Missy: Valentine Dance

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\[This is a work of fiction. All places, events, and persons are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental]


I last saw my brother, Sam, when I was thirteen. Although he was five years older than I, we were very close growing up. Dad died when I was two so we were the only two kids in a single mother household and I think Sam liked to be the “big brother” to me, Missy, the “little sister.” Sam was very protective of me and, at a very early age, began to raise me almost more than mother who had to work much of the time. Sam and I had the house to ourselves much of the time as a consequence of mother’s work schedule and we were quite informal with each other. I paraded around the house naked in front of Sam until about the age of ten or eleven, although he rarely appeared in less than his jockey shorts. We cuddled and caressed each other quite a lot and he bathed me, again to about the age of ten or eleven.

After graduating from high school, Sam left for computer training at a technical school out of state, he was a computer genius, and then immediately went overseas for a job with an international corporation. It would be ten years before I would see him again. Meantime, I made it through high school with my virginity intact, barely. I was a late bloomer both physically and emotionally. I was very much the little girl, no tits, and with very little of the “womanly” shape otherwise. I was shy and withdrawn without my “big brother” around. But during my junior year, especially the second half of it, that changed, drastically.

My tits suddenly decided to show up and overdevelopment is the only word I can think of to describe them. From mere buds, I very quickly began to sprout a pair of 36Ds! The rest of me rounded out into quite a female shape as well. I also sprouted up to five foot, ten inches. Boy, did the boys suddenly notice! The boy who took me to the Valentine’s dance my junior year was my first, serious love affair. After the dance and out on Hunter’s Point in the car, he managed to get my tits bared and licked and sucked them nearly to death. His hand got between my legs, but over my clothes and I knew he was interested in more. I was not ready for the whole shebang yet, so I distracted him by freeing his cock and jacking him to an explosive climax. He shot his load all over the dash, seat, and floor, but I didn’t have to fuck him.

Three months later, I managed a similar distraction for a different boyfriend who took me to prom. My senior year, things got a little heavier. Still another new boyfriend, Jack, took me to the valentine dance this time. The dance was dreamy and I thought I was in love. I thought Jack felt the same way. Once again at Hunter’s Point after the dance, Jack had an arm around me and said, “Missy, you are so beautiful tonight,” and leaned over to kiss me. I leaned into him and returned his kiss.

Jack’s other hand found my chest and slipped inside the top of my cocktail type dress to find bare breasts, unfettered by a bra. In very short order, the spaghetti straps slid down my arms and the dress top dropped to my waist. Jack leaned down and began kissing my nipples and they reacted–boing, boing–into very stiff erectness. While still kissing my tits, Jack’s hand slipped beneath the hem of my dress and slid up my thigh to my panty clad pussy. He began a vigorous finger play on my mons and up and down my slit–still over top of the panties.

“Jack,” I said, “slow down, you are hurting me!”

“Oh, but you feel so good,” he answered.

“Yes, I like it too, but I don’t need cuts and bruises, Jack!” was my reply. I still was not interested in a fuck, so I took a calculated chance and said, “Jack, take my panties off!” Jack gurgled greedily and did as I asked. “Now,” I said, eat me, but watch those teeth!” Jack gave me a reasonably good tongue job, just barely. He did get me more or less aroused so I was willing to do the next step.

I could feel and hear Jack drop his zipper and I intervened when I said, “Let me help, Jack.” I got his cock out and immediately leaned down and got the helmet in my mouth. I knew Jack was highly aroused and I intended to blow him into climax and thus sidestep a full fuck. I wasn’t a lot better at fellatio than Porno 64

he had been at cunnilingus, but he erupted rather quickly with a geyser of cock cream all over my face and chest. I said, “Lick it off, Jack–clean me up.” After he did, I saw he was starting to get hard again and I countered with, “That’s enough for tonight, Jack, take me home please.”

I was still going with Jack at senior prom time and I was his date again. We ended up at Hunter’s Point again, as usual and Jack really wanted to fuck me. However, I managed to prevent that for still another time. I think that was the reason Jack and I drifted apart rather quickly after that night. He wanted to fuck and I did not. Why not, I was not really sure at the time, but I would find out why much later.

After high school, I went to secretarial school and got a really good job and I was really good at it, so good, in fact, that within two years I had worked my way up to the position of private secretary to the boss in a large insurance firm. But I had developed the reputation as “The Ice Lady.” I dated but rarely, very rarely, declining offers right and left until the offers became few and far between, at least among my fellow workers and others who knew me. I would get occasional hits at social gatherings from people who were mostly strangers trying to get to know me, but I declined most of those also. Needless to say, I continued my virginity and without really thinking much about it. Then my brother came home.

Sam showed up at my apartment one Friday night about six and when I answered the door, asked, “Hey little sister, would you like to go out for dinner with your big brother tonight?” I was so startled, I burst into tears and into his open arms to hug and kiss him nearly to death!

“Oh, SAM!” I cried, and showered more kisses on his face, nose, ears, neck, eyes, and yes, on his mouth. God! My panties are getting wet, I thought. Without conscious thought, I forced my tongue into Sam’s mouth and, after a moments hesitation, he reciprocated! My panties were now really soaked and I could feel the growing bulge in Sam’s pants pressed up against me. Sam must have realized this and tried to back away a bit, but I grabbed his butt and pulled him tightly into me. “Oh my God, Sam, how I have missed you. You are mine tonight!” I had suddenly realized I had been saving myself for Sam. He was the one I wanted–he was my real love.

Finally, Sam managed to get us inside the room and close the door behind us. “Well, little sister,” he said, “I can surely see that I will probably have to call you big sister from now on. You have grown up some in the ten years since we last saw each other. More that some, I guess I would have to say! But, if we are going out to dinner, you had best start getting ready hadn’t you?”

“Yes, yes,” I replied stepping back a bit, “but let me get a good look at you, you big lout! God, but you look good. You’re so fit and tan! I bet you left a string of broken hearts in your trail!”

“Maybe a few,” Sam replied, “but not that many, really.”

“Oh, come on now, a good looking stud like you?”

“No, really,” Sam said, “I was kept pretty darned busy on the job with very long hours and not a great deal of off time. There were a couple of girls now and again, but I don’t know, they all just lacked–something. Anyway, I was generally too busy making money to have time to spend it. My last post was Arabia for the last three years, hence the tan–and the lack of women!”

“Well, you just make yourself a drink and sit down. Relax. It will not take me long to get ready and be warned–I am starved!” You had better believe, I got ready in record time. I was putting on my face with just a hint of make-up before putting on my dress and I called out to Sam, “Call a cab, Sam, I’ll be ready in five more minutes!” By the time we got downstairs to the street, the cab was waiting.

When we were settled in the cab, I asked Sam, “Where are we going?”

“Oh, just to a cozy little place I discovered on my way into town.” I cuddled up against Sam with his arm around me and dropped my hand onto his thigh. I felt a small twitch in his muscle, but he said nothing.

“Lord, but I have missed you, Sam,” I said as I began a light, Konulu Porno slow caress of his thigh. Still meeting no resistance, I moved up and latched onto the bulge in the front of his pants. Sam let out a low groan, but did nothing to stop me. I continued to caress his dick through his pants. My panties were getting damp, then wet by the time the ten minute cab ride brought us to the little night spot for our dinner.

The little restaurant was smokey, cozy, and very romantic with a smoking candle centerpiece on the table on top of a red and white checkered tablecloth and a jazz ensemble playing extremely good music by the side of the dance floor. I’m sure we had a delightful meal, but I can’t for the life of me tell you what we had. I had eyes only for Sam. As we finished the last of the wine, Sam asked me to dance. I replied, “I need to visit the lady’s room first, Sam. Excuse me just a minute.” I really did have to pee after all that wine, but I really needed to shed my panties. They were so soaked, I couldn’t stand to have them on anymore!

When I returned to the table, the combo had begun playing a very slow set. Sam danced me out onto the floor and I melted into his arms, snuggling up tight to him, my head on his shoulder and my mouth on his neck. My tits were smashed into his chest and his cock, rock hard, was tight up against my lower stomach and pussy. I murmured, “Oh my God, Sam!”

Sam replied, “Yes, I feel it too. You have what the girls I left behind were missing. I don’t know what it is, but you have it, in spades.” He was caressing my ass with his left hand as he spoke. “You know we are siblings and this is taboo as far as the rest of society is concerned.”

“Yes, I know,” I responded, but I can’t help myself–don’t really want to, I want you so badly.

“Well, just so you know,” Sam said, “the feeling is mutual! I think I have wanted you since before I left home ten years ago.”

“Yes,” I responded, “now I realize why it is I never really wanted to fuck those boys in high school or since. I wanted you and didn’t really understand that until you showed up at my door today!” I could feel my pussy juices running down my inner thighs as I talked. God, but I wanted to get Sam in the sack!

“Missy, I’m sorry to have to disappoint you for tonight, but I have to leave right after I get you back home.”

“What the hell?” I asked. “You just got here!”

“I know,” Sam replied, “but I have to be in the big city by seven in the morning for a surprise bank audit. I’m in charge and it is a six hour drive. I’ll be back late tomorrow night and, if you give me a key, I can let myself in without waking you.”

“Like hell,” I said, “I want to be woke up and you will be very sorry if you don’t wake me! Period!”

“Well then, you had better sleep tonight then, because I don’t think you’re going to get much tomorrow after I get back!”

“That suits me just fine!” I answered. “You know, Sam, the company I work for is throwing a big Valentine Ball tomorrow night and I had hoped that with you back now, you would escort me. I guess we will just have to make this our Valentine Ball.”

“Yes,” said Sam, “I’m really sorry I can’t be here for that.

We continued dancing for some time longer into the wee hours. We could not keep our hands off of each other the whole time. I was leaking so much pussy juice in my highly aroused state that the wetness was running all the way down my inner legs and over my ankles into my shoes. The front of my dress was also getting wet over my bare pussy with Sam’s cock pressed so tightly onto my pussy. He was also getting a wet spot in the front of his pants as he either came more than once or continuously as we danced. Sam managed to slip a hand into my dress top from time to time and pinch my nipples and otherwise set my tits on fire. I got my hand between us once and down the front of Sam’s pants long enough to discover that he had a cock to die for!! But the night had to end eventually. We each used the restrooms to get presentable and stepped outside.

On the cab ride home, I had Sam’s cock out in my hand, slowly pumping to keep him hard. His cock was by no means a monster, but I would have to say it was larger than my definition of average. Porno İndir He was under my dress with fingers all over and into my pussy. We got ourselves put back together just well enough to get me up to my apartment and then Sam quickly disengaged with the words, “Until tomorrow night, Missy my love!” He knew he could not linger or he would never make his appointment in the morning!

I went immediately to the shower, but I grabbed my ten inch and very thick dildo on the way. The clothes dropped and I stepped under the cascading water. I was so hot and wet that the dildo went straight in to my unbroken hymen in one quick shove. That big dildo was not the real thing, but it would have to do until I could get Sam’s cock in me tomorrow night. I began to fuck myself really hard with that plastic fuck stick. In less than a minute, I came with pussy muscle contractions so hard that I expelled the dildo in a spray of pussy juice. My legs went so rubbery, I had to sit down on the shower stool and just let the water roll over me. I think I sat there more than thirty minutes, just soaking up the water and the steam, easing the tension. Unlike I anticipated, I slept sound and deep until late the next morning.

The next day and evening were nerve wracking, waiting for Sam to come back. It was near two in the morning when I finally heard a key in the lock as I sat on the living room couch in a stupor, fighting off the sleep that threatened to take me. I was instantly awake and rising to my feet as the door opened and Sam stepped in. I was naked underneath my terry cloth robe and the front came open as I rushed into Sam’s open arms. He crushed me to him in a tight embrace and once again I burst into tears and nearly kissed him to death.

“Whoa there, slow down, Missy, I’m here, I’m here my lovely!” Then Sam was kissing me back as madly as I was kissing him. He slipped my robe off my shoulders and it dropped to the floor. I nearly ripped his shirt off and tore open his pants. As Sam got naked, I dropped to my knees on my robe and took his big cock in my mouth. In very short order, Sam shot a load of cock cream into my mouth while I managed to swallow as much as I could. I didn’t quite get it all.

Sam had me down on my robe and was between my legs in a flash, his tongue playing fast and hard with my pussy. While a finger entered me, Sam’s mouth and tongue moved to my clit and really sent me into orbit. I began to orgasm in rolling explosions. By now, Sam was hard again and he slid up my body to mouth and tongue my tits while his cock slid up and down on my slit, sinking a little deeper into the folds as his motion continued.

The Sam asked, “Are you sure, Missy? Before we go the last step, are you sure, little sister, that this is what you want?”

“Oh, God yes, Sam! This is my Valentine’s Day wish of nearly twenty years come true at last. Do it! Do it now! FUCK ME!” I felt the helmet head of Sam’s cock enter me and pause. Then Sam inched in further until he was stopped by my hymen.

“What the hell?” Questioned Sam. “Surely you aren’t still a virgin at twenty-three?”

“Yes, Sam, I am. I never went all the way with anyone and I never really knew why. Now I do. I was waiting for you to make me a complete woman. You, the man of my dreams! Go for it, fuck me good.” Sam did. He withdrew a bit and then in one, hard and fast thrust, he sank his cock to the balls in my pussy. It hurt and there was some blood, but the pain turned to pleasure as Sam continued to slowly fuck me. As I began to moan in obvious pleasure, Sam increased the pace until he was pistoning in and out of me like a veritable steam engine. My pelvis was rising to meet his every thrust–faster and faster and faster.

Sam’s cock swelled even larger and I felt the tremendous pulse that shot more cock cream, this time deep into my pussy canal. I quickly followed with more rolling orgasms and a torrent of my own sex juices.

The next words spoken by Sam electrified me even more when he said, “You know, Missy, I haven’t told you the best part yet.”

“And just what is that?” I asked, as Sam stayed hard inside me.

“Just that my new promotion here in your city is permanent! I paid my dues with the years overseas and my seniority allowed me to choose my place of employment for as long as I like. I chose here.”

“Oh my God,” I said, “Oh my God!”


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