Mister Jack Miller Ch. 09

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Big Dick

By way of introduction, let me say that if you haven’t read the first chapters of this story, then much of the next few pages will mean very little to you. So I suggest you go back and read “Mister Jack Miller: Chapters 1 thru 8” to get the background on this tale. That having been said, please…read on…


Well, true to form for Nana, the restaurant was ‘All That,’ and then some. From the time we walked in the door and the little old Italian couple greeted us with hugs and hearty handshakes, till the last sips of espresso and anisette, we were treated like kings (and so, naturally, we tipped like kings). I had the minestrone and manicotti, and over the course of the next hour and a half, we polished off three bottles of really good South African Shiraz. I almost ordered a fourth bottle, but remembered that we had to attend Nana’s memorial immediately after dinner, so I held off, but memorized the vintner and year of the wine so I could seek more of it out later.

During the course of the dinner, the conversation stayed more or less “PG-rated,” although at different points throughout the meal, things were said that brought to mind some of the more intimate encounters I had had with the girls earlier in the week, so I was on the receiving end of a lot of hard, purposed stares, and found my foot and ankle being caressed more than once by a soft feminine foot.

At one point, Debbie, Alex and Shari went off to the restroom together, leaving Leilani and myself alone at the table. As soon as the girls were out of earshot, Leilani turned to me, placed her hand squarely on my thigh and said, “So…Debbie tells me that you’ve got a pretty nice package under those shorts of yours.” I think I would have been somewhat taken aback by her comment were it not for the wild, crazy week that I had already been a part of.

“Well,” I said, matter of factly as I squeezed her thigh just as she had done mine, “I’m flattered she feels that way…”

“I’d love to feel that way myself,” she said, now moving to squeeze the rapidly growing bulge in my shorts.

“Oh, would you?,” I said with a little leer at her, “perhaps that can be arranged at some point…”

She was about to respond, when the other girls appeared from around the corner. I suppose if she’d been a part of the festivities thus far this week, she might not have worried about being so discreet, but she put a little distance between us. When the girls arrived at the table, I slid out both to help them back into the booth, but also to head out to the restroom myself, to get rid of some of the wine and to give my latest boner a chance to subside a little bit.

When I went into the restroom, I made an instant mental comparison to the bathroom at the fast food place. This place was large, clean, with two private stalls (one of them large for handicapped access), two urinals, and two sinks. The flushers were all automatic, as were the faucets. It looked like a resort compared to the dirty, graffiti-splashed single room that Debbie and I had played in the previous afternoon.

Anyway, I did my business, shook myself off, and, my dick having lost about half its stiffness by this point, I washed my hands and started to walk out of the room. As I opened the door, I saw Leilani just leaving the ladies’ room. When she saw me, she grabbed my arm and whispered, “Anyone in there besides you?”

“Um, no, why do you…” Before I could finish my thought, she had pulled me in through the door and hustled me into the large stall. After latching the door, she lifted her skirt up to reveal that she was not wearing panties (whether she had been that way all along or had just removed them in the restroom, I wasn’t sure). Her pussy was bare save for a thin black strip of hair that caused one’s eyes to follow it straight to her pussy. “I wanna feel that way NOW, Jack,” she said as she undid my shorts and pulled both my shorts and briefs down to my ankles. She started jacking my dick, which quickly regained its erectile strength, and led me backwards to sit down on the toilet. She straddled me and positioned herself over my cock. In the space of less than a minute since we had come back into the bathroom, she was riding my cock, bouncing up and down on my lap, holding my shoulders for support as she fucked me.

“Damn, Jack, Debbie was right, you DO got a nice one,” she said as she guided my hands up under her tank top so I could play with her naked tits while she ground her pussy down on my rigid tool. I lifted the tank up and took one of her breasts into my mouth, sucking and licking her nipple as I squeezed and kneaded her other tit.

“Bite me. Gently,” she advised, so I gave her a little nip at the base of her nipple, causing her to moan audibly and put a little more effort into the fuck. “Oh, yeah, that’s good,” she breathed, “Keep that up…”

Just then we heard the door to the restroom open, and footsteps. She got real quiet real fast, but didn’t stop beyoğlu escort her grinding, but instead of bouncing up and down she switched to clutching my cock tightly in her pussy-grip. I gasped silently when I felt how strong her cunt was, and she put her finger to her lips in a “shhhhh” motion, then kissed me square on the lips to keep me quiet. We listened as the bathroom visitor peed into the urinal for what seemed like an eternity, then washed his hands, dried them off with a towel, and then left. As soon as the door closed, she whispered, “Fuck Jack, we gotta hurry or they’re gonna wonder. Come here,” she said as she stood up, bent over and placed her hands against the wall of the stall. I grabbed her hips and slammed my cock into her as hard and as fast as I could. It was all we could both do to stay quiet while we were both going wild with lust in this fast and furious stall-fuck…Finally I felt the come surge through me and I whispered loudly, “Here I go, girl!”

I was gonna drive deep and come in her pussy, but suddenly she whirled around, squatted down in front of me and took my juice-covered cock into her mouth just as my cock started to spurt strong and hot. As she sucked, she reached down between her legs and fingered her pussy and clit, and brought herself the rest of the way to an orgasm as she drained my dick of all its fluid and cleaned all of her wetness off of it with her warm tongue.

When she came, she almost fell over onto the floor, but I grabbed her arm and lifted her up, pressing her back against the door of the stall and driving my tongue into her mouth, tasting our juices as we gave ourselves a few moments to relax. Finally, we were “down” sufficient to rearrange our clothes. I cautiously opened the stall door, and went to the main door of the bathroom, then beckoned her to quickly exit while the hallway was clear. I gave her a second to get back to the table, peed one more time, then walked back to join the girls. As I approached, I could tell that they all knew what had been going on while Leilani and I were absent. Whether Leilani had told before I got there, whether they smelled the sex, or whether they just instinctively could tell based on our facial expressions, I’m not entirely sure–but it was clear that they were all okay with it. Maybe that was due to the fact that they had ordered that fourth bottle of wine while I was gone, and had almost drained the whole thing in the interim.

Anyhow, dinner drew to a close, and I looked at my watch, and mentioned that we had about twenty minutes before the service, so we made our way out of the restaurant after a good-natured fight over who would pick up the check (Alex won, and I got to leave the tip). It was a great and satisfying meal, and I told the proprietor that I would definitely be returning again some day.


As we made our way out of the restaurant and down the street, I had Shari’s left arm hooked on my right arm, with Alex holding her other hand. On my left, Leilani held my hand while Debbie walked with her arm around Leilani’s bare waist. It took just a few minutes to make it back to the hotel, when I noticed Janelle sitting on a bench outside the main entrance to the hotel, crying into a Kleenex. I stopped and told the other girls I would catch up with them and sat down next to Janelle and asked her what was wrong.

“I got fired,” she said as she tried to make herself presentable to me by wiping her nose and drying her tears.

“Fired? How?”

“This asshole of a customer….,” she said, regaining a little strength at the knowledge she’d be able to unload her story on a sympathetic ear. She told about how she had delivered a meal up to one of the rooms a little while ago. The guy in the room had made a pass at her, which she had tried to politely refuse. When he tried again, she insisted that he stop or she would have to leave. She said he had acted calmer after that, and had apologized, but just before she left the room, He did it again, throwing her onto his bed and trying, essentially, to rape her.

“That’s when my karate training kicked in,” she said, describing how she had kicked him in the belly and given him several pointed shots in his crotch. He tried to fight back but she gave him a couple of well-placed chops and a final kick in the face, then escaped the room.

“Before I’d gotten downstairs again, he had called down to the manager with some lame story how I had gone crazy because he had complained that there were pickles on his burger when he’d asked for none, and that I had beat him up for no reason, and that I was a ‘dangerous person.'” She started bawling again. I held her close to me and told her that it would be all right. I then told her that she could come with us to the memorial service, and spend the rest of the evening with our little group.

“But I’m not allowed to go inside,” she said.

“Don’t worry,” I said, “if anyone merter escort says anything to me, I’ll sick Nana’s attorney on ’em. Trust me, they’ll back down in a hurry.”

“Thanks, Jack, you’re the best.”

I held her close to me as I walked in through the main doors. The manager walked quickly up to us, and started to say to Janelle, “I thought I told you…”

I stopped him and took him aside for a moment, and told him that unless he wanted to be seriously, and I mean seriously, shortchanged by the reunion party, and face both personal and corporate harassment lawsuits, he’d better back down in a hurry. Knowing I not only had a couple of great attorneys on the premises, plus enough money to make his life miserable gave me the confidence to put it to him as directly as I had. We quickly reached an understanding, and I sealed the deal by reserving the rooftop hot tub again for that night. He said, nervously, that it was on the house, and that I would be happy to all the free drinks that my party wanted. The last thing I said before rejoining Janelle was that he had better keep an eye on the guy who started all this mess, and conduct a thorough investigation. I would find out about a week later that not only had the guy tried to do the same thing to another room service girl a couple of days later, but that he had a history of these kinds of accusations. The end result was that the guy had ended up in jail, but that the manager had gotten fired himself for firing Janelle without a proper investigation. In fact, Janelle would not only get her job back, but she would end up as the new Room Service manager, because the current Room Service manager got promoted to Hotel Manager to take this asshole’s place.

But at that time, she was without a job and miserable, so I walked with her toward the ballroom and asked if she wanted to attend Nana’s memorial service with us. When we got to the door and saw the big still shot of Nana from this morning’s video on the big screen, she smiled and said, “I remember her. I delivered a couple of breakfasts to her this week. She was really sweet.” So she joined us. the girls had saved a row of seats for us, and as we sat down, I introduced Janelle all round, and told them all that we had the hot tub again tonight, on the house. They started to ask how I’d managed that when the minister got up to the podium and started the memorial.

It was a beautiful presentation. the room was filled with white roses, Nana’s favorite flower, and there were momentos of her life displayed up on the stage. The one I focussed on was a big blown-up picture of Nana and about thirty other people, all of whom were related to her in one way, shape, or form. From the looks of the ages of the people I knew, it was taken about ten years ago. It was in the backyard of the big house, and the treehouse–the same one where Debbie and I used to play our little games–was the most prominent object in the background. I looked over at Debbie, and we exchanged a conspiratorial smile.

After the minister said a few words, he invited anyone who wanted to to come up and say a few words. Great-Aunt Florence went first, and sang one of Nana’s favorite lullabies. Warren went up next and talked at some length about how Nana had made him the successful athlete he was that day. Bhupinder went up and talked about how she first met Nana in Delhi and how Nana had founded an orphanage there, and how she’d introduced her to Ben. Then the V-twins got up and just said, “We love you, Nana!” which got a great round of applause. I saw Victoria rub her belly as if she’d felt something special when everyone responded to that. Finally, Alex got up and started about three different times to tell a story about something that Nana had done for her when she was fifteen, but she kept stopping to cry, so I ran up to the stage and hugged her, and helped her back to her seat. I figured I oughtta say something, so I got up and just started babbling. I don’t even remember what I said that evening, because it was just a stream of phrases…knew what was in your heart…never said no when you asked for help…whole neighborhood loved her…saved my ass more than once (that got a lot of nods and tears flowing in the crowd)…so special…thankful she lived a long and happy life…before you knew it I was stopping to wipe the tears, so I just closed out with, “like the girls just said, Nana, we love you.”

The next half hour or so was dedicated to a reception of light snacks, coffee and punch, and I think everyone in the room hugged everyone else at one point or another. I took a minute to invite Mom and Warren and the V-girls up to the rooftop. Mom had begged off, but Warren, Victoria and Viviana said they’d love to come.

It was about nine o’clock by now, and I was about ready for a nice soak in the hot tub. I went with Alex and Janelle back to the room. Alex had told Janelle that she had bought a new swimsuit during bağcılar escort the week, so she could wear the one Alex had brought. Thinking it best to be a little discreet at this point, I went into the bathroom to change while Alex and Janelle stayed in the bedroom. I came out and was pretty impressed. Alex’s suit, which seemed to fit Janelle pretty well (though it was a little tight in the chest area) was a black one-piece suit, almost completely backless, with subtle dark-blue and dark-green vertical stripes. It was cut high over her hips, and the back split her ass-cheeks nicely. When she saw me emerge from the bathroom, she posed and turned round, bending over and jiggling her ass in my direction, which made me think of the previous afternoon when I had fucked her ass in the shower. “WOOHOO!” I said, reacting to the jiggling display of flesh, then went up to her and squeezed both her asscheeks firmly but playfully.

“Now, now, Jack,” Alex said, “You shouldn’t be messing with the hotel employees.”

Completely avoiding any mention of the previous afternoon, I nevertheless said, “Well, she’s no longer an employee here, so I can ‘mess’ with her all she wants me to.”

Janelle gave a mock-shocked gasp, then we left the room and headed up to the roof.

Shari, Viviana and Victoria were already waiting at the door, so I carded us quickly in and assessed the situation. It was pretty much the same as the previous night, though there was a significantly larger selection of drinks available, as well as some finger sandwiches on a tray. I clicked on the bubbles and the stereo, and we all got in. I distributed preferred drinks. Victoria opted for a Coke since she was in “the family way,” but everyone else had either a beer, or, in Shari’s case, a Jack and Coke.

The atmosphere was much more low-key than last night’s circus of sex, and we just hung out in the pool, sharing stories about Nana and trying to figure out (since this was everyone’s last night) when we’d all be able to get together again. It was left open that night, but we all pretty much agreed that we would, at some point, be getting back together sooner than later (and since most of us in the tub had been the recipient of one of Nana’s special envelopes, we had much more freedom to decide when and where it could happen.

At one point during the evening, several of us were engaged in a heated conversation about politics or something like that, when we looked over to where Warren and the V-twins were sitting, and he was leaning back with his head on the edge of the Jacuzzi, and one arm around each of the girls. They had their heads on his shoulders and were kissing his neck, and even though the surface of the water was suffused with bubbles, I was fairly certain that Victoria–or maybe both of them–were stroking his dick under the water, and that he was stroking Victoria’s pregnant belly as if he were the father or something–which, considering how close I had become to a few close family members this week, wouldn’t have surprised me one bit. He opened his eyes and noticed that we were all looking in their direction, and, even though I had a smile on my face, he still looked a little uncomfortable at being caught in such a predicament. Shortly thereafter, the three of them excused themselves all at the same time, saying that they had to get up for early flights the next day, but the way he grabbed both their asses as they waited for the elevator, I had a feeling that they were not planning on sleeping anytime soon.

So that left the six of us, five girls and myself. I sat quietly with the air jets digging into my back, thinking about everything that had happened to me the last several days. I thought about each one of the girls, and the talks we’d had, the feelings we’d shared, and of course I smiled when I recalled all of the intense physical sensations that each one of them had produced in me and I in them. I laughed softly at the irony of it all as I thought about it. Not three weeks ago, I had been shocked, angered, and hurt when I saw the kind of things that my wife was doing with her boy-toys on the video tapes. And even though what had been happening here these last several days was done from a standpoint that I was a free man, I had had more sex–and not just sex, but intense, joyous, thrilling, fun sex–in these last three-plus days than I could ever remember having in such a short space of time ever. What a mind-blower. And for some unforeseen reason, my thoughts actually turned to Donna. I wondered if she was still sleeping in my bed, still waiting eagerly for my return, and how much I would tell her about what I’d been up to this week. Part of me figured, after what she had helped me with to prepare for my denouement with Wendy, she would be shocked and horrified, another part of me felt she would be utterly turned on by it. but I wouldn’t have to worry about that until tomorrow night at the earliest.

I was brought back to the present time and place in an instant when I felt something tugging at my trunks. I opened my eyes and was looking straight into Janelle’s eyes. She was stark naked, and her breasts were roiling and wobbling on the surface of the water as she fumbled with the tie-string and started to slide them down off my hips.

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