Miki Lee 04: Jiffy Lube

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Miki had trouble sleeping. For hours she crept her home taking time to stop and look up at each surveillance camera. Was “Lukas” watching her?

Her nerves were on edge about everything. The money in her bank account. The way this unseen invader knew her entire life as he did. If he was even being honest with her was an issue.

As she continued on her nomadic shuffle she was suddenly startled by the homes land line phone ringing twice then hanging up. Reaching the cordless phone she answered it to a dial tone. Nothing.

Was it a wrong number or a signal from Lukas?

As it dawned on her she raced to her computer and got online. This time Lukas had added her to his mystical sign on name. “Maestro411” awaited her.

“Why aren’t you resting? Big day ahead of you.” He stressed.

“Missed you I guess. Nerves too. I’m afraid of everything at this point. Today is going to go badly, I can feel it.”

“Anything we do becomes a risk. Even I have to be very careful. As good as I am at what I do, there is always someone better.”

“Hacking, you mean?”

“Yes. World Governments fear me. I fear them equally of course. I avoid hacking them. There’s fun to be had elsewhere. These days I keep it simple.”

“Like stalking young women in the prime of their sexuality?” She beams.

“Much safer. Much more delightful.”

She fidgets, “How many other women have you done this too?”

“Observed? Hundreds. Contacted? One. You.”

“Why not the others?”

“Various reasons. Companions. Untrustworthy. Unfit mentally. Among other things.” He recites.

“How can you be so sure I don’t fit in there somewhere?”

“You have not dated in over a year. I saw you attempt to steal a head band from a department store. You chose to take it back and put it exactly where you found it. Since your Mother’s passing you have taken superb care of your Father. Other than being unemployed and living off of him.”

She pouts, “I’m trying to change that.”

“The money I gave you will help. Just utilize it sparingly.”

“You mention untrustworthy, yet you steal from others financially. How should that make me feel about you?” Miki tilts her head without expression.

“True. While it is indeed dishonest. I do things in return for those I hurt. While I may extract a single penny from millions of people their tax returns are shall we say stimulated. Those I charged to view you earlier get access to multiple porn sites for free. Let the sites sort it out. Let’s just say most of them are criminally controlled.”

“Are you a criminal Lukas?”

“I used to work for the worst. I suppose I am. Yet, they get away with more than I. You break laws with your exhibitionism. You have just never been caught. Most men will never report you. Beauty and daring save you. Women on the other hand are Escort bayan jealous by nature. If they see their man staring at you, trouble may come along.”

“Which is why I need you Maestro.”

“Precisely. A simple text to their cell with damaging info usually keeps them quiet.”

“If they ignore their cell?”

“Those next to them will not. In public there becomes much to choose from. Rewarded for their efforts.”

She shivers at the power he portrays.

“Swear to me you will never hurt me.”

“I swear to you Miki Lee. Have faith in me. Please.”

She smiles shyly, “Strangely, I do.”

“Thank you Beautiful.”

That made her grin even harder. After a moment of joy something dawns on her.

“My dad will be home before I leave. That red dress would make him question me.”

“Put the dress in your purse. Wear another outfit then change in the limo.”

“In front of the driver?” She bites her lower lip.

“Let him get an eye full.”

Miki rubs her palms together briskly, “Is the driver cute?”

“I have no idea until morning. Once the drivers report for duty I can select one. I know the employees of the limo service easy enough. If everyone reports in I can quickly alter prearranged driving itineraries. Patience little one.”

“What do I tell my dad if he asks where I’m going?”

“Job interview. At Macy’s. You can apply if you want. This way it’s not a lie.”

“Good idea. Luckily I have a bus pass or he might want to drive me there. I’ll say I plan on looking around for other jobs at the mall.”

“Such as a shoe store in search of stiletto heels?” He emotes laughter.

“Might need a specialty store for those.”

“Fetish’s”, on the corner of Paloma and Javier. Tell the driver.”

“Maestro’s been online shopping.” She giggles.

“You can use your account money. No more than five hundred a week as I said before.”

“Isn’t there some way you can fix things so I can use as much as I want?”

“Of course I can. However, you must earn that behavior.”


“Too much too soon will draw attention to yourself. Not only your Father. Neighbors. Locals. Once you learn to curb your appetite for greed I will spoil you.”

Her eyes brighten up, “Oh really?”

“First off trust and obey what I stress as important. Secondly, build your confidence. I will give you the world if you can mature into what your dark desires want.”

“Which is what you want? Tell me Lukas, what do you want me to be?”

“I share your desires. You for exhibition. Myself a voyeur. I know you want to become more open in public. I want to witness that. I want to help you go as far as you want to go.”

She wiggles in her seat, “That would be totally naked everywhere I went. That’s not possible.”

“You might be Bayan escort surprised Miki Lee. For short periods I can make that happen. It depends on the location and the patrons. In most cases I can control others from creating problems. Camera feeds and alarms are simple to detach. Cellphones are abundant and easy to jam or send messages to.”

“What if a cop stops me?”

“Do you know how many crooked cops there are in this country?”

“I’m guessing lots.”

“In San Diego alone I could blackmail 842 on extortion and connections to gangland dealings. Another 128 for selling drugs on the side. Numerous misdealing’s that they don’t want any attention brought to. A simple warning to back off will suffice.”

“What about the honest cops?”

“Hidden affairs. On duty shenanigans. You name it.”

She puffs her cheeks before exhaling, “Wow! Okay what about gangbangers? Thugs.”

“Loud speakers. Sirens activated without warning. Again, text messages with warnings. Bangers panic easy.”

“Okay. I’ll push my limits just for kicks today. Be with me every step of the way?”

“Camera feeds every stoplight. Every place of business. Your cell can track you. The gifts I give you tomorrow add to that safety. If you’re nice I might actually let you hear my voice.”

Her eyes bulge out, “REALLY?”

Silence makes her wait and fidget. Suddenly the chat box vanishes before her eyes.

“Lukas? Nooooooooo!”

Pouting profusely she heard the front door open unexpectedly.

“Daddy? What are you doing home?”

“Quiet shift so I took a half vacation day. Bernie took over the drivers seat. What are you doing up so late?”

Before she could respond the printer next to her activated. She swiftly reached over and retrieved it as it stopped printing.

Looking it over she admired the fast thinking of Lukas.

“Printing out job applications. I’ve been filling a bunch out lately. I have an interview with Macy’s Department Store at 10:00 today. Cross your fingers.”

“What’s this one?” Daniel claims it from her fingertips, “Jiffy Lube? You can’t change oil in cars.”

“Cashier. Less messy. I even get to wear a jumpsuit.”

Her father shakes his head, “Whatever brings home the bacon. I’m going to bed. Need a nap.”

“Me too. In a few minutes.”

Daniel leans over and kisses her on the forehead. He then departs.

Moments pass before Lukas messages, “See how easy that was?”

“That was awesome. But, why didn’t you know he was home to warn me?”

“I refrained to show you what trouble you could get into and easily get out of.”

“What if I were masturbating for you like earlier tonight?”

“Then your father would have watched you play.”

“What? No!” she panics.

“I’m joking. I would have warned you in plenty of time. Escort He clocked out thirty two minutes ago. His car’s GPS showed him heading home after stopping for gas.”

“I thought you were serious. That would be traumatizing if he were watching me do that.”

“Wouldn’t be the first time.” Lukas emotes a frown.

“Quit doing that. No he hasn’t.”

“Sadly, he has. Not that he would admit to it. You do realize that he can view your camera footage as easily as I can.”

Her jaw drops, “When was this?”

“Three weeks ago. You masturbated on your sofa for your own pleasure. He reviewed the footage two days later. I watched him do it.”

“Why didn’t you delete it?”

“I did not know you at that point. On a personal level that is. I needed to see his reaction.”

She squirms in her seat with a growing fear, “How did he react?”

“Are you certain you want to know?”

She ponders the decision, “Shit! Yes tell me.”

“He jerked off twice to it. Then he deleted it himself and drank himself to sleep. You do recall the night he was drunk and moody?”

“Twice? Nooooooo!” She dramatically shivers and folds her arms over her chest.

“He’s not mentioned it. For the best. For what it’s worth I would guess he missed your Mother. That guilt kept him from keeping the video and never bringing it up.”

“Yeah, but come on. Twice?”

“Should I have lied to you about it?”

“No!” She becomes expressionless, “Thanks for the honesty.”

“Go get some sleep. Stop stressing. Be ready to meet the limo at 9:00 sharp.”

“I hate when you leave Lukas.”

“I’m always here. Until you tell me otherwise.”

“Bye.” She flutters her fingers at him.

Closing out she gets up and heads upstairs to her room. At her bedroom door she hears a grunting sound and quickly concludes her Father was once again jerking off in the darkness of his room. She stood there in silence and listened more intently. Moans suppressed were released.

Miki closes her eyes and feels Lukas watching her from the hallway camera. Without care she steps over to her Father’s bedroom door which was barely ajar. His stroking was heard due to presumably Vaseline for lubrication.

She hears him barely huff the words, “Growing up way to fast.”

Miki bulges her eyes at the words and knew they were about her. She wanted to bolt away but chose to continue listening. For ten minutes she stood in darkness before Daniel Lee convulsed and detonated all over his knuckles.

As his breathing decreased he mutters, “I love you sweetheart.”

Miki pouts, “I love you too Daddy.”

Silently she goes to her room and leaves her own door slightly open. Disrobing in the darkness she lays down atop her covers and rubs her clit. In minutes she was building up for an intense orgasm. Clenching her teeth she cums joyously.

Did her Father hear her?

Footsteps in the hall creak along to the restroom.

It was safe to say he had heard her.

Miki Lee stared at her ceiling.

Strange how things play out.

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