Mercedes Next Adventure

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It was late on a warm August night when I came in from the university. There was some roses sitting on the table with a note. I open the note which reads “Hey sweetie. Meet me tonight at midnight at the first shelter house in the forestry. Wear something sexy. I plan to make this a night to remember. I love you. Bruce” I wonder to myself, why so late? Who knows. I quickly jump into the shower and then head to the bedroom to get dressed. I put on a black leather mini skirt, which just barely covers my ass, purposely forgetting the panties. Then I grab a red corset from the dresser. It is real tight but it really lifts the breasts. I am wearing a 4’ stiletto heel that has straps that wrap half way up the calf. I look at myself in the mirror and say “He will definitely like this”.

When I get to the forestry, there is a silk sheet on the picnic table with rose pedals scattered on the sheet. On the seat, is a bag full of new sex toys. “What in the world..” Suddenly, I see a car enter into the park. I decide I will try to look sexy for him so I sit on the edge of the seat, lays my elbows on the table and lean back. My breast were raised and my ass barely sticking out of the skirt. I hear the car door open, I lean my head back and shake my hair loose. Suddenly I hear a man say “Excuse me miss. What are you doing out here this time of night? The park is closed.” I sit up and turn my head, it was a cop. “Oh my goodness. I’m sorry officer. I was waiting on my boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend? Right.” The officer shines his light on the table and then at the bag on the seat. “There is usually only two reasons people are in here at this time of night, ma’am. Drugs or prostitution.” He walks over and takes a look into the bag. I just hang my head, This can not look good. As he walks back to me, he says “I am going to have to assume you are here prostituting.” “Do I look like a cheap whore to you officer?” “No quite frankly, you adıyaman escort look rather expensive to me” Instinctively, I slapped the officer. Before I knew it, the officer grabbed my hand and spun me around. “Ma’am, you are under arrest for striking an officer. “I’m sorry sir, I wasn’t thinking, It was just instinct.” He reads me my rights and says “I need to do a search on you.” He runs his hands up my legs, stopping at my crotch. The officer felt that I had no panties on, and said “Looks like you were looking for some action tonight, weren’t you”. I said absolutely nothing. Next, he runs his hands across my breast. “What is in here?” “They are called boobs” I said sarcastically.

“Maybe we can work something out, how much do you charge for a blow job?” he said. “I told you, I don’t charge.” “Great, since you don’t charge, how about it?” Angrily, I said “I don’t eat PORK!” With that, he strikes me across the face throwing me into the picnic table. “You sure are a sassy little bitch, aren’t you! “He lays my head on the table, hikes up my skirt and starts to whip my ass, hard. After about 8 slaps, I start crying and beg for him to stop. He jerks me up sits me on the bench. He shoves his dick in my face and starts fucking my mouth. This is the biggest cock I have ever seen. He is shoving it in so far, he is about to gag me. He is holding my head and I still have the handcuffs on so I can not get away. So I give up and just do as I am told. Maybe if I just comply, he will let me go. Or Bruce will show up and save me.

Finally, he grabs my hair and stands me up. He jerks my skirt off and my corset and throws it on the ground. Leans me across the side of the table. He stands behind me and shoves his dick into my pussy. Just then, I see a car come into the park. Oh thank goodness, Bruce is here to save me now. The car coming in does not even phase the officer, he just keeps akkent escort pounding that massive cock into me. I kind of wish Bruce would have been a little late, this cock feels really good. I am determined to not show it though. The car did not belong to Bruce, it was the officers partner. The female officer gets out of the car and heads toward us. She yells “What are you doing? You are suppose to wait for me” What?! What have I fallen into here?

She kissed the officer and starts undressing herself. She then slides under me and starts licking my clit. My body starts to deceive me, I start moaning and having an orgasm. She licks the officers cock as it slides out of my pussy and then licks my clit. In no time, they have me screaming. I am coming so hard, my juices are just gushing out. She climbs up on the table, and grabs my face. “You sure a sexy little thing.” She takes the handcuffs off my hands then and starts kissing my neck and sucking on my breasts. Then she kisses me on the mouth. I usually do not go for this kind of thing but I am so horny right now and it is just a kiss, so I kiss back. Our tongues are intertwining each others and getting real hot.

My face is flush with excitement. She lays back on the table says “your turn to eat me now”. “No way, I don’t do that kind of thing”. The male officer stopped fucking me and said “you will pay her back, she did it to you.” “No, I will not”. He shoves my head down unto her pussy, but I still refused to do it. He starts to whip me again, even harder this time. I started crying and said “Ok, Ok!” I looked at her and crying I said, “I don’t know how”. She looked at me and said “You will be alright, just do what you like”. So I stick my tongue out and touch her clit. She moans a little and then he starts to fuck me again. I have never had a woman’s pussy in my face before, so I had no clue what to do. I start thinking gaziantep anal yapan escort about what Bruce does to me. I take my tongue and flick her clit with it. She starts bucking my face. I inserted my index finger into her and she starts the orgasm. She arches her back and screams out as her cum covers my face. This also sends me into an orgasm and the officer finally stops pounding me from behind.

He tells me to lay on my back on the table and he grabbed a double dong from the bag. He puts one end in me and then the female officer lays her legs over mine and he sticks the other end into her. Our asses are slamming into each other and fucking us both. My head is hanging off the side of the table, so the male officer sticks his dick back into my mouth and proceeds to fuck my face again. Both of us women are very quickly having another orgasm and the dildo slides out. He pulls his dick out of my mouth and tells me to move to the center of the table on my knees. I am on my knees and the female officer slides under me. He grabbed the dildo and she shoves it into my pussy and he shoved my head back onto her pussy. He grabs some lube and applies it to my ass. He slides his dick in my ass very slowly, it was the only time all night that he took it easy on me. I was soon overcome with emotions and sensations. She was licking my clit, fucking my pussy with the dildo, he is fucking my ass, and I am sucking her clit, with 2 fingers in her pussy. I have every possible opening and sex organ being used at the same time. Soon, I am screaming and crying in pure ecstasy. I collapse onto her as he releases into my ass. The cum is running out of my ass unto her head. I roll off of her and onto the table and just lay there motionless for about 10 minutes. No one moves or say a thing.

Finally, the male officer says “Get dressed. I will drop all the charges.” We all get dressed, still no one speaking. His partner gets into her car and leaves. As I am getting into my car, we walks over to me and says “Tell Bruce, I said thanks and any time”. My mouth hits the ground. I grin and tell him “I sure will. And trust me,” with a wink “he will get his tonight.” I then got into my car and drove home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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