Mom joins in on the fun with cousin and boyfriend

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There was no possible reasonable explanation as to why my 14-year old cousin was laying naked on my bed. Trust me, within a matter of a minute my mind had tried to figure out numerous ways to which I could explain the situation, but alas, none were worth the exertion.

It was around 5:12pm now. How the time had slipped away, I wondered. Mom stood in the doorway, frozen, unable to move or speak. She kept looking at our young bodies, from me, to my boyfriend and cousin. We were all drenched in sweat, and I was covered in one more bodily fluid. CUM! Lots of it. The boys, well, their cocks would have been glazed with my juices if I had not cleaned them up moments ago. I got off of my bed, and walked towards mom.

My nipples stood erect, out proud and pointed in the direction of mom. I had cum in my hair, on my face, sides of my mouth and running down my taut stomach. Not to mention the traces of cum in my mouth, and the unconceivable amount of cum seeping from my aching, well used pussy and asshole. Mom looked at me with an expression of concern. What was becoming of her innocent, young, beautiful teenage daughter? Her pride and joy.

Mom and I were close to the same height. In fact, most of our body features were identical. We both had dark brown eyes, long straight black hair, and light milky skin. The most significant differentiating factor had to be that mom was more of a plumper woman, as opposed to the petite girl I am. She isn’t fat, by any means, no. She was voluptuous, she possessed curves that women dreamed of having. Women, young and old envied mom’s body, and men stared at her everywhere she went. She has one of the sexiest asses ever. Picture Kim Kardashian? No, better. Her breasts were big and hadn’t sagged a bit in her 38-years.

For some reason, mom looked incredibly sexy in her police uniform this evening. I can probably chalk that down to the fact that I was unbelievably horny. Yeah, I would fuck a 60-year old man right about now, if he had what I craved: a huge pulsating cock. But for now, the two cocks at my disposal needed a break – or so I thought. I sure did ware out my boyfriend and cousin, and I thought that they would probably needed an hour, maybe more, to recover.

I stood in front of mom, and glanced at my boyfriend and cousin. They had made no attempt to cover up. Their cocks were hard! Apparently, my mom walking in was a turn on. The couple of horny bastards. Mom had a blank expression on her pretty face now. She looked over at the boy’s laid comfortably on the bed, breathing heavy. Then, she noticed her dildo on the bed. Her perfect, plump cheeks turned a bright shade of red, as she began thinking of how just this morning, she fucked herself into an exhilarating orgasm with that same rubber cock moments after she had woken up.

My mom opened her mouth to speak, but no words came out. I leaped forward, gripped the sides of her long and tender neck, and plunged my lips onto hers. Unknowingly, with her eyes still open, she kissed me back and sucked on my tongue when I eased it into her mouth. She closed her eyes, and we kissed slowly. She could taste cum on my tongue, but didn’t mind, in fact she liked it.

“Stop! No, stop,” she said, and looked in the direction of her 14-year old nephew, who now had his hand on his cock.

Mom tried to act like she was appalled, but I knew, and she knew too that she was turned-on. See mom is a horny little slut just like me, and the slightest sexual thrill can turn the both of us on. Her pussy had begun to moisten when she saw her rubber cock on the bed, and kissing her daughter, tasting the cum in my mouth, that was all it took.

I ignored her and kissed her neck softly, giving her little butterfly-kisses all over her sensitive flesh. Mom closed her eyes, and placed her hands on my head but she didn’t push me away. I placed my mouth ajar on mom’s neck, and sucked hard on her delicate flesh, leaving a dark-red love bite on her milky white flesh.

My mom looked more like an older sister, than my mother. Indeed, she looked a lot younger, and people often mistook her to be my elder sister. I was proud of my beautiful mommy, and her good looks seemingly contributed to mine, judging by our similarities.

I started to unbutton mom’s shirt, and kissed her on her chest going down as I opened each button. Mom’s hands hung to her sides, gaziantep swinger and her eyes were shut wide. I think she had forgotten that we had an audience, which her little nephew was among, and whose lips were kissing her soft skin.

Her shirt was now completely unbuttoned. Her deep cleavage and white bra were exposed to all eyes in the room. Mom’s shirt was tucked into her pants, and I pulled it out ever so slowly and attempted to get it off of her. Suddenly, she opened her eyes and held my hands.

“Baby, stop. What are you doing? Not in front of your cousin. He’s just a baby!” she whispered to me. Although, the room was so silent at this moment, you could hear a needle drop to the floor. My cousin had in fact heard what mom had said.

“Come on over here cuz,” I said, looking at my young handsome cousin as I motioned for him to come where I was standing.

My cousin’s cock stood erect, pointing to the ceiling as he keenly walked over to where mom and I were. In he’s mind, he wondered what would happen next. Oh, this was such a glorious day. I got my first blowjob, felt a pussy wrapped around my cock, and even stuck my cock into a girl’s asshole. Not just any girl, my beautiful, sexy cousin. A magnificent day undeniably.

“Tell aunt what you did to me in the movie theatre, cuz,” I said to him, smiling warmly.

“I stuck my finger into her vagina and fingered her,” he replied softly, but looking at me not mom.

I grabbed a hold of he’s twitching cock and told him to tell my mother in detail everything that happened thereof, and whether I forced you to do any of it.

“And, tell mom whether you think she’s sexy or not,” I whispered so softly into his ear that mom didn’t hear.

I stood there with cum seeping out my wet pussy and my asshole as my cousin explained how I sucked their cocks simultaneously and allowed them to cum on my face. Then, how, for the first time he got to experience a pussy, and how my boyfriend and him had double-penetrated and shared me. Down to the last detail.

“I think you’re very sexy, aunt. You’re a beautiful woman,” he craftily sneaked in.
Mom didn’t move or say anything, she just kept staring at my hand playing with my cousin’s engorged cock.

“Go back, don’t worry, I’ll let you have some fun with aunty just now,” I quietly whispered into my cousin’s ear.

This time when I attempted to pull mom’s shirt out, she didn’t object. I reached around her and unclasped her bra, and got it off of her, revealing her large and exotic boobs. My cousin was beside himself, he pumped his cock hard as he stared at my mom’s perfect jugs. My boyfriend just whistled calmly as I stuck my tongue out and touched each of her already hard nipples with it. I stood in such an angle that my boys could clearly see exactly what I was doing. They saw as I placed my mouth over her nipple, took it in my mouth and sucked gently on it. Just as I did, presumably 14 or 15 years ago, give or take a few months. Only this time it wasn’t milk that I was after. Oh no.

Mom had finally surrendered, she had submitted to her lust and desires. I kissed mom’s boobs, and sucked on her delicious nipples as I opened her belt and got it off her. I slipped a hand into her panty and started to rub her clit. My mouth launched forward and clasped onto mom’s lips. I licked her lips, and kissed her passionately. Mom’s chest began heaving, her breathing quickened, and she was now so horny that there was no thinking twice about it. She sucked on my probing tongue as I slipped a couple of fingers into her now sopping cunt.

I pulled out my fingers and sucked on them, Ooooh tasty. I held mom’s hand and pulled her onto the bed and made her lay down on her back between my two boys. Moments after, hands were groping her round, firm tits and pulling her nipples. Mom turned her head toward my cousin, and smiled at him. She began to think about that time, years ago when his father and my father were out of town. What was it? A hunting trip or something. She thought about how her sister and she had gotten us kids to bed, then sat down and enjoyed a few glasses of wine. A little too much. Soon they were tipsy and began feeling each other up and down, petting, kissing, and oh how they had given each other such roller-coaster orgasms.

I stood at the foot side of my bed, at mom’s feet. I loosened her police issue boots, pulled them off slowly and then her socks. Hmm, I took in the aroma of mom’s feet. It was astonishing, I thought. I held her soft, warm feet and wedged it close to my nose. Now I began to realise why my boyfriend is so fascinated by feet. Mom’s damp, sweaty feet smelled absolutely amazing. They felt remarkable in my hands, and looked even sexier. What with mom’s red painted toe nails, and her beautifully formed small feet. I parted my lips, stuck my tongue out and licked her toes. Hmm, nice. I took her toes into my mouth and started sucking on them. This seemed to really excite my boyfriend. He sprung up, and before I knew it was beside me. He held my head and kissed me excitedly, then took mom’s other foot in his hands and began lapping at her toes, kissing her ankles, petting and massing her heels and so on and so forth.

After a few minutes, I got up and looked up. Mom and her nephew were embraced and locked in a passionate kiss. I could see their tongues as they sucked on. Mom was rubbing his cock now. I patted my cousin’s shoulder and told him to come down here. He climbed down and stood beside me, watched closely as I pulled mom’s pants and panty off. Leaving her naked now, like the rest of us.

“Enjoy,” I said, with a wink to my baby cousin.

Holding onto my boyfriend’s cock, I pulled him onto the bed. I got on mom, with my back facing her. My cum soaked pussy inches away from her face. I squatted down and rubbed my pussy on mom’s face just as I had done to my cousin, messing her pretty face with all the cum. With my hole directly over her open mouth, I squeezed the muscles of my pussy and the cum dripped into mom’s mouth. She stuck her tongue directly into my hole and stared fucking me with her tongue. Oh this was such a turn-on.

My boyfriend, standing on the bed, was playing with his cock waiting for me to get settled in. I had both my hands on the bed so I couldn’t touch his cock, I could only use my mouth. I opened my mouth and he lurched his cock in my mouth. Impulsively, I swallowed his cock deep down my throat and held it there, breathing through my nose only: I could smell my boyfriend’s cock. Oh the smell of sex! I pulled my head back and he pulled his cock out. A long rope of cum and saliva fell on mom’s tits. He put his cock back in my mouth and I bobbed my head the best I could while now riding mom’s tongue.

Mommy put her left arm around my thigh and managed to get her hand between my legs. She started rubbing my clit and moved from my pussy hole to my asshole. Her tongue lapped and my body began quivering to the stimulation of my sensitive, engorged clit.

All this while, my cousin had been between his aunts legs lapping and fingering her puss. I had caught him, on a few occasions, taking deep lungsful at her holes.

“Hey, use this,” I said to him, tossing mom’s dildo over.

He grabbed it and started fucking mom’s hole with her very own dildo. It dawned on me that we really should invest in a strap-on. Would come in handy when it was just mom and me at home and we felt like getting a hard fucking, I thought. Mom’s pussy was going squisssssh-squisssssh to the rhythmic pumping my cousin was giving it. He leaned in and sucked on her clitoris as he fucked her puss with the rubber cock.

I got off mom and laid down, my boyfriend got on me and pressed his cock into my hole. It slipped in rather easily and he started fucking me with such a force, the entire bed rocked. I had my legs tightly wrapped around him.

“Aaaah, fuck, Ooooh that’s it baby, fuck me baby. Fuck your dirty little slut,” I moaned and groaned.

My boyfriend loved the incentive. His cock slipped in and out of my soaked cunt in what must have been 100 kilometres an hour, or so it seemed. The entire length of his cock in me, the next moment out. And back in. And out. Ahhhh.

My own pussy now making the same squisssssh-squisssssh sound as did my mothers. Our little pussies so wet. My boyfriend’s thick cock filling my pussy made me feel so fucking good. My pussy tightened, I screamed. It grabbed his cock, squeezed it, almost trying to milk him as he pumped my cock. I moaned.

“Ooohh unhhhhhn baby, I’m cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming. Fuck me,” I screamed as I began to reach my climax.

When I looked over at mom, I noticed she was now sitting up and sucking on her nephew’s cock. He certainly was enjoying it. He played with her tits and pulled on her long nipples. I watched as she laid back on the bed, but this time on her tummy. She put her arms around a pillow and her head on her arms turned around, with her ass up in the air. Her tits was mashed in the bed. It was an exotic sight. My cousin got behind her, plunged his cock into her pussy, hugged her around her hips, and fucked her like his life depended on it.

Mom looked at me from the side, and reached out grabbing my tit. She squeezed it and played with my nipple between her forefinger and middle finger. I looked into her lust filled eyes. I moaned as I looked at her – ooohh mommy ahhhh unnnnh – we both were in a sexual ecstasy, we were like bitches in heat.

My boyfriend got off me, and laid on the bed. I got onto him, held his cock and guided it into my pussy and started bouncing on his cock. My pussy was so hot from all the friction. I put my hands on his sweaty chest and rode his cock. He grabbed my tits, meshed them together, and squeezed them. Then he sent his arms around me and grabbed my ass cheeks. I was riding his cock much slower than he was fucking me just a moment ago.

My cousin was not only fucking mom’s pussy vigorously, but was now fucking her asshole with the rubber cock. Hmm, I was so engrossed in my boyfriend that I hadn’t heard him ask my mom if he could, and how she had lubricated the rubber cock and even fingered her asshole to make it loose. He was going slowly with her asshole. But his cock was ravaging her pussy.

I guess my boyfriend had had enough of the slow fucking, because the next moment I felt my ass being held tightly and he started to move his hips. I just stayed in that position and allowed his cock to wreak havoc on my wet, tiny pussy. He slipped his middle finger between my ass cheeks and massaged my asshole, hmm that feels rather good actually.

“Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah Ahhhhhhhhhh,” I moaned.

He pressed his finger on my asshole, and it popped it. Just an inch, but he held it in there as he fucked my puss. I was approaching my umpteenth orgasm now. I was starting to feel light headed. My pussy clenched, with his cock still in pumping away, and my asshole constricted with his finger in. My body began convulsing as I had another massive orgasm. I collapsed on him, exhausted and breathing heavy.

I rolled over and laid on the bed, and asked my cuz if he would mind if my boyfriend shared mom with him. Mom looked at me surprised, and at that moment I wondered if mom had ever been double-penetrated. I guess not. How could she.

“Not at all,” said my cousin.

He pulled his cock out of mom’s puss and announced to my boyfriend that he wants the asshole. My boyfriend grinned at him and gave him a high-five.

My boyfriend laid on the bed and ushered my mom onto him. He pushed his cock into her pussy, but didn’t start pumping. My cousin got behind, and shoved his cock into her asshole. They both started pushing their cocks in and out of her holes.

The expression on mom’s face was priceless. It was in fact the first time she had had two men share her.

I sat there with my legs opened and fingered my pussy as I watched the hot scene unfold in front of me. The entire room smelled of SEX!

The boys were enjoying mom’s holes. My cousin had enough experience now and he was able to hold back when he felt the urge to just cum. He fucked her ass for a few more minutes, then pulled out and quickly rushed over to me. He popped his cock into my pussy and thrust his cock in and out of my puss. He’s entire sweaty, hot, sticky body was on top of me. I felt as his cum shot deep inside my cunt. OOOh, a wonderful feeling. I smiled at him and pulled him close. We laid in each other’s arms and watched my boyfriend and mom fuck.

He shove his cock into her pussy with the same urgency as he had when he fucked me earlier. He held and squeezed mom’s tits as he shot ropes and ropes of cum deep within the confines of her pussy.
The end!

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