Mixed Signals Ch. 02

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Keith was right, we both needed showers. We were both sweaty and dusty from our hike. I had made quite the mess when I erupted from Keith’s blowjob. The semen from my orgasm was drying on my belly and pubes, and I could feel a trickle running down my leg. I felt a dampness on Keith’s hand around my waist, and I realized it must be some more of my cum. We had shared equally in our first sexual experience, but I had swallowed Keith’s cum, and I was now wearing my own jizz. The fact that I had received both our cumshots made me feel that I was somehow the receptive or submissive one. I didn’t mind at all. In fact, I felt comfortable, and as I was to discover, our roles would shift multiple times in the next hour.

Keith leaned into the tub to start the shower. His legs and ass were muscular and toned from all the hiking he did. He was lightly tanned, and his muscular ass cheeks stood out white and round against the tan. I admired his white, smooth ass cheeks, and the bull balls that dangled beneath them. I suspected he was putting on a bit of a show for me. I picked up the porn magazine from the toilet tank that had gotten me so horny an hour ago. Keith turned around to see me leafing through it.

“Hey, this isn’t the public library,” he joked.

“I know. You have much better periodicals,” I replied. As we waited for the shower to warm Keith stood beside me, our hips touching. We both inspected the magazine. Keith flipped to a page that showed an extreme closeup. One man was on top, doing his buddy cowgirl. The man’s asshole stretched tight around the other’s rigid cock. A circlet of wet, black curls of ass hair surrounded the glistening shaft. A nest of pubic hair and two bull balls, heavy with semen, anchored the cock at its base. The image spoke of raw man-to-man sexuality.

“This is my go-to picture in this magazine,” Keith said. “Whenever I spank it, this what I always shoot my load on.”

“That’s really fucking hot,” I replied. “I love the way their ass hair and pubes are wet with lube. You know it’s real. I’d love to be either one of those guys.”

Keith smiled. “Me too.” He tossed the magazine back on the toilet tank. “Water should be hot by now.”

He pulled the curtain aside, and gestured me in with a flourish. Suddenly, I felt a bit fluttery inside. I felt like I was stepping into another world, going behind the curtain in a ritual transition. I stepped over the tub, and into the warm steam and spray. Keith followed.

Keith squeezed some shampoo into his hand. “Here,” he said. “Let me get your hair.” I put my hands on his shoulders as he began to rub my hair. His fingers massaged my scalp, and the perfume of the shampoo filled my nose. My cock was at half-staff, and its tip just grazed his belly. I began to squeeze and knead his shoulders. I felt the hot water sting my back and ass and sluice down my legs. My hands dropped to Keith’s waist, and I pulled him closer to me. Our stomachs sandwiched my semi-erect cock. I could feel Keith’s cock, soft and relaxed, press against my thigh.

“Lean back,” Keith commanded. I shut my eyes and leaned back into the stream, washing the shampoo from my hair. Reluctantly, I broke my hold on Keith to wipe water from my eyes.

“Let me get your hair,” I offered.

“Not yet. Let’s get you cleaned off first.”

Keith took a bar of soap and rubbed it to a lather. He then massaged the lather into my shoulders. His hands moved in circles on my chest, rubbing the soap into a lather in my chest hair. He took my hand and scrubbed it, working up to my shoulder. As his hand touched my armpit, I giggled and squirmed.

“Ticklish?” he asked. It felt so strange. I was giggling and felt like a girl, but at the same time it was so fun to be tickled like this. “What about this side?” he asked touching my other armpit. I reacted the same way.

“What about you?” I asked. I stuck my finger into his armpit, and he also laughed and drew down his arm.

“OK, OK,” he said. “You’ve Cebeci Escort made your point.” We stopped our tickle fight, and Keith returned to scrubbing my arms. I felt a bit embarrassed to be acting like such a little bitch, but then realized that I needn’t feel like that. I could be honest and act naturally in our little bubble world behind the curtain.

Keith finished my arms and moved down on my torso, making sure to scrub the semen from my belly hair. He suddenly stuck a finger in my belly button, and I reacted like the Pillsbury dough boy. “How about here?” he asked. I took his hands firmly in mine, and held them to my chest. I smiled.

“Just remember bud, two can play at that game,” I told him. Keith’s expression surprised me. He smiled, and his face took on a sudden look of delight, as if he had discovered some unexpected treasure. As naïve as I was, I think I realized even before Keith that he liked being a sub. Our relationship subtly rearranged. I had never been interested in BDSM, but if Keith liked it, I could try playing the role. I squeezed his hands and wrists tighter together against his chest, and backed him up to the wall. His lips parted slightly, and his face was a mixture of entrancement, anticipation and lust that I had never seen before. Almost involuntarily, his hips swayed forward, and I could feel his groin push against me. Ever so slightly, he began to move his body up and down slowly. I could feel his cock stiffen as he began to hump my leg.

Still gripping his wrists, I removed them from his chest and placed them against the wall in a kind of semi-spread-eagle. I pressed tight against him and placed my lips to his ear. “Better be good,” I said, “or you’re in for a spanking.” The subtle motion of his hips turned into brazen leg-humping, like some horny slut importuning her boyfriend. Keith’s cock and balls slid up and down my wet thigh. Our legs were intertwined, and as Keith moved up and down, my own stiff cock slid up and down against his thigh.

“Oh, I’ll be good,” he said. “I’ll be very, very good. Let me finish scrubbing you.”

I released his wrists, and he resumed scrubbing. I expected him to go immediately for a tickle, in order to make me carry out my threat, but he was too subtle for that. Keith knelt in front of me, and lifted my left foot to his thigh. He raised his eyes to look into mine, like some shy geisha. Carefully, he sudsed my foot and moved up, massaging my calf. His lips were level with my cock, but he would not take it in his mouth. He washed my other foot the same way, and worked his way up both thighs. I waited for the touch, but his hands just brushed my balls, but he did not take them in his hands and fondle them, like I so wanted. He sudsed my pubes, making a rich lather. His hands repeatedly brushed my straining cock, but the encirclement, the masturbation that I needed, did not come.

“Turn around,” he told me. He stood and washed my shoulders and back, working down, stopping just above my ass crack. He pushed against me from behind. His hands clasped around my chest, and I could feel his cock against my ass. Another shift. Was he going to fuck me? His fingers found my nipples, and his hips began to move up and down again. As his fingers gently pinched my erect nipples, I could feel his penis sliding up and down against my ass. I thought my cock was hard, but these attentions seemed to make it even harder and longer. My hand closed around my penis. My other closed on his, pushing it harder against my breast. Keith dipped lower, and when he came up, his penis was between my legs, pushing against my perineum. I wanted him to know that I liked this, but I could not speak. I arched my back to push my ass toward him. I squatted slightly and spread my legs to demonstrate my receptiveness.

I squeezed my balls, and my hand began moving up and down my stiff cock, it had to. The water played over us as Keith began a gentle fucking motion. Kolej Escort I squeezed my legs together to press his cock gently between my thighs. I could feel his dick contact the back of my balls on each stroke. The hardness between my legs felt so alien, but it felt so good. I hoped he would frot himself to climax between my thighs.

Keith’s cock suddenly pulled from between my legs. Just as suddenly, it was replaced with his hands. He massaged my balls and taint. His finger, slick with water and soap, slid across my sensitive anus. “Mmm,” I gasped and shivered slightly. Seeing my reaction, he began to deliberately rub my hot little puckerhole. I placed my hands against the shower wall and spread my legs wide to encourage him.

I felt his finger pause on my hole. He pushed it in, just an inch it feld. He began to wiggle it rapidly, like a little vibrator, just as I had done to him earlier. “Oh, that feels good,” I said. I began to jerk my cock with one hand and rub my nipples with my other. I wanted it all, I wanted to stimulate every erogenous zone. Then, I felt his finger enter me. It felt a bit rough and stung slightly from the soap, but that only enhanced my excitement at feeling his digit penetrate my most personal place. My muscles convulsed around his finger. “Oooh,” I moaned.

Keith pressed against me from behind again, and I felt his hot breath against me ear. “You like that, don’t you?”

“Oh yes, oh God yes. Oh that feels so good. Oh, fingerfuck me. Make it go in and out.”

Keith wiggled his finger, then withdrew. “Let’s get some better lube then,” he said. He grabbed a bottle of conditioner, and squeezed some into his palm. I held out my hand, and he squeezed some into my hand.

I turned my back to him again, and this time I bent at the waist and grasped the edge of the tub. My ass cheeks parted slightly with this maneuver. I began to slide my lubricated hand up and down my cock. I felt a comforting hand against my buttock, then I felt the finger wiggle against my anus again. It slid in easier this time, and began to fuck me.

I had fingerfucked myself many times of course, and it felt great, but it was always a bit awkward, and I could not get deep penetration. Now, I could masturbate freely, and Keith’s finger probed deep inside me. It felt like each outstroke would last forever. I jacked off backhand to get maximum contact between my hand and cockhead. Since I was bent over slightly, my hand contacted my balls on each instroke. Gobs of conditioner stuck to my wet pubes.

The pressure inside me was delicious. I wondered if I might cum just from the fingerfucking. It felt like each thrust of his finger would squeeze the cum right out of me. Still I wanted more. “Can you do two fingers?” I asked.

“Question is, my friend, can you do two fingers?” he asked.

“Go ahead and try,” I told him.

I felt his finger withdraw. A hand parted my cheeks, and I felt the pressure against my anus again. I felt my anus stretch as two fingers penetrated me. “You OK stud?” he asked me.

“Yeah,” I said. I could feel the tightness, but it didn’t hurt. “Just go slow.” His fingers moved in and out, a little deeper with each thrust. Soon, I could feel his knuckles against my butt. “I’m in up to the hilt loverboy. You still OK?”

I was more than OK. The sense of fullness inside me made me feel like I was going to lose all control, like I was going to cum and piss at the same time. My anus alternately gripped and released his fingers. “Oh yeah,” I said. “C’mon, fuck me. I need it.”

The mood shifted behind our shower curtain as we set an unalterable trajectory to climax. Our cocks were swollen and our balls were heavy with cum that had to be released. Talk, what little there was, ceased. I could hear the squirting noise Keith’s hand made against his cock as he masturbated. The sound of his hand rhythmically slapping his groin joined the sound of my own fapping. Yenimahalle Escort The shower hissed, almost covering the soft slurping noise of Keith’s fingers in me. Warm light filtered through the shower curtain and mist.

I began to thrust my hips in rhythm with Keith’s fingers, to make each thrust just a bit harder. I jerked my cock in earnest now. I had to get the cum out, out of my body, onto the shower floor. I began to breathe harder from my exertions. I could hear the pitch of Keith’s breathing rev up too, like a jet preparing for takeoff. That delicious tingle began to spread from the base of my spine. It felt, good, good, too good. I had to cum.

My heavy breathing changed to a rhythmic pant now. “Oh, oh, oh, oh,” I puffed. I worked my cock, and Keith’s fingers relentlessly pumped my prostate. My body took over, and for the first time, I really lost control during orgasm. My anus crushed Keith’s fingers, and I savagely shoved my ass back against his hand, wanting more, more. I grunted hard as the first wave came. “Urngh,” I cried. My cum splattered on the shower floor. I spasmed, over and over again. “Ungh, ungh, oh, oh,” I grunted with each squirt, my vocalizations rising from guttural to feminine gasp with each ejaculation. Keith’s finger would not, could not, stop fucking my ass and squeezing out the cum.

As my orgasm faded, I sank to my knees, still grasping the edge of the tub. Keith’s fingers slipped from my anus. I gripped my cock hard. I gasped for air. I could hear Keith still fapping behind me. I could hear his breath hard now, panting like a miler reaching the finish line. I felt him reposition behind me. His hand, greasy with conditioner, gripped my shoulder. The scent of my own ass on his fingers mingled with the perfume of the conditioner. My breathing eased. I released my own cock, and grasped the tub with both hands. I could feel his cock and hand moving against my butt. I heard soft, gentle grunts, and I felt his hot cum squirt against my lower back and ass, and he had finished.

Silently, Keith released his cock and grasped my other shoulder. He leaned against me, resting his head against my back. I could feel him panting still, his lungs taking in the warm moist air and the odors of sex, as he recovered. I was so touched that we had shared such a wonderful experience. I reached behind me and stroked his hair. After a few moments, he moved away from me slightly, and moved his forehead to rest against my upper back.

“Dude, we’re never gonna get cleaned up like this,” he said.

I stroked one of the hands on my shoulders. “I don’t know about you, but I think I have at least ten minutes before I want sex again.”

“Let’s get cleaned up quick then, before we get horny and have to go at it again.” I don’t know about Keith, but it seemed to me like the ten-minute window might be real, and if we weren’t out of the shower by then, we might never get out.

We stood and began to actually wash up, washing the conditioner and cum from each of us, our cocks now hanging limp and relaxed. Keith washed his hands carefully. “Thanks,” I said. “That was really great.”

“I know,” he said. “You nearly broke my fingers dude.”

“Sorry,” I said. “I made you do all the work, and I got all the pleasure.”

“Not all of it.” He smiled and cuffed my head gently. “That was so hot, to fingerfuck you like that. It was such a turn on to know I was servicing you, and making you feel so good.”

Again, I felt so touched that this man had so willingly and easily pleasured me. I didn’t feel the shame and regret I’d felt after my first orgasm with him. I kissed him again, and he embraced me as we explored each other’s mouth.

I began to feel just the faintest swelling in my cock, and broke away. “Let’s hold that thought until after dinner,” I said.

Keith smiled. “Yes, he agreed.” He turned off the shower, and we stood there, naked both physically and emotionally, feeling at ease with each other’s body and mind. We toweled off, and redressed.

“Any dinner suggestions?” I asked.

“You like Thai? There’s a Thai place just down the street,” he said.

“You fly, I’ll buy,” I said.

We headed out to the car, and yet another shift occurred. It was a date, a first date now, even though we had known each other for months.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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