Meeting Nina Alvarez

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“Let me see, let me see,” said the receptionist. “Is your hearing scheduled for next week?”

“No, I have a meeting with Ms. Alvarez scheduled for 4:30,” I said. Rain beat against the ninth-floor window of the Pike Street immigration lawyer’s office in downtown Seattle.

“Oh, of course, I’m sorry,” said the receptionist. “I’ll page her now.” She picked up the phone. “Nina? Yes, she’s here. Right away.” She hung up and pointed down the hallway. “Third door on your left.”

I’d been wet all day thinking about this first meeting. I’d managed to find a corporate headshot of Nina Alvarez on Google, and I was wondering how tall this raven-haired, 40-something beauty would turn out to be in person.

I got my answer when I opened the office door and Nina rose to greet me, elegantly attired in a black, tailored wool pant suit with a white blouse unbuttoned just enough. We were eye to eye.

“Frederika, I’m so glad you could come in and see me today,” Nina said, her handshake warm and her fingernails manicured. “Please, close the door and have a seat.”

Nina had a small birthmark on her jaw that must have been airbrushed out in the corporate shot, and her hair was a little unruly at the end of the work day. I was lusting over her even more than when I’d initially seen her profile online.

“Wow,” I said, sliding into a leather armchair. “I’m impressed. “After that first note you sent, I figured we had to at least take a chance on meeting. And it’s been, what, two weeks we’ve been corresponding?”

“You look even better than I’d hoped,” Nina said. “Can I get you a coffee? I’ve been going since 6 am.”

“I’m fine, thanks, but I know exactly how you feel,” I said. “It’s been a long day. This makes it all worthwhile, though. I’ve been so excited. I even went home on my lunch break and looked at the pictures you sent again.”

Nina smiled as she sat down on a chair next to her desk and sipped her coffee. “I saved yours and put them on my iPad. Also, I was wondering if you were going to be more shy in person. You just never know, right? You have such a cute face and a great smile in person! Obviously you didn’t show me that in your profile.”

“Well, one does have to be a little discreet when putting up photos on,” I replied with a smile.

“Yes, even if one is a born exhibitionist,” said Nina in a low voice. She Kolej Escort glanced quickly toward the hallway, which was empty behind the glass wall. She put her right foot up on the oak desk, and slowly pulled up her pant leg. She was wearing a sheer blue stocking that did nothing to conceal the fine black hair growing proudly on her ankle and calf.

That made my cunt clench. I’d been having dreams about hairy women recently, and something about that little flash finally made it real: I knew I was going to satisfy my desires with Nina. Soon.

Of course, I wanted to show her something too.

I’d been experimenting with financial domination recently, and had managed to find an online slave whose wallet I was steadily draining. I enjoyed getting cash and clothing while indulging my secret taste for dishing out verbal abuse and humiliation. I hadn’t paid a penny for my new outfit: black cowboy boots complementing my matching wool skirt by Dior, plus a red silk top from Neiman Marcus with a white pashmina I’d bought in Mexico.

I leaned back a little further in the leather armchair, whose back faced the glass wall. My thighs moved casually into a wide V. Baring my teeth slightly and showing Nina the tip of my tongue, I deliberately hiked up my skirt to reveal what I’d got. I’d chosen blue lace panties to contrast with and emphasize the thick mass of pubic hair that I’d been growing for the past five months, and it was exciting to glance down and see that fabric disappearing between my engorged, completely unshaven cunt lips.

Nina stared, totally transfixed by my body. “Oh my God, I wish I could go down on you right now, like we talked about.”

“You like seeing me like this, Nina?” I asked in a suddenly harsh voice. “You like seeing how completely unapologetic and fuck-you my attitude is about my beautiful cunt?”

Nina was rubbing herself, almost unaware, through her pant suit. “Yeah, I completely love it.”

“You know, the first time I did this, it was to fulfill a fantasy for one of my lovers,” I said. “Now I grow out my hair — my armpits, my legs, my cunt — because it feels so fucking good and natural. I do it for me. And I love to shock people by showing them what a real woman looks like.”

Before putting my skirt back into place, I casually wiped my wet cunt across Nina’s leather Rus Escort armchair, ensuring that her next client would be sitting in my sweet juices. Nina smiled.

“I’ve had my share of dumb comments, but it’s such a huge turn-on for some guys,” said Nina. “Last summer, I went to this hotel bar near the airport, wearing cut-off denim shorts. Within 10 minutes, these two guys from New Mexico bought me drinks. They ended up taking me back to their room, just as I’d planned, and we fucked for hours. I still remember riding one of them hard on the bed while spreading open my bush for his friend to lick on my clit.”

“Mmmm, that sounds delicious,” I said. “But I want to tell you a story that can top that.”

The phone rang. “Sorry,” said Nina. “Let me grab this. Yes? Tell her I’ll be a few more minutes.” She hung up. “I’m so sorry, Frederika. Please go ahead.”

“You know the new community center in West Bellevue?” I said. “They have a pool with a ladies-only swim on Sunday mornings from 10 to noon. Well, I love showing off how proud I am of my body, especially to other women. So I’ve been going for a couple of weeks. I own a one-piece black bathing suit, and I’ve cut the lining out from the top and the crotch so that everyone can enjoy the sight of my nipples and my pussy lips clearly through the fabric when it’s wet. Being completely unshaven as well, of course, it’s exciting to me to show off my hairy legs and my fuck-you bikini line.”

Nina drew in her breath. “That would drive me absolutely wild, seeing you like that. I’m surprised you didn’t send me a pic in your bathing suit.”

I smiled. “I have a lot of surprises for you, Nina. With that said, I was sitting alone in the sauna last Sunday, my legs spread nicely up on the second tier, so that anyone who walked in could enjoy a full, explicit view of what I have to offer.”

“God, I wish that had been me,” said Nina.

My voice thickened with arousal. “Well, instead, my first audience members turned out to be a mother in, I’d say, her early 50’s and her teenage daughter. Both well-put together, Queen Anne types. The mother did a double-take and then sat down on the other side of the sauna. Her daughter looked much more curious but sat down next to her mom. There was an awkward silence for about a minute and then the mother said to me, ‘Why Yenimahalle Escort don’t you buy a razor? Good God.'”

“I turned my head slowly toward her, smiled, and said, ‘Why don’t you go fuck yourself?'”

“She couldn’t believe it. ‘How dare you talk to me that way in front of my daughter!’ she sputtered. I could see the girl smirking next to her.”

“Very calmly, I raised my middle finger to her. ‘This is all I’ve got to say to you,’ I told her.”

“The mother was just aghast. ‘Come on, Chelsea, let’s get out of here!’ she exclaimed. She stormed out. Chelsea followed her a second later, but I saw her glancing back over her shoulder.”

“Wow,” said Nina. “What happened next?”

“About 10 minutes later, Chelsea slipped back into the sauna. ‘Hey, I’m sorry about my mom,’ she said. ‘What she said was totally uncalled-for. I would have told her to fuck off too.'”

“‘It didn’t bother me, Chelsea,’ I said with a smile. ‘What brings you back here?'”

“‘Well, actually, I wanted to explain that I think what you’re doing is really hot. How my mom reacted is really about me. You see, I don’t like to shave my pussy either, and my mom is like, “You’re 18 years old and how are you ever going to get a boyfriend, blah blah!” And I’m like, “Well, maybe I don’t even want a boyfriend. Maybe I want something different?” Which totally freaks her out. So basically we have a lot of arguments.'”

“I reached out confidently and took Chelsea’s hand. ‘I understand what you’re going through. Would you like to have someone to talk about this with?'”

“Chelsea’s eyes widened. ‘Uh, definitely?'”

“‘Why don’t you join me at the Starbucks at 12th and Columbia, the one across from the university bookstore, for coffee tomorrow at 5 o’clock?’ I stood and stretched, with my crotch directly in front of Chelsea’s sweet face.”

“‘Wow, sure. Could we make it 5:30?’ Chelsea asked.”

“I told her: ‘Of course. I’ll see you there.'”

“That’s amazing,” said Nina. “Did Chelsea show up?”

“Very much so,” I said, smiling as my pussy throbbed with the pleasure of telling my tale. “After our discussion on Monday, Chelsea wanted to learn a whole lot more about what I have to offer. So I’m going to be meeting her at the Marriott tonight. I have a room. Mommy’s little princess is going to get her first chance to eat some hair pie.”

Nina’s eyes narrowed with intense excitement. “Are you filming by any chance?”

“Yes, I am,” I said. “And I’m going to show your my handiwork when we get together next time at your condo. It was lovely to meet you today, Nina.”

I gave my hand to Nina. She glanced quickly at the hallway before kissing it. I left proudly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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