Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 08

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Daughter spanks mom

Janice almost fell into the house with Charley. They had dinner, danced, and drank too much. Catching a cab home was necessary, just as fumbling in the back was essential.

Her mother was there, and for a moment Janice felt guilty. Janice thought her mom was going to send her to her room. Instead she gave her mom a big grin, and wrapped her arms around her. It was great that her mom couldn’t tell her off for being out late drinking, and for bringing home a man.

The woman was her mother, but she in charge here. Janice was the boss, and her mother had to submit. They had swapped places, and names, so Rose was now Janice, a schoolgirl. The real Janice had got a job, taken over the name Rose, and the role of mother, meaning she was in charge of her step-mother.

‘This is Charley. Say hello to Charley,’ Janice teased her step-mother.

‘I’m just going to bed,’ Rose nervously spoke.

Her daughter had too much to drink, and so had the guy. Something should be said, but how could she? Opening her mouth to admonish Janice, resulted in nothing emerging. So used to being Janice the schoolgirl, it seemed she was stuck in the role, unable to step out of it.

Her daughter had taken over, and they both had to live with it until she could escape from school.

‘Make us a drink before you go,’ Janice ordered.

It felt good telling her mother what to do. She felt like laughing at the expression on her mother’s face. Watching Rose hesitate for a moment then give in, gave Janice strength to maintain her superior position. To some degree she hoped the woman might try to rebel, so she could be admonished in front of Charley. It would confirm she was the adult here, and this was her step-daughter. She dressed the part, and talked the talk, but it would be good to show him she was old enough to be his girlfriend.

‘You’ve had too much already,’ Rose said, at last.

‘Don’t be a naughty girl. You mustn’t back-chat your mother, especially not in front of a visitor. I’ll spank you if you don’t do as you’re told,’ Janice warned, and winked at her mom.

Rose didn’t know if she was serious, or just playing around in front of the man she’d brought home. Not wanting to take a chance, she reluctantly asked what they were drinking, and fixed a couple of whisky and gingers. That’s more or less all they had. An old bottle of whisky, and a flat bottle of ginger.

They had fun enough to be past caring, or even noticing what they drank. Rose handed Charley the glass, and suddenly felt self-conscious. He was sitting low in the sofa looking up at her. The skirt was too short for someone to be looking from that angle. Especially her daughter’s boyfriend, as it seemed he now was.

Instead of moving away, she looked at him and said, ‘Do you want anything?’

Coming back to him she stood closer, with her feet either side of his.

‘I’ll try not to spill it. Did you have a good time?’ she asked.

‘Yea, of course, your mom is great company. We laughed a lot, and had a great time,’ he smiled at her.

Rose saw him turn away, embarrassed. The little skirt was too short to wear just a thong. Remembering she left her stretch pants in the car, she too became embarrassed.

He thought she was a young teen playing up to him. Teens did that sometimes, when testing themselves out, coming to terms with their power over men. Rose should know better than that, but as a teen she couldn’t help herself teasing him. No longer considered an adult, it left her free to behave like an irresponsible youth.

If he found out she was the mother, showing herself off to her daughter’s boyfriend, would that be any better?

‘You should be wearing leggings, or something under that skirt,’ he said.

‘Yea, like, don’t tell mom,’ she said, putting it on, yet afraid of her daughter finding out.

‘Keep him happy, while I make some toast. You two want some?’ Janice shouted.

‘I want some!’ Rose shouted.

‘Me too!’ he shouted.

‘Thanks, I didn’t want it too strong,’ he smiled at her. ‘I enjoyed your mom’s company. She told me you went out with your boyfriend. Did you have a nice time?’ he threw back at her, and handed over the bottle of ginger.

Rose turned around and put the bottle of ginger down, meaning to bend suggestively. Twisting around to look at him, while still bent over, she was disappointed to see him looking away again. Still wearing the short skirt and thong, she presented an arousing sight.

In a tiff, she stood up straight, and caught her foot on his, and fell backwards. She almost laughed when he huffed in pain. She’d landed on his hardness! He put his arms around her, and whispered in an ear.

‘You’re mom told you to look after me, but she also said she would spank you if you misbehaved. So, what is this, misbehaving, or what?’ he lightly asked.

‘Sorry, didn’t mean anything,’ she said, sounding contrite.

‘It’s alright. You’re a big girl now, so be careful who’s lap you sit on. Be a good girl for your mom, and help her make the toast,’ he smiled sivas escort at her.

She smiled back, gabbed his face in both hands, and kissed him firmly with her lips pressed together.

‘Your nice!’ she said, and jumped off his lap.

He held onto her hand, and said, ‘Did I pass inspection?’ he asked, with a cheeky grin on his face.

‘Yes, you passed,’ she laughed.

In the kitchen Rose took over buttering the toast.

‘I like him, he’s nice. You’ve my permission to go out with him,’ she said.

‘Thanks, girl! Nice of you!’ Janice said, and grabbed her mother’s nipples.

‘Oww! Let go,’ Rose complained.

‘I saw you bending over, and landing on his lap. What do you think you’re up to? Don’t lie to me, you weren’t testing, you were playing up to him. No, don’t try to tell me that was a test. I saw what you were doing,’ Janice heavily spoke, then let go of her nipples.

‘I didn’t mean anything, honest!’

‘Does acting like a wanton slut mean Paul didn’t fuck you?’ Janice asked her mother.

‘No! Mom, don’t talk like that,’ Rose prevaricated.

‘You’ve lost your leggings. They didn’t cover much anyway, but now you’re practically bare assed. I’m guessing the boy did fuck you, but not enough for a woman. So, now you want my boyfriend. It’s being very naughty, playing around with your mom’s boyfriend. You must want to fuck him bad to be playing around like that,’ Janice quietly spoke.

‘No, honest. We did it twice. He is so very good, I had more than two orgasms,’ Rose boasted.

Seeing her daughters face, Rose pinched the girl’s nipples in retaliation.

‘Ouch! Stop it,’ her daughter cried out.

‘That was so devious!’ Rose said, and they joined in laughing together. ‘You could have just ask me what we got up to. Okay, I would have lied,’ Rose admited.

‘He passed your clumsy test then,’ Janice smiled.

‘I’ll take my toast to bed,’ Rose said.

‘I will too!’ Janice laughed.

‘Goodnight, Charley. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t, both of you,’ Rose giggled and winked at them.


Rose had put her light out, but was thinking of the year to come. What was she to do? How could she get out of doing another year in high school? Declaring she was an adult woman would get her into trouble with the authorities. She would be charged with something, and might even end up in prison.

‘What the hell? Damn!’ Rose spluttered.

Janice was in her bed with that guy! The headboard was banging the thin dividing wall between them. Damn! It was the master bedroom and hers by right. It had been until a few days ago.

She’d been moved into her daughter’s room, and it had been redecorated to look like a young girl’s room. Not only had the girl stolen her name and life, she was better at it than she was. Janice was earning more money than her, and had a nice young man in bed with her.

‘For heaven’s sake, what are they doing in there?’ Rose quietly complained.

While being Janice the schoolgirl, she was at last having a wonderful sex life. She’d found that an eighteen-year-old boy had great sexual prowess. Rose shivered at the memory of being in bed with the twins. Damn! Both of them had taken her twice. The second time they both had her at the same time. God, that was so bad! She almost cum thinking about it.

Damn! Her daughter was moaning as though in pain. A mournful sound resonated through the wall. His heavy breathing could be clearly heard. It was awful hearing her daughter fucking some guy. Hell, he was really pounding her!

Rose found herself frigging her kitty. Damn! She was already well taken care of, and now she was becoming sore. If they carried this on every night, she would have to get some lube.

At last they shouted out their climax. By the sound of it, her daughter would be in a good mood tomorrow. Maybe she could get an allowance to buy some decent clothes. The ones her daughter bought for her were too childish, and were embarrassing in front of school friends. Of course, she was doing it on purpose, and enjoying her mother’s discomfort.

Rose hadn’t thought about it before, but realised recently that she was a submissive. From being subjected to demanding parents, she married a domineering husband, and had spent her life being told what to do. It had seemed natural enough, and not something that bothered her.

Pretending to be a schoolgirl, to cover up for her daughter, Janice took the role of mother. Rose couldn’t help letting her daughter take control of the apartment, then take control of her. The excuse was that they didn’t want to make a mistake, and get found out, so kept the role going twenty-four hours a day.

Of course her daughter found it highly amusing, and loved the idea of controlling her mother. They had gone too far with the subterfuge to get out of it, so needed to carry it on. Rose was had become happy as an irresponsible schoolgirl, and let her daughter dominate her. Though recently, she’d become too deeply embedded into the role, letting everyone tell her what to do.

After awhile Rose gave up trying to complete what she started, and fell asleep.


Rose woke up, wondering what the noise was. Her first thought was that someone was banging on the wall, maybe because there was a fire.

‘What the fuck!’ Rose declared to an empty bedroom.

Her eyes flickered open and she leaned on one elbow. The clock said three, or it would if it could talk. She’d only been asleep for a couple of hours. It was her damn bedroom, her bed, and they were using it too loudly! Her daughter was fucking a guy in her bed, and there wasn’t a damn thing she could do about it!

‘Damn it!’

They were really going for it now. The damn head board was thumping the wall, so there was no way she could sleep through that. She would have to tell her daughter to move the bed.

‘What is he doing to her?’ Rose said, when her daughter loudly yelled.

Again they screamed out a climax. Rose drifted off to sleep, more quickly this time.


Sunday morning at breakfast Rose was petulant with her daughter.

‘What’s wrong, I thought you had a good time with Paul,’ Janice commented.

‘You did with that man,’ Rose said, with grit in her throat.

‘I had a good time, with Charley, that’s his name, remember. Like you did with Paul. You told me last night that you did it with him. So what’s wrong?’ Janice asked, sounding exasperated with a mother acting like a spoilt brat.

‘I know you did, I heard you,’ Rose pointedly said.

‘Oh! Sorry about that. So now you know what it was like for me. With dad, I mean,’ Janice bitingly said.

‘Yea, well, I guess, sorry,’ Rose said.

They looked at each other, and laughed. Janice gave her mother an endearing hug.

‘It is funny, isn’t it. All this I mean, me being you and all,’ Janice said.

‘Yea, funny mad, like, whoops-e-do, funny,’ Rose grinned, and they laughed again.

‘What are you two laughing about?’ Charley asked.

‘Not you, not this time,’ Janice giggled. ‘Can you look after him, while I get dressed, darling,’ Janice grinned at her mother.

Rose hated meeting new people, in case they guessed she was the mother. If one person found out it wouldn’t take long to go the rounds. People would ask what they were playing at. It would be hard to explain how it all happened, as even they found it difficult to comprehend, and they had been there.

Rose stood up from the kitchen table and regretted the move. Thinking he had the decency to leave early, she hadn’t bothered with a dressing gown. The short baby-doll had been bought when her daughter was teasing her. It hadn’t been returned to the store because it was comfortable.

Not now it wasn’t! Standing in front of a stranger her own age, it felt embarrassing. The small panties were too tight, and the generous top floated around her hips. He looked her up and down, just the once.

‘Hi Janice, are you Rose’s sister?’ he hesitantly asked.

‘I’m her daughter, step-daughter, remember? I’m supposed to look after you. I’ll do what you want, I mean, err, what do you want for breakfast?’ Rose asked.

He was about to say, you, but figured that was way out of line.

‘How old are you,’ he blurted out.

‘Eighteen, how old are you?’ she returned.

‘Twenty-six, the same age as Rose,’ he said.

It had to be choked back, that really, she was Rose. It also went through her mind he was too old for her daughter who was only just eighteen. It wouldn’t be allowed, if they hadn’t been caught up in this role reversal. Now if she said anything to offend him, her daughter might spank her.

For some reason the idea of her bare bottom being spanked, in front of him, heated her up. Maybe her daughter would get him to spank her. The very idea of him spanking her like a naughty schoolgirl, was firing her boiler.

The toast was smoking, and they both went to grab it. She’d moved along the breakfast counter into his arms. Both were surprised. He just stood there, too close for comfort, unable to move. She turned around to face him. Her breasts rubbing his arm as she turned.

Looking up at him through long eyelashes, she automatically closed her eyes, and puckered her lips. It wasn’t meant, she just reacted to their closeness, and from being stoked up.

‘Don’t burn the toast, it’s all we’ve got,’ Janice interrupted.

He had the good grace to leave after breakfast. Rose liked him, but was more cautious than Janice. There again, she couldn’t complain, as she had an eighteen-year-old boyfriend from school.

‘What a mix up!’ Rose nervously laughed.

‘Yes, what a mix up,’ Janice quietly said.

Rose went to pick up Janice’s plate, but the girl held onto a wrist.

‘Don’t you dare! You made up to my boyfriend last night, and gave me some feeble excuse why you did it. Now this morning I caught you at it again! He’s just a guy. Don’t you dare entice him with your big tits, girl,’ Janice quietly warned.

‘I didn’t, it was a mistake. Nothing happened, like, I didn’t do anything. Anyway, you can’t bring home guys. Not without my permission,’ Rose asserted.

Janice was already angry, and the denial gave her the excuse to snap. She pulled her mother over her knee. Rose kicked out, and waggled her legs around, trying to roll off her daughter’s lap.

‘Stop struggling. I’m going to punish you for being a dirty slut,’ Janice shouted, and slapped the upturned bottom.

‘Ouch! Stop it right now!’ Rose shouted back.

‘You are a dirty slut, what are you?’ Janice said, and managed to pull her mother’s panties down.

‘Ouch! Stop it, it hurts!’ Rose squirmed.

‘Ouch! Alright, I’m a dirty slut,’ Rose relented.

‘You went with the twins, that boy from school, now my boyfriend,’ Janice reminded her.

‘Ouch! Alright, yes! I admit I’m a dirty slut,’ Rose conceded.

‘From now on you’re going to be a good girl at home, and a good schoolgirl in class,’ Janice told her mother.

‘Ouch! Yes, like, yea, I’ll try real hard, I’ll be a good girl, mom,’ Rose promised.

‘Sorry, I’ll come back later,’ Charley said.

‘Come in,’ Janice told him.

‘No! Stop where you are, I’m not finished with you!’ Janice told her mother, and slapped her bare ass.

‘Ouch! I promise to be a good schoolgirl in class. Honest, mom,’ Rose humbly spoke.

Knowing her daughter’s boyfriend was watching the spanking, made it all the more humiliating. Rose was aghast that it had come to this. Her daughter’s boyfriend could see her bare ass, while being spanked by her daughter. To her dismay her lips were swelling fast, and protruding between her thighs. After trying to tease him, what was he to think of her now?

Her daughter kept her in place, with a hand on her back. A dry sob wasn’t from the pain, it was from shame. The promise to be a good girl had been sincerely meant, making it all the more real, and agonising. Her lips were glistening wet, and being ass up, it felt as though her sex was being presented to him!

Another swipe to her ass was followed by a squeal, then she was pushed off her daughter’s knees onto the floor.

‘Go stand in the corner, don’t trip on your panties,’ Janice told her mother. When the woman bent over in front of Charley, Janice told her, ‘Just leave them here.’

Rose was beaten, both physically and mentally. She was a naughty schoolgirl, and believed it thoroughly. Under the circumstances there was no option, she had to be a schoolgirl, or die of shame. Standing in the corner of the kitchen, with the baby doll floating around her hips, her mind was overwhelmed with disgrace. Her daughter’s boyfriend could see it all. He could see her red bottom, and was a witness to her shame.

The spanking and demeaning words of contrition had been witnessed. A mature woman shouldn’t have to promise to be a good schoolgirl, and do as she was told at home. If he found out she was Janice’s mother it would be terribly shameful. The same went for the neighbours, school friends, and her boyfriend.

There was no way out, she would have to be a schoolgirl, and not just pretend.

Charley wrapped his arms around Janice, and kissed her.

‘You’re doing a good job. Teaching adolescents the rules when they don’t want to hear them, is tough. I regret giving my parents a hard time,’ he said, and sympathetically smiled.

Standing close behind Rose he told her, ‘Be a good girl for your mother. It must hurt her more than it hurts you,’ he calmly said. He put a hand on her shoulder and squeezed, ‘It’s a tough job being a teen. I can just about remember it,’ he joked.

Rose sighed with relief when he left. Janice was right, she had made up to him. Why in hell had she done that? It was stupid! Being spanked hurt, but it hurt her pride more. Her daughter had sent her to stand in the corner on purpose, to show off her mother’s spanked ass to the boyfriend. It added insult to injury, and effectively clamped her in place, as a naughty schoolgirl. Rose, Janice, and Charley, certainly knew where they stood now.


While Rose rubbed her bare bottom, Miss Derby was across town, standing before one of her students. She looked just as crestfallen and sorry for herself as Rose did. Brian was lecturing Miss Derby on wasting food. Partly because she’d burnt the breakfast bacon, but mostly because he could. It wasn’t her fault, he wanted her to grill the bacon, whereas, she was used to frying it.

‘I’ll have to teach you to concentrate on what you are doing. Where was your head, my so called teacher?’ Brian asked.

She hated him calling her a teacher, and he knew it. He was really rubbing her nose in the shit. Standing naked in her kitchen, before a student, had become commonplace, and so he was finding more daring challenges for her. He kept her on her toes, from not knowing what he was going to do to her next.

‘You have my permission to speak,’ he condescendingly spoke.

‘Sorry, master, it won’t happen again, master,’ his teacher dutifully said.

‘I’m not so sure you’ve learned your lesson. You go off into a fantasy world forgetting where you are. I’m going to give you something to remind you to take notice of your master’s orders,’ Brian warned her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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