mindsc@pe Ch. 08

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Chapter 8
Ebony and Ivory


Jayce abandons the door and bolts for his, reefing the handle towards him. Unfortunately the door holds tight, and after another attempt at pulling and once pushing, he hears the Mistress shout once more from behind her door. With no options left, Jayce leaps to the side, flinging open Nikki’s door and slamming it just as fast. Not waiting to hear if The Mistress breaks down her door, the man hurriedly dashes into the maze of white.

Bouncing off walls as he hurtles round the corners, Jayce holds a decent speed. Unfortunately dead ends start cropping up more regularly as he pushes further into the maze, until he eventually trips over a plush star and goes bouncing off a dead end into a blanket. The blanket gives way to thin air, Jayce falling another ten feet to the floor below. He bounces badly, twisting himself awkwardly as he attempts to get to his feet.

Another level of maze lies here, directly beneath the first. Looking up he can see where pathways cross over and alongside the ones underneath. He shakes his head, trying to mentally remove the pain in his side as he stumbles off down another corridor. A left, then a right, another left; maze protocol etched in his brain from hundreds of mental exercises is completely lost as Jayce fights the passageways for survival. A leg impedes his progress as Jayce trips, falling face first onto a plush rhombal prism.

Wide eyed, Jayce quickly scans upwards, his panic fading to relief as a startled Nikki stares back at him, wielding a stuffed fractal shape as an improvised weapon until she too recognises the newcomer. ‘Yay!’ She squeals with joy, reaching over to hug him. The man winces from the touch, Nikki pulling away to see the traces of blood dripping from the open wound on his shoulder. ‘Jayce?’

The man sits up, breathing heavily he calms himself and looks into Nikkis eyes. ‘Im sorry, I had nowhere else to run.’ His words leak out, the exhaustion flowing with them as he remembers he need not breathe here. Jayce closes his eyes, a small tear forming as he thinks about how he’s now endangered Nikki. ‘I shouldn’t be here. I don’t want you to get hurt.’

‘Shush shush shhhhh…’ Nikki slides over next to him, allowing Jayce to recline against the wall, the invitation of rest gladly accepted by the bloodied man. Jayce sneakily covers his still erect member with the rhombus as the woman searches for a good sized blanket within reach. Throwing it over the two of them, she creates a small cave, the floor sinking slightly until they’re laying against the wall of a space no bigger than the inside of an elevator, but half the height; above them the blanket rests in what looks like the corner of a dead end. ‘Better?’

Jayce nods as he turns to Nikki, giving her a powerful hug; ignoring the cut. ‘Thank you…’ He whispers, voice shaking from the chase before. She sits shocked for a moment, but returns his affection; resting her head on his shoulders long enough for both of them to sigh in unison. Relaxing they pull away from the embrace.

‘What happened?’ The woman asks, her words fraught with worry ‘You’ve been gone for ages. I wanted us to play hide and seek.’ She smiles nervously, but reassuringly.

Jayce exhales, running a hand through his sweat dampened hair. ‘I got dragged into Kat’s room-‘ Nikki raises an eyebrow with a somewhat disapproving look. ‘Aaaand then the Mistress found us.’ He decided it best not to elaborate on the happenings in-between. ‘She chased us through her room- “rooms”, until we made our way back into the round room outside.’ Jayce’s brow furrows. ‘I told Kat to hide in her room while I run off, hoping to drag the Mistress into my room. But-‘

‘Oh no,’ Nikki sighs ‘you couldn’t open the door?’

‘Wouldn’t move an inch.’ He looks away from Nikki, embarrassed as to his next decision. ‘The way we came into that room with the four doors, disappeared. And I panicked. I ran through the next door. Your door. I’m- I’m sorry…’

‘Shhhhh…. It’s okay’ Nikki leans Jayce towards her, placing his head on her shoulder and patting it. ‘I don’t think the Mistress will ever-‘ her sentence breaks as the light changes slightly; the wall behind them darkened by the silhouette of the mistress striding through the maze. Nikki instinctively jumps into Jayce’s lap, wrapping his arms around her almost as if she was trying to roll the two of them into a tight ball. Her back to his chest, they play dead.

The woman’s movements have an unfortunate consequence; the rhombal cushion shielding Jayce’s naked crotch is flung out of the way in the flurry of motion. Jayce realises first that his rigid cock is now pressed between Nikki’s firm thighs, but she’s not far behind. The two stay frozen in place as Jayce’s cock twitches; neither wanting to make a sound as the silhouette of the Mistress stands arms akimbo. It feels like forever until the shadow once again starts moving down the soft corridors, the two figures no longer Sahabet tense from her appearance, but now stuck in a very strange dilemma.

‘I-is that?…’

‘Yes… Umm…’ Jayce can think of no other words. His heart is screaming “sorry” but his brain thankfully won’t let it out. He decides truth is best, and does his best to make sure he’s only holding Nikki in this position with the force that she is supplying, his muscles noticeably relaxing but still holding in place. ‘Kat gave me something, and it won’t go down…’ The cock twitches again, straining to push against Nikkis moist lips with its shaft; the head held firmly between her thighs.

She shrugs off Jayce’s arms, cautiously opening her legs allowing the member to slowly move upwards, causing Nikki to gasp as it brushes past her sensitive inner thighs until finally coming to rest hard against the woman’s slit; the swollen rod prodding at her belly. The blonde tightens her thighs grip once more, causing Jayce to subconsciously moan in pleasure. Reaching out with a nervous finger she pokes it.

Jayce’s cock twitches at the touch, pushing up against Nikki’s inquisitive digit as she carefully slides it around the throbbing head. It feels so strange to her, but also somewhat similar. Without realising it she begins to grind imperceptively slowly against the engorged member, Jayce barely noticing the movement at first, but a worried brow marking his moral confusion to the situation. ‘Are you sure you-‘

‘Im sorry!’ Nikki blurts out, hands darting back to her sides ‘It’s just so red… Does it hurt?’

‘Its okay, it doesn’t hurt…’ Relief washes over Nikki from the mans reassuring words. ‘Its a little red from that stuff Kat gave me. It’s just very sensitive, so be gentle.’

Nikki seems to have forgotten entirely about the Mistress in her labarynthe, instead concentrating solely on this new thing pushing its way between her legs. A mischievous grin crosses the woman’s face as she reaches out to it once more. ‘How sensitive is “very”?…’ She asks rhetorically as her fingers stroke up the four inches poking out, eeping when it twitches hard from her touch. She quickly grabs it with both hands, holding it still. ‘I can feel your heart beat.’ She says matter-of-factly. ‘Its fast.’

Jayce chuckles at the statement as he feels the warmth of her hands begin to massage his cock head. The sensation of someone so gentle upon his body was something Jayce had not quite gotten accustomed to, especially after the last week. But once more, the drug he imbibed prevents him from climaxing too soon, allowing Nikki to play with his member for longer. ‘We’ll you know how it is, you see a cute guy and your heart goes all a flutter?’ They share a blushing grin at that phrase, ‘We’ll its the same for guys when they meet a pretty girl.’

Nikki acts coy ‘You think I’m pretty?’ She says, absentmindedly squeezing Jayce’s cock in the process.

Jayce lets out a moan of pleasure. ‘Very much so.’ He reaches up once more to give the blonde a hug, holding her tight against his naked body as she holds him tight between her thighs. ‘You’ve got an amazing mind and a body that men would die for and women would kill for.’ Jayce thought he may have been laying it on a bit thick, but Nikki seemed none the wiser. It wasn’t that he was lying – Monique regardless of her mental aspect is a beautiful woman – but Jayce knew he had to butter Nikki up in the vain hope she might let him leave.

‘Well,’ Nikki grins shyly, rocking her body side to side nervously not knowing that each movement was causing Jayce immense pleasure ‘I think you’re pretty handsome too.’ Jayce became aware of a light movement just near the tip of his cock, but it was only after a stifled moan from Nikki he realised she was gently massaging her clit with a curious finger. When her eyes close Jayce makes his move. Slowly and sensually he slides his hand down the woman’s soft skin, his fingers tracing a trail of goosebumps across her shoulder, down her arm and slowly across to her fingertips; until finally coming to rest with his hand cupping hers.

Nikki turned questioningly to Jayce, her eyes searching for intent but Jayce’s gaze was not malicious; comfort and kindness were what the blonde found in his green-brown orbs. Still confused but not stopping him, Nikki allows Jayce’s fingers to continue upon their journey, his warm skin finding her moist clit and ever so lightly caressing it. Nikki shudders from the alien hand pleasuring her, the sensation unlike anything she’d ever felt in her so far brief existence..

Jayce was being very gentle with Nikki, only increasing in tempo when he would feel her hand try to push past his. He can feel the hot wetness of the woman’s pussy now, cock twitching with need as she starts once more to grind against it though more perceptible this time. Jayce makes a bold move and introduces Nikkis clit to his thumb,pushing down on it with enough force to cause the woman to gasp in Sahabet Giriş pleasure, while avoiding pain. After a little wiggle of the digit, Nikki smiles; half laughing, half moaning in some kind of lust-fuelled giggle.

Nikki has begun to rhythmically squeeze Jayce’s member while rocking back and forth atop him, her hands as soft as silk. The cock throbs hard, his heartbeat the basis for the biological beat echoing through Nikki’s hands. ‘Jayce…’ The man became slightly worried at Nikki’s pleading tone, amplified by the fact that she had stopped moving and was now gripping his member firmly.

‘Yeah?’ He all but whispered, using his free hand to hold the woman in a one-armed hug, hoping it was conveying comfort more than need.

‘I- I want to…’ She was bright red in the cheeks now, her eyes shut tightly as she tries to force the words out. ‘I mean, its just… I just…’

Jayce squeezes her again, in the hope that she may calm down and relax; his gentle caress easing her mind and causing the appropriate result in not too long a time. ‘If you really want to, then we should face each other; so we can see what the other is feeling.’ Nikki needs no further encouragement, and loosening her grip on the throbbing member she slides across Jayce’s body until the base of his cock is now pushing against the moist slit of Nikki’s seated form. ‘I’ll let you set the pace to start with.’

Nikki blurts out a grin as she steadies her tight wet hole over the blood-gorged monster that is Jayce’s member. After a few quick breaths, she lowers herself down, the folds around her pussy parting way as the cock head slides in; stretching the hole already with its increased girth. But to Nikki’s credit she doesn’t stop; slowly impaling herself upon the meaty prick inch by inch. Jayce was almost comatose with pleasure, Nikki was incredibly tight, but all this fooling around had also gotten her incredibly wet; which was the only reason he is able to enter her at all.

A mini orgasm shoots through Nikki as she stops abruptly, her insides clamping down on Jayce’s cock with vice-like intensity as she holds her breath; a half squeak half moan held back by her trembling lips. The two lovers feel each others heartbeat while sexually entangled, the racing thuds slowly synching up into a near cacophonous drum beat. Her grip eases as the orgasm passes, the woman finally allowing herself to breathe again.

nearly halfway down but with quivering legs, Nikki’s body gives in to the pleasure; slumping down the rest of Jayce’s cock in one go. Both partners scream in ecstasy as he bottoms out within her, the knowledge of the Mistress on the hunt shunned for more pleasurable thoughts. Jayce and Nikki remain still for a moment, their bodies white-hot with pleasure; unable to move from the intensity of it.

Jayce is first to break the stalemate, his hands on Nikki’s hips pulling her backwards at first, away from his meaty intrusion before sliding her forward; his cock pushing back inside her and further by the barest of margins. Nikki’s body reacts automatically, holding the rhythm she begins to grind upon Jayce’s lap; the man still holding her close to him with strong hands.

‘It- it kinda hurts…’ Nikki wheezes between movements.

Jayce lets go of her thighs, freeing the woman from his grip ‘We don’t have to-‘

Nikki’s hands grasp the mans wrists, guiding his big hands back to her legs; pressing them against the soft skin as she moans a little ‘No… It’s a good hurt…’ Jayce’s firm grip returns slowly, pulling her down again; his meaty prick pushing deep once more. Nikki digs her fingernails into the spaces between his fingers as she moans in response to the man’s forced grinding.

Jayce releases his own moan – more a soft growl at this point – as he guides Nikki back into a stable rhythm; his cock only visible to the blushing woman as she slides back, exposing the thick red member to the warm imaginary air. It throbs with each movement, pressing deeper inside Nikki’s slickened tunnel until it hits a wall. Jayce groans with pleasure at the contact.

‘It… It’s too deep…’ Nikki gasps, her pussy clamping around Jayce’s member with all the force it can muster, the man breathing heavily from the repurcussions of his partner’s mini-orgasm. Not wanting to make her “first” experience an overly painful one, Jayce decides not to press his luck – or his cock – much further; pulling Nikki back again to only half full.

Jayce opens his mouth to speak but he’s not quick enough, as Nikki gyrates more forcefully this time; plunging the reddened cock back into her velvety pussy with a mutual groan from the two sexually charged lovers. Again and again she gyrates, her motions bouncier with each withdrawal as the two build up a nice rhythm.

All other concerns forgotten Jayce and Nikki fuck themselves into a stupor; the repressed virginal aspect of his boss driving Jayce to amazing heights as her deliciously tight hole virtually Sahabet Güncel Giriş sucks at his member; so eager for his seed and warmth. He can feel Nikki edge closer and closer to a massive climax, as he too feels his own balls throb with the desire to release their chemically altered burden.

Nikki’s eyes close as her pussy squeezes the stiff member; crashing over the edge, just in time to miss an ominous shadow grow on the wall behind. Jayce is more observant however and reflexively pulls the cumming woman hard down onto his tool, his hand too slow to cover the loud moan of pleasure erupting from the blonde’s mouth. ‘Aaaaaaahhhhhhnnnnn-‘ Jayce’s cock throbs inside the quivering woman, desperate to cum but being attached to the body of the terrified man stops it from reaching his own pinnacle of pleasure.

A hand tears through the fabric of the wall, closely followed by another. Jayce pushes Nikki out of the way, ‘RUN!’ Was all he could shout before his own mouth is clamped shut. But there was no chance of that; the orgasmically charged Nikki lays breathing heavily, her body too racked with pleasure to stand let alone run. Jayce can only look on helplessly as the Mistress whips a leather strap at Nikki. the end cracking against the woman’s neck to form a collar. The black leather-clad dominatrix then throws Jayce to the floor before cracking a collar onto his neck as well.

‘Pick her up, mutt!’ The Mistress barks as she yanks Jayce’s leash harshly, nearly flinging him at the still stupefied Nikki. With fear and loathing in his eyes he gently lifts the ivory lady, holding her across his chest as he stands defiant in the torn passageway. ‘Come!’ The Mistress begins walking hastily down the slowly dimming corridor; the backlit walls losing their vibrancy one by one.

Soon the floor hardens and the walls turn to stone, the faint lights behind the material replaced once more by torches aflame; roaring into existence with the Mistresses presence as she continues down the dark labyrinth with her two captives strung along behind. Jayce considered escaping, but with that collar he would have no hope. The trio reach a solid wooden door reinforced with iron bands that swings open upon their arrival, and slams shut behind them.

Inside this new chamber are a myriad of contraptions with chains, straps and cuffs. Whips and paddles line the walls, and thick leather ties hang from the ceiling. A similar chair to the one he saw last time stares at Jayce from the darkness as the mistress fastens Nikki’s collar to one of the roof straps. ‘You can stay here you naughty bitch!’ the pleasure having left Nikki’s face, now replaced with a look of heavy sadness and guilt. The Mistress motions for Jayce to drop his blonde burden, and so with care he tries laying her on the ground; but the strap is too short, pulling Nikki into a sitting position as the Mistress quickly clips Jayce to a separate strap.

Jayce whips around in a fury ‘Leave her alone! For fucks sake, she’s part of YOU!’ the strap holds him back from grabbing the smirking woman by the throat.

‘Puppy does not learn!’ She retorts, whipping a leash at Jayce’s hand and tying it off almost instantly; his arm pulled to behind his back. The Mistress smiles. Another strap flies from the darkness to pull his other arm back, then a leg, and soon all four limbs are restrained, with Jayce suspended mid air; leather straps digging into his skin as he struggles fruitlessly. The mistress observes his still rock-hard cock, and draws an all-too-familiar cat o’ nine tails over it. ‘Puppy needs to be re-taught…’

The feel of leather against skin is replaced once more by fur, but this time Jayce is ready for the intrusion and braces himself as the butt plug is firmly inserted; the concoction given to him by Kat possibly helping. He grimaces from the stretching regardless, until the object sits within him, his new ‘tail’ wagging to and fro uncontrollably. Nikki looks on in awe from a few meters away, the magical motion of the tail catching her full attention; which is now catching the Mistresses attention.

‘I treat you nicely,’ the ebony-clothed woman’s derisory voice chills Jayce as she circles him to face his prior lover. ‘I keep you away from all this…’ An accusatory finger is thrust in Jayce’s direction ‘but you just go to it anyway.’ Nikki looks to the ground in shame, her kneeling form slumped from the talking to. ‘I didn’t need to catch you two fucking, I can SMELL you on him.’ She grabs Jayce’s cock, pulling his suspended form closer to the cowering blonde. ‘Smell it!’

‘Leave her alone, Bitch!’ Shouts Jayce to the enraged woman, her grip on his member tightening.

‘This puppy needs to learn when to be quiet.’ The Mistress looks at Jayce’s collar with head-tilting curiosity and smiles. The leather twists and winds around the mans neck, up across his cheeks and into his mouth; a ball forming between his lips as he tries in vain to shake it out. The ball gag is the first part to form, but not the last as leather continues to slide across his face, twisting and turning until a full thirty seconds later a leather dog mask is all that is left above the collar; muffled insults audible only as growls and mumbles. ‘Better.’

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