Mexican Creek Ch. 01

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Chapter 01: At the Swimming Hole

Our husbands had a great idea. As usual it was great for them, but boring for us. The two of them wanted to pack Maria and me off to the lake for two weeks. We protested; but they just argued about how much we would love the swimming, sun bathing and cool air of the Balcones.

It was apparent they had some plan of their own. We could sense this and finally gave in to the inevitable. Maria’s family owned old property on the backside of Medina Lake and assured me that the rancho was a wonderful place to kickback and enjoy. We headed out Friday afternoon for the cabin. After a short trip on the highway, we turned onto a rutted dirt road and began a long slow climb to a plateau and the lake. My doubts started growing the longer we drove and the more remote we seemed to be.

After arriving, Maria showed me around while the men unloaded the luggage. The house was adobe with a veranda looking out over the lake to the northwest. A short distance away the ground continued to slope down, ending with limestone steps that dropped the final ten feet to a rock ledge with water up to the edge. It was a small cove of the lake surrounded by limestone cliffs, I started to warm to the idea, thinking this could be a very sexy vacation. We were in a romantic setting that was secluded and had our men all to our selves.

When we got back to the house, Hal, my husband, took me in his arms, kissed me and said, “Isn’t this a beautiful place Louise? I think you’ll love two weeks here, rather than sitting around in the hot city.”

“Yes,” I said. “It’s beautiful. I think I’ll like it very much.” I saw Joe snuggling and kissing Maria. “Very much”, I thought to myself.

Several seconds later, Joe stepped back and said, “I’m glad you like the rancho Louise. You and Maria have everything here to enjoy your vacation. Hal and I will be back in two weeks, after our business trip.”

“What? You’re leaving us alone for two weeks?” I blurted out. “Hal, you never said anything about a trip. Why didn’t you mention it?”

“I thought I did dear. Maria said you would love the lake. That you’d prefer this to staying at home by yourself,” Hal said.

Without another word, they both gave us quick pecks and scurried out the door. I was left standing with my damp panties feeling like they were dashed with ice water. I turned towards Maria and she had a big grin on her face.

“Don’t worry Louise. I’ve spent many vacations here. I assure you, this will be the best vacation you’ve ever had,” she said, still grinning.”

I wondered to myself if she was in on the plan? We were good friends and usually, confided to each other everything, including about our affairs. She even told me about her trysts with women. Was that the plan; to get us alone so Maria could seduce me?

“What do you say we start relaxing right now? We can take a dip and wash the road dust off, then have a drink on the veranda and watch the sunset,” she said. Not waiting for me to answer, she turned and walked down towards the lake. I followed.

I had turned from heat to chills to burning with fury. I knew the men had set me up and I was mad as hell. At the shore, Maria stripped off everything and stepped into the water. She gingerly stepped down again as if searching for steps to take her farther into the water. She said, “Don’t dive in here. There’s a danger of hidden rocks everywhere.”

I did as she had, stripped and walked into the lake. I felt her eyes locked on my golden pussy. They were almost burning, so I hurried into the water, ignoring the sharp stones underfoot. The lake water still retained some of the day’s heat so it was relaxing and comfortable. After bathing for a while, Maria said, “Let’s go get those drinks.”

She walked out of the water ahead of me, slipped into her sandals and picked up her clothes. I thought she had the right idea. No need to put dirty clothes back on after just getting clean. The water had been comforting and I didn’t want to ruin the relaxed mood I was feeling. Maria was headed up the slope then paused, waiting for me. She linked her arm into mine and moved closer to me.

When we reached the veranda Maria let go of my arm and walked into the house. She came back out with a bottle of Riesling and two glasses in her hand. “That’s Hal’s favorite!” I immediately thought. “So this must be his contribution to my seduction. A doomed seduction! I don’t like being tricked.”

She filled the two glasses, handed one to me and took the other, lying down on a lounge chair. She didn’t bother getting dressed. Feeling more comfortable, I decided not to get dressed either. We lay there chatting and watching a colorful sunset across the upper end of the lake. We also did a lot of glancing at each other’s bodies. Her breasts were larger than mine, firm and upright. Her pussy was neatly trimmed into a strip, the hair stopping just above her lips.

I could understand why both men and women found her so desirable. Then I began wondering what she was Uzun porno thinking. I was comparing our bodies. I wondered if she was comparing our bodies as well. I hoped she found mine as attractive as I found hers? I had to stop thinking like this. I wasn’t going to let myself be trapped into their plan.

I noticed the sun was almost gone now and the wine was empty.

I looked at her as she said, “Let’s turn in. We’ll get a good night’s sleep and tomorrow I’ll show you around the area. I know a beautiful swimming hole where we can do whatever we like, there’s also a nice ledge for sun bathing.”

I followed her into the house. She led me to the bedroom where I found our luggage. There was one large bed in the middle. I looked at her a bit concerned and asked, “Is this the only bedroom?”

“No, it’s the only one prepared now,” she answered. “We’ll share the bed tonight. My grandparents raised eight children in this house so there’s more than enough room for just two. We can clean up another room tomorrow, if you want.” I watched as she walked through a door and turned on a light in a bathroom.

I just stood stunned. My mind was racing as I thought about the day’s events. My reluctance the entire trip up here especially after seeing the seclusion, feeling comfortable with the beautiful setting I had warmed to the idea of spending a short vacation here with Hal. Remembering his kisses and the dampness that occurred.

But such hopes were dashed when the men left and I spent the day wondering if Maria would try to seduce me. It had taken me until dusk to accept that I could avoid a lesbian encounter, but the wine had me thinking, “Why or why not?” Now there was no avoiding sleeping in the same bed with my beautiful, sensuous friend. My mood now was not.

I could at least try. I opened my bag, pulled out a non-suggestive shirt and panties. I realized Maria had continued talking while in the bathroom and I hadn’t heard a word. “I’m through,” she said, walking out of the bath. “Your turn. I’m going to brush my hair here in the bedroom.”

Maria startled me out of my thoughts. She was still fully naked. I quickly slipped into the bath. I was met with another surprise, a beautiful surprise. Along the right wall were two copper washbowls set in a tile covered counter. Beyond, sat a large copper tub. The Talavera tiles extended as a half wall around the tube to a linen closet door, then into a large shower.

The tiles had a common pattern, but no two were exactly alike. The motif consisted of four delicate flowers, each sitting on the green leaves of a larger flower with an opening blossom. The arrangement was centered inside another single large bloom. The colors exuded sensuous temperatures, reds, yellows, and oranges against various shades of green forming the leaves and stems in the background.

Along the left wall were wood bars for face clothes and towels, also a pair of wood saloon doors. I peeked over the doors and saw a commode and bidet. It was a water closet. The urge hit me hard, so I put my things on the counter. I stepped into the closet to use the toilet after a long day. I kept looking at the bidet and thought, “I’ll have to try that while I’m here. Is it really as pleasant as they say?”

I finished, went back to the washbowl, ran some warm water and began lightly bathing. I brushed my teeth then picked up my shirt and panties. I put it back down and pulled out a vial of perfume. Dabbing a little on the delicate places of my body, I was ready for bed. I was tired of the mental yo-yoing. I walked back into the bedroom ready for whatever may happen.

Maria was already in bed, covered by a sheet. I could see she was asleep from her light, steady breathing. I guess she meant what she said, “A good night’s sleep.” I turned off the light and crawled under the sheet next to her. Luckily, I fell asleep in seconds with no more thoughts of the day.

I felt, more than saw flashes of white-hot light around my eyes. My vision was filled with a field of muted red. Slowly opening my eyes, I saw bright morning light streaming into the bedroom. I could even feel the heat building in the room. I was so rested that I just wanted to stay in bed, even though it was apparently late.

Scanning around the room, I saw all that I had missed last night. The furniture and trim was all dark wood. The aging had given everything a warm patina. The walls were filled with paintings and framed pictures, mostly of colorful flowers and old Mexican Mercado scenes. The few pictures were apparently of family. One had six couples surrounded by children, maybe twenty or more.

I looked to my side and saw rumpled sheets were a body had been, but was now empty. I remembered Maria had been there when I slipped under the sheets last night. The rambling thoughts of yesterday flitted through my mind, but I pushed them aside. I didn’t want that again. This was starting as a beautiful day, a day to be enjoyed. I was going to make sure that I did enjoy this Öğrenci porno vacation. And, I felt this was a perfect place to do just that.

I began brushing my hands along my body, over my breasts, down my stomach and across my blonde bush. I was thinking, “This room must be seducing me. Or maybe, I want Maria hands in place of my own.”

My fingers were moving back and forth the full length of my pleasure sheath, picking up my lubrication, then to my clit and twirling round gently before pinching it to erection. My other hand was alternately kneading my breasts, squeezing my nipples to high proud peaks.

My fingers started their familiar pattern, sliding lightly between my pussy lips, slowly probing two fingers in deep, then back to rub and toy with my clit. Each cycle was making me ascend to the heights. Over and over I climbed higher. I finally reached the apex having a mild but deeply pleasing climax.

I was still seeing a field of muted red as I gradually descended back down to feel that ultimate peace of release. My eyes flickered open and Maria was standing in the doorway watching me and smiling. I had kicked the sheet off and lay totally exposed before her, my fingers still stroking the light hairs of my bush. It was strange, I would normally have been embarrassed if even my husband saw me this way, but I was pleased that Maria caught me completely defenseless and pleasuring myself in her bed.

“I often start my days the same way,” she said. “If it’s a good one, I consider it a sign that the day will get even better.”

“But no encores today dear, breakfast will be ready by the time you cleanup and dress. A bathing suit and sneakers is all you need.” With that, she disappeared back toward the living room.

“Even better,” lingered in my mind as I swung my legs off the bed. The floor was paved with Saltillo tiles and small hand woven Mexican rugs, many with traditional Zapotec motifs. I hurried through a quick sink bath, brushed my teeth and used the water closet. Quickly pulling out my bathing suit and sneakers, I was dressed and out to the dining area in minutes. It was another astoundingly beautiful part of the house that begged me to linger and enjoy.

Maria placed some plates on the dinette, one containing small Huevos Chorizo wraps, and another with slices of fresh fruit, a third with small jalapeno corn cakes. She started eating right away, talking occasionally. “I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself here at the rancho,” she said. “The sun starts hitting the swimming spot in the creek about ten, so we have time to get there without hurrying. It’s one of my favorite places.

“It’s a short strenuous hike, so by the time we get there, a dip in the cold creek water will hit the spot just right and we’ll have a few hours to sun bath before losing the sun.”

“Why don’t we just go out front to the lake?” I asked.

“Because fishermen and boaters on the lake will ruin our privacy, I don’t like to draw attention from the wrong people. You’ll agree the creek is much better once you see it.”

We finished eating and cleaned away the dishes before she picked up a backpack and headed out the door. We walked up the road about a hundred yards. The road turned just before a big hill and went through a saddle. Maria also turned, but she took a path leading off into some trees and scrub brush. A couple of minutes saw us walking down slope into a small ravine carved out of limestone.

“Did all the beautiful woodwork and furnishings in the house come from the rancho?” I asked Maria.

“Some of it did. This is mostly mesquite and juniper here on the plateau. The oak and cedar comes from the valley below and along the river.” We were now walking on the limestone along side rushing, clear blue water. “This is Mexican Creek, the gem of the land grant that brought my ancestors to Texas. It comes from a spring farther up the hill. It’s probably from a cave river running through the plateau,” she said.

We were now descending rapidly to the east, walking directly into the hot August sun. A cooling breeze that flowed down the ravine pacing the water moderated the heat. It was a little strenuous like Maria had said, but still quite a pleasant hike. After about ten minutes, the creek turned sharply to the south. I could see what Maria meant about the sunning time starting about ten. The ravine walls were steep, cut from the limestone that now towered over a hundred feet high. The sun had not yet reached down to the water.

The nature of the creek changed. We where not descending as rapidly. The stream widened up to fifteen or twenty feet in some places. It was also shallower, two feet deep at the most. It flowed over long ledges of the limestone before cascading over the edge to drop about two feet. About ten minutes later, I saw the rock on either side pinch in and heard louder sounds of water splashing. When I saw it, the water was tumbling over the rocks through this narrow pinch.

It was a small waterfall pouring into a deep blue pool. Maria walked past the pool, stepping down several feet to a lower ledge that was mere inches above the water. She said, “Here it is. All ours and soon to be bathed with sunshine.” She removed her pack and started laying some towels out on the ledge. When she had completed making a place for us to sun ourselves, she dropped her robe and step into the stream. “Come on,” she said. “Let’s swim for a while.”

I dropped my robe and stepped in to join her, I could see through the crystal clear water. We were on a smooth limestone bed. The water was cold and felt refreshing after our hike down from the rancho. I followed Maria upstream toward the dark pool. Getting close to the dark water, she stopped at the edge of the crystal water, before diving in.

I could see the dark tone of her body and red bathing suit clearly until she went several feet underwater. The water was no longer blue. It was too deep for light to reflect back from the depths. Maria surfaced before the small waterfall and waved for me to join her. I did, coming up within inches of her body. “Isn’t this heavenly?” she asked, before pulling me to her and kissing me.

It was a soft, gentle kiss, but arousing. While I had been shivering from the cold water, I now felt the heat building between my thighs. Maria swam off a few feet, slipped her head underwater and I saw her legs come out as she dove down. Seconds later, her hands were running up the sides of my legs and waist before she popped up behind me. She kissed across my shoulders and neck before again swimming off.

As her legs again turned up above the water, I dipped my head and dove. I could see her floating under the water, almost as if she were waiting for me. I didn’t hesitate. I swam toward her and between her legs. I stroked quickly on her inner thighs before surfacing again. She wasn’t up yet, so I dove under again. She was still floating there, turned away from me. I swam in and pressed my body against her back and caressed her as she began to surface. The full length of her back and butt slowly rubbed against my breasts on her way up.

We continued to play our games. Diving under, caressing new parts of each other’s body. Surfacing for air then diving under again. Maria added kissing to our underwater game with very un-sisterly kisses. Then, on one dive, Maria moved in close and pulled my suit top down exposing my very hard nipples and kissed them, sucking gently.

Surfacing for more air, I dove back down quickly. Maria soon came into view, but there was no red swim top. I knew what she wanted. I did too. I swam toward her as she rolled over to point her breasts upward. We came together in sort of an abbreviated 69 position. I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth just before she started to nibble on mine. I felt ravenous, sucking her nipples alternately like I had to have all of her right now. That was a mistake.

In my hurry, I sucked in water as well and began to choke. Maria broke off to pull me back to the surface. Then like a lifesaver, she floated me back to the ledge and shallow water. “Look’s like a good time to get some sun and rest,” she said. Standing up, she wrapped her arm around me and we walked the short distance back to our towels.

While I started to dry, Maria stripped her bottoms, pulled some suntan lotion from her bag and sat down on the towel closest to the water. She said, “Lay down on your stomach Louise. I’ll apply some lotion to your back.” It was obvious that she planned to sunbath in the nude, so I removed my suit too. Liquid seeped from my pussy. I didn’t know if it was creek water or my own fluids, it could have been either.

Maria began rubbing the lotion on my calves, slowly working northward to my thighs. As she rubbed my inner thighs, she never quite touched my treasure. Oh, I wanted it so much. She moved farther north to cover my buttocks, then my lower back. When she reached my upper back, I pulled my hair aside and she applied the lotion across my shoulders and neck. All the time she was talking about my body, how pretty or beautiful each part was. Finally, slipping her hand under me, she lifted to indicate that I should roll over.

I rolled to my back as Maria continued to rub the lotion into my shoulders and neck before covering both of my arms. She returned to my torso and slowly massaged my breasts with the suntan lotion. She grew silent now, just caressing my breasts for the longest time. I watched as Maria moved lower to my stomach, then out to cover my hips and back into the top of my thighs. She was staring at my light patch of blonde hair as she started working on my inner thighs. She appeared to be transfixed, even as she moved south to rub my shins and feet. She was looking straight up between my legs. I knew I was flooding now. I knew she could see it, too.

“My turn,” was all she said as she lay down on her towel. I began applying the suntan lotion in silence. I was finding every part of her body beautiful. I was hoping more time like this was to come. Once she had turned over, I took my time on her breasts returning an equally long time to her massage. Only I was already staring at her neatly trimmed pussy hair and the steady flow that she was exuding.

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