Mom is a Submissive Dancer

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A friend of his had given him the details of the club a few weeks prior but he hadn’t thought about it much more until this evening, he had been aimlessly channel-hopping and was bored so he decided to take a look. A very basic registration page which he quickly completed and confirmed via email. A link was sent to his phone and the app was installed.

Up popped the first message guaranteeing full discretion, his login wasn’t even a name, C367, that was his reference and would be the only thing he would be known as when on the app and in the club. The app much like the registration screen was very basic, there was a model’s section but again the model names were just codes along with the services they offered which essentially came down to four options —


-Oral with Condom

-Oral Without

-Room (Anything Goes – Models Choice)

An array of ticks of green and red crosses but nothing else to go by. He figured you had to go to the club to put a face to the reference number. The next section was a schedule for the week and each model had input when they would be available. Other than that, there was very little to go by.

He had got this fair and his interest was growing more as the minutes ticked by, finally deciding to take a look he grabbed his coat and headed out into the night. 30minutes later he arrived at a stylish bar with two bouncers but no queue, scanning his App he was allowed entrance and headed up the stairs to the reception area, he was starting to worry he had come to the wrong place. This wasn’t what he expected at all, no smoky bar, no stage, no groups, just one woman on reception with a wall of screens behind her showing which models were available.

Still trying to get his bearings he didn’t respond when the receptionist asked how he was and what he was looking for this evening, she asked again a little louder. Where is everyone he responded, a small smile crept across her face, “Your first time she quipped?” Well as we assure your discretion, we have individual booths and rooms for you depending on the model and service you seek. So, what can we do for you this evening?

His plan of being able to come in scout about and creep out again unnoticed had been thrown totally out of the window, keeping it simple he suggested a dance, at least he could have a quick dance and then leave, a few clicks of the keyboard and the screens behind the woman updated to show models offering dances that were free at the moment.

He quickly scanned the screens seeing about 8 different girls, as he reached the second row down, he froze, his eyes transfixed on a mature woman with a heavy bust and a slim waist and long legs wrapped in stockings, this would have been enough to hold his gaze anyway but it was her face, it was unmistakably his mother, her long dark hair up in a bun with two thick strands framing each side of her face, that face he had grown up with, looking after him so sweetly, so full of care and a quiet shyness. What was she doing in a place like this? He instinctively whipped out his phone to call her but there was no signal. The receptionist informed him that all communications on-site were via the app and no photography was allowed.

Would he like a dance from model M57, you fucking bet he did, he wanted to see her face when she saw her son, the shame she would have bought on herself and the memory of his father to degrade herself to dancing for strangers. He agreed and was given a booth number, as he walked down the hall his rage was growing, he was going to shout this place to the ground. Reaching the numbered booth there was a large sign on the door — For your discretion this room has been fitted with a one-way mirror, you will see the model but they will not see you — In smaller writing, it confirmed you could communicate via a microphone or app.

He entered the room and there was a large mirror that filled the wall except where a screen appeared confirming Model M57 and her services, at least he could see she only offered dances, that was some small relief. A few minutes passed and a light came on behind the mirror, there she was, and she was stunning, he hadn’t seen her like this before. Her hair was shiny and perfectly pulled back into a bun, her brown eyes were more piercing because of the smoky makeup and large long eyelashes that would have looked right on any girl 10 years younger.

A natural lipstick completed the look, he had to admit she looked stunning, she was wearing a cropped white shirt with big gold buttons down the front which he could see were feeling the strain of her big boobs and a peak of lingerie that he could see, the cropped top meant he could also see her slender stomach. Slightly tanned, it was obvious to him that she had been to the gym and was taking great care of herself, a short jet-black skirt barely reached the top of her stockings, a dark thick band at the top with no pattern wrapped softly and tightly around those long shapely legs which were held tense by sex izle the pair of dark heels she was wearing.

Then she spoke — “Hi Honey, how are you doing today?”

He couldn’t speak, he tried but the rage and disappeared, he was in stunned silence, who was this woman who was so familiar to him yet he had never seen her before. His friends growing up had and his dad’s old friends knew all along but he was blinded by her motherly affection for him. It had made quite some bearing on his life as any other woman stood in front of him looking like this would have been a prime target of his, but not her, not that face, not that voice.

“A quiet one huh?” she smiled as she did a slow twirl to show off her ass, “do you like what you see?”

He still couldn’t muster a sound; he was so light-headed, the shock had got to him, he was entranced with her body and the way she moved, he couldn’t remember anything about the dance and by the time he gained any kind of composure the light dimmed and his mother had disappeared into the darkness, in a daze he left the room, exited the club by a second door and was back out in the cool air and on autopilot home.

For her part, his mother had nothing to note from the experience, this tall shadow from the other side of the screen, didn’t move, didn’t make a sound, and left. This was nothing new for a first-time visitor, on her side she added no notes to the account. All the models had notes about clients, likes, dislikes, fetishes, which ones they would offer more services to and which ones they wouldn’t see or dance for, the club was very well managed for all their girls. The models would share these out too but for now, client C367 had nothing added to his record.

By the time he got home and climbed into bed he was completely numb from his new experience, he had to bring this up with his mother but didn’t know how or when that he could deal with tomorrow for now he just needed sleep.

As his alarm sounded, he grabbed his phone as he had done a thousand times before, hitting silence the alarm disappeared but was replaced with two notifications from his App, the first was a request for a review and the second was a discount for his next visit with model M57, this confirmed it for him, there was no way his mother knew it was him on the other side of that mirror and he was in the clear.

Closing the notifications down he went about the rest of his day, he had almost distracted himself completely when a new notification came through —

Notification — Deviously Discreet – Model M57 has updated her availability would you like to book her for a dance this evening.

Closing his phone, he would not be going back there, he would talk to his mother about this another day.

As the evening drew in, he tried to distract himself, he would not go and watch her dance again, he wouldn’t, as he expected the App went off to let him know her time had started, he paused staring at the notification, he tried to dismiss it but he couldn’t, he knew she would be dancing for other men tonight and this just wasn’t acceptable to him, he raced down to the club, app scanned and into the reception area. A different girl this time, he asked for a dance from model M57 even before she had said hello.

The receptionist searched the system, “I am afraid Model M57 is with someone else right now can I suggest…”

She didn’t even finish the sentence before he cut her off, “I will wait.”

Taken aback she checked his notes and there were no warnings or flags so she smiled and allocated him a room number advising the model will see him when she was ready. He walked the hall he had been in less than 24hrs earlier, passing closed door after closed door, behind any one of these is someone jerking off to my mother, you make me sick. He was fuming when he entered his allocated room.

About 15 minutes later the microphone cracked into life, her soft voice filled the angry silence he had been stewing in, Hello Honey, sorry I will just be a few minutes.

Still angry he paced back and forth across the small booth, walking up to the mirror amped up, shoulders out, all power and rage bursting from his every vein, he was ready to destroy anyone who came near him, he hated them all for looking at her, he hated her for being in a place like this, how dare she be here, it was her fault and he would make her pay for everything he felt.

Little did he know but his mother had stopped to watch the shadow dancing across the one-way mirror, she saw a beast prowling the room, what had happened to the quiet, shy guy from yesterday, she checked the room number to make sure she had got it right, she even checked his notes and history to see if another model had amped him up but nothing there. She was so aroused by the animalistic ritual she saw being played out in front of her.

She was an exhibitionist that was for sure, it’s the whole reason she had started dancing, her late husband had found out but he didn’t stop alt yazılı porno her, he knew what he was marrying he had, on a few occasions come to watch her dance when she was at different clubs. Then when she got home, he would fully dominate her, she had the best of everything she could perform for her clients, make them want her, make them crave her then go home and submit all of that sexual energy into pleasuring her master, oh how she missed him, it’s one of the reasons she came back to dancing after he had passed away. She had given it up when her son was born, if he ever found out she would be devastated but she had to get her fix, somewhere and she constantly told herself that her son wouldn’t ever come to a place like this.

Absent-minded she had started to play with herself, she had two fingers firmly inside her pussy when a heavy hand slammed against the mirror. This snapped her straight out of it, there it was this large shadow of a man separated from her by a single mirror, she adjusted herself flipped the light, and appeared in front of him. Today’s outfit was a deep red Basque that gave her an awesome cleavage and highlighted her tiny waist. She gave a slow spin to show the thong and suspenders, as she turned her back to him, she had to pause a second and bite her lip and compose herself.

This man was bearing over her so much she swore she could feel his eyes in the back of her head, what was happening to her, she had danced for so many men but this strong silent dominant man had ignited a fire in her that she thought had gone out forever, she started to dance to the music, running her hands up and down her body, she stayed as close to that mirror as she could without banging into it. She lingered long enough for him to see every inch of her, she pushed her tits against the glass, offering herself to him.

As he watched her every move almost appearing in slow motion it was dawning on him his anger was no longer for her being here but at himself for coming back, why had he done that, even if he hadn’t confronted her and she did carry on he didn’t have to be here he didn’t have to be part of it, he was angry because he wanted to be here again, a cold glass filled inch away from his mother’s body, her mature toned tight body.

That round ass that lingered an extra second when she spun around, those big full breasts squeezed first into her Basque and then even more against the screen in front of him, he had become aware how tight his jeans had become, he had unconsciously started to rub his cock through them, it was too much he had to release the zip to make space.

The microphone on her side crackled into life, she paused for a second hoping for, yearning for the sound of his voice to come through the speaker. Only the faint sound of a zipper being undone followed by a slight pause and a small breathless sigh of relief. Her eyes closed, she knew that sound well enough, the man on the other side now had his throbbing cock out for her, as she slowly opened her eyes, she could see by the shadow he was rubbing himself slowly but she couldn’t make out the rest of him. How she wanted to see this man, feel him, smell him, her imagination was in overdrive.

He still couldn’t look at her face but was hypnotized by her body, he was gently working the head of his cock, he had to steady himself against the glass with his other hand, she had to crane her head slightly to look at it above her head which arched her back and squeezed her even harder against the glass. The speaker cracked into life again, a short dark throaty grunt came through then silence again.

All pretense of performing had now left her body, she was here for herself now, she submitted to her mind and dropped slowly to her knees in front of the shadow of the man on the other side. She knew she was at cock level so put her hands behind her back and looked upwards again desperate for him to see his submissiveness. He had closed his eyes so hadn’t seen her get on her so was shocked to open them and see her beneath him. He couldn’t avoid her face now and stepped back from the glass.

Seeing this she panicked she had done something wrong, “I’m sorry master,” she uttered before hesitantly opening her mouth for him. His eyes looking straight at her hungry pleading eyes, that snapped him out of it, he fumbled his dick back into his jeans and made a quick exit, his body took a lot longer than his mind to catch up with this abrupt change in circumstances, so much so he had to sit in his car for several minutes before his cock finally softened enough for him to drive home.

His mother however had been left on her knees not knowing what to do as the man left her booth. She composed herself got up dressed and went home early. In two days, she had danced for the same man twice yet she had fully given herself up to him, for the first time in 2 years she had felt the fire inside her, was she finally getting over her husband’s sudden death, was she finally ready altyazılı sex izle to be another man’s slave but more than that she had to know what she had done wrong.

Over the next week, she was in the club two more times, she kept checking his notes, his logins, his history but nothing added, no visits, she even refused dances just in case he arrived and she wasn’t available, she felt stupid, she was acting like a lovestruck teenager for a man who hadn’t uttered a word to her, that was when she figured it out, she knew what to do if he ever returned. The following Friday, one week after her mystery visitor had been in, she decided she would add a third night to her schedule but this meant canceling dinner with her son. She couldn’t help it she had to do it, for herself.

For him the week had passed even more slowly, flashes of her body came to him in his dreams, the look of her pleading eyes crept into his mind during the day, he masturbated the second night and however much he tried to watch porn and look at different girls it always came back to the image of her warm open mouth with her naturally full lips. Later in the week he fully caved and masturbated using the thoughts of his mother, if he could do that it would break the curse he was under and he could move on, he had to do it now as he was due to have dinner with her tonight.

She called him halfway through his sordid act, he panicked and even hid his dick under his sheets as though she would see him, she seemed worried and a little upset, more panic filled his head, she knew, she had figured it out. She was canceling dinner; he was equal parts relieved and equal parts horrified. She said she hadn’t felt right that day and she was going to get an early night. He tried to act like it was ok and they re-arranged for in two weeks’ instead.

He hung up the phone and laid-back exhaling deeply, his limp dick resting on his thigh, his balls were still heavy but he couldn’t do anything now, that had been too close to call. A few minutes passed and his phone buzzed into life.

Notification — Deviously Discreet – Model M57 has updated her availability would you like to book her for a dance this evening

“That fucking bitch has just canceled on me to go and dance for more men,” he said out loud to nobody, he knew it was jealousy but he also knew he was safe, she hadn’t caught him out, she was going to pay for this betrayal though, he watched through the app as her shift started, left it an hour then headed to the club, App scanned, into reception, same girl as the previous week, they must be on rotation, she didn’t recognize him as a regular yet, good the fewer people who see him the better. He made out he was checking the screens for a girl but he had already clocked his mother’s screen and that she was available.

He booked a dance with Model M57 and headed to the allocated booth. Her phone buzzed; she had been rejecting dances all night that she almost hit decline again.

Notification — Client C367 — Has requested a dance, booth D has been allocated — accept or decline

Her heart nearly jumped out of her chest when she saw who it was, she accepted and jumped to her feet and across to a mirror, she had picked a leather strap body which already showed everything, her firm breasts crisscrossed and held by two bands with one thick band through her legs and around her waist, a bareback and a choker around her neck, this was it, this was her big play, to give him everything from her first breath.

She entered the booth and he was already at the glass waiting for her, she flipped the light and almost tripped over her words “Hey honey, welcome back,” she got no response so took a deep breath, turned her back, closed her eyes and took her shot “No speaking, right?” she said trying to be confident she had got it right. As she finished her twirl, he was still at the window but looking down at something, had she got it wrong, she tried to smile and start her dance hoping he wouldn’t leave again.

Just then her screen lit up – Client message — Do not fucking talk to me.

It hit her like a lightning bolt the tone, the directness the order, god she needed that, she felt the tingle run through her body, she chased it through herself placing both her hands on her face, down across her mouth, her neck, the hard nipples that had sprung into life, down her stomach reaching her pussy which had become instantly wet. She walked up to the glass, eyes wide, and nodded slowly. Turning her back again she bent over giving him a glorious view of her wet pussy.

Her body was on fire with lust and desire she wasn’t dancing anymore she was giving him a special, personal private sex show, licking her fingers, playing with her tits, she even pushed two fingers inside her pussy right to the hilt pulling them out and sucking the juices from them. The sound from her speaker kept picking up small moans and the clang of his belt buckle on his jeans and against the glass.

What happened next surprised them both, she felt almost like an out of body experience as she walked over to her screen and started typing. He didn’t know what she was typing so stared at the screen holding his balls which had now been worked up twice in one night with no release.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
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