Melinda’s Fishy Discharge Ch. 01

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Recently, I had an encounter with a work colleague called Melinda which enabled me to sample some of her dirty underwear in her bathroom.

I initially found myself in her apartment after she asked me to diagnose a computer problem she was experiencing. I was only too happy to help as it happened and being on the way home, I made my way around after work one evening.

After about 30 minutes, it became clear that the problem would not be easy to fix in a hurry and I may need to stay awhile. Did I want to come back some other time?

I said no, but if some dinner could be arranged I would be happy to stay as long as was necessary.

Chicken casserole was decided as the meal of choice, which meant a trip to the supermarket for ingredients; in the meantime, I could continue to work on the troublesome computer.

Melinda headed out , and I sensed an irresistible window of opportunity as my curiosity completely got the better of me.

I knew exactly what I was looking for and headed immediately for the clothes washer, which alas was empty.

Next stop the bathroom and to my delight, the wicker hamper sat in the far corner in behind the shower recess.

Taking the lid off the hamper revealed it to be at least half full of dirty clothes; my heart and breathing raced as I began to flick through the garments.

Pants, socks, shirts and even a couple of very nice soft bras became invisible as I plucked out one, two and finally three pairs of Melinda’s soiled underpants.

My heart nearly thumped out of my chest as I unfurled the prized possessions and began examining the inner Bostancı escort gussets of each pair.

There were 2 pairs of identical plain white cotton size 12 full bikini briefs and a lacier pair which were beige in colour but had a lovely, soft cotton crotch panel between the legs.

To my ecstatic delight, each one was stained with what was clearly Melinda’s vaginal discharge.

2 of the 3 pairs had delicious yellowish-brown stains soaked into the white cotton gusset, the seam of each clearly disrupted from where the discharge was the heaviest. The third pair had some patchy “creamier” stains and were not nearly as soiled as the other 2 pairs.

With my heart pounding and expectations high, I tentatively brought each of the foul gussets up to my nose and mouth.

I gave a quick and distant sniff of the first pair just in case the odour was excessive or worse.

Excessive indeed, but no worse and instead of being disgusted and grossed out, it was one of the most powerful odours I have ever experienced.

It was so intoxicating, I can barely describe it accurately; a potent mix of stale sweat, urine and whatever her discharge must have consisted of. The overwhelming sensation though was the telltale “fishy” odour for which women’s vaginas are infamous.

I have smelled fish in the mix of various women before, but none as strong as coming from Melinda’s soiled panties.

I now put each individual gusset to my nose and mouth and inhaled as deeply as humanly possible.

The one pair of knickers that smelled the strongest was most likely the freshest Anadolu Yakası Escort so these were the ones I had to make the most of.

I carefully slid my tongue underneath the separate crotch panel and gently placed my mouth over the discharge stain, closing my eyes as I subtly sucked on the soiled area, all the while inhaling the absolute joy of Melinda’s fishy femininity.

Needless to say my penis had swelled to its maximum and I absolutely had to release it.

I removed my pants and perched on the toilet seat, deciding the best way to combine these wonderful, soiled masterpieces in order to maximise my pleasure in the minimum amount of time.

So this was it; the “fresh” pair stayed in my mouth and I tried to also position my nose around where her anus would have been rubbing; the lacy, “cleanest” pair ended up under my perineum and the second pair of white cottons I used to rub myself, the sight of my penis wrapped in that stained cotton gusset was almost too much. I closed my eyes instead and sent my fantasy into overdrive.

Inhaling deeply, I imagined Melinda squatting over my face after a long day at work. Unwashed, she would allow me to pull her heavily stained undies to the side and spread her hairy, pink vagina apart as I pushed my tongue into the fishy, moist opening. She was a fleshy girl with large, milky breasts which I imagined dangling loosely as I massaged the oversized pinkish-brown nipples.

With another inhale, the fishy aroma from her foul white panties permeated my senses once again completely pinning me underneath her as I turned Kadıköy Escort my attention to her tender brown anus, puckered and moist, surrounded by little brown pubic hairs — it was just begging to be licked deeply and completely. I would be able to taste the faecal flavours from around her anal opening as I pushed my tongue in and out — combined with the strong, fishy aroma from her pussy, I nearly came then and there.

Realising there was probably not long before Melinda was due to return, I took several prolonged and deep inhalations, the odour of her fishy discharge consuming me entirely and directing me to one final fantasy.

I stood up and knelt over the toilet bowl, closing my eyes and imagining Melinda sitting on the toilet with her pants down and soiled white knickers around her knees, possibly turning the dirty gusset upwards and inspecting her own discharge stains. She would take care of her private female business either peeing, pooing or changing tampons right there and then. I looked down into the clean toilet bowl and pictured amounts of Melinda’s urine and faeces sitting in there after they had just been expelled from her body. Just as she reached for the white toilet paper to start wiping in amongst her pubic hair, I took one final, massive inhalation and suck of her filthy little pantie gusset.

“Ohhhhhh MELINDA!!!!!!”, spurting 4 or 5 large globules directly into the toilet bowl.

With one last almighty whiff and a gentle kiss to each dirty pantie gusset, I rearranged each back into the laundry hamper, pulled my pants back on and flushed the toilet before jumping back onto the computer to continue my troubleshooting session.

Within 5 minutes, Melinda had returned with a bag of shopping which became our dinner about an hour later.

It was equally delicious as the contents of her laundry hamper!


Thank you Melinda!!

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