Me, My Life and Sex

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Hi, my name is Jill and I just turned twenty-two and this is my story. I first discovered my interest in young girls when I was fifteen and working at the pool for the summer to earn some school money. My dad died when I was five, my sister Lisa was three and our brother Timmy was a year. Mom has done her best to raise us and worked several jobs to make ends meet. So when I was old enough I would hire myself out to help women clean their houses, mow lawns even babysit (though I really was not that fond of kids), basically I would do whatever I could to help, any money I earned was that much less my mother had to worry about.

When I was fourteen and I was helping our neighbor Mrs. James with some spring cleaning and we were changing the beds when I had to pee. I asked if I could use the bathroom and Mary said sure but leave the door open and don’t flush the toilet. At the time I didn’t think much about it and when I finished we went back to cleaning. We were done in the bedroom and it was time to do the bathroom. I was scrubbing the shower and Mary was cleaning the toilet and sink. I looked over at her and she was down on the floor looking in the toilet and I saw her reach her hand in and get it wet with the water and my pee and she wiped it on her face and in her mouth… it looked like she was drinking the water. She looked over and saw me watching her and she smiled and said… “You make some very nice pee!”

We finished up and it was time for me to get paid and go home. Now in the past when I helped her she would give me $20.00 but today she gave me $40.00 and said the extra was for sharing my pee with her. I said thank you for the extra and if she need my help again, let me know. She smiled and said that she would be calling again… very soon.

That night after we had dinner and we were watching TV, me, mom, Lisa and Timmy when I told mom what had happened and about the extra money and asked if I should keep it or give it back, I didn’t do anything to earn it and mom said keep it. She didn’t seem to get upset about it so I kept the money.

It was about a week later when Mary called and asked if I could help her with some chores around the house on Saturday and I checked with mom and she said she was okay with it so I said sure, what time?

It was Saturday morning around 9:00 when I got to Mary’s house and she was sitting in the kitchen in her robe drinking coffee. She had a list of things she wanted to get done… wash windows; pull some weeds; box some things for charity; clean out the freezer; wash the car and a few others and she had them numbered so we knew which were more important. She said she need to put on some work clothes and stood up to put her cup in the sink and her robe came open… she had nothing on under the robe. That didn’t bother me cause mom often wore her robe with nothing on under it, so I had seen it before. She told me to come with her and get the clothes for the wash and I watched as she got her work clothes on, shorts and a tee shirt, no panties or bra and we were off.

Mary said when we work outside pulling weeds, washing escort gungoren the windows and washing her car, we had to drink lots of water so we didn’t get sick… no problem for me, I love water. We spent several hours outside and we drank lots of bottled water and as we were finishing, dirty and sweaty and wet from all the work, it was shower time and time to do the laundry. Since I didn’t bring a change of clothes, we decided to wash and dry the ones I wore before I went home. Mary and I stripped out of our clothes in the laundry room and put them in the washer and we headed off to get a shower, naked. Mary started the water in the shower and we got in. Mary had one of those scrub things and she put some liquid soap on it and started washing herself. She handed it to me and I washed myself and we rinsed and she shut the water off and we stood there…

“Jill, you drank a lot of water, do you need to pee?”

Remembering the last time and the extra money I said “sure”.

She said “good, I was hoping you needed to go”, and she sat down in the tub and said, “I want you to pee on me, all over me”.

I have never peed in the shower before and was a little scared but I was also excited at the same time too. So I said, “okay, what do you want me to do?”

“I want you to put a foot in each of my arm pits, pull your pussy apart and pee.”

I moved up her body and did as she asked, a foot in each arm pit, pulled my pussy apart and peed. She was smiling as my pee hit her forehead and hair and face and she opened her mouth and as I peed, she swallowed and swallowed. As I started to slow down, she grabbed my waist and lifted her head and put her mouth on my pussy and sucked the last few drops and when there wasn’t any more pee, she stuck her tongue in my pussy and moved it around until I was shaking and my knees almost gave out. We showered again and she dried me and carried me into the bedroom and laid me down and put her mouth on my pussy again and made me shake again (I found out later that I was cumming) … it was a great afternoon and when it came time for me to leave, she paid me $100.00 and asked if we could do it again some time. I said “sure”.

That evening I told my mom what had happened and she just smiled and asked, “did you enjoy it?”

“Oh yes, yes I did enjoy it, a lot.”

“Good sweetie, as long as you enjoy it.”

I must have made a thousand dollars that summer, almost all of it from Mary and I know it helped a lot to have the extra money. I was able to buy all my and Lisa’s school clothes that year and was looking forward to work the next summer when Mary moved away to be with her sick mother, so when the job at the pool was offered, I jumped on it.

My summer job at the pool was what they referred to and general cleaning crew. I would pick up towels people didn’t return; empty trash when it was full… whatever was needed at the time. I was going to work from May through September and I would get paid $1,200 for the summer and when not working, me and my family could use the pool, bağcılar escort and we did, every day. I remember the first time I noticed the girls. I was off work and sitting by the pool when this girl, I would say eleven or twelve-years-old was sitting across from me. Whenever I looked up, she was staring at me. We were in the lounge type chairs and she was covered with her towel and I was laying on mine. I looked up and she was sitting with a leg on either side of the chair and she had moved he towel as if she was getting up. When she moved the leg of her suit slid to the side giving me a full look at her young, smooth, and beautiful pussy. She stayed like that for about a minute all the time looking me in the eyes and smiling. So I moved my legs off the lounge and took my hand a pulled my suit to the side and while she was looking, I slid a finger in for her to see and I smiled. She got up and head to the changing room.

I kind of laughed and laid back down when I noticed she was back. She was sitting across from me again and was looking all around to see what people were around. There was me, a girl around seventeen or eighteen, and an older 40 to 50 -year-old lady, and she adjusted her towel by pulling it up to her chest showing us all that she had removed her suit bottoms and was sitting there naked from the chest down and not caring who saw her.

She stood up, walked over to where I was sitting and asked if I would like to lick her. She said she really liked being licked and to lick other girls. I was totally in shock. I couldn’t believe a young girl just asked me to lick her pussy while we were sitting at the pool, the pool where I worked… I could get fired and I need my money so I told her I would love to help her out but not here. She said too bad because she was horny and needed some tongue and got up a went over to the eighteen-year-old who had no problem taking care of her needs.

It was after that day I found myself looking at the female crotches. I started with the older women and then the teens and finally the preteens. When I was working, I would spend extra time in the changing room keeping it neat and tidy while watching the girls change, sometimes getting a mouthful of a ten, eleven or twelve-year-old… it always surprised how horny young girls were. There were times where they would ask if they could do me.

I bought a suit that the top fit great but the bottom was very loose and baggy so I could lounge and have my pussy “accidently” be exposed… only one person ever told me I was showing and it was a grandmother type and she only told me once. That was a great summer. Made some money and a lot of new young friends.

I did ask my mother if what I was doing was wrong and all she said was, “Do you force them or they you? Do you enjoy it and do they?”

As I went through high school and junior college I met some kids who I enjoyed and some of their mothers joined in. It was so much fun with me doing the kid and the mother doing me.

I remember when I was seventeen, I was taking a shower and Lisa came in escort beşiktaş and asked me if we could talk. I pointed out that I was taking a shower and she said “so, I want to talk not fuck”.

I don’t know what got into me but I replied, “why not?” and she had her clothes off so fast and was in the shower with me and she started to kiss me… it was a tub shower so I shut the water off and we laid down in the 69 position and my sister and I came and came and came.

We rinsed, towed off and went to her room and continued when she said… “you’re so much better than Jimmy, he just wants to cum and leave”.

I was shocked, well, not really… I kind of suspected it was going on from some of the sounds I would hear at night. Lisa looked at me and said, “Sis, mom had you when she was sixteen, right?”

“Yes, she did, why?”

“Well, when Jimmy and I fuck, we don’t us a rubber because I hate them and if I were to get pregnant, do you think mom would be mad?”

“Now that’s a tough one. She has always been very supportive of me and what I do, she doesn’t seem to judge but getting knocked up by your brother may just be a bit much for her to take. My best suggestion would be to ask her before you need to tell her.”

So the next morning at breakfast Lisa approached mom… “Mom I have a question and I don’t want you to get upset, I’m just asking.”

“Okay Lisa, what?”

“Mom, you had Jill when you were sixteen right… I was wondering if you would be upset if I were pregnant?”

“Oh God Lisa, you’re not are you?”

“No, but when I have sex we don’t use a rubber because I hate them, so there is a possibility.”

“If you got pregnant at your age it will create a hardship for the rest of your life. Look at me, I’m working three jobs, your sister is working and we just barely make it. If you are going to continue to have sex, then we need to get you on birth control and soon.”

“Thanks mom, Jill said I should just talk to you about it and I’m glad I did.”

“We will go to the clinic today and see what the can do, but it will take at least seven days before you and Jimmy will be safe, so you’ll need to slow it down some.”

“Mom, you know Jimmy and I are having sex?”

“Yes my child I know, you tend to be a bit of a screamer and I can still hear.”

“Why didn’t you try to stop us?”

“Why, you would still find a way to do it so I would rather it be here, safe.”

So mom and Lisa went to the clinic and Lisa came home with BC pills. Lisa came to my room… “I got the pill but I can’t fuck Jimmy for a whole week… I’ll die sis, do you think you can help me out?” And she shook her tongue at me.

“Well, Lisa, that is a two-way street you know.”

“Not a problem for me Jill baby, no problem at all!” And so for the next week we “serviced” each other every night, damn I’m going to miss that sweet pussy.

Like I said in the beginning, I just turned twenty-two and I’ll be starting my new job next week… I am the new Dorm Leader at the Cliff View School for Girls, my dorm houses the ten through thirteen-year-olds. The job is for the school year and then I’m back at the pool for the summer. Aha the sweet nectar of youth…

To Be Continued – Maybe

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