Milk of Desire, Book II, Chapter 4 : Bros and Hoes

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Milk of Desire, Book II

By EFon

Chapter 4 : Bros and Hoes

I almost fell as Jake jerked my out my front door and out of my door yard. “What the fuck man!?!” He didn’t let up until we were around the bushes of my neighbor’s house, obscuring my house completely. Only then did he release my arm and take a deep breath. I had a feeling this would be about what happened between him and my sister last night, but I realized then that this was hard for him to deal with.

“I gotta be straight up with you man,” he looked me dead in the eyes and confesses, “Your sister let me get to third base with her last night.” He looked like he was falling on a grenade emotionally, and I just couldn’t let him suffer.

“Good!” I smiled and clapped him on the shoulder, “I told her that boyfriend she had was a jerk and she should look for someone nicer and I mentioned your name.”

His eyes lit up, “You did?” The reason or rational behind how it happened didn’t matter, just that he bit on that story and swallowed it whole. “You are the BEST bud EVER! God I was so worried that you would be mad. Is she home?”

“Yea, come on in and let’s see what the girls are up to?” I laughed, turning back to my house.

“Girls?” Jake asked inquisitively as he followed

“Yea. Jen, Lisa, and Katey are all here.”

“Damn,” Jake muttered.

“What’s that for?” I asked with some dismay. I pictured a us all having a real great time today.

He grumbled as we walked in through the front door, “I was kinda hoping I could see her alone.”

I grinned evilly to myself, but didn’t turn around as we headed up the stairs, “Don’t worry. I think that won’t be a problem.”

I led Jake to my room and was greeted with smiles from my three lusty ladies, still only wearing their matching skimpy underwear, and Jake stopped dead in his tracks in shock at the doorway. The girls giggled and got up from the bed where they had been talking.

“I win,” yipped Jennifer and grabbed Jake by the arm, pulling him in the room. “I figured he couldn’t stay away.”

“Given the way you put out, how could he stay away?” chided Lisa.

“Hey,” Jen said pushing Jake on the bed and confronting her friend, “I’ll have you know I didn’t ‘put out’ for him last night.”

“Oh… Taking the Clinton defense? Oral sex isn’t sex?” Lisa laughed, making everyone else laugh with her.

She was formulating a response, but I cut her off, “Jake told me you made him work pretty hard last night.” I winked at him and said to Jen, “I figure, the least you can do is return the favor if not make an honest man out of him.”

She crossed her arms and looked to be ready to argue with me, but then huffed and said, “Fine…” She turned to Jake who was seated on my bed and promptly got on her knees on the floor in front of him and began undoing his pants.

Jake looked up at me in disbelief. I mouthed the words, “Your welcome,” and smiled as he groaned and looked back at Jen who had fished out his cock and was stroking it to full size. As she bent down and licked the head his eyes rolled back and I thought he might start cuming already the way he shivered with pleasure.

Just watching this was getting my loins stirring so I grabbed the girl closest to me, which happened to be Lisa and pulled her into my arms for a kiss and the feel of her flesh against mine. I let up for a moment, knowing Katey was close by and pulled her to my side and kissed her as well. Each of them began rubbing and grinding against my body as we stood there before Jake like he was our gaziantep swinger audience. And he kind of was.

I had one had on each of the girls butt cheeks and groped and prodded my fingers around their panty-clad crotches, while together they already undid my pants and jointly began tugging at my long schlong. My amorous mouth was traded off back and forth between the two girls, while the other licked my neck and shoulder.

I was ready for more and stopped kissing Lisa and pushed gently on shoulder and she smiled at me, knowing what to do. She sank to her knees in front of me and began running her tongue over my knob while I turned to Katey for more French kissing. I heard Jake moan loudly and smiled, making Katey giggle. I think she thought that was her cue to join Lisa. I hadn’t meant it, but I sure didn’t stop her.

Lisa was still just running her tongue over me, so Katey joined in on the other side. Soon they were swapping off who was sucking my cock and who was sucking my balls. Back and forth a few sucks at a time. It was so hot I was in danger of cuming soon. I wanted to last a bit so said, “Why don’t you two girls make Jake feel a bit more welcome. I need to have a word with Jennifer.”

They gave pouty faces, but stood and with a kiss more to each of them they sauntered over to Jake and each snuggled up, pushing their breasts into each of his shoulders. I tapped Jen, who let Jake’s now well lubed cock slip from her mouth and stood. It was the first time I’d ever seen another guys cock at full mast. It was a bit thinner, but looked about the same length as mine, maybe a little longer.

Each of the other girls began touching and rubbing his wet cock now as I spoke softly to my sister. “I want you to be Jake’s first,” I said seriously, “He’s loved you as long as I can remember, and you could do a lot for him to be his girlfriend.”

“But I love YOU Russ,” she said with whispered conviction and her firm gaze told me she was telling me the God’s honest truth. I was starting to feel that this power I now held over her and the other girls was unshakable. But I had to try and see how far this could go.

“Jen, you know we can never be together in the end,” I said softly and lovingly as I grabbed her hands in mine and interwove our fingers. “I love you too, and that will never stop, but Jake already knows and I think if you gave him a chance he would not only keep our secret, but be the guy you were meant to be with.”

She turned to look at him, now making out with Katey while Lisa was bent over and sucking on his manhood for a few moments before switching off and allowing him to moan in ecstasy before Lisa’s mouth covered his and Katey’s lips enclosed his cock.

“Maybe…” she said softly before turning back to me, “But we could still have sex?”

I laughed out loud unable to have even imagined my older sister to be so devoted to my cock. “Of course.”

She smiled and lead be back over to the bed, tapping Katey off Jake’s cock and Lisa from his lips to address Jake directly. “Jake, do you love me?”

He looked nervous, having just been on the receiving end of two other girls sexual advances. “Uh… Yea.”

She sighed a little annoyed, “Uh.. yea?” she said in a mocking voice.

“Uh, what I mean is…” He cleared his throat. “I’ve dreamt every day of being your boyfriend.” Jen crossed her arms and waited for him to continue. He was so stupefied he started rambling on, “I used to imagine you would tell Russ that I you had a crush on me and would tell me and then set us up on a date and we would drive around town and, and, and…”

He didn’t know where he was going with this story and started stammering under the pressure really bad, but that seemed to be enough for Jen. She bent down and kissed him for the first time. It was soft and gentle, and it lingered for some time. When she pulled away she grabbed his hand and stood him up, and grabbed his now semi-flaccid cock which had shrunken a bit due to the fear and pressure.

“Sorry ladies, this one is all mine.” Then she proceeded to lead him out of the room. He grabbed his falling down pants and yelps a little at the sharp tug and struggled to not trip and follow Jen out of my room and into hers.

Her door shut firmly and I smiled before I was hauled onto the bed between Lisa and Katey. Lisa huskily said, “Now you have no more excuses. Time to get down to business.” She bulled up her bra and feed me he little sensitive breasts. My mouth wrapped around one of her long sensitive nipples and she moaned as Katey went back to work on sucking me for a third time.

Lisa switched back and forth which nipple I was feed as Katey, finally satisfied I was hard and now in good position, flat on my back on my bed, proceeded to push her panties to the side and mount me. Her legs gripped my hips and her hand pointed me up as her juicy snatch opened up and accepted my member into her moist folds.

Once Katey started moving Lisa decided her pussy was itching too so pushed all my pillows to the floor to give her room and removed her panties before facing Katey from the other end and mounting my head. Her spicy pushy pushed onto my nose and I poked it into her as my tongue tickled her clit.

They must have gotten REALLY turned on by making out with me, then making out with Jake, because Katey was already cuming after only a few minutes. Her silky interior seized up and she started shrieking loudly as she usually does when she cums. I wasn’t there yet, but Lisa practically pushed Katey off me saying, “Oh God, I need to feel your cock in me.”

Katey caught her breath at the foot of the bed as Lisa didn’t take the time to even turn around and mounted me reverse-cowgirl. My cock was pulled down as she forced it in her tight pussy and rode me hard. I wanted to get up and do her from behind so I could get some thrusting in to set me off also, but she didn’t wait and I heard her suck in a deep breath just before she seized up and silently came hard through her held breath. My dick shuddered and felt like a house in a hurricane, but it withstood it deep in her quivering snatch.

Katey, now recovered helped Lisa off and squealed with glee, “All right! You didn’t cum yet!” Then she went down on me again and sucked all of the combined pussy cum off my cock. I groaned and thought that might be it for me, but as close as I was it didn’t quite set me off yet. I moved and Katey released me, letting me stand up. In the cutest sing-song voice she started talking dirty, “Come on baby. Bound mama hard and feed my kitty your milk.”

I didn’t need encouragement, but I loved it. Bang, in I went to the hilt, into her velvet vagina. She’d gotten naked somewhere along the line, probably while Lisa was fucking me, and I gripped her smooth hips as my pistoning cock filled her up and smashed the head of my cock against her cervix. I was all ready to go when Lisa lined up next to Katey in the same position and waggled her ass seductively.

I felt a little regret, but did want to treat them equally, so pulled out of Katey, with a little “Aww,” of disappointment and lined up behind Lisa to pound her pussy.

Then she moved a little to stop me, and looked over her shoulder, “I was thinking,” she said hesitantly, Jen got your oral virginity and Katey got your other one…”

I stopped, one had on her naked ass, the other on my cock that was poking between her cunt folds. “You want me to go in your ass?”

She nodded slightly, “I’ve just… never done it so go easy…. okay?”

Of course she’d never done it. I was the one who technically took HER virginity only a short few weeks ago. But at least she’d used dildos before, so she knew what was coming then. And I’d had sex with Katey a few times, so I knew what to do from someone experienced in that area. This was all uncharted territory.

I was very slick already, and throbbing hard and close to coming. I pushed her cheeks apart and prodded my insanely huge cock at the tiny brown puckered hole of her rear. At first it didn’t respond, but with one push it was in just the right spot to squeeze into the end. It was REALLY tight and she made a sound that I knew was pain, but when I stopped she gasped, “Keep going.”

Katey had moved to sit up and said, “Hang on a sec.” and pushed me back a smidge and I popped back out. She pushed a few fingers into Lisa’s snatch and rubbed her vigorously for a moment before withdrawing them and pushed one wet into her anus gently. “Keep that cock hard lover-boy,” she said to me.

I grabbed my cock and gently stroked it watching as Katey wet down her own fingers before pushing two, then three of those moist fingers into Lisa’s ass, making her moan sexily. After a few minutes of this, and getting three full fingers as deep as she could into Lisa’s ass she said to me, “Okay, she’d ready now.”

I moved back into position at the now slightly stretched and moistened asshole and pushed into it again. This time with much more ease. The head kind of popped in and Lisa moaned. I had to push some more and then the shaft pushed in much more easily. It wasn’t as tight inside as I expected, or as a pussy is, but the anal ring that gripped me was still VERY tight.

I didn’t move much, as I could tell Lisa was still gasping in pain somewhat, but I tried to stir her up gently. This wasn’t doing it completely for me, and I think Lisa could feel that too and she said, “Fuck me harder.”

“Are you sure?” I asked worried, “It looks like it hurts.”

“It hurts so good with your cock in me,” she moaned. “No fuck that ass like you fuck my pussy and don’t stop until you shoot me full of your jiz.” Then she started pushing back onto me and yelping as she did so.

Having the green light, I began pistoning in and out. I had been really close, and still felt like I was, but that feeling was hiding just around the corner. I tried to catch up to it and let my hips do their thing. I started smacking away at her ass and Katey rubbed Lisa’s back and one of her breasts as I began reaming her.

Her back door started opening up a little and it became easier and easier to fuck her and it was so new my semen that was so close before jumped into overdrive and was shooting into her neither crevice before I knew what hit me. I jerked a few times and Lisa pushed down hard to let it wash over her insides as deep as it could get before cautiously pushing forward and releasing my cock from her bowels.

I saw her ass now, red and bloody and leaking my cum. I looked down and my cock was bloody too and covered with a little bit of her shit. That really turned me off and I quickly left for the bathroom to wash off my shriveling member, leaving Katey to tend to Lisa.

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