Missed You Ch. 03

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Ria stirred again, and I held her close. “Are you all right?”

She nodded. “Just a bit emotional…”

She turned in my arms, and I felt a thrill go through me as her soft breasts pressed against my chest. I felt myself begin to harden, and Ria smiled, sensing my arousal. She looked at me, her face somehow serious, and said, “Tim?”


“We’ve done some fun stuff since you got back, but… this time, can we just make love, well, the old-fashioned way?”

I held her tightly. “Darling… Whatever you want — you only have to ask. The fun stuff is — well, fun, but as long as I can be with you, nothing else matters.”

Her cheeks were wet again, and she nodded wordlessly. She wiped away tears with her fingers, and turned onto her back, watching me. “Please, my love, now…”

I moved closer, kissing her cheeks, her ears, her eyelids. She closed her eyes, parting her lips, and I kissed her, feeling her respond. I began to stroke her skin gently, first her stomach, then her legs, then returning to caress her breasts. “Mmm,” she breathed, her nipples hardening under my palms, and I curled my fingers slightly to draw my fingernails gently across her breasts, remembering what she’d said that morning. Her back arched, and she reached for me, pulling me towards her. “Use your mouth,” she urged.

I began to kiss her breasts, softly at first then with tiny nips of my teeth. My lips surrounded a nipple, then suckled, the tip of my tongue flicking, and Ria gasped. “Ahhh….” I felt her shift, her legs parting, and I moved a hand down to caress her smooth mound. “I’m ready now,” she whispered, “just take me.”

I moved to cover her body with mine, and she opened fully to me, tilting her head backwards with a gasp as she felt my hard tip pressing against her entrance. I lowered myself onto her, entering her, and wrapped my arms around her, gently crushing her breasts with my chest. I kissed her, softly at first then more insistently, and I felt her hips begin to move, following my own gentle thrusts. She caught her lip between her teeth, moaning, and I felt the muscles of her stomach begin to tense. “So soon?” I asked quietly.

She nodded, and moved more insistently against me, wrapping her legs behind mine. I slid my hands down to cup her bottom, mirroring the movement of her hips, and her breathing became ragged. Suddenly she cried out, shaking uncontrollably and biting her lip, her fingers digging hard into my back, and I pushed as deeply as I could into her as her muscles tensed around me.

Finally she relaxed, and opened her eyes again. “Did you…?”

I shook my head, grinning. “Looks like all that attention you gave me earlier paid off.”

She looked concerned for a moment. “But you will…”

“Of course. Now?”

She nodded enthusiastically. “Lift up just a little…”

I raised myself up, and she shifted, beginning to kiss my chest and move her lips from one nipple to the mecidiyeköy escort other. I felt myself stir in her, and gasped. “Oh, yes, Ria, that’s perfect.” I began to move in her again, feeling her silky wetness surround me, her lips and tongue exquisite on my nipples. “Oh — yes — don’t stop — I’m…”

I felt pleasure flood through me, and Ria’s expression turned to delight as she watched my face, her hips mirroring my movements as I filled her with warmth…

Finally I lowered myself carefully onto her again, panting, and she wrapped her arms around me, squeezing. “That was perfect,” she breathed.

Slowly I softened, and Ria feigned disappointment as I slipped out of her. “Again later?” she asked, her voice almost like that of a little girl.

I nodded. “Of course.”

I glanced at the clock. “Ready for something else to eat yet?”

She shook her head. “Totally satisfied — in every possible way.”

I settled more comfortably on the pillow. “Want to talk, then?”

Ria nodded. “Tell me about your trip.”

I chuckled. “You really want to hear about spreadsheets and organisation charts?”

She snuggled into me. “Just want to hear the sound of your voice…”

I began to describe the last couple of days, and Ria listened thoughtfully. After a while, I saw her eyelids begin to droop, and as her breathing slowed, I tailed off, smiling, and closed my own eyes.

When I woke it was dark, and I glanced at the clock. The glowing figures gave the time as five a.m., and reluctantly I pulled away from my sleeping lover, slipping into the bathroom and closing the door so I wouldn’t wake her. When I was showered, I dressed in the gloom, and went down to the kitchen, quickly eating a bowl of cereal.

When I got back up the stairs, Ria was sitting up, the bedside light switched on. “We must both have been tired…”

I grinned. “Well, we did our best to wear each other out yesterday.”

She gave me a soft smile. “Hurry back to me, lover.”

“Will do.”

The day passed quickly, catching up on emails and urgent tasks that had built up while I’d been away at the conference. Finally I closed the laptop and picked up my jacket, heading for my car. My mobile rang, and I heard Ria’s voice. “Are you on your way?”

“Definitely, darling. Want me to pick anything up on the way?”

“You could get us Chinese,” she suggested.

“Sure — your usual?”

“And some of those crispy spring rolls, please, darling.” I stopped at the takeaway, emerging with a cardboard box which I slid onto the passenger seat, and finished the drive to the house. The front door opened as I reached it, and Ria leaned over the box to kiss me. “Missed you, darling.”

We went into the kitchen, and I unpacked our meal. Ria picked up a spring roll in her fingers, biting into it. “Perfect.”

When we’d finished eating, Ria made coffee for us and we went through to the taksim escort lounge. “Want to watch a film?” I asked.

She shook her head. “Let’s just put some music on.”

I dimmed the lights and picked up the remote, soft violin music beginning to play. Ria curled up on the sofa, and patted the seat next to me. “Come and cuddle me.”

I put my arm around her shoulders. “Good day, darling?”

She smiled. “Definitely. I got a few things done, but in between I was just thinking of you.”

“I thought my ears were burning,” I chuckled. “Anything in particular?”

Her eyes suddenly held a soft glow. “Thinking about tonight, about being with you, what we’d do.”

“Tell me,” I said, holding her closer.

She snuggled into my shoulder. “Well, there’s one of our favourites we haven’t done since you got back.” I pretended to look puzzled. “Can’t think what.”

She rolled her eyes playfully. “I see right through your plan — you want me to fantasise for you…”

“Is that all right?” I asked softly.

Ria grinned. “Of course — how else are you going to find out exactly what I’d like you to do.”

She settled more comfortably. “So you come through the door, and I kiss you. I take your hand and lead you upstairs to the bedroom, then I take you in my arms and kiss you again, my lips soft against yours, pressing my body against you. I can tell you’re already really turned on, and I start to undo your shirt buttons, then unfasten your belt, until all your clothes are off.”

“You reach for me, pulling my t-shirt over my head, and I quickly reach behind me to unfasten my bra, then help you take off my skirt, leaving only my panties on. I move over to the bed, sprawling on it, and you join me. You kiss my breasts, and start to stroke between my legs, pressing your fingers into me through the cotton. ‘Use your mouth,’ I urge, and you bend your head to kiss my mound, then tongue the moisture that’s beginning to wet the fabric. I flex my hips, pushing myself against your mouth, then I let myself sink back onto the bed, indicating with a gentle tug that you should shift your body over mine, facing downwards.”

“You slide across, burying your head between my thighs, and at the same time I kiss your tip, then put my mouth around you, caressing you with my tongue. I feel your fingers hook under the elastic of my panties and slide them down then off, and I moan as your mouth returns to my entrance, nothing now between your tongue and my most intimate places. I feel you begin to explore my opening, then lap at my clitoris, then a finger sliding into me, seeking my other sensitive spot. I use my tongue on you more urgently, tasting a little of your fluid leaking into my mouth. Your tongue flicks across my hard clitoris, and I feel my muscles begin to tense. ‘Please,’ I gasp, and as the pleasure intensifies I forget what I’m doing to you and lose myself in the sensation you’re giving me. Everything şişli escort goes blurry, and I gasp as your tongue moves insistently, your arms wrapped around my legs stopping me from closing them as the pleasure becomes almost too much to bear. Finally I reach the end of my climax, and you sense it, kissing my opening one last time.”

“I remember that I was supposed to be pleasuring you, and I start to caress you again, fingers and lips and tongue moving urgently over your hardness, listening to your breathing becoming ragged. You gasp, and I feel your erection stiffen even more, then your warm fluid spurts into my mouth, once then again. I swallow, then swirl my tongue over your tip, prompting another gasp and a final spurt.”

She paused, and I blinked. “Wow,” I breathed. “Ria, you have quite an imagination.”

Ria chuckled. “I was tempted to open that bedside drawer, but nothing beats the real thing.”

She got up from the sofa, quickly undressing, and stood with her back to me, her legs parted, looking over her shoulder at me. “I know it’s not what I just imagined for you, but would you take me like this?”

I chuckled. “You don’t need to ask twice.”

I pulled off my clothes, and moved close behind her, resting my hardness in the cleft of her bottom and cupping her breasts in my hands. Her nipples were hard, and again I drew my fingertips gently across them, using my nails lightly on the soft skin. She moaned, pushing her bottom back against me. “Into me, darling, please…”

I moved backwards, and she bent further, revealing both openings to me. I put my tip against her wet entrance for a moment, so that some of her slipperiness was transferred, then shifted so that my tip pressed into her other entrance, the lubrication allowing me to move a little way in.

“Ahhhhh………” she breathed. “Make yourself a little slippier and you can take me that way if you like.” I used my fingers to take more moisture from her entrance, transferring it to my hardness, and eased just my tip fully inside her tight opening. “Mm,” she said, “that feels really good. Move just a little?”

I flexed my hips just a little, and felt her nipples harden more than I’d ever known. “Yes, darling,” she whispered. “Take me…”

I moved more insistently, though still only a little way in her, and felt myself moving closer to my climax. I moved one hand down to her clitoris, caressing it with the tip of a finger, and kissed her shoulders, her back, her neck. “I’m nearly there, darling.”

She nodded. “Don’t hold back — I’m ready.”

I bent to nip the skin of her shoulders gently with my teeth, then took my hand from her breast to take hold of her ponytail. Ria moved her own hands to caress her breasts, and began to push back against me again. I felt pleasure overwhelm me, and as I climaxed, I withdrew my tip, spurting against her, my fluid running down towards her entrance. As she felt the warmth reach her opening, my finger on her clitoris and her hands squeezing her breasts and nipples, she climaxed, gasping. “Ohhhh……”

We rested, panting, and I wrapped my arms around her, kissing her hair. “Darling — that was utterly amazing.”

She nodded. “Thank you, my love.”

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