Memoir of a Young Mistress Pt. 12

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Neither Emily nor Ted wanted this moment to end. Each was silently swimming in the eyes of the other, playing out future scenarios.

Emily’s film was moving faster, imagining Ted leaving his wife, the two of them dating, leaving this small coastal town, starting a new life away from everyone else, possibly marrying, definitely having children; all the while she playing the submissive partner and he as the guardian and protector.

Ted saw shorter scenes, and each one was a sexual fantasy. His eyes quickly darted over Emily’s body, and he made a list of all the things he would teach her to do, and all the things he would do to her. Every single thing his wife had refused would be manifested with Emily’s young, willing body. He thought of all the terms he had learned from porn sites about this kind of relationship: Slave, sub, even daughter. Cruder names like fuck toy, personal slut, and babygirl stirred his baser, lustful side.

The musings of both of them shattered as Ted’s phone chirped. He knew from the ringtone that it was someone in the youth group, as he had them grouped together on his phone with a specific song.

Both jumped to their feet and immediately grabbed for Emily’s clothes.

“Shit,” said Emily, as she looked at the clock on Ted’s office wall. It was about 5:45. “Two hours?” she thought. There was no way they had been fooling around in there that long. She knew she lost track of time while Ted was going down on her, getting so relaxed that she almost fell into a trance, but never thought it had been that long.

Ted helped Emily with her bra and shirt, and she pulled her pants back on and secured them while he reached for the phone, ignoring his own clothing situation. He was much more concerned about someone finding Emily naked in his office than if he were undressed himself.

The display said it was Amy. He hesitated as his finger hovered over the answer button.

Amy had joined the youth group about six months after Ted had been hired. She was a slim, tanned blond with piercing blue eyes. Ted classified her with the more outgoing youth members, as she always had an opinion and was quick to volunteer.

Not particularly into the whole “church” thing, but she loved the social side of being in a large group of people her age.

One of the attractions that Ted’s leadership style had for many of the youth was his being “okay” with a lot of behavior that was NOT okay with their parents, as long as it wasn’t to excess, or harmful. Ted found this made it easier to break down barriers and get the youth to confide in him and seek his counsel.

Amy was one of the first youth to let a “swear” slip out during a youth activity, and she immediately apologized and expected a severe verbal thrashing, but was amazed when Ted laughed it off and just gave her a gentle warning of, “Do you kiss your mom with that mouth?”

As Ted got to know her and learned the boundaries of what was “okay” to say and joke about, he saw that Amy was one of the more flirty girls in the group (although ALL the girls, it seemed, flirted with Ted to one degree or another). He saw no harm in playing along occasionally without going to extremes.

In the summer, Ted had hosted a pool party for the youth, and Amy wore a wonderfully-fitting one-piece swimsuit of sky blue that was reminiscent of a lifeguard suit. It immediately made him remember a popular beer commercial from years before, and he joked to her that with her Scandinavian looks, she could be a member of the Swedish Bikini Team. He then spent five minutes explaining his pop culture reference that was years outside the scope of her knowledge.

Ted hit the answer button. “Hello?”

“Hey, Mister Ted, are you inside the escort gaziantep ilanları church somewhere? Your car’s here but the doors are all locked.”

“Ah, uh, yeah, sorry, I guess I lost track of the time. I’ll come let you in.”

“Okay, me and Kayla have the rest of the sodas. They’re kinda heavy.”

“I’ll be right down. Emily and I will help you.”

“Cool, we’re by the kitchen door.”

Emily was fully dressed and was brushing her hair and checking her face in a compact mirror. When she was sure Ted was off the phone, she pointed at his still-out member, now wilted.

“Don’t you go down there like that, ’cause that’s just for me!” She smiled mischievously.

“Yes, dear,” he said in a mock-sarcastic tone. Putting himself back in order, he teased, “What, you don’t want to share me?”

“Absolutely not,” she said, making a childish, pouting face.

“Well I guess a foursome is off the table then?” He grinned. His answer was a punch on the arm, but she added, “Maybe one day, if I get to pick who it is.”

Downstairs, Ted and the three girls loaded the cases of drinks onto a cart and wheeled them into the kitchen, putting them in one of the coolers. Amy and Emily joked and talked, Ted smiled and observed, and Kayla made mental notes as she observed the way Ted and Emily kept giving one another glances. “No way,” she thought.

By the time everything was secured, Amy had made plans for her two friends to sleep over that night after the show was over, and Emily happily said yes, but Kayla said she had to study for an exam.

The talent show was a record-breaking success, adding to the church’s coffers as well as the youth group’s, and further secured Ted’s reputation as a master leader and grower of the church.

Ted was disappointed that he didn’t get to give Emily a ride home after the show, as he was robbed of more time for private conversation; but he knew it would look odd if he drove her to Amy’s house.

The three girls left together in Kayla’s car.

Ted and Emily exchanged a few text messages, but Ted deliberately kept them brief and vague, fearing one of the other girls might accidentally get a peek at Emily’s screen.

Ted: Hey, thank you SO much for all your help today. I couldn’t have gotten so much done that fast without your help! (smile)

Emily: Happy to help! (smile) But your files are still a mess so I’m nowhere near done yet. (wink)

Ted: Haha, fine, you’re allowed to keep working on them as long as I can still find stuff when you’re done. (smile)

Emily: (smile) (wink)

Ted: Have a good night. And behave. (smile)

Emily: Yes, Sir. (smile)

Emily felt a small rush as she called Ted, “Sir” in the text. Ted, in turn, had the same reaction. Both gave it a meaning that was outside of what anyone else privy to the conversation would have assumed.

Kayla dropped the other two girls off at Amy’s house and drove home, but she couldn’t wait to send a text, so she risked the distraction and sent one to Emily as she drove home.

Kayla: Hey, none of my business, IDC, but is there something going on with you and Mister Ted? Not judging, just wondering.

Emily’s heart skipped a beat as she read the text. She tuned out whatever Amy was saying as they went upstairs to her room and in a panic, texted Ted, sharing a copy of what had been sent. She excused herself to the bathroom while she waited for a reply.

Ted’s heart reacted similarly. “Shit!! Already?” he said out loud as he drove home. He was grateful his wife and he had taken separate cars, since Ted had to arrive early and stay late. His wife was already home and didn’t expect escort kadın gaziantep him for at least another half hour. He pulled off the road so he could think more clearly, as he feared he might have a collision if he tried to text about such a subject.

Ted: Are you alone? Can I call?

Emily: In the bathroom, she might hear. Text is better.

Emily: I’m scared (sad face)

Ted: It’s okay, it’s fine. No one has seen anything, no one knows anything. We may have been looking at each other too much is all. There’s nothing she can claim she heard or saw, and Amy was there too, and you and I hardly spoke during the show tonight. Everyone knows you were helping me at church, that doesn’t mean anything.

Emily: Still worried (sad face)

Ted: It’s okay, love. It’s fine. Really. We just need to be more careful.

Emily: What should I tell her? The longer I wait, she will get more suspicious.

Ted thought a moment.

Ted: Okay, first, say, “Sorry, my phone was on the bed, didn’t feel it buzz” or something like that, but ONLY if she mentions why you took so long.

Ted: Otherwise don’t even acknowledge it. Then laugh it off. Say it any way you want, but laugh it off like you don’t think I’d be interested in ANY of you girls.

Emily: Okay

Ted: Mention that I’m married and that it’d be stupid for me to even think about it. Maybe hint that even if I WERE into one of you, it’d be Sierra, because she’s the biggest flirt in the youth group.

Emily: Yeah

Ted: That will throw her off. Kayla loves to gossip, I’ve noticed that. Plant a seed, and maybe she will focus on that. Better to have her texting rumors about a total lie than something that could be true.

Emily: Okay

Ted: Text her, and let me know what happens. (heart)

Emily: Okay I will right now

Ted: It’ll be okay Love. Don’t worry.

Emily. I love you

Ted: I love you Angel. (smile)

Emily: (smile)

Emily sent the text, changing a few words to make it more “her voice”, and waited for a reply, but none came. Maybe Kayla was already studying, maybe she had nothing to say back. Maybe she didn’t believe it. No matter, pursuing it more would make it worse. She just wanted to Kayla to totally forget about it as soon as possible. She texted Ted and he agreed.

Amy and Emily watched a movie on Netflix, and then they decided to try to get some sleep.

Amy’s bed was an antique four-poster queen that originally belonged to her great-grandmother. Amy was allowed to do anything she wanted to make it “hers”, so she had painted it white and the headboard and footboard were covered with symbols like hearts, peace signs, smiley faces, and other 60s iconography.

Once the door was shut, clothes were shed. If there were more girls, usually sleep attire was panties and tee shirts without a bra. If it was downstairs where parents could see, more modest pajamas were worn.

Here, with just Amy and a best friend, modesty went out the door, and the girls stripped down to only panties.

As always, the conversation of, “I wish mine looked more like yours” began. Girls are never 100% happy with their bodies.

“My boobs want to be just like yours when they grow up,” said Amy wistfully, admiring Emily’s 36-inch bust.

“Ha! You’d want to trade them back after a week. Try finding a bra that feels right,” was Emily’s comeback.

“They look so soft,” said Amy, playfully reaching for Emily’s breasts. Emily blushed but joined in on the charade and took Amy’s hand and pulled it to her breast.

“Yes, they are, and you know how much you want to touch them…” she said in a mock-sultry voice.

The escort gaziantep kızlar girls both giggled and played out a cheesy dialog that was their version of every low-budget lesbian porn film ever made.

“I’ve wanted you to touch me for so long Amy.”

“I was afraid you’d think I was weird.”

“I want you to, you know I love you.”

“I love you too, Emily, and now I’ll show you how much!”

At that point, the two girls leaned in toward each other as if they were going to kiss, but inches away, both broke into a storm of laughter so loud that in the next room, Amy’s parents considered telling them to keep it down.

Settling under the covers, lights out, the talk was quieter, and the subjects varied. Amy talked about her classes, boys she liked, teachers she hated, and CDs she wanted to buy. Emily spoke of comic books, her dream college path, and books she had read.

Amy introduced a new subject. “Can I ask you something?” This was Amy-code for, “This is going to be a personal question.”

Laying next to Amy in the dark, not quite touching, under the covers, Emily wondered what the question would be. “Sure,” she answered.

“You don’t talk about boys much. Are you into girls? I mean, it’s cool if you are, and I won’t tell anyone, I promise. I’m just curious.”

Emily definitely wasn’t expecting that question, but she answered truthfully. “I like boys, I just don’t think I’ve met one I really like that much.” Technically, she thought, this was true, as Ted wasn’t a boy, he was a man.

“And honestly, I’ve never really thought about girls like that, but I don’t have a problem with it. You just do what you like with whoever you like to do it with, you know? It’s all love.”

“So would you do it with a girl if you had the chance?” Amy pressed.

“I really don’t know. Maybe? If it was someone I liked, it’s possible. It’s one of those things I’d have to think about I guess,” she paused. “What about you?”

Amy was hoping the conversation would go this direction. Amy had not shared it with anyone yet, but she was starting to wonder about her own sexual identity, and found herself sometimes having attractions to girls, leading her to wonder if she might be bisexual.

“I’ll tell you if you swear not to tell anyone,” she started. “Of course,” Emily answered. There was an agreement that anything shared in the antique four-poster stayed there.

Amy went on. “I do think about girls sometimes. Not as much as boys, but it does get me kinda turned on.” Emily thought no differently of her friend and simply said, “Cool.”

“Second question,” and she waited a beat.

“Who do you think about when you play?”

Emily immediately thought of Ted, but kept that to herself. “Just random guys, nobody specific. Usually actors, I think. I have a terrible crush on guys I know I’ll never have, like Sean Connery or George Clooney.”

She thought that would be enough of a hint that she liked older men without coming out and specifically saying it.

“Yeah, I got you. Clooney is kinda hot, haha.” The girls laughed softly in agreement.

About ten seconds of silence went by, both girls not wanting to say out loud what they were simultaneously thinking.

Amy spoke first. “You wanna?”

Emily answered, “You started it, I’m just following you.”

The girls laughed softly again, and without further discussion, agreed they were both comfortable with masturbating in each others’ presence. Besides, it wasn’t that hard to pretend they were alone. It was dark, they were under the covers, so there was nothing to see. Amy reached into her panties right away, but Emily started on the outside, gently tracing the line in the front panel of her panties with a fingertip.

Emily spoke first. “We should have a race,” she joked.

“What does the winner get?” answered Amy.

“Bragging rights,” Emily replied.

“And the winner has to help the loser get to the finish line.”

Assuming Amy was joking, Emily said, “You’re on.”

Both girls got quiet as they focused on themselves.

End of part twelve.

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