Mira and Me

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The following is a work of fiction. I do have a daughter, I did work on her computer – and saw a picture of her breasts on her computer. The rest of the story is fiction.

I was in between wives. My grown daughter was shacking up with her boyfriend – but he was deployed. I went to her apartment for a visit – just to hang-out. It was nice to hang out with Mira – she had always been a daddy’s girl, anyway. Mira was tall – for a woman – and fairly slender. Not much in the breast department – but, you know the old saying – any more than a mouthful is a waste anyway.

I know … a man shouldn’t think about his daughter that way. But, it’s her fault. You see, she asked me to look at her computer because it had been acting up. Right there on the desktop screen was a folder named ‘private pics’ … an open invitation if there ever was one. I opened the folder and started looking at the pics in there. The earlier ones (sorted by date) were pretty tame. She was wearing lingerie – see through, but still covering the vital parts. As I progressed through the folder, it was clear she had gotten more bold. I looked carefully at the one where she was standing in only her panties – her breasts exposed. The next one, she was fingering the nipples of her breasts – and they were hard like little erasers. My cock started to grow just looking at this one.

About that time, I heard her come back from where ever she’d been. I quickly closed the picture – and the folder just as she walked into the room. I had her show me exactly what problem she was having with her computer and then we had some dinner.

The next day, I headed into the computer room after she’d left and when I moved the mouse, the screen saver went away – and the ‘private pics’ folder was already open on the screen. She had left it open – maybe by accident, maybe on purpose … I didn’t know. But, I knew I would have more time because I got an earlier start. I quickly started where I had left off the previous day – looking at the one where Mira was fingering her nipples and they were hard – like erasers. Once again, my cock started to grow thinking of the possibilities.

I clicked on the next picture. She had one hand on her nipple – the other hand was in her panties. I stuck my hand into my shorts to rearrange my cock as it was getting harder and harder. I clicked on the next picture – and she had her hand covering her pussy – and with the other hand, she was pushing her panties down. This was hot, hot, hot – I could see the blond curls around her fingers.

In the next picture, the panties were gone – and she was now sitting in the computer chair – the very chair I was sitting in – and her legs were spread out some. One hand back on her breast – and the other was clearly fingering her clit. I pushed my shorts down and started stroking my own cock while I clicked on the next picture. It didn’t appear that she had moved – but the camera had been readjusted. This one was a close-up of her middle finger buried in her cunt. Her thumb on her clit. And a flushed appearance as if she was nearing orgasm.

It dawned on me that she must have had a photographer taking these shots. And, based on the time-stamp, the photographer was NOT her boyfriend. To say I was intrigued would be an understatement. I clicked on the next picture.

The camera had zoomed in even closer. Her hand-covered pussy filled the frame. I was jacking my cock, furiously – as I clicked the next picture. It was clear she had achieved orgasm – there was an abundance of moisture on her fingers – and she had a flushed appearance. Her nipples looked hard enough to etch glass. I came all over my hand.

I had just barely gotten my self cleaned up when she got home – so, I didn’t get to the rest of the pictures. But, I noticed that there were only two or three I hadn’t seen, yet.

Imagine my surprise the next morning when I jiggled the mouse – the private pics folder was open again – and there were some new pictures Porno 64

that had been taken the night before. She must have gone into the computer room after I went to bed. I could tell by the hairstyle and the date stamp that they had been taken the night before. And – it was pretty obvious that these were all self-taken … she must have used a tripod and timer … and there wasn’t a picture of any orgasm.

Was this a hint? Was Mira trying to tell me something? What should I do? Did I want to fuck my daughter? Is that what she wanted? How would I find out? What would be the next step?

What I decided to do was this – I looked for her tripod and camera. After I found them – I opened my favorite picture from the new batch. She was sitting in the computer chair completely naked with her knees hooked over the arms of the chair. The fingers of her right hand were holding open her pussy exposing her ‘little man’. With her left hand, she was fingering her nipple – and it was hard.

I arranged the camera so that it would get a shot of me sitting in the computer chair – my cock exposed. And also visible in the picture would be the screen on the computer showing her picture. I stroked my cock until I got it hard – and then set off the timer – the picture snapped before I shot my load. I tried a couple of more times to get a cum shot – but never got a satisfactory one.

I copied the pictures from the digital camera onto the computer – in the private pics folder. Then, I opened one of these pictures of me – the best one, I thought, and left the room. I was watching TV when Mira got home. She told me she was gonna shower and change for dinner and disappeared down the hall. From the living room, I could not tell if she went to her bedroom or to the computer room. Based on what happened next, though – I think it was probably the computer room. I was watching TV when I heard the shower start. Then, a few minutes later, it stopped. About 10 minutes passed – and she was still back in the back of the apartment – when I heard her call out, “Daddy, come here, I need you!”

I quickly got up and rushed back to the computer room – she wasn’t there, but had obviously been there. The computer was not on screen saver – and the picture I had left open earlier in the day was closed … a different one was open. I backed out of the computer room and stepped to her bedroom door and went in. Mira was lying on the bed, naked. One hand on her breast – the other beckoning me to come to her. I asked, “Mira, are you sure you want to do this?”

She replied, “Daddy, I’ve dreamt of this day since – like forever. I never thought you felt the same way or I would have tried this years ago.”

I walked to the bed and tentatively reached my hand for her breast – the one she wasn’t covering. The moment I touched her nipple, my cock surged – she saw it even though I still had my shorts on. She said, “See – you want this as much as I do … get naked and get in the bed with me, please, Daddy … please!”

I set a speed record for getting naked. In only a second or two, I was naked and lying on the bed beside my beautiful daughter. I snaked my left hand and arm under her head – cradling her head in the crook of my arm and pulled her to me so I could kiss her. This was not some father-daughter kiss. It was one of the hottest kisses I’d ever had. Her tongue was exploring my mouth and doing battle with my tongue for supremacy. While we were kissing, I moved my right hand to cover her left breast – the one she’d been fingering when I came in the room. She moved her hand away – and it dropped on the bed.

Her right hand was kinda scrunched between us on the bed. I felt her start to move it so I shifted back a bit so she could free it … she used it to grab my cock and squeeze. She moaned, “Oh, Daddy … your cock feels so hard and wonderful. I can hardly wait to find out how wonderful it feels.”

I kissed and nibbled on her ear lobe. Then, Konulu Porno the side of her neck and behind her ear. I slid downward on the bed a bit, and nibbled on her shoulder and then used the tip of my tongue to draw a series of lines down to her breasts. She started breathing quickly in a sort of pant – and moaned her pleasure when I first took her right nipple into my mouth. I nipped it with my teeth – and then rolled my tongue and teeth around her nipple – until it was hard as a diamond. She still had a firm grip on my cock as I shifted my weight so I could get my mouth on her left nipple. I treated it the same way – and got the same response … then I started going back and forth between the two keeping her on edge – and keeping her nipples both rock hard.

I really wanted to taste her pussy but, I was really trying to take my time. I knew that the moment I touched her pussy with my cock – as worked up as I was – I’d probably lose it. I wanted to make damn sure she enjoyed it enough that we’d have a repeat performance. So, I took my time on her nipples – and kept my hands above the waist. I teased her nipple and belly button while taking turns with her nipples in my mouth. She was nearing orgasm – I recognized the signs from the pictures I’d seen on her computer. She squirmed, “Daddy, I’ve never cum with only breast stimulation, before … but, I’m damn close to cumming, now … please don’t stop.”

With this encouragement – what else could I do, but keep going. She was loving it – and frankly, so was I. She still had a firm grip on my cock – she was just holding it – feeling it in her hand. But, that was one of the most erotic feelings I’ve ever had.

When she got really close – her breathing got heavier and faster – her chest flushed … I could sense that she was right on the edge. I slid my right hand down to her pussy – and just cupped her pussy in my hand. I didn’t seek out her clit – or insert any fingers … I just treated her pussy the way she was treating my cock. I just held it while I continued to suck and nibble on her nipples. That did it for her – as soon as my hand contacted her pussy lips, she exploded. I could feel the wetness her orgasm generated. She started to scream out so I covered her mouth with mine and captured her scream with a kiss. (Her neighbors knew her father was staying over – her screaming out in orgasm might arouse suspicion.)

As she started coming down from her peak she said, “Daddy – can I taste you, now.”

What would you say? I know what I said, “Hell, yeah, baby – you can taste me, now. But swing that wonderful pussy over my face so I can taste you at the same time.”

As I said that, I rolled over onto my back – and she started kissing her way down to my cock. She played with my nipples a little – sucking and nipping them as she continued moving down to my cock. When she got to my cock – she started with a little kiss right on the head. Stuck her tongue into the slit on the tip. Then took the head of my cock into her mouth. She lightly closed her lips around the crown of my dick and swirled her tongue around it – first clockwise, then counterclockwise. Then she started pushing her face toward my crotch – taking more and more of my cock into her mouth.

I reminded her she was supposed to be putting her sweet pussy over my face…so she paused a moment and swung her body around and straddled my face with her legs. She lifted my cock with her hand, arched her back, and ducked her head back down to my cock – taking it in as she went down. I could feel the head of my cock at the back of her throat. Then, she arched her back some more, stretched her neck out and took my cock all the way down. I could feel her nose on my nutsack for a moment – then she backed off till she had just the head of my cock in her mouth – swirling her tongue around and around the head. I warned her, “Mira – if you keep that up – one or two more times like that, I’ll be cumming … I’m Porno İndir on the verge, now.”

To try to keep from cumming – and get my mind off of the terrific blow job I was getting from my daughter – I took her clit into my mouth and started sucking on it. This got her attention very quickly – and her mouth movements on my cock stopped for a minute. She sat straight up driving her pussy into my face. My nose was buried in her pussy. I kept nipping at her clit with my lips, tongue and teeth. She held my hips with her hands for balance and started rubbing her pussy on my face – harder, faster, harder, faster and then she came as she cried out. (I hope none of her neighbors heard her – her cry was the unmistakable sound of a woman cumming – hard.)

After she came – and as she started coming down from her high – I thought she’d continue the blow job. I was wrong. Apparently, she’d had enough of oral – she spun around and before I really knew what she was doing, my cock was buried to the hilt in her pussy. She drove her pussy down to my groin hard and started grinding her clit on my pubic bone. I raised my head and could see my dark pubic hair mingling with her blond curls. She didn’t rise up and down – she just kept grinding her clit on the base of my cock – slowly riding me back and forth. Maybe she sensed that this was one way to keep me from cumming too soon. Maybe she was just working toward her third cum – I’m not sure – and frankly didn’t care. My cock was in heaven. I’ve had lots of pussy in my life – been to swinger parties and such. Probably had my dick in 30 different pussies at this time in my life. This – my daughter’s pussy – was the best feeling I’d ever had.

She leaned forward – raised up a bit, then drove her cunt down on my cock – hard. I thought this would be the beginning of the end, but, when she got my cock all the way inside her, she went back to grinding her clit on my pubic bone. I could feel her diamond-hard nipples on my chest – and she was nibbling on my neck, my chin – then she started kissing me – hard – with her tongue deep in my mouth as she kept grinding away down below.

She started panting directly into my mouth … and as she got nearer and nearer to her orgasm, she started raising and lowering her pussy on my cock. She raised it till just the head was still in her pussy. Then she’d slam her pussy back down to the base of my cock – and rock her clit back and forth on my pubic bone a couple of times. Then start over.

This treatment had me on the verge – I was very close. I broke our kiss and told her that I was close to cumming. I reached my hands down to her hips and started guiding her movements. I’d raise her hips till just the head was in her pussy. Then, I’d raise my hips as I drew her down to meet my thrust. She’d grind back and forth a couple of times. When I thought I could take another thrust, I’d guide her hips upward again.

I used one hand to pull her mouth back to mine for a kiss. With the other hand, I was still guiding her movements … this was it, I could feel it. Her face was flushed. Her nipples were harder than ever and they were digging into my chest. She raised up one last time – and on the down stroke, I could feel her pussy start to spasm her cum. I felt her warmth and moisture bathe my cock – and right as I bottomed out in her pussy, I shot my load – pulsing my cum deep in her womb.

We were both spent so we just stayed put – enjoying the feelings. Her face was next to my ear – and she said, “Unbelievable – absolutely un-fucking-believable!”

I couldn’t speak, yet … so, I simply nodded my agreement. We stayed like that for what seemed like a long time. It was probably only a few minutes. My cock went soft and I could feel our combined juices running out of her pussy and into my groin … drippling down onto the bed, and still we didn’t move. I felt her body relax – and realized that she was dozing off … so I relaxed too.

When I became aware again, she was not in the bed. I called out her name – and she came in from the bathroom – still naked – and climbed back into the bed. I didn’t think I was able to get hard again – so we spooned on the bed and went back to sleep.

The next morning – oh, wait … that’s another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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