Miss Danver’s Crime Prevention Ch. 02

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William lay in his bed, his mind rushing over the last few humiliating days. How he had crumbled from the cocky youth who strutted unopposed through these streets to the broken shell that lay here he couldn’t comprehend. He would have to walk past the neighbors who had watched her dominate him and mocked him as he cried.

His ass throbbed from his punishment, it kept him awake. But he couldn’t shake the image of that woman controlling him, it aroused him against his will. When he closed his eyes he could see her, that magnificent red-haired beauty who owned his every thought. He hated that she had brought him down to but he couldn’t fight the realization he had to return.

As he ate his breakfast he peeked through the curtains wondering how many of his neighbors would be laughing about him now. Would they have told their husbands or their friends, he cringed at the thought. He watched Sally leave for college, all those years he had bullied her in school and mocked her in the street. Now he wouldn’t be able to even look her in the eye, she had loved every second of his humiliation.

By 12 he had showered and douched to be ready for Miss Danvers, helpless to whatever whim she conjured up for him. His heart pounded in anticipation as he arrived and his cock was already in a state of arousal.

“Well, aren’t you eager?” Miss Danvers, “a few minutes early today.” She smiled as the boy slid in, head bowed. She had worried last night might have been too much for him to take but here he was ready for more. She pointed to the table, “you know the drill by now, pants down and bend.”

Automatically he had walked to his place, dropped his pants, and attained the position. Electricity ran through his body as her smooth cool hand stroked over his still red cheeks. Red and bruised from last night’s exhibition.

“Now that looks even prettier red,” she gently stroked each mark. “I think today’s plug should be a nice red one to match your bottom,” and teased the slightly larger plug into the boy’s eager hole. He took it with barely a murmur, Miss Danvers patted his bottom with pride.

“Now I have to go out again for some messages, you will do the hoovering and clean downstairs.” She held his face as she gave him his orders, “I will back at 2 so you will be finished for the day then.”

“Yes Miss Danvers”, he nodded up at her transfixed by her stern beauty.

William set to his tasks at once, determined to come up to Miss Danvers’s standards. As he hoovered mersin escort the stairs, he knocked his bottom against the wall and realized he had forgotten all about the plug. It had been inserted for over two hours and he had completely grown accustomed to having it in.

When Miss Danvers returned, she examined Williams’s housework closely. “Well, you have been a busy boy. I am rather impressed.” She smiled down at him, “I just have one small lesson for you before you go.”

She turned and strode purposely upstairs, red hair swishing behind her.

When she returned Williams’s mouth dropped open. Miss Danvers had been wearing tailored trousers and jacket, she had now attached a black strap on. The black leather harness fitted tightly around her waist, straps gripping her muscular buttocks.

“Good boy, that’s just how I want that mouth,” she strode towards him. “To your knees boy.”

William dropped without question, she had never looked so impressive. The cock pushed open his lips as he looked up at her.

“Take it as deep as you can boy,” she held his head as he delicately attempted to suck. She looked down at where he had sucked on her cock, “that’s barely taking the head boy, you can go much deeper than that.”

“But if I go further I’ll be sick” whined William.

“Relax your throat and breathe through your nose and you’ll do fine, now again” Miss Danvers tapped her cock.

Williams clung to Miss Danvers’s strong thighs as he desperately tried to take her cock deep, the spit drooling down his chin as he continually gagged.

“Oh stop boy, that was pathetic. You really need to practice your cocksucking,” she released the cock from his mouth and slapped it across his face. “But I do have great confidence in you proving me wrong, so I have bought you a little gift.”

William shyly acquiesced, “Thank you, Miss Danvers.”

She pulled out a small package from her handbag. “As you are leaving early today, I have got you a little present for your homework.” She opened the box and passed William the contents.

William held a large realistic flesh-colored dildo in his hand. He stared at the size of it, the veins running down the shaft.

Miss Danvers pointed to the cock, “I want you to practice sucking on that cock tonight, and tomorrow I will see how far you take it. It has a suction on the end, so you can attach it to your bedroom wall and start learning. Now assume the position and you can pop off home.”

William mersinescort.asia gripped his new gift as the plug was retrieved from his now feeling rather empty hole.


After his tea, William locked his bedroom door and fetched the cock from his hiding place. He could not let anyone find this, this had to stay hidden. It looked even bigger than at first glance, the thick rubber cock weighed in his hands. He tentatively licked the head, the taste was not too bad just a mild rubbery flavor.

As he slipped it into his mouth, the thick hard cock made his mouth open wide to take it. He had taken it as deep as he could, he checked on the cock to see how far he had taken. Barely halfway, it had filled his mouth and he had taken only a small portion. It was thicker and larger than Miss Danvers’s cock but he vowed he would endeavor until he could take it all.


After his now customary plug taking, William dropped to his knees to prove his desire to please Miss Danvers. He gazed up awestruck at the magnificent beauty who teased his lips with her cock.

“Don’t we look eager today. Have you been practicing as I told you? She stroked his hair as she toyed with him.

“Yes Miss Danvers, most of the night.” His sore throat could confirm this.

She pushed her cock slowly into his hungry mouth, surprised at how eager he was to learn. “Good boy, now show me how you suck cock.”

The cock was easier to take than his own thick dildo and it slipped comfortably down his throat with only some mild gagging, to begin with. William looked up at his smiling mistress as he gently eased him deep.

“Oh, you are a very good boy and such a quick learner. Who would have guessed at what a good cocksucker you could be.” She stroked his face as she removed the cock from his lips, “I am very proud of you.”

William beamed upwards at her, proud to please her.

“Now today you will clean the bathroom and vacuum the stairs. Also, I have a man coming to price the door that someone damaged.” She gave William a scolding look, “So let him in and make him a cup of tea while he’s here.”

“Yes Miss Danvers,” He blushed over the remembrance of the broken door.


The workman came an hour later as William was vacuuming the stairs, he showed him through to the kitchen door.

The man was taller and larger than William, a man to a boy. He squeezed past him, pressing him against the wall with a grin. “Some little scumbag tried to break in eh?”

William could only nod in embarrassment, “Would you like a cup of tea while you measure?”

The man grinned, “Love one mate, proper little housewife aren’t you?”

William flushed red and turned to concentrate on making the tea.

The man whistled away as he measured the door frame, occasionally grinning over to William. “Well that’s the measurements done,” he scribbled down in his notebook as he spoke. “Heres the cost of the job, the labor and door chose with the deduction we agreed upon,”

William nodded agreement, puzzled as to what the deduction was about.

The man slipped down his tracksuit pants and unleashed a hardening cut cock. “Your Miss Danvers agreed that you would provide the work for the deduction of my cost, she said you’d be well worth my time,” he stroked his stubbled face as he smiled.

William now understood what his training had been for, paying Miss Danvers back for his damage. He dropped to his knees and yanked down the tracksuit bottoms, the hard cock bounced before him. The throbbing cock disappeared in Williams’s hungry mouth, his tongue running down the shaft as he sucked.

The man groaned loudly as William devoured his cock, “Fuck, she said you were a born cocksucker lad.” He gripped the sink as the boy bobbed deeply on his cock, “Oh you’re going to make me shoot.”

Sucking a real cock was delicious compared to the plastic he’d learned on, it felt warm and alive in his mouth. The heavy hairy balls resting on his chin as he buried the cock in his throat, he squeezed hard on the muscled arse.

The workman gripped the boy’s hair and shouted as he came, “Ohhh fucking take it!”

For a moment William was in a panic, his mouth filled with the shooting hot cum. He’d never liked a girl who spat and now, this was his position. He swallowed hard, taking the salty thick warm load fast down his throat.

The man bucked every drop from his cock into the tightly wrapped mouth, he could feel the boys tongue licking at his cock. The hungry mouth sucking any evidence of his cum away. “Well you earned that deduction alright,” he laughed whilst trying to get his breath back.


When Miss Danvers returned, she examined his housework first and then enquired about the door. “Did he examine the door? did he leave his bill?”

“Yes Miss Danvers,” William nodded and handed her the printed bill.

Upon reading, she beamed, “Oh you got him to deduct some money, clever boy.” She ran her finger over his lips, “I knew you had a hidden talent, you boys just need it brought out sometimes.”

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