Mike and the Three Blondes Ch. 01

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“Oh my god, Kathy, that was fucking great,” Mike said, rolling off of his wife’s chest after bringing himself to an explosive climax between her breasts that left her chest, neck and face covered in his spunk. He kissed her on the cheek, carefully avoiding the semen he’d left there.

“Kathy? I thought I was supposed to be Jill tonight?” Ginger replied quizzically while running a finger through the come in the valley between her breasts, licking a sticky glob from her finger.

“Oh, shit. I can’t even keep your two hot friends straight in my mind sometimes when I’m fantasizing about them.”

“Just so long as it’s only a fantasy, mister,” she commented playfully.

After 10 years of marriage and two children, Mike and Ginger still had a strong and steady sex life that included roleplaying – often with Ginger playing the role of one of her two best friends. At Mike’s urging, Ginger had undergone breast augmentation four years earlier that gave her a 36C bust. The looks she got from other men and women as well as the vision she saw in the mirror and whenever she looked down made her feel that the surgery was more than worthwhile.

Mike lay on his right side, his erection gone after Ginger’s magnificent cock sucking and tit fucking, his rough, calloused left hand drifting over her body, from her proud-standing breasts to her torso and on down between her legs. Her back arched as he stroked his finger along the length of her slit, tracing her labia and circling her clitoris. He settled into a steady, pleasing rhythm, sinking his middle finger deep inside his wife while his thumb stimulated her tender little bud. She grew increasingly wet under his touch, and after several minutes of purely manual stimulation he maneuvered himself between her thighs and began to eat her out.

Ginger lay back, loving the feel of her husband’s rough tongue on her pussy, reveling in his iron worker’s strength as his hands wrapped around her thighs to keep her fully exposed before him. Over the years she’d found that the biggest, strongest men seemed to have a special affinity for performing cunnilingus, and the way Mike had hungrily devoured her on the night that they had first hooked up had let her know that he was a keeper.

Mike used his entire face to pleasure his wife, pressing his nose against her clit while rolling his tongue into a miniature cock that yearned to get as deep as possible inside her, then sliding his face up, his chin holding her lips open while he licked at her sensitive little bundle of nerves. As she grew increasingly wet his face slid all over her pleasure center.

He knew how to play her perfectly, and she felt herself building steadily toward her climax. An image of her friend Jill grinding her pussy against Mike’s face while Kathy rode him, the two women’s tongues entwined, crept into Ginger’s mind and took her over the edge. Mike smiled to himself as Ginger writhed and shook beneath him, proud that he was still able to make his wife come so hard.

* * * * *

Several days later the three blondes were out together for a little Thirsty Thursday fun at one of their favorite bars, leaving their husbands at home on child care duty. (They all hated it when their husbands said they were “babysitting.”) As the designated driver for the evening Jill was on the second of the two light beers she was allowed to have, while Ginger and Kathy were on their third margaritas – the most recent round paid for by some guys a few tables over who were hoping to score with the sexy thirtysomethings, only to get shot down by a well-practiced display of all three women’s wedding rings.

“So, Mike’s birthday is coming up,” Ginger began during a lull in the conversation.

“I was going to ask you about that. Are you going to throw a big barbecue again this year? If so, I think I can get a good price on a bouncy house for the kids,” Jill commented. “One of Dave’s friends runs one of those party supply aksaray escort businesses that rents them out.”

“Bouncy house, eh?” Kathy laughed, placing her hands beneath her 34D breasts and lifting them up, then letting them go and bouncing on her stool to enhance the up-and-down motion, her head falling onto Ginger’s shoulder as all three women laughed at her antics. For a bartender, Kathy had a surprisingly low tolerance for alcohol.

“Probably. Mike’s been working a ton of overtime, so we may cater the party this year. It would make for a lot less work for us,” Ginger said. “But that’s not why I brought it up.”

“Oh?” Jill and Kathy said in unison.

“Yeah,” Ginger began, the tequila helping to unlock the pathways between her brain and vocal cords. Still, she paused for a moment before putting it out there. “You know that he has the hots for both of you, right?”

“Who doesn’t?” Kathy replied with a grin. “I’d do him. Hell, I’d do both of you, too.” Ginger laughed while Jill blushed, suspecting where the conversation was heading.

“Well, that’s his big birthday wish,” Ginger blurted out. “To do both of you.” Kathy and Jill’s jaws dropped in unison. “At the same time.” Ginger’s two friends looked at each other, then laughed.

“Oh my God, I almost believed you for a second!” Jill exclaimed.

“Yeah, Mike’s all bark and no bite, right? Do you really think he’d be able to deliver in that kind of situation?” Kathy asked.

“Well, we’ve never been involved in a threesome or anything before, but….” Ginger paused.

“But?” Jill asked, looking intently into Ginger’s eyes, searching.

“Sometimes I give him head while he looks at your pictures. And we role-play, where I’m the bartender at last call or Nurse Jill checking up on her patient’s vitals and drawing a sperm sample…that kind of thing,” Ginger revealed, a blush coming to her face. Jill’s eyebrows were raised, conveying her surprise, while Kathy licked her lips. “So, what do you say?”

* * * * *

Two weeks later Mike was lounging on the living couch, sipping a beer while watching the hometown lovable losers blow another ball game on the TV. He’d completed his “honey do” list and was enjoying the early summer afternoon home by himself, pondering a trip to the gym despite the slight back ache he had after his morning of yard work. Maybe he’d just spend some time out back in the above-ground pool.

He slid his hand down the front of his shorts, beginning to masturbate to the memory of the hot role-play he and Ginger had engaged in the night before, in which she had played the part of the car saleswoman who would do anything to close the deal. His sexy memories alternated with hopes that he might be getting a new car for his birthday in a few days.

Jill and Kathy watched through the window on the side of the house, amused that Mike had gotten started without them. “Are we really going to do this?” Jill mouthed to her friend, who gave her a thumbs up and a nod in reply.

They walked to the front door and rang the doorbell. “Shit,” Mike muttered, knowing the couch was visible through the window on the door and that whoever was there could easily see he was home by peering through it. He pushed his cock down and removed his hand from his pants, willing his erection to go down as he got off the couch and walked the 15 feet to the front door. His face lit up in surprise when he saw who was at the door.

“Hey ladies,” Mike said, opening the door. “What are you doing here? Ginger’s out shopping with the kids.”

“We came by in hopes of cooling off in your pool,” Kathy replied, holding her bikini up in front of his face, teasingly. “Ginger said you wouldn’t mind.”

“Well, I guess it’s alright. I may even join you in a while,” Mike said, his erection beginning to return at the thought of the two busty blondes in their wet swimsuits.

“Well then, we’re going to change into our suits 68aksarayspor.com and head out back,” Jill said, beginning to walk toward the powder room Mike had built under the stairs a few years ago. “We don’t want to be a bother.”

Mike’s excitement built back up when the two women walked into the small bathroom together. He knew his wife and her friends weren’t shy about seeing each other nude, but he envied the view they would have of one another’s toned, top-heavy nude bodies. He was a tit man, through and through. Embarrassed by the resurgent tent in his shorts, he sat down on the couch willing it to go down until the bathing beauties were outside.

The two women giggled conspiratorially inside the bathroom. “God you’re hot,” Kathy whispered to Jill, her mouth going to her friend’s large round left breast and licking a lazy circle around her sizable areola.

“Hey, maybe we can do that later,” Jill said with a soft laugh. “For now, we’re here for the birthday boy.” With a small sigh and a roll of her eyes, Kathy stood back up and finished putting her bikini on.

Mike heard the door opening and was surprised when Kathy and Jill came into the living room. “We need your opinion about something,” Kathy said, standing proudly in her black two-piece swimsuit. Jill was dressed slightly more modestly in a pink bikini top and white gym shorts over the bottom of her suit. Mike tried to remind himself not to stare at their cleavage, that doing so could be as dangerous as looking directly at the sun. “Be honest. Whose tits look better to you?”

Mike was shocked by the question. He certainly wasn’t unaccustomed to hearing the women talk like this, but it was usually just among themselves unless the booze was really flowing.

“It’s not that difficult a question, is it?” Kathy said, moving toward him and leaning down. “Or do you need more of a closeup view?” She placed a hand on each of his knees, her wolflike grin just a foot from his face as his eyes locked onto her bountiful cleavage.

“Hey, that’s cheating,” Jill said, her left hand replacing Kathy’s right on Mike’s left knee, striking a similar stance. “Well, what do you think?” Mike gulped at the site of so much pulchritude, his eyes darting between Kathy’s milky white breasts and Jill’s more tanned, freckled tits.

Kathy ran her newly freed hand up Mike’s thigh, touching his erection over his shorts with her open palm. “He definitely likes something. It’s clear to me he’s finding this to be a rather hard decision,” she said with a laugh.

“Have I died and gone to heaven?” Mike mused aloud as Jill walked over to a window and pulled the curtains shut. Kathy got on her knees before him while Jill closed the curtains on the other living room windows and front door.

“You never answered my question,” Kathy said, reaching behind her and untying her bikini top. She placed her hands on her breasts, lifting the right one up to her mouth and licking her erect nipple. “Which of us has better tits?”

“That’s not fair; he hasn’t seen mine uncovered yet,” Jill replied, removing her top and kneeling on the couch beside Mike. “What do you think?” she said, brushing her left breast against his lips, feeling his coarse goatee on her nipple.

“I’m not sure what to think,” he replied as he felt Kathy’s hand on his zipper. She pulled it down, happy to find he wasn’t wearing any underwear, and extracted his hard-on from its confines.

“Ginger wasn’t kidding; Mike really does have a nice dick,” Kathy commented as she stroked its thick seven inches from root to head, causing Mike to gasp.

Jill looked down, momentarily envying the treat her friend was about to enjoy. She then stood up on the couch, pulled her shorts and bikini bottom down and straddled Mike’s face to get her own enjoyment. “Ginger also brags about how much you like to eat pussy,” she said, putting her hands on his shoulders and offering herself to his mouth. Mike looked up at Jill’s delectable folds and the small patch of blonde hair above her womanhood, then leaned slightly forward and gave her a long lick, eliciting a small shiver and moan from her. At that same moment, he felt Kathy’s tongue on his head as she began to lick all around his stiff shaft and down to his balls.

“That’s it, lick that sweet pussy, Mike,” Jill encouraged as Kathy applied wet suction to his cockhead, taking more than half of his length deep into her mouth and establishing a steady rhythm. Mike hadn’t gone down on anyone but Ginger for a decade and was surprised at how different Jill tasted – sweeter and a bit earthier than his wife. He used his right hand to hold her lips open, rubbing his thumb against Jill’s clitoris while alternating deep tongue stabs with lazy circular licks around her womanhood.

Mike spent several minutes lost in the competing sensations, the illicit thrill of a new mouth pleasuring his cock coupled with the taste of someone new, his facial hair growing moist with her sweet honey and his own drool. He stopped licking Jill for a brief moment when he felt Kathy stop her mouth’s ministrations, then smiled wide when he felt her breasts envelop his manhood and returned to his ravishing of Jill’s delectable pussy.

Kathy smiled around the mouthful of cock she got during Mike’s upstrokes, keeping her tits tight around his length. She knew every man dreamed of getting what she was giving Mike, and couldn’t wait to feel him inside her. In the interim she kept monitoring the state of his cock and balls, slowing her assault when she felt his scrotum begin to tighten in order to delay his release. He was amazed at her ability to edge him and delighted by the range of sensations she delivered through the skillful combination of her breasts, hands and mouth.

Jill, too, smiled, impressed with Mike’s cunnilingus skills. He varied his licks and lashes and touches perfectly, avoiding the dully repetitive motions that her own husband sometimes limited himself to. She found herself growing weak in the knees, bent forward to place her arms on top of Mike’s head to keep herself steady, riding his face as she began to moan.

“Don’t stop, Mike, I’m so close, that’s so good, don’t you fucking stop,” Jill said. Hearing this, Kathy slid away from Mike, her right hand replacing her breasts around his shaft, her mouth following her fist up and down his length, encouraging him to come. Mike smiled as he continued to work his tongue in and around Jill’s pussy, enjoying the feel of her thighs clenched around his face. She shuttered as she shouted through her climax, flooding Mike’s mouth with her sweet syrup as he felt his own orgasm arrive, Kathy removing her mouth from his head at the first pulse of his seed, taking his load on her face and breasts until he was drained. Kathy then lay back on the rug, her hand going down between her legs, spreading herself wide.

Standing above Mike, Jill shook her head, working to regain her bearings. She looked down, saw him smiling up at her, his face shiny. She looked down further, saw his cock beginning to shrink slightly. “Did you take his whole load?” she asked, peering over her shoulder to see Kathy laying on her back, splotches of Mike’s milky ejaculate plainly visible in the afternoon light. “Oh, you saved some for me!” she exclaimed, climbing down from the couch and lowering herself to the floor to lie beside her friend, lapping Mike’s salty seed from her beautiful face and pale tits, surprising herself by reaching between Kathy’s legs, feeling how slick her shaved folds were.

Mike looked down, excited to see Jill pleasuring Kathy, his cock beginning to spring back to life. Before he could say anything, he heard a click as the lock on the front door began to turn, and all three of them looked toward the entrance.

“What the fuck is going on here?” Ginger said loudly as she walked into the house, her eyes wide with surprise. Kathy and Jill fought to keep from laughing at their friend’s performance, while Mike’s briefly resurgent cock threatened to shrink completely and disappear into his pelvic cavity out of guilt.

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