Metamorphosis Ch. 01

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Jack downed his second Manhattan and said, “Five hundred bucks says you can’t do it.”

Frank smiled into his glass, his friend and business partner was on the way to a glorious drunk. The conversation was getting sillier every second.

Jack signaled the bartender, pointed to his empty glass and refocused his attention on Frank. “No answer hotshot? After all, aren’t you the master cocksman?”

“Where do you get these ideas Jack?” Rob asked with some amusement. “I thought we were going to talk shop tonight?”

Jack said, “Would you believe the television? That movie was on, ‘My Fair Lady?’ The one where the professor transforms the cockney girl.”

“And from that movie you got the idea for me to seduce my secretary?” Frank said with some amusement.

“Not just seduce,” Jack answered. “Seduce is too easy. I want to see you transform her; from the boring; efficient secretary to a wild animal. A woman whom you control with your mind and body.”

Rob laughed and chimed in, “The idea has merit, I think I would have a piece of that bet. It would be highly entertaining if you could pull it off Frank.”

“I think you’re both nuts,” Frank said. “Maybe you ought to lay off the sauce a little.”

“Not up to it huh?” Jack laughed at his pun. “We thought you were a player, a ladies man. I must admit transforming your secretary would be a tall order.”

“Maybe he isn’t the stud he thought he was,” Rob said, clearly baiting Frank now. “I mean she is the original ice queen. Christ, a guy’s dick would freeze up and drop off if he fucked her.”

“Yeah, she’s an ice queen,” said Jack. “But I bet under all those loose clothes her body isn’t bad. She’s a little plain but not the paper bag over the head type of girl. Isn’t that true Frank?”

Frank sighed dramatically, “I never really looked that close Jack. She’s my secretary and a good one at that.”

“That’s the point,” Jack said excitedly. “She’s totally non-fuckable, much less any man transforming her into a nympho. I see why you might not want to take the bet.”

Frank was getting pissed now, “Ever hear of a little something called sexual harassment? I’m going to jeopardize everything for a bet?”

“I must admit it would be tricky, it would take finesse. A guy would need to be clever and resourceful. He would need to seduce her, then get her so addicted to him she would be his willing slut.” Rob shook his head, “No, you are right Frank. You could never pull it off.”

“Yeah,” Jack agreed. “Frank has plenty of finesse in business and seduction but to actually pull off a transformation? Never!”

His jab and sly smile hit home and Frank made his decision. “Alright wise guys, you’re on! Be prepared to pay up, you’re going to lose!”

Almost immediately he wanted to cut his tongue off. What was he thinking of? Carolyn was a good secretary and a truly nice lady. The operative word was lady of course. The idea of Carolyn Walker as a wild sex goddess was too far out on a limb.

Rob’s voice broke into his musings, “We need a few rules, this isn’t just ‘I got in her pants’ and you win. We want a total transformation. The way she looks, dresses, even acts. You unveil her at the office Christmas party on December twentieth.”

Rob laughed and started to speak but Frank cut him off. To his own amazement he heard himself say, “No worries; she will be mine; totally. When do I start?”

“Is tomorrow too soon?” asked Rob. “Today’s the ninth, that gives you a little over six weeks for this great metamorphosis.”

Six weeks to turn a rather plain küçükçekmece escort women into his sex slave? Talk about your egos. Frank realized his had just reached out and bit him on the ass. How was he going to pull this off?


Carolyn slammed the door of her brother-in-law’s car and ran to the entrance of the small business where she worked. Her eyes were full of tears and she kept her head down. In the elevator she fought the urge to totally break down, if she started crying she may never stop. She didn’t know how much longer she could live with Janet and Tim. Day after day of her sister reminding her that Carolyn only lived with them out of the goodness of their hearts. Of course Caro was an unpaid babysitter cum housekeeper, to say nothing of the fact that most of her salary went to them. Janet had always conveniently chosen to forget that.

In her office she wiped her tears and tried to calm down. Routine tasks like making the coffee and booting her computer helped and soon she stopped shaking. Her work at the consulting firm was important to her, especially now. She eventually hoped to sock away enough for a place of her own but it wasn’t easy. Fifteen minutes later she was back to her usual self, quiet, efficient, emotionless. Good thing, as she needed all her faculties around her when dealing with her boss.

Franklin Thomas Bennett was a power broker, an ‘A’ personality all the way. His ability to exert his influence on people was one reason he was so successful in business. Along with his partners; Rob Waller and Jack Connor; they had made the small consulting firm a thriving business. Waller and Connor worked behind the scenes; but Mr. Bennett was the driving force. Oh yes, he was a human dynamo in every sense of the word.

Caro sipped her coffee as she thought about the last week in the office, he had been different. She couldn’t put her finger on it but it was almost like he was assessing her. She noticed him watching her more, seemingly sizing her up. It was disconcerting to say the least. She was perplexed because he never noticed her, she did her job and did her best to blend into the woodwork. This attention was definitely not him, he was usually wrapped up in his own world. He had quite a reputation around town, a lady-killer who consistently collected notches in his headboard. And why not? Way over six feet with a hard body; blonde hair and blue eyes; he was definitely easy on the eyes. But it was his attitude with women that set him apart, he had the knack of making each feel like they were special. Anyway his ladies always seemed to come back. Who was she kidding? Like she knew what kept his women on the string. She was definitely not in Franklin Bennett’s league.


Frank smiled to himself as he closed his office door, he had Caro thoroughly bewildered. He knew his quiet appraisals were confusing her. The last few days he had checked her out, the whole package that was his secretary. She was average; to put it bluntly; but who knew what was hidden underneath? Each time he spoke to her she colored, her eyes lowered and she seemed to lose her voice. He knew the signs well, she was attracted to him and it would work in his favor. Now was the time to put his plan into motion, to start her addiction to him. Opening his office door he watched her, her eyes were definitely red, she had been crying.

She looked up from her desk as he approached, “Caro, I have been watching you the last few days. Is something wrong? You seem distracted and on edge. Can küçükyalı escort I help?”

“I’m fine Mr. Bennett,” she said. “I’m just a little tired I guess.”

“Is that why your hands are shaking? Why you seem on the edge of tears all the time?”

He knew he had hit a nerve, her body language fairly screamed it out. She opened her mouth to speak; but closed it quickly. Her fingers nervously pleated a piece of paper on her desk and he pressed his advantage.

“Look, I’m not trying to pry but you look like you need to talk. I’m your boss Caro, but I want to also be a person you can turn to if you need a friend.”

Her eyes welled and the tears began to fall. Getting a tissue he waited as she desperately tried to stem the flow. It was a lost cause, once she started she couldn’t stop.

After a few minutes she calmed and he spoke, “Get your coat, we are going to lunch.”

“No thank you, I brought my lunch. I will be fine.”

“No arguing with the boss,” Frank said. “We are going to lunch.”

The trip to the restaurant was silent; she fidgeted; clearly nervous in his presence. He took her to a small upscale place he frequented. He ordered a scotch for himself and over her protests, a gimlet for her. After their order was placed, there was silence once again.


Carolyn looked at her boss in an alcoholic daze, the drinks really packed a punch. Even in this state she realized he was scrutinizing her again. Why? What was he up to? She must admit that she was beginning to like the attention. But with his attention came all the self doubts that she had always had about herself. Hadn’t she always thought of herself as a plain Jane? God knows she had been told many times by her sister how boring she was. When she married; her husband took over the mantle; taking every opportunity to cut her down. It was no surprise that Mr. Bennett’s attention was so welcome. Even if it was only for a few hours she was content to bask in the glow.

Caro realized he was speaking and shook her head to clear it. “Want to talk?” he asked. “Sometimes it helps to get it out.”

Caro was quiet for a moment before she spoke, “I’m not sure where I should begin. I’m just unhappy with my home life, and I see no way out.”

“You live with your sister and her husband, right? I remember you mentioning it once a long time ago.”

“Yes,” Caro answered. “After my divorce I had no where to go and they invited me to stay with them. It was the biggest mistake I ever made, I’m unhappier now than before my divorce.”

“So you move, you find your own place. Simple.”

Caro shook her head, “No, it’s not simple. I just can’t seem to get enough money put away to rent my own place. I wouldn’t take any alimony and my sister takes a big part of my check.”

“If you are that unhappy I would be happy to advance you some money,” Frank said.

She vehemently shook her head no, “That’s okay Mr. Bennett, I will manage. Please forget I ever said anything.”

The rest of the meal was spent making small talk. Caro had a second drink and when he asked if she wanted dessert, she passed. Giggling, she said another drink would be nice but he only shook his head and smiled. His smile made her knees weak along with the drinks and she waited as he paid the bill. His arm around her waist as he helped her to a waiting cab made her tremble. The ride was a short one back to the office but to Caro it was a pleasant blur. Thankfully; Mr. Bennett took her in a side door at the office; sparing maltepe escort her the humiliation of walking past her coworkers. By this time she had a serious case of the giggles, coupled with an intense attraction to her boss. For the first time in her life she found herself flirting and she liked the feeling. She was playing with fire and she liked it.


Frank watched Caro as she wandered around his office, summing up what he had to work with. Her hair was a dirty blonde which she pulled back with a large barrette but she had lovely eyes, deep set and bluish gray. He agreed with Jack’s assessment of her body, unless he missed his guess the clothes hid a knockout body. With a little work she could be quite lovely. He had a challenge but he was more than capable of surmounting it. The first step was to seduce her; he just needed the right opportunity. It came quicker than he planned as she giggled and playfully spun in circles. The liquor had done a number on her and she lost her balance. Catching her before she fell, Frank pulled her to him. Her eyes were beautiful as she lifted her head to look at him. Her breasts were crushed against his chest, and he found himself hardening. Before she had a chance to speak, he covered her mouth with his. He felt her tense, but as he deepened the kiss her body relaxed and her arms went around his neck. He felt a slight compunction about what he was about to do but he quickly pushed it away.

His tongue pushed past her teeth and he felt her surrender to his kiss. Pulling the barrette from her hair he wound his fingers in the soft locks. Her soft moan was all he needed to hear, he picked her up and carried her to the sofa. Looking in her eyes he saw passion, mixed with a sadness that pulled at his heart. As his fingers went to the buttons on her blouse, she shook her head. It was half-hearted at best and Frank never stopped. Her bra was plain and white but her breasts were perfect. Neither too big or too small, they fit perfectly in his palms as he cupped them. Pushing the top of her bra down, he let his tongue roam over her nipples. He heard her gasp as he sucked lightly on each one, nibbling and pulling on each with his teeth. His mouth moved lower, his lips skimmed her stomach as his hands pushed her skirt up over her hips.

Caro made one more feeble protest as he pulled her panties and hose off but he shushed her. Frank ran his thumbs down the sides of her pussy, smiling as she arched under his touch. He ran his finger up her slit, moving slowly through the soft brown curls. She was his now, to do with as he pleased. Putting his hands under her ass, he buried his head between her thighs. She cried out as his tongue found her clit and circled it. The taste and smell of her incited him and he pulled her close, letting his tongue dive deep into her body. Her fingers clutched at the sofa as she arched under his mouth. He reveled in her moans and redoubled his efforts, pulling lightly on her pussy lips. He felt her shudders as he flicked her clit and he knew she was close to her orgasm. As he rocked his mouth on her pussy he felt her stiffen, her wild moans echoed in the quiet room as she came in a series of unending spasms.

Two more times he brought her to orgasm with his lips and fingers, making her beg for more. Later after she had fallen asleep, Frank smiled at the sight of her. The effects of his lovemaking coupled with the liquor had left her in a state of dishabille. Her hair was askew, cheeks rosy, her legs open and wet with her own juices. Frank’s cock was throbbing, threatening to burst from his pants. He needed relief himself and standing over her, he unzipped his pants. Pulling his cock out, Frank jerked himself off over her body. It was incredibly erotic and he came harder than he had in a long time. His cum covered her belly and pussy and he smiled as he covered her with a small throw and turned out the office lights. This promised to be one bet he was going to enjoy winning.

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