Miss Satcher Ch. 2

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Emily and I had spent a life altering evening together on Friday. At least, I wanted to believe it was life altering. Now that I’d gotten a taste of her sweetness, I wanted more. I wanted to embrace her with my whole heart. But I didn’t want to rush things, either. I felt so uncertain.

Saturday morning, after my shower, I wandered around the apartment in my bathrobe. I could have been doing something constructive, but the truth was I just wanted to daydream about the glorious evening we’d spent together. After our kisses the evening before, I hadn’t been sure what to do. Emily had solved my dilemma by saying she needed her rest, so I had walked her to the door. She’d turned quickly to brush her lips against mine, and lifted my heart with a promise to see me tomorrow. I felt like I was falling in love – and at a breakneck pace.

While I was musing that morning, I heard a knock at the door. My heart jumped up in my chest. It must be Emily! I ran to open the door. There she stood, signature smile in place. I admired her while she stood in the doorway. Such luminescent skin, such bright eyes. And I couldn’t help noticing the way her clothing fitted her soft curves. I gave a rather inelegant gulp as I imagined my hands on her hips.

“Well, are you going to let me in or aren’t you?” Emily teased. I grinned and motioned her inside. I wondered what today had in store for us.

“I should get dressed. Why don’t you make yourself comfortable, and I’ll be right back,” I said, and started to turn. Emily reached for my wrist, though, to stop me.

“Just a second. Isn’t there one room we forgot to decorate last night?” She whispered. I just gaped at her. My eyes were questioning, but hers were sure. “Shall we take a look at your bedroom?” Did she mean what I thought she meant? Goodness knows I wanted to experience Emily fully. Although part of me was worried that things were moving too quickly, çankaya escort another part of me reasoned that we had been waiting ten years.

I tucked away my arguments, grasped her hand in mine, and led her to my room. My knees grew weak as I thought of taking her in my arms. I had never before experienced a woman’s touch as I had last night, but it felt so right with Emily. A thought flashed through my mind. Was Emily experienced? Had she ever made love to another woman? Her boldness made me think that she had. But I could not think of a way to ask her, without breaking the mood.

Inside the bedroom, I let her hand go and stood to face her. She was so beautiful! I reached out to caress her hair with my fingertips. Emily took my hand, and brought my palm to her lips. She kissed it, then kissed her way from my wrist up my arm – pushing back the sleeve of my robe as she went. Her lips lingered at the inside of my elbow, and her tongue slid out to gently tease my skin. My breaths were coming quickly, as my excitement grew. Emily seemed to sense my anxiousness. She gently took me in her arms, holding me tight.

“I want this experience to be everything it can be for you. I want you to tell me what you’re feeling, any worries you might have.” She smoothed my hair as she whispered in my ear. My eyes must have given my emotions away. I wanted this so much, but I was also unsure of how to progress. The new emotions threatened to overwhelm me.

“Why don’t we lie down and relax, sweetheart. We can just talk for a while.” I smiled at her use of the term, ‘sweetheart’. I should have known Emily would be patient and understanding. We settled ourselves on the bed, me lying on my back. She took off her glasses, allowing me to admire fully the beauty of her eyes. She lay beside me, an arm crossed over my stomach. She gently caressed my arm as keçiören escort she began to talk.

“Now, I think I know what you’re wondering. You’ve never been with a woman before, have you?” Her gentle tones and the massaging of my arm set me at ease. I murmured a ‘no’ in answer to her question.

Emily chuckled. “My dear Amy, so reticent. I want you to be free to open up to me. I’m sure you’re wondering about my past. Let’s just say that I’m not inexperienced when it comes to women. But I’ve never felt with another woman what I’m beginning to feel for you.” I looked up at her, my heart soaring. She smiled, and kissed me. Her hand slid up to my shoulder, and rested just above my breast. My eyes closed. I gasped softly, imagining how her hand would feel on me.

“Emily, please,” I whispered. “I want you. I want to please you, but I don’t know how. Please teach me.” I didn’t say much, but it was enough. Emily leaned down to kiss me again, as her hand slid underneath my robe. The warmth of her palm spread to my skin as she smoothed it over my breast. I shivered, then moaned as she cupped her hand around the fullness. Her fingers teased my nipple, and I felt a wave of pleasure roll through me that I’d not felt with any man.

She broke our kiss. I groaned. “Oh, Emily.”

“I’m going to show you how to please me, by pleasing you first. I want you to lie back and enjoy this. I want to show you what I feel, Amy.”

Her lips sought my neck, and her hand sought my other breast. I couldn’t think about anything but the sheer joy that shot through me at her touch. I couldn’t even begin to think about reciprocating as her lips and hands spread their warmth to my very core.

Emily’s lips were traveling – down my neck . . . over my collarbone . . . resting at the swell of my breast. My back arched as her lips found their way to my etimesgut escort nipple. Her tongue, gentle but insistent, flicked back and forth over the nub. Her fingers rolled my other nipple, and my juices started to seep from me. I caught the scent of my own arousal, and it made my desire more pungent. My back arched further. I spread my legs, and my hand went involuntarily to their juncture.

Emily’s touch was more arousing than I’d ever dreamed. Her finger continued pulling one nipple, while her tongue trailed its way down my belly. I moaned aloud, my body aching. She pulled open my robe, and raised her head to gaze at me. My nipples were red and hard. My skin had taken on a slight flush to match my arousal. Her eyes fell to my mound, and I saw the flash of passion in her eyes. It was the last thing I remembered seeing before her head lowered in one quick movement to rest between my thighs.

My Emily, I thought, as her tongue made love to me. My dear, beloved Emily. She knew all the right places, caressed all the right spots. Her finger found its way to my juices, and entered me. She massaged inside me with that finger. The sensations that rolled through me were unprecedented and unforgettable. And when she licked at my clit as she had my nipples, I saw stars. My hips rose to meet her. Her tongue moved fast against my button. I placed my hands on her hair, pulling her to me. I felt the tightening, the old familiar sensation. The building up of excitement, joy, arousal, and lust.

My legs began to tremble. Emily’s finger moved inside me, fast and sure. Her tongue was firm and unrelenting on my clit. I heard the groan deep within me as I felt the orgasm well up. That sweet, unmistakable wave of ecstasy and then the release. I cried out as the climax overtook me, my body tense and rocking with the explosion. Emily didn’t slow until the contractions of my muscles ended and I collapsed.

I felt Emily’s body shift on the bed, as she moved up beside me once more. Her arm went around me again, and her kiss stole the tear that slid down my temple. Her next words were an explanation, and a promise.

“That’s how we will please each other, beloved. And it’s just the beginning.” I sighed, and rolled over to rest in her arms.

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