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As I got back into my car, I could only imagine what the night would have in store for me and Megan. Her taste was still fresh in my mouth and her scent was still alive in my senses. I smiled as I pulled out of the parking lot and adjusted my rear view mirror so I could see Megan as she tailed me. She had a big smile on her face because she knew as well as I did that we were about to have a night that we would never forget.

We arrived at the hotel and the anticipation was driving me crazy, I couldn’t wait to get Megan into bed and catch up on some good times. I walked over to Megan’s car as she pulled out her bag of toys and hugged her from behind with a loving squeeze.

“Mmmm, you smell so good baby,” I whispered in her ear as I squeezed her.

“Thank you sexy, now let’s go to your room and make this a night to remember,” she replied.

She turned around and I quickly pushed her against her car and pressed up against her. She was shocked by my aggressive nature as I ran my hands over her body and planted a wet sensual kiss on her full lips.

I could tell she was truly taken by surprise but she did not put up any resistance as I continued to deep kiss her and caress her lovely body. I pulled up her skirt and revealed her panties as she wondered what my next move would be.

“Honey, this is crazy! Let’s finish this in the room baby,” Megan begged.

“I’m crazy like that, and you know it. Come on, this is exciting…” I claimed as I pulled her panties aside.

Megan was a bit uneasy as I slid my finger into her wet pussy but she was helpless and we both knew it. I was in control tonight. I have always been turned on by sex in public places and the chance of being caught is always a big turn on. Yes, we would finish business in the hotel room but not before I got some samples in the parking lot first.

Megan moaned as I slowly finger fucked her, my free hand grabbing her by the hair as I kissed her neck.

“Relax baby, take it easy,” I moaned in her ear.

“Mmmmm…oooohhh…” she moaned in response.

She relaxed and whimpered into my ear as I slid my wet fingers into her even wetter pussy. She was so ready to get fucked and I knew it wouldn’t be long before we were getting busy in bed. I slowly withdrew my finger so that I could get a taste. It was so wet and covered in her pussy juices and I couldn’t help but smile as I took it into my mouth and tasted her oh so sweet juices.

“Mmmmm…baby you taste so good,” I declared as I sucked my finger clean.

Megan moaned softly as I slid my finger back in and worked it around inside of her. After a few seconds of that, I took my finger out and slowly brought it up to her lips so that she could get a taste.She gently sucked on my finger as I went back to kissing her neck.

“Mmm, it tastes good,” she whispered as she licked her own juices off my finger. I wanted to fuck her right then and there but I decided it was a good time to head back to my room and seal the deal. I pulled her skirt back down but left her panties as they were and grabbed her by the hand.

We walked hand in hand back to my room and on the way, passed a man who had a big smile on his face. We smiled back and giggled, wondering if he had seen our little show back in the hotel parking lot.

“Hey there, you ladies having a good night?” he asked as I inserted my key into the door of my room.

“Well, it’s only going to get better,” I replied as I opened the door and smiled.

“Is that right? Well, I’m free for tonight, mind if I join you ladies for some fun?” the man asked.

He was tall and good looking, Escort Bayan Gaziantep much like my husband. I grinned and noticed his erection.

“What’s your name?,” I asked him.

“Rod,” he responded and what a fitting name it was. I saw that the bulge in his pants was growing as he stood there staring at me and Megan.

“Well Rod, me and my friend here are going to go inside and play for awhile, but I’ll come over and knock on your door if we need some cock okay?,” I said as I began to turn away and head inside my room.

He could only manage a blank stare as he nodded and went into his room. Megan and I giggled as we went inside and left him wondering and horny.

I closed the door behind me and Megan embraced me as we stood there all alone. She noticed my toys on the bed and giggled. She had set her own bag of toys down on the floor by the bed and she knew it was going to be a long night as we began to unwind.

I slowly began to undress as Megan watched me. She helped me out of my dress and caressed my shoulders while I removed her top. Her breasts were so nice, as nice as I had remembered them. I caressed them through her bra as we locked lips in a sweet kiss. Then I took my hands and placed them around her hips as I pulled her skirt down. It slid to the floor alongside my dress. Next, I removed her bra so I could suck on her great tits. She moaned as I took her right breast into my mouth and squeezed her left one.

“Oh yeah do that soooo nice,” she moaned as I sucked away like a hungry baby. I licked her nipple and traced a circle around it with my tongue to drive her crazy. “Oh God, that feels so good! Oohhhh!,” Megan moaned.

I could feel my pussy getting wetter by the minute and pictured Rod next door wanking off thinking about what was going on in our room. He would probably give an arm and a leg to be in here with us I thought.

I slid my hands down Megan’s body and pulled her panties down to her thighs as I got down on my knees. I traced a line down her body from her tits to her navel with my tongue and left a wet trail of passion in the process. She squealed in delight as I licked her inner thighs and worked my way towards her moist pussy.I flicked my tongue on her clit and looked up to see her eyes locked on mine.

She had such passion in her eyes and I knew she was loving every moment of this as much as I was. I decided to get a real good taste now and sucked on her pussy lips with much delight. She moaned loudly as I worked my tongue inside of her wet pussy.

“Ohhhh God! Mmmmm…oooohhh!,” she cried out. I felt her cum stirring inside of her as I tasted every sweet drop.

“Mmmm, you taste so good babe. Lay down,” I instructed her as I led her to the bed and laid her down. She quickly reached for my thong and practically ripped it off with a passion. I gave her a wide eyed look and slapped her gently for being so aggressive.

“Bad girl!” I exclaimed as I grabbed her face with my hand and stuffed a finger into her dripping wet pussy. Of course she knew I loved it when she couldn’t control herself. She whimpered some more when I started jamming my fingers into her pussy with a fury. It made a squishing sound as my fingers jammed in and out of her love hole.

“Fuck yea!,” she screamed as I finger fucked her harder and harder.

“You like that don’t you baby?” I asked her.

“Mmmmm, you know I do sexy. Keep fucking me with your fingers!,” she exclaimed.

I complied with much pleasure as my fingers sunk deeper and deeper into her wet fleshy folds. Her pussy was extremely wet now and I wanted to taste her cum as she neared her orgasm. I crawled down between her legs and buried my face in between her thighs as she moaned in delight.

“Mmmmmm, feels sooooo good! Oh God! Ohhhhh!,” Megan squealed as I sucked on her soaking wet pussy. Her juices were flowing all over my tongue and it tasted so sweet. The nectar of love. I spread her legs far apart as I stuck my tongue inside of her and fucked her with it.

She was practically screaming now and I told her not to hold back. “Ahhhhh! Ohhh! Fuck!,” she screamed. I sucked on her clit to drive her over the top and she creamed in response to my expert cunnilingus. She grabbed my hair and pushed my face into her crotch with force as she lost control. It felt good to be reacquainted.

“Oh, mmmm….” she cooed as I sucked her pussy lips and drained her juices. “Get on top of me baby, I wanna 69 with you,” she said as I slowly looked up at her flushed face.

I positioned myself on top of her in the 69 position as I prepared for what was soon to be the most powerful orgasm I had experienced in quite some time. Megan grabbed my thighs and gave me a playful slap on the ass as I hovered above her, my pussy inches away from her beautiful face.

“Yea baby, you wanna taste that pussy?” I asked her as I caressed her thighs.

“You know it baby,” she replied as she pulled me down and stuffed her face into my pussy. “You taste so fucking good, mmmmm,” she said while licking my wet pink pussy.

I moaned lightly as she worked her mouth around my pussy lips. I could feel my juices dripping out slowly while she continued to work her tongue all over my lips and it felt like heaven.

“Oh fuck yeah! Unhhhhh….” I moaned as she sucked my pussy. I could feel an orgasm coming on and I knew it was gonna be intense. Megan smacked my ass hard as she ate my pussy with a passion. I started grinding her face in response to her expert tongue work. “Mmmmmm….oh yea! Fuuucckkk!” I proclaimed as my orgasm came.

I screamed in passion while my cum drowned Megan with love.My pussy always becomes very sensitive after I orgasm and I tried to pull away for a second to gather myself but Megan grabbed my legs and forced me back down onto her hungry lips. I moaned loudly as she snacked away on my dripping wet pussy.

“You’re not going anywhere baby,” Megan said to me while she spanked me.

I could feel my legs trembling as another orgasm neared. Megan sucked my pussy aggressively as I moaned loudly and thrashed about the bed, not caring what anyone could hear.

I thought to myself, maybe Rod was jacking off next door, nutting all over his hands as he dreamed of being with us in bed. How would that cock feel buried in our respective cunts? Hmmm…

As Megan continued eating my pussy, I reached for one of her toys, a pink dildo that was about 7 inches in length. It was playtime and to my surprise, Megan had already gotten the same idea! She had one of my toys, my fave clear dildo, in her hand and was working it into my soaking wet pussy at the same time that I was shoving the dildo into her cunt.

It squished in and out with a loud popping noise due to her wetness and how tight her pussy was. Meanwhile, Megan was pumping my dildo in and out of my own pussy while she licked and sucked my sensitive clit and it felt so good that I creamed all over again and again.

“Ohhh, fuck baby! You do that so fucking good!” I exclaimed as she worked my toy into my pussy. She then reached for her bag and pulled out some anal beads to my delight. “Mmmm, baby…what you gonna do with that?” I asked knowing full well what she was planning.

“Honey, I’m going to stick these right up your tight little asshole,” she replied. With that, she spit into my asshole and worked her finger into it first to loosen it up a bit. Then she pumped it faster and faster as I moaned with pleasure.

“Mmm, yea that’s it. Stick it right in my dirty little asshole,” I teased her.

“You naughty little girl, I’m gonna do just that,” she replied as she stuck the anal beads into my tight asshole. One bead at a time, they disappeared into my ass. She took the dildo that I had been fucking her with and stuck it into my pussy as she worked my ass, not caring that her juices and my spit were all over it.

We switched dildos like this a few times so that we could feel and taste each other’s cum. She pulled the dildo out of my pussy and sucked it clean with a loud smacking sound and I did the same with her.

After a few more orgasms in the 69 position, I decided to lay back and make her eat me out some more so I grabbed her and gently positioned her head between my legs as I relaxed and put my head on the pillow. The anal beads were still deep in my ass and it felt great. Megan went back to work, licking and sucking my pussy for all it was worth while she pulled the anal beads out slowly.

One by one the wet beads came out and I groaned with each one’s removal. When they were all out, Megan looked me in the eye and said, “Fresh out of your cute little asshole, watch me suck them dry babe.” She then proceeded to suck the beads clean, taking her time to savor every drop of my ass. “Mmmmmm, tastes so fuckin good baby,” she said.

“Oooohhhh…” I moaned as she went down on me again and licked me from my clit all the way down my wet fleshy folds and into my puckered asshole. She wasn’t going to hold back.I grabbed her by the hair as she licked my pussy and pushed her face deeper and deeper into my cum filled crotch.

She moaned into my pussy as she ate and I couldn’t help but cream her face yet again. It was all wet by now and my cum was all over her. Megan then reached for her bag of toys again and pulled out a double header dildo and smiled at me as she positioned herself so that we could share the long dildo. This was one of my favorite toys and she knew it, we were going to have lots of fun with this one.

We fucked each other with the dildo for what seemed like hours as orgasm after orgasm came over our bodies. Megan’s face was flushed and still wet from my cum, she didn’t even bother to wipe any of it off and it turned me on so much.

I grabbed her tits as I grinded away at the dildo and she grunted. Her breasts were perfect and I took full advantage of them, squeezing and cupping them. We sat up, the dildo still inside us and draped with our pussy juices, and kissed each other deeply while fondling each other’s breasts.

I smiled at Megan and said, “I wonder what our buddy Rod is doing.”

She smiled back and replied, “Probably jacking off a storm with all our loud moans and screaming.”

We giggled and lay in bed together, spent and very satisfied. The night was still young, we’d rest for a bit and start over again soon enough. I held Megan in my arms and called up my husband to inform him that I was having a great time. I could tell he wanted to be there with us. And I bet Rod did too.

I kissed Megan as our naked bodies intertwined, our juices still flowing between our creamy thighs. “You are so beautiful,” I said to her as I held her close.

She smiled and kissed me passionately in response before saying, “You are the absolute best baby, I wish you were mine.”

We continued kissing and caressing each other for quite some time, it was absolute ecstasy. Truly a night to remember.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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