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Big Tits

Lydia stood in the dark room waiting for him to return. It had been a long while and she had lost track of the exact time. When he left he didn’t say when he would be back but instructed her not to move. She was always obedient and didn’t want to upset her record of being a good girl, so she stayed put in the exact spot despite the darkness and seclusion.

She heard rustling behind the door and then the handle jingle. Light poured into the room and she had to squint her eyes. It must have been at least an hour.

The lights flicked on and Lydia recoiled from the shock being sprung into the light. Her eyes squinted low and her hands covered her face. She heard his voice and her body tingled.

“Good girl, you didn’t move.”

She loved hearing that loving term. It’s what she strove for and why she was such a good pet. She would have stood in the same spot for hours until he came back. She would have let urine run down her thighs and pool at her feet then dry between her toes before she moved. Not without his blessing after giving her a direct order.

Lydia was naked as she stood in front of her master. Before leaving he watched her strip her clothes off and fold them neatly in the corner of the room. She never felt comfortable naked in front of anyone, not even herself. She hated looking in the mirror at her body as she always thought she wasn’t thin enough like the girls on instagram. He never commented on her weight though, only ever saying he was so lucky to have such a beautiful pet.

He moved over to her holding a device of some kind with wires and tubes. He handed a portion to her, “put this on.”

His words were blunt but loving. He could be stern but only when a moment called for it. He treated her well, she thought.

She took the device from him, the tubing and two smaller pieces still in his hand.

“Slip your arms through it, like a back pack,” he instructed.

She did so swiftly after reasoning which side was up and which side was down. After the device was fixed on her back he moved behind her and she stood stoically. She felt him connecting and pulling at the back pack as he jostled her lightly forward. She dug her feet in and stood firm to assist.

“Here now, pet, take these.”

Her master handed her the remaining devices, one in each hand. They were bottles attached to saucers, like a funnel. The tubing ran from the funnels to the back pack behind her. She looked at him curiously waiting for instructions.

“Place them on your nipples and hold them firm,” he stood in close in front of her and stared into her eyes.

There was barely any room for her to slip the devices against her breasts between the two of them. She was blessed with a large chest. Even if she lost the weight she was desperate to lose she would still have a large chest. 36D’s they were.

“More than a handful,” he always commented, “just as I prefer it.”

She loved the little praises he gave her. Subtle comments telling her she’s his ideal woman. It made her feel beautiful. It was why she trusted him so thoroughly to do anything he wanted. All she needed was his gaze and she knew she was safe.

The devices were affixed to her breasts. He moves their position slightly and then reached behind her and flicked a switch. The device Escort Bayan on her back whirred to life. The sound of the machine was clunky and loud. Lydia felt air pulling at her nipples. She looked down at her chest then back up to him. She would never question him but did like an explanation from time to time.

“It’s a breast pump, darling,” he cupped her chin between his finger and thumb.

“I’m going to milk you.”

She was even more confused now. She wasn’t lactating. How could he possibly do so?

Her master laughed at her puzzled look.

“I know. How could your young, full breasts produce milk from nothing? I’ve been giving you pills, do you remember?”

She nodded. He had been feeding her every morning. He would give her a treat when she would do something good and then another before bed.

“Those were hormones to help you produce breast milk. To make your body lactate. I combined it with some herbal medicines in your meals. All you need now is a little coercion to bring the milk out.”

Lydia didn’t know what to think. She fought back a furrowed brow, not wanting to disrespect him with disapproval of something she gave to him willingly.

“Is there an issue, little one?”

She shook her head no.

“Please, speak if you take issue.”

Her voice meekly took hold, “I just don’t understand why you would want such a thing, Sir.”

Her eyes looked into his, worried about what she had been given yet trying to keep her trust in him.

His smile comforted her as his palm rested against her cheek, “it’s okay, pet. You’ve nothing to worry about. They are safe. Everything. I’ve discussed this and researched it. With such a lovely bosom I’ve wanted you to be my gorgeous milk maid for such a long time. Finally you’ll become just that. My perfect woman. My perfect pet.”

The words soothed her. His understanding of her worry helped. She was convinced and excited that she would reach the epitome of his desire. The perfect woman? The thought made her shiver as the machine tugged at her nipples and pulled them into the funnel. The suction stretching them until her eyes grew wide.

“What is it, my pet?” He looked at her in a concerned manner.

“Nothing, I can just- feel it.”

Lydia felt a rush down her breast towards her nipple. It was unlike anything she’d ever felt before. Like it was a release. Soon after the feeling she felt her nipples begin to drip and the bottles slowly filled up drop by drop. She was being milked.

Her master smiled an took a step back to admire his work. He watched as her nipples were pulled and the milk was sucked from them. The droplets started slow, one or two at a time. Soon they started dripping in a steady stream, one after the other until the bottles were filling up.

“Here, let me show you something,” he walked around behind her and cupped her right breast with his left arm and massaged it gently.

“It’s called a let down. When the milk deposits that have been building up, because your body is storing them because it think it needs to, and it gets a signal that the milk needs to start flowing. Typically by suction on the nipple.”

He kissed her on the back of her neck, “you’re so beautiful right now. So pure. So incredibly sexy.”

She Bayan Escort didn’t often hear him speak like this. His words were always purposeful, leading her to a point of lesson or service. Here he was just admiring her. She felt a power that she hadn’t ever felt before; a power to arouse him simply by being.

Of course there were other times when she had aroused him. They’ve had sex plenty of times, but they all seemed to happen due to the building of his arousal through his own measured game. This was sudden and unexplained. There was no build up. His hands were already traveling across her body and she could feel his breathing increasing along her neck.

“Here,” he took her left hand from the bottle on her left breast, “press the funnel in on your breast with your forearm. Hold it firm like that and use your other hand to help induce the let down. Turn on the faucet.”

He took her hand and placed the thumb along the top of her breast and her fingers along the bottom. Then he guided the thumb downward, dragging it towards the nipple. Slowly, over and over again while the fingers underneath squeezed gently each time before she slid her thumb downward.

Her master had studied this. He knew what he was doing. This is something he had been planning for a long while and he was trying to keep the meticulousness of the plan on pace.

She’s not sure if the next was part of the plan but it caught her off guard. His hand wrapped around her midsection and pulled her waist back to him. Her left hand still massaging her breast pulling the milk downward. His right hand between her legs and teasing her clit while his lips were pressed against her ear.

“You’re going to be my sweet little milking pet. I’m going to hook you up to this every day, multiple times a day until your breasts are large and full,” his voice was almost unrecognizable. He was growling the words. It wasn’t an angry vibration behind the words but a hungry thirst. He was holding himself back from her with every fiber in his being and he was coming apart at the seams.

In between each sentence his nostrils flared and she felt a hot steam of his lust pour onto her neck, “I’m going to fill these breasts up with milk so often that you won’t need the machine anymore. You’re never going to dry again. And each time you use this pump I’m going to finger your cunt, pet. I’m going to finger you and eventually start using your wand. You’re going to cum again and again and again. Cumming and pumping breast milk are going to be synonymous so that whenever you are pumping your pussy is going to get soaking wet, and whenever you get turned on your nipples are going to start leaking.”

Each word increased the friction of his fingers against her clit. The wide tips splitting her labia and pushing in with more aggression as his words increased. The further he went the closer she got to orgasm.

He always could bring her to orgasm fairly quickly. This new side of him and what he was showing about how she could affect him was a thrill for her. It didn’t take much more than a few billowing hot breaths down her neck and a finger in her cunt before her body was quaking back against him. She managed to keep her hands held tight against her chest to ensure the bottles stayed in place.

When Escort her orgasm had subsided he felt her knees week. She had erupted quite intensely and could barely hold herself up. He helped her down to her knees and took flipped the switch on the breast pump. He took the bottles from her and set them aside. Her nipples were dripping still, the milk still wanting to come out. Droplets falling to the hard floor beneath her as she held herself up on her hands and knees.

His fingers took her right nipple between his fingers and began to manually milk her. With each tug and twist the milk dribbled out faster. It ran down his hand and onto the floor. She could hear him groan. It was his weakness, this new thrill. She wondered if he realized how much he was showing of himself. She dared not ask. She could barely keep her ass in the air, she didn’t want to anger him by saying something wrong.

The arousal he had built was not going to be denied. She knew it by the way his breathing didn’t subside. All she could do was wait. When he did finally react it wasn’t something she had thought of though.

Lydia was on her elbows and knees. Her head dangling barely off the ground. She felt wetness pouring over her hair and down her neck. She flinched and turned her head and saw her master pouring one of the bottles of breast milk over her head. She felt it slip through her hair and down her face, the eggshell colored liquid then pooling beneath her.

The second bottle was held above her face, teetering in his hand. She watched him push his pants down, already having undone them before picking up the bottle. Her eyes held on the second bottle, wondering what he was going to do with it. Merely pour it over her again?

Without the usual panache he would display before entering her smooth, young cunt he shoved his throbbing cock into her and let out a mighty groan.

“Open your mouth, stick out your tongue,” he bellowed.

She obeyed instantly.

“Now drink your milk, pet. Drink it my little dairy cow. My sweet, delicious fuck toy,” he tipped the bottle towards her face and it splashed against her cheek and splattered from her eye to the floor. Small bits of the breast milk slapping against her tongue, she waggled it like an animal would trying to suck some into her mouth.

His fucking was rapid and fast. The bottle was thrown across the room and his fingers dug into her hips. He thrust into her hard. He grunted and growled as his orgasm became increasingly needy. It wanted to be released and would not be denied. After only a few moments of emptying the bottle of breast milk on her face he collapsed forward and filled his pets cunt with his own white liquid.

He was panting. His hand on her lower back to push himself up and stumbling to the door he turned back, “clean yourself up. You can leave the mess for today. You did well, little one. My sweet pet. You did very very well.”

He walked out of the room and disappeared. The heavy breathing he had was no longer heard as he ventured down the hall. Lydia fell forward and laid in a pool of her orgasm, his orgasm and her breast milk for a moment trying to run everything through her head that had just happened.

She fell asleep eventually. It wasn’t the plan but her body had been exhausted through both lactating for the first time and such a powerful orgasm, both causing and receiving. Lydia was going to be a milk maid. A dairy cow. His own private milk supply. Based on his reaction she knew everything from now on was going to be very intense.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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