Members’ Night

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I walked into the Club, the music was pounding, the bodies are moving, the smell of sex was in the air.

It was Members’ Night again, and any unmarked person in the Club was fair game to be taken, and used as the Member saw fit, for a minimum of 30 minutes.

I walked through the Club, looking at all the women, the unmarked women, as My preferences run toward the fairer sex, and I’m a member of that group as well. My name is Pirate Russell, I’m a six foot 1 inch striking (so I’m told) natural red head. My breasts are smallish, a large “B” cup, or a small “C”. I have a little of the ‘fire crotch’ action going on, just to prove the ‘carpet matches the drapes’.

I spy My prey, a cute little blond, probably about 5’6″ or so sitting alone at the bar. I look for Club bracelet, that all members are given, she wears none. This girl will be Mine for the night!

Only members and certain employees are allowed to wear their bracelets on Members Night. Club Management, Concierges, and that’s about it! Club dancers, House submissives, and guests in the Club are ALL free to be grabbed. This girl was obviously a guest, I have known the management (yes *that* way, too) for a long while, and she was looking about VERY nervously. She seemed to calm as I sat by her, granted, I had a black leather bustier, short leather skirt and tall, over the knee, black boots on, but I smiled kindly at her..

She said her name was Kate, and this was the first time here. I kept My bracelet strategically hidden as we talked. She knew what went on here, but had never been a part of it or even witnessed it. Since the normal Club ‘observers’ were free targets on Member’s Nights. I reassured her, even bought her a drink before revealing My bracelet to adana escort her. The blood left her face, she asked if she was to be claimed, and I said, “Yes”. She’d never considered that she’d be claimed by a woman.

I told her she could relax, and we could dance. I pulled her to Me, her back against My chest, wrapping My arms around her waist. I hissed into her ear, “girl is mine, and I will do what I want to, and with her body.”

She visibly shuddered, and sagged back into Me, part resigned and part of her getting turned on. My hands roamed the front of her body, starting at her face, down her shoulders, arms, and back around her waist. This seemed to calm her, until she ‘re-freaked’ when I cupped her breasts, all this while we were swaying to the music.

When the next song started, I pulled her chin around and kissed her, My hands roaming her body once more. When I pinched her nipples, she moaned into My mouth. She stiffened and then finally seemed to relax.

I started unbuttoning her top, asking her if she’d ever been naked in a public place. She squeaked out a little “no” as I unbuttoned her 2nd and 3rd buttons. Three buttons later, her shirt hung open revealing her the front clasp of her bra. She started to protest and I put My finger over her lips and reminded her that today is Members’ Day.

I could feel her blush hotly, as My hands went to her hips. I continued kissing her neck and ears, as I explored the waistband of her skirt, finding the clasp in the back. I heard her beg Me not to unfasten it, and I asked her why, she said that all she could find to wear was a neon yellow thong. I assured her that it would look fine, under the black-lights in the Club. I quickly release the little hook, after unbuttoning the skirt, and it falls down around her ankles, the yellow thong shining like a beacon, reflecting the black-light, just as I hoped it would.

She made a little sound, not sure if it was a growl, not sure if it was a moan, but she kept dancing with Me, swaying to the music. I pulled the open shirt down to her wrists and tied them with her shirt. Securing them tightly, I start running My hands over her exposed, helpless body. For the first time I noticed her bra matched her thong, She made quite a striking sight, yellow lingerie glowing in the relative dark of the Club.

My hands start groping their way back up her body, stopping at her breasts, she actually lets out a little scream as I unhook her bra, and let it slide down her arms, until it rests on the makeshift handcuffs. She actually lets out a little sob, knowing that any who look, can see her breasts, her nipples. I wisper to her, “Stop crying, this is JUST what girl wanted!

“No, no it wasn’t, I just wanted to watch, really!”

“Well, now girl’s going to be watched, and closely, I imagine!”

I grabbed her bound wrists and pull her up on the raised, lighted stage. The lighting MUCH better here, and there are closed circuit cameras, broadcasting the sight to countless large screen TV’s throughout the Club.

I grab the microphone, and announce, “I’m about to deflower a Club Virgin…. A/any want to watch?”

The roar from the club is a tremendous, unison, “AYE!”

I pull the her thong to the floor in one swift, smooth motion. This leaves her bare to the club, the cameras, and most importantly to Me! I start at her shoulders and move my hand down her body, to her breasts. I cup them, lift them, and offer them to the room, another roar erupts.

I reach up, just outside the stage lights and pull down a hook, rigged on a chain, I hook it around the blouse and pull the chain up, making it just tight enough to hold her in place. Leaving girl there, I move to the back of the stage!

I returned to the spotlighted area with a tray on some VERY squeaky wheels. She squirmed hard, trying to get away, but the chain and blouse held her tight. The first thing I did was lock a steel shackle around her wrist I chained that shackle to the the hook, and cut and ripped the blouse from her wrists, she cried again, at the ruining of the one piece of clothing she knew the location of.

As her wrists came free of the blouse, I slapped the other shackle on the wrist, and someone off stage pulled her up to her tip toes. The next piece of equipment was a spreader bar. A spreader bar is a bar about 3 ft long with ankle cuffs on each end. My unseen assistant, kept girl on her toes as I locked her ankles into the spreader. I spread her pussy lips apart, partly to show the room her clit, and partly because I LIKE to!

I ran My hands over her naked, helpless body, touching every spot on her body, her arms, her legs, her nipples and even her asshole. Then, as the ritual demands, I offer the virgin to the club. For the rest of the half hour she is hung, exposed, and offered to any that would touch her, kiss her, finger her, fuck her. I lost count of the orgasms she had in that last 20 min, but she was hanging from the shackles in exhaustion.

In time I let her down, and took her to a sofa in the main room to recover. While sitting and snuggling with her still naked, exhausted body, I looked down at her and whined “You got to be the “Virgin” the last three weeks, can I PLEASE have My turn at being the “Virgin”, again next week? Pleeeeaaaasssseeee……”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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