Messy Melinda Ch. 03

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Folks, this is a pure fantasy story, intended purely and solely for entertainment. Nothing that happens in it is real, none of it is meant to be in any way realistic, real life is never, ever, ever like this. This is just some good dirty messy family crossdressing kinky fun!


As the chilly, golden egg-goo ran down her bare buns, Melinda was able to stop herself just short of a full-bore orgasm right there in front of her friends and family! The sensation of the semi-liquid, semi-solid mess on her buns was so…it was just indescribable! To make it worse (or better, a treacherous voice said in her head…), she was naked and covered in goo right in front of her loved ones and closest friends in all the world! Every step she took caused her bare feet to squish around in the egg-goo that was gathering on the rubber mat, and the sound and feeling of that gunk between her toes was almost enough to bring on the orgasm she had just fought off!

“T-thanks, Jean,” Melissa said, trying hard to sound sarcastic, and she was afraid sounding just a little bit too sincere for her own comfort. “For the egg.”

“You’re welcome, Melinda,” her daughter-in-law said with a teasing but friendly smile. “It was my pleasure!”

“I’ll bet,” Melinda said, this time managing a sincere wry tone.

Even the smirk on Tina’s face, annoying as it was, added to the incredible, exposed, taboo sensations that the gunk flowing over her bare body were producing. Melinda wondered if she was going insane, but just then she knew that the last thing she wanted was for the ‘game’ to stop!

“Ready for your next egg, Mel?” Tina asked with that irritating smirk that was making Melinda’s belly roll in a not-unpleasant way. “Two more to go for your mistake!”

“Y-your turn,” she managed to tell her son, turning to face him and handing him an egg, proud of how steady he managed to keep her voice. She didn’t really think anyone had heard the tiny stammer when she started to speak!

Neil took the egg from his mother, looking down at her from his modest height advantage, and said to her very softly, to low for anyone but the five of them standing there together to hear, “You’re very beautiful when you’re covered in slime, Mom!”

She giggled and smirked, and said equally softly, “Thanks so much, Honey. That’s just what every mother wants to hear from her son!”

The five of them snickered, and they could tell that the rest of the room was wondering what they were laughing about. None of them were inclined to explain, though.

With a sigh, Melinda asked, “So where’s it gonna be, son?”

To her surprise, Neil squatted down to set the egg in front of her, in the pool of goop the four of them were standing in. Then he stood up and ordered her in a normal voice, “Step on it, Mom!”

She looked at him with her head tilted and said, “You’re kidding.”

“Nope. Crush it, right now! Right foot.”

Melinda looked around at her children and children-in-law, all of whom were grinning at her. She looked around the room at her granddaughters and friends, and sighed and lifted one leg, and brought her bare right foot down on the egg, which exploded in gooey blast of yolk and whites.

“Now rub your foot around it,” Neil ordered his mother. “Get it all over your sole!”

“That wasn’t part of the deal!” Melinda protested, but even as she did she was obeying her son’s instructions, rubbing her bare foot forward-and-back and side-to-side to get as much of the goop as she could onto it. Some of the goop flowed up between her toes and çankırı escort she shivered in a mixture of amusement, embarrassment, and pleasure.

“Thank you, Neil, for that disgusting egg,” Melinda laughed, and then she leaned up and kissed her son on the cheek, to the general amusement of the room.

“You’re very welcome, Mom.”

With a sigh of mixed emotion, Melinda turned to her barely-clad 34 year old daughter, and handed her an egg. “I’m ready when you are, Baby.”

Cathy looked at the egg in her hand, at her mother and brother, and then squatted down herself and put the egg in front of her mother’s left foot. As she did, Melinda noticed that she was giving most of the room a good look at her panty-covered rear end, and Melinda did not believe for a moment that this was an accident.

Cathy always had this exhibitionistic streak, Melinda thought to herself. Noticing a bulge in Steve’s pants, Melinda mused, Looks like her husband likes it, too! Or maybe it’s me standing here in my birthday suit…nah, couldn’t be. Not when he’s used to her.

“OK, Mommy,” Cathy said with a snicker, “crush it just like you did the last one!”

“Boring,” Tina said, but Melinda noticed she watched closely as she raised her left foot and crushed the egg with a little more force than the previous one. It blew apart fast enough that bits of egg-stuff landed on her children’s bare legs and the clothing of her children-in-law. She ran her foot all through the remnants just as before, avoiding shards of shell as best she could, and wiggling her toes as the goo worked its way between them.

Damn but that feels weird…and good!! Melinda thought.

“Thank you, Darling, for that very unoriginal egg,” Melinda said. Soft laughter rose from the others.

“I like things to match,” Cathy said unabashed.

“Ready to continue?” Tina asked. “We’ve only got a few questions left for our messy players!”

“Thank Heaven,” Melinda said. “Let’s get it over with!”

“You just think it ends when the questions are over, Mom,” Cathy whispered in her mother’s ear. “We’re barely getting started!”

“Goody,” Melinda whispered back dryly…or tried to. Again, the word sounded a lot more sincere than she intended it too!

“Next question,” Tina said, looking at her list. “Melinda, this is a good one! It’s a true or false about your son Neil.”

“Get on with it, bitch,” Melinda said with a smile.

“True or false: When he was in junior high, Neil used to secretly dress up in your clothes when he was a teenager!”

Melinda started slack-jawed at Tina, wondering if she could possibly be serious. Her son certainly would never have done that…but then again, look at what was happening now! Surely…but…her son…she blushed, and looked at Neil, who was just grinning at his mother, enjoying her reaction. Cathy seemed equally cheerful, and so did her daughter-in-law.

Given that, Melinda smiled and said, “False.”

“Wrong,” Tina grinned.

Melinda thought she might faint. “B-but-I mean, Neil, you didn’t?!”

“I did,” Neil said, not appearing to be in any way embarrassed by this admission in front of family and friends. “Several times. You never realized it because I was really careful, but Cathy caught me at it and blackmailed me like crazy!”

“Y-you knew?!” she demanded of her daughter.

“Sure did,” Cathy said. “Had a lot of fun with it, to be honest. He made a cute girl!”

“And it doesn’t bother you?!” she demanded of Jean.

“Why would it?” Jean asked reasonably. “He never kept it a secret from me, after all, I knew he liked to dress up as a girl when I married him!”

“Yeah, Daddy makes a nice-looking lady!” Briana yelled out.

Considering the nature of the admission, Melinda thought it was somehow unfair that she seemed to be the only one blushing!

“How many here knew about this?!” Melinda demanded of the assembled. Most of the people in the room raised their hands, some a little blushingly, some laughing.

“Apparently I was the only one in the dark,” Melinda said darkly. “Just exactly what of mine did you wear, young man?!”

He shrugged. “A lot of different stuff, back then I was about your height, remember? Undies, pantyhose, that blue and green sweater you used to wear to get your hair done-“

“No wonder it was all stretched out!!” Melinda exclaimed. “The shoulders were stretched all out of shape, I always thought the washing machine messed it up! I ought to make you pay to replace it, Neil!”

Melinda was trying, very hard, to be mad, but it wasn’t working. The general laughter was infectious, and she had no personal problem with guys who liked to dress in drag, she’d just never thought her own son might be into it! She was a little annoyed about the sweater, though, even after all those years, it had been a favorite of hers.

“Sorry,” Neil grinned, sounding sort of sincere.

“You can pay me back by skipping my egging,” Melinda told him, though she was of two minds about that!

“Sorry,” Neil shook his head. “You guessed wrong and have to pay the price! Let’s have an egg!”

Melinda picked up an egg from the decreasing supply and handed it to her son. “Go ahead, sissy,” she said, but she was smiling as she did.

“Sticks and stones, gunk-girl,” Neil replied, as he looked his nude mother over to pick the spot. “Raise you head, Mom.”

“Like this?” Melinda said as she tilted her head back, thinking her son wanted to drop the goop on her face the way Steven had a few minutes earlier. Part of her could hardly wait!

Instead, Neil held the egg under his mother’s chin, and put his hand at the back of her head. With a gentle push, he pressed her head forward, so that she crushed the egg under her chin, sending golden goop down her neck and chest!

A shiver went through her, goose-bumps flowed all over her bare body, and she had to lean against her son to stay on her feet!

“Damn,” she whispered.

“I’ve got you, Mom,” Neil whispered back. “I won’t let you fall!”

“Thanks,” she said shakily in a whisper, then added aloud, just seconds before Tina was about to announce another error, “Thank you for the stupid egg, Neil.”

Then she stuck her tongue out at Tina. As she did she tasted the gunk on her face, made a grimace, and shivered.

“Last question,” Tina announced, “this one is about Cathy.”

“Considering how much the last one shook me up,” Melinda said, “I’m kinda scared to hear it!”

“I’m looking forward to your reaction,” Tina admitted. “Same format. True or false: Cathy and Jean used to make out before Jean married Neil.”

Melinda drew a deep breath, this was a hard question, a trick one really. The thing was, Melinda knew that Cathy, her wild child, had ‘experimented’ with girls in college. Cathy had never kept that a secret. But had she done it with Jean?? That Melinda just was not sure about! She would have said ‘no’, as far as she knew Jean was totally straight…but then again, she’d never dreamed her son liked to dress in drag and that his wife and daughters apparently knew about it and had no problem with it, either!

“Time’s running out, Mel!” Tina teased, humming the ‘Jeapardy’ theme…rather badly.

Jean was grinning, so was Cathy, Neil seemed totally unbothered by the concept that his wife and sister might have made out at some point! But given what she had just learned, Neil would have had a hard time shocking his mother just then!

Fifty fifty chance, if I guess, Melinda thought to herself, and given what I just found out…

“True!” Melinda said.

“False,” Tina replied with an evil smile.

Melinda sighed and said, “I should have followed my first instinct,”

“Maybe so,” Jean said to her mother-in-law. “But anyway, Cathy and I only started making out after I married Neil!”

Melinda felt a little dizzy for a moment. She looked at Cathy, who grinned and nodded, and at her son, who seemed no more bothered by his sister making out with his wife then she had been by the idea that he wore dresses. Steve was grinning too!

“I don’t believe you!” Melinda said. “This is a put-on!”

“Well, one way to prove it,” Cathy said, walking over to her sister-in-law, who put her hands on Cathy’s bare shoulders, drew her closer and locked lips for several seconds! Melinda watched her daughter and daughter-in-law kissing and felt her pussy starting to drip, she had to grab onto Neil’s arm to steady herself. Both her son and son-in-law were watching the women kiss with apparent appreciation. There was a bulge in Steve’s pants and Neil, in his goop-soaked undershorts, almost had his cock sticking out as it pressed against the tight cotton!

“Way to go, Mom! Go Aunt Cathy!” the twins urged their mother and aunt on, obviously enjoying the kinky show, as were the rest of the audience in the room.

The women broke off the kiss, and as Cathy carefully squished through the goop to resume her place, Jean asked her mother-in-law, “Believe it now?”

Melinda could only nod.

“I believe it, or else I believe I’m going to wake up in bed after the weirdest dream in my life,” she said. “I’m not sure which I believe yet, though.”

“Time for an egg, Mom!” Cathy said.

“Why?” Melinda demanded. “Just because I got the time wrong?”

“Wrong is wrong,” Cathy laughed. “Egg, now.”

Melinda handed her daughter the last egg, a rather small one. Cathy looked at her mother for a long moment, then said, “Open you mouth wide, Mom.”


“Just do it,” Cathy ordered.

“Cathy, you are not going to do what I think you’re going to do!” Melinda said, stepping back.

“Oh, yes, I am!” Cathy giggled. “Open!”

Looking around at the crowd, who seemed eager to see this, and feeling her belly fluttering and admitting to herself that part of her found the idea strangely appealing, Melinda opened her mouth as wide as she could. Cathy inserted the relatively small egg into her mother’s mouth, and mother and daughter looked at each other eye-to-eye for several moments before Cathy said, “Bite down, Mom.”

Melinda looked into her daughter’s eyes for a moment, and then she bit down, and the egg broke in her mouth, filling her mouth with gunk that ran out as she spat out the mess, the taste horrible and pleasant at the same time, the ‘feel’ of the gunk in her mouth indescribably slimy, and then the orgasm she’d been fighting almost since they started finally came over her. She lost her footing in the slippery goo, but Neil and Cathy had their hands on her arms so she went down slowly.

The next thing she knew, she was sitting on her butt in the pool of goo, a stupid smile on her face, and her kids were helping her sit up.


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