Me And My Incested Family3

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Me And My Incested Family!!3

Hey I remembered when I was 15… Me and my sister ‘Trish’ had some fun together as well as me and me dad and me brother !

I remember coming home from school one day. I walked him chucked me bags on the floor and went up stairs and I heard a moaning type noise.

My sisters door was open a little, I looked in and I saw her magical fingers inside of her! It was such a beautiful sight to watch!


so I slowly sneaked in and crawled by the bed… Heart beating in case she catches me! I heard her moaning wow it turned me on so much.

I started to get my penis out and stroke it… So I stood up not even thinking what I was doing! And then she screamed but she continued to finger urself witch was shocking but a great view !

She looked at me and smiled and she stopped, she sat up and said “Get on my bed.” I got undressed (So I was naked) and then I sat next to her (She also naked).

She then got her amazing fingers and wrapped it around my penis! She then started to stoke my penis, I moaned and said “Wow sis that feels so good!” I then started touching her hard sexy nipples and starting to suck them! She stopped stroking ! And then I said “Don’t stop sis, I am so horny for u!” and she just nodded and continued!

After 2minutes of her stroking me slowly, I felt it cumming and I said “I am gonna cum soon sis” she then started stroking me faster and Sex hikayeleri faster!
And it only took my sisters magical hands to make me cum all over my stomach and her hand and her boobs!

I licked it off of her boobs! Lol, I then kissed her.

Me and my sis was laying naked on her bed talking to each other about what just happened, my penis still hard as a rock what shocked both of us!
Then me and my sis started to talk dirty to each other!

I then started to touch my sisters body! And then I worked my way down to her wet pussy… It felt so good to touch my sister! In this way.. I then stuck 2fingers in! and it only took about 2minutes until she came all over my hand… But I wasn’t finished just like that, I then shoved my tongue inside of my sisters pussy, she moaning really loud! Then I heard footsteps !

It was mum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She walked in and shouted “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN HERE”
(If it was dad he wouldn’t care) but then… Mum came over to me and said “Just as I wanted”

I was puzzled and said “W…What”
She said “Just relax”
I just done what mum said… She got undressed show her sexy perfect body and her HUGE breasts ! JESUS this was just the best! Then my sister started to suck/lick my balls and my mum came over and said “What a big boy we have here then”

And she was teasing Sikiş hikayeleri my penis, licking it, looking up at me, sucking the knob… U name it she done it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mum took all of my penis in her mouth, it felt amazing, while my sister was licking/sucking my balls it was so GOOD to feel my mum and sisters wet warm mouths!!!!!!!

Then all of sudden I just got both of my hands and I rubbed my mums and my sisters boobs, and then worked my way down to there cunts… While they was sucking me… I asked them to put there cunts closer because it was hard to reach a little lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mum sucked me faster as I fingered them both and harder… Me sis was moaning like hell and mum while sucking my hardon ! I heard a few moans…

This went on for like 3minutes and I said ! “I’m cumming mummy I’m cumming, suck me mummy please mum please”

I was begging my mother to make me cum inside of her mouth! She stopped and said “Fuck me” I looked at her and she shouted “FUCK ME”

I done what she said
(I have only fucked my younger bro and father and a few gay/bi friends)
This is the first girl… My mother!!

I got my penis and slowly put it in and out in my mum while my sis was stroking my body up and down my chest (I mean rubbing my body lol)
God my mum was moaning

Not as loud as my sis moans but still… Loud

She said “Son fuck me harder please Erotik hikaye fuck me as hard as u fuck men”
I looked at her and smiled

I started to ram my mum and she was now screaming ! LIKE FUCK!!

It only took me 45seconds to cum inside my mum… But I didn’t finish there and then… I cum in my mum and then I got my sister and lobed her on her back and then I put my penis in and out of her before it went soft!!

Witch it didn’t what once again I am shocked !
I was RAMING her as well and she was screaming…
Mum was rubbing her nipples and I had one hand on the other boob !!

She said … “Fuck me b..b…br…bro… Hh…a….r..d…e…r…!!!”
I was going as hard/fast as I can and it took me like 2minutes to once again cum!! But this time in my sisters wet warm pussy… But I didn’t stop until she was really screaming and cumming more and more and more!! I dunno how many orgasms she has already has but in my eyes it’s not enough!! So I pushed my mother out the way and grabbed my sisters other boob and I was tugging and squeezing u name it I was fucking my sis

I cum once again and she said that she had SO Many orgasms while I was fucking her…
I looked to my right to c my mother cumming … She moved over to my sister and my sister licked mum’s vagina while I was raming my sis

!! God I could tell u more what happened that day but I kinda forgot lol!!

But anyways I loved that moment! It’s one of the best!! WOW!! Thanks for reading readers 🙂 please leave a comment and u can email me at

([email protected] —Or— [email protected])

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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