And mine?”

“Well, my girlfriend wouldn’t leave me in such a state of arousal, would she?”

“Ah, your girlfriend said this was a bad idea and that we should meet up at your house tonight! OMG, you’re still a fuck wad, Max! At least lay me down! OMFG, not on that damn contraption! Over there, by the, OMFG, not over there, ah, fuck! What the hell is this place?”

Yeah, LOL, we eventually found a place that Gina felt comfortable and let me say, wow, for such a small body and with her claim of inexperience, well, yeah, a goth girlfriend may not be all that bad.

“Wow, I’m pretty happy, Max. And you?”

“Oh, that was unbelievable and your girl parts are absolutely amazing, so are you moving in with me tonight, Gina?”

“LOL, do you have one of those King size beds that I could disappear in, Max?”

“The Futon Store just texted me and said it will be delivered tonight. So???”

“Well, I guess you have a live in goth girlfriend and I have a normal guy boyfriend then and there is no need for talk about an Anime Girlfriend or a sister wife, right? Well, I’ll be your Anime Girlfriend on special nights, but the sister wife thing is out, right? Unless I just got pregnant, which means I might need a little help for a while.”

“Hey, as my solid live in number one, you’re in charge.”

“Yeah, well, your track record isn’t all that, so check your phone for missed texts from the Futon store, the jewelry store, the TV3 Traffic Accident Reporter and from the city hall marriage license department.”

“Nope, no one just texted me, so how much stuff do we have to move tonight?”

Huh, who knew that one could keep all of their summer belongings in one blue backpack and all of their winter belongings in one black backpack? LOL, and who knew that her makeup backpack was almost bigger than either of the other two backpacks? I mean, just how many shades of black are there?

End Max delivers 08

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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