Meet Joey Ch. 3

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So what about Tony and Joan? Well, Trish, seeking advise, regarding her first elated and now current downtrodden feelings, called the only female she could confide in – Joan. Joan too reported similar frisky behavior about Tony, brothers, acting the same way. No big deal. What surprised Trish though was how well Joan was handling the situation, how casual she seemed to be taking the whole thing. In fact Trish was just a little jealous about this. Trish thought it ironic that here she was feeling jealous. Not jealous about her sister in-law fucking her husband but jealous about how mentally together Joan was regarding the entire matter.

That’s when, after a few such phone conversations, Joan slipped up. To Trish, it seemed like a casual remark at first, but it didn’t take her long, seconds in fact, to question her statement. In regard to Tony’s increased horniness, Joan said, “Tony gets this way every time.” Along with this Trish distinctly heard Joan halt her speech, editing herself. Trish could almost hear the “mental whoops” within Joan’s mind. ” Joan, what the hell gives?” Trish said in a concerned tone.

Joan’s big confession –

After a short silence and then much conversation regarding sworn secrecy, Joan fessed up. She and Tony were experienced in this sort of thing. They’d done it before. In fact they had been intimately involved with other couples for a couple of years. Trish was flabbergasted. She didn’t know what to think. She stammered into the phone but mumbled just enough to communicate to Joan that she thought a private face to face conversation was in order. Joan agreed, they set a time and date and hung up. Trish was numb.

The very next day Patricia was sitting in Joan’s kitchen over a hot cup of coffee as Joan filled her in on the history of her and Tony’s very secret sex life. To Trish, it was actually rather typical, she was relieved. Tony and Joan like many other young modern married couples started off hot and heavy in the sex department and even though they had made solemn oaths to always attempt to be experimental in that area, – the spark eventually dwindled. With that other frustrations popped up and before they new it their marriage was in trouble.

The interesting part of Joan’s story was that it was fate that actually brought swinging into their lives. It was luck that this discovery, swinging, was made and that the outcome had saved their marriage. Trish listened as Joan unfolded the story.

The Party –

She had been invited to a bachelor party for a very good friend and the theme of the party was sex toys. Trish had heard of this type of thing. Arraignments had been made for a professional sales person to show and demonstrate all sorts of sex toys at this party. The hostess planning this was smart enough to know that the subject matter would require a little loosening of attitudes so plenty of champagne was on hand to do just that. After a few bubbly bottles had disappeared and the girl talk and laughter had died down a bit, the hostess presented the sales person. Wow! To Joan’s and the other women’s delight the sales person was actually a sales team and a man and woman sales team at that! And they were beautiful. My God! They were introduced as Jim and Susan. They said they were not married but were good friends and regularly intimate with each other. Susan a thirty’ish, red headed aerobics instructor and personal trainer was fabulously in shape and very attractive. Jim, maybe in his forties but young looking, was light brown haired and muscular, “Nice cut, nice butt, nice chest hair too.” Joan remembered with a smile on her face. They were both dressed in very nice business attire. When they entered the large family room where all the women were sitting they struggled with a foot-locker sized trunk, a blue velvet trunk. Very mysterious indeed.

Jim took the lead and suggested more champagne, told a couple of light, easy going jokes about bachaloret parties and marriage and generally got the crowd in an easy mind set. Slowly, Susan had opened the blue velvet trunk. The inside of the trunk was lined in padded white crushed velvet cloth which sounded overly elegant and a bit tacky to Trish but Joan went on.

Jim ceased the suspense and launched right into his pitch. He reached right into the trunk and pulled out just about the biggest dilldo anyone in the room had ever scene. A collective gasp escaped from everyone in the room. This “thing” was fifteen inches long and as big around as a normal person’s forearm. And it was bright luminous red too. Jim said, “This model is called, the Big Red One, and we’re here to sell each and every one of you one of these magnificent babies, it’s every woman’s secret friend, every woman’s fantasy. Susan uses hers every day.” The astonished, bug-eyed women fell absolutely silent. “Just kidding, only kidding!” Jim announced. Laughter and sighs of relief followed. Jim tossed the big red dilldo to Susan who handled it with just two fingers and with a disgusted look on her face she dropped it behind a chair. For the first time Susan spoke up and in a delightful British accent too, “There may be just a few women out there who require something like “that” but we know, there are very few of those women in deed. What we do know is that often women need help. They require assistance in attaining release. The cause? Sinop Escort It’s many things really, the physicality of human sexual organs, the differing emotional quality between men and women, absentee spouses, work related stress and the stress of child rearing – whatever the reasons, many women not only need sexual release, they absolutely require it and very often and they need some help in attaining it.” A little silence from the room and then – Jim chimed in, “We’re talking orgasms here ladies” Laughter flowed, as did more champagne.

Joan continued her story after pouring Trish more coffee.

On cue Susan reached into the velvet trunk and pulled out a tiny, white plastic cylinder, just slightly bigger than a small double AA battery. Susan spoke. “This truly could be every woman’s friend. It’s called “the Pocket Rocket,” and it is the least expensive and smallest, mass produced sexual aid in the world. It sells of $19.95, cums (pardon the pun), it comes with a satisfaction guarantee and as you can see by its size, is very portable and discreet. I works wonderfully well too.” With that Susan turned it on and a slight buzzing sound filled the air. “This little wonder vibrates a thirty cycles per second. The manufacture spent much time and money on medical research in Europe and concluded that this frequency, thirty cycles per second, was found to produce the most pleasurable and quickest response in the majority of women tested.” Susan went on, “Ladies, if you don’t mind and with a little assistance form my partner, I’d love to provide you with a very short demonstration of this wonderful product. Ladies, do I hear any objections?” – Dead silence.

At this point Joan explained to Patricia her feelings at that time. She was in one way shocked but in a stronger way very intrigued. Trish asked her if she was aroused and Joan said, “Hell yeah!” Then Joan said, “I don’t know why, it must have been the champagne.”

Joan continued –

Not hearing any response what-so-ever from the crowd Susan, very business like pushed play on a boom box Jim had been quietly setting up, soft, beat driven music emanated. Susan said, “This is basically a demonstration of what I would do at home, alone, but I find that when I must “perform” in front of a crowd, I need a little extra stimulation in order to achieve the desired effect so I will utilize Jim here for that purpose.” With that she again, in a very business like manner unbuttoned the jacket of her two piece suit, unzipped her skirt and in two shakes disrobed down to her very lovely, lacy underwear, leaving her heels on. No one in the room moved. She went over to the recliner, arranged a pillow for the small of her back, sat down and reclined the chair into full recline. Jim had moved to the back of the chair, assisting in this. Susan turned on the pocked rocket and began by massaging her neck with it. Jim bent forward slightly and massaged Susan’s temples and stroked her longish hair. Susan’s eyes closed. Her hands wondered and soon the Pocket Rocket found itself down between her breasts and then further down between her legs. A low moan escaped Susan when the vibrator touched the area near her clitoris. All this still above her underwear. Just as she started really getting into it, Susan’s free hand, her right started massaging Jim crotch area and the results were very, very visible to all the ladies in the room. They all stayed put and watched with big wide eyes. Some had their mouths open.

As Susan moaned again whispers broke out among the ladies but still no one moved. Susan found Jim’s zipper, deftly unzipped it in one easy motion, reached inside, fumbled a bit and then pulled out one huge hunk of man meat. One woman said, “Oh my god!” Others ooohed. Nobody moved. Susan was beginning the get lost in her own pleasure. She pushed aside her panties revealing a neatly trimmed tush, pulled down her bra to expose her very nice nipples and placed the Pocket Rocket directly on her clit. She moaned continually now and she became very moist between her legs. Jim had started stroking himself with one hand and feeling Susan’s breasts with the other. Susan too began stroking his member. In deep mid-moan Susan popped her head up and spoke to all the women in the room, “Now ladies, I’ll show you how I really like to cum.” She inched back in the recliner, her head now draped over the back, top edge of the chair. With the recliner in the fully reclined position and Susan’s neck virtually on the top of the recliner, her head dangled backwards only a few feet off the ground, she was looking right up at Jim’s huge cock. Then she spread her legs just wide enough to rest the backs of her thighs on the arms of the chair. Her pinkness showed to all in the room. She started the vibrator again and began to work her clit with it. Jim knew what to do. He unbuckled his pants, pushed them down to his ankles and shoved his nine-inch boner into Susan’s waiting, eager mouth.

The women in the room gasped in excitement and Joan admitted to Trish that she was getting really turned on. If any spare male happened to walk into that house at that moment he would have been raped for sure. It was all Joan could do to control herself and not walk over and touch Jim. Joan told Trish how the hostess, seated in a big leather wing back chair across the room, now began to Sinop Escort Bayan rub her privates through her slacks, her eyes watching the scene in a sexual trance.

Susan was now in sexual heaven, oblivious to the crowd of horny women around her. Her mouth remaining still and open as Jim slowly pumped back and forth. Jim began to moan too. He grabbed the back of the reclined chair for added balance and stability. Susan worked the vibrator around her clit and sunk two fingers of her other hand into her vagina. Jim was about to cum and Susan was right on his tale. She twisted her head, Jim popped out of her mouth and she gasped, “Cum on me.” With that Jim pumped his hand with blinding speed and as Susan moaned with her own orgasm, Jim spewed a stream of cum from her chin to her navel. Then again, pow(!) yet another jet stream of warm, white fluid. Susan was still cumming, now with three fingers inside her and wetness from her own eruption oozed all over her crotch area. They both slowly groaned to a stop. Jim’s knees were shaking.

Joan remembered that she thought she came real close to cumming, which amazed her because she provided no physical stimulation at all. It was all visual and mental. Other women in the room were visibly shaken by what they had just witnessed. But no one left the room.

Susan and Jim rested and eventually got back in mental touch with the astonished group. They cleaned up with a towel and replaced at least some of their garments. Susan stayed in her very nice underwear and Jim pulled up his pants but removed his shirt all together. What a bod, Joan had thought.

Jim then smiled turned toward the group and performed a weak imitation of an old vaudevillian, soft-shoe, dance step, finally and said, “How was that ladies?” Joan and all in the room broke into applause. Two of the women openly wept tears of joy.

As Joan continued to tell her story. Patricia found herself getting very excited. She didn’t think Joan could tell though because Joan just went right on with this amazing story.

The machine –

Joan went on that Jim then said, “Now that you’ve witnessed the smallest and least expensive item we can provide for your feminine pleasure we would like to show you the most expensive.” Jim bent over the blue velvet trunk, reached in and with both hands and some effort pulled out “this thing.” It appeared to be some kind of half cylinder, made of plastic and covered in some kind of padded nagahide, it had a power cord too. Joan thought it was kind of ugly and it was brown too, not one of her favorite colors. Susan had taken a fresh towel and placed it in the middle of the carpeted floor and Jim placed “this thing” in the middle of the towel. Jim went back to the box and rummaged around while Susan plugged “this thing” into a wall socket. Jim came back with what appeared to be a smallish dilldo and plugged in into a small hole on the top of the arch of the half cylinder. Joan then noticed another cord with a box on it. On the box, were some sort of controls or buttons.

Susan spoke first, “Ladies, this is it. The Rolls Royce of feminine sexual pleasure. So well does this machine work that it’s possible to actually replace a man with it. Why? Because technically, it does everything better than any man can. It does it longer than any man. Ladies, it will go on and on until you turn it off or pull the plug. So good is this machine that we virtually guarantee that you’ll not only experience orgasms with it’s first use but we also guarantee that you’ll learn to experience multiple orgasms with it’s continued use. It’s safe. It’s rugged, you can’t break it. It’s medically and scientifically tested, re-tested and proven to work and work very well it does. And last but not least, even though you don’t actually need one, we do recommend that you use this machine with a man, your sexual partner. Ladies I present to you the Swedish Sex Saddle.”

Wow! Joan had thought. What the hell does this thing do? Trish was very curious too. Joan went on.

Jim took over the sales pitch. He grabbed the “control box” and turned one of the knobs, the penis like attachment protruding from the top of “the saddle” began to slowly rotate. Jim said, “The saddle is designed to stimulate a woman via the two movements proven by medical researchers to produce female orgasm. They are rotation, within the vagina and vibration, upon the clitoris. These two movements can be widely adjusted by the user. Both movements start at zero or no movement and can be adjusted toward intense movements, two rotations per second and thirty vibrations per second. Both movements can be applied at the same time. This allows a woman to start slow and to build in intensity as the feeling of orgasm climbs. Once orgasm is attained the movements can be slowed or stopped all together and then restarted to repeat the process. Providing personal control in this way, the user can actually learn how to achieve multiple orgasms. With the saddle it’s easy.” Jim flicked a switch and the dilldo atop the machine buzzed to life. The women in the room giggled. Jim added, “Who of you would be the first to try it?”

Well, Joan said the women in the room just looked at each other and laughed. It was way too embarrassing! But the embarrassed laughter didn’t last long. The hostess of the party stood Escort Sinop from her wing back chair and simply volunteered. She spoke quietly with Jim and Susan, left the room for a few minutes and came back wearing a white terry cloth robe. A group cheer went up from the thrilled crowd. Jim spoke, “Ladies, we do have to have some rules here, most of you are married or have a serious relationship with your chosen male lover and often complications can arise if activity of this sort is reported to them. So in order to prevent any of those complications from becoming serious, the rules are – Susan will control the saddle at all times and I will provide temporal, scalp, neck and shoulder massage from the rear or behind the recipient – and that is all. There can’t be any sexual contact between myself and the recipient for all the obvious reasons. In this way you are simply getting a massage. I think you’ll agree that it will be the best massage of your life. If this is understood we can begin.” Joan said the women looked like marionettes, their heads all nodded in unison.

The hostess, Judy, a beautiful full-bodied women in her forties with graying hair and bright blue eyes was instructed by Susan, as Jim applied a prophylactic to the dilldo and a clear lubricant on top of that. Then carefully so as not to expose her, Susan guided Judy, who had apparently been instructed to not were anything under her rode, down into a kneeling position over top of the dilldo. In essence Judy was straddling the machine in the female dominant position. Judy grabbed the dilldo with one hand and eased down even further allowing it to penetrate her. She made a face that showed a bit of unpleasantness but didn’t back off. There she sat the machine inside her. Jim pushed play on the boom box and pleasant music filled the room. The shades were drawn and a couple of small lamps provided the only light in the room. Jim had also turned on the TV and from it a pornographic video played without any sound. The tape showed a woman receiving pleasure from four very good-looking men at the same time.

Joan told Trish that at this point she and the other women in the room were just about insane with lust. They couldn’t believe it, couldn’t believe what they were witnessing. Heck they didn’t know what to look at either, Judy on the machine, the video, each other, Jim, it was almost too much to bare.

Susan, who now had the controls to the machine in her hands, was seated off to the side of Judy who faced the TV. Jim took his place behind Judy and began to apply a very pleasant looking neck massage. But there was no indication yet that the machine had been started. Susan whispered, “The saddle, when started slow, which is the recommended method, barely makes a sound. I have just turned it on.” Judy jumped.

Judy simply uttered, “Weird, it feels so strange.” The women around the room giggled. Then the faint sound of humming was apparent and Judy said, “Uhmmmm, that’s nice!” Things were beginning the heat up fast. Between Jim’s massage, the soft music, the porno movie, which was now in full no holes barred display and the ever so slowly increasing hum and whir of the machine – all witnessing this display were enthralled. Particularly Judy, of course. Her eyes alternated between watching the video and rolling her head back into Jim’s hands with her eyes shut. As the hum and whir of the machine increased Judy’s hands started to massage her own thighs and her robe fell open slightly. She began to make guttural noises too. Either Jim’s massage was the best in the world or the saddle was really doing it for her. Judy’s excitement kept building as the machine worked faster. Her own roaming hands began to work their way up her body and her robe fell even further off her shoulders exposing the tops of her breasts. She moaned louder now and Joan told Trish that she could now hear speed variations emanating from the machine. Apparently Susan was working Judy up and down, building her toward an orgasm and then slowing the machine down, teasing her. Judy’s hands were now reaching behind her and she was groping Jim’s legs. Her head was tilted way back and her eyes looked straight into Jim’s as if she were begging him for more contact. Jim reminded her, “No sexual contact Judy, just relax and let the machine take you away.” Jim did move to her side a little bit and allowed Judy to firmly grasp his leg in the upper thigh area. The machine was much louder now and Judy’s moaning was becoming uncontrollable. She was loosing touch. Her eyes now fully closed, her head buried between Jim’s fully clothed legs, she began to hump the machine, her robe now almost completely off her body, she began to yell, “Ohhhhh, God! Ohhhhh, God! Fuck! Ohhhhh!” Then, “I’m cumming, ohhhhh, shit!” Judy was going crazy, Joan said she’d never seen anything like it. And this went on and on. As Judy’s orgasm built in intensity so did the whir and hum of the machine. It was almost as if Susan and Jim had conspired to torture Judy with this none stoppable, sexual dynamo of a machine. But Judy, who’d lost all sense of control, was yelling at the top of her lungs, “Fuck! This is great! Don’t stop! Ohhhh God! I’m cumming, God don’t stop!” Joan and the other women watched in amazement as Judy came for a full ten minutes before Susan released her from the sexual grip of the saddle. Judy, drenched with sweat, her hair now matted, her face and upper chest area flushed red with sexual heat, just rolled off the machine and onto the carpet. She didn’t care who was watching. She just mumbled, “Man, that’s the best, I’ve never cum like that, I can’t believe it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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