Mom takes Her Son to Get a Massage

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This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any person or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Copyright 2017 by the author.



This is part 2 of a multi-chapter story. Please start from the beginning or you’ll be totally lost.


Part 2

The next week dragged by with lots of uncomfortable silence between Todd and Marie. Marie was conflicted by a burning desire for her son, and her guilt and shame over the incestuous act they had committed. She knew it wasn’t unusual for sons to be sexually attracted to their mothers, but she never “Remember, we have a massage appointment tomorrow. Don’t stay out too late after your game tonight sweetie.” She imagined that she could feel that same sexual attraction to her own son. On Friday afternoon, Marie broke her silence.

“Remember Todd, we have an appointment with Mrs. Jenkins tomorrow.” She felt her juices begin to flow at the mere thought of returning to the scene of their forbidden tryst. Her panties were soaking just thinking about seeing her son’s magnificent cock again.

“I know, mom.” His dick sprang to life just thinking about it. He thought he could smell his mom’s pussy, remembering the distinct aroma from last Saturday, but he said nothing.

The drive to Mrs. Jenkins’ house seemed to take forever, but they finally arrived. Marie turned the car off and said, “Ready or not…”

Mrs. Jenkins greeted them at the door and they exchanged hellos.

“Let’s go downstairs; we have a lot of work to do today. I think you’ll enjoy it, though.” Mrs. Jenkins led them down to the basement.

“Go ahead and get undressed, both of you, let’s not have any false modesty here, OK?” She reached behind her and unzipped her white nurse’s outfit, letting it fall to the ground. “That’s better; I’ve put on a few pounds since I bought that dress. Feels good to take it off.”

Todd looked at her standing there wearing only a bra. She wasn’t wearing panties and he could see a full matt of grey pubic hair between her legs.

“Got to keep the bra on so I don’t step on the girls.” She put her hands under her ample tits and lifted them up.

Todd and Marie finished getting undressed and they both just stood there, not looking at one another.

“You first, big fella. Get up there.”

Todd got up on the table and lay down on his stomach.

“So have you two been practicing what we learned last week?” Mrs. Jenkins asked as she started on Todd’s feet.

“Practicing? What practice? We barely talked the whole week.” Marie admitted.

“Huh. City folk. Well porno izle don’t make that mistake again. Remember, ‘practice makes perfect’.”

Mrs. Jenkins continued massaging Todd’s legs, moving slowly up his body. She spent extra time on his butt, going all the way in his crack, swirling her finger on his asshole.

She moved up to his back, then his shoulders, then his neck. Soon she said, “Time to turn over.”

He rolled over and she could see he was now fully hard. She squeezed his cock once, and said, “There’s our big fella.” She let him go and moved down to his feet and began the massage.

When she reached his shoulders, she stopped and said to Marie, “Come over here and give me a hand, mom.”

Marie stepped up to the table, but didn’t touch anything.

“Let me get my special flavored oil out,” Mrs. Jenkins said as she reached down between her legs and pulled a small plastic bottle out of her pussy. She held it up for them to see. “It’s cherry flavor.”

Marie looked at the bottle filled with a pink fluid. “Has that been in there this whole time?” Marie wondered.

“No better way to make sure it stays at body temperature than to keep it in your body.” She took Marie’s right hand and poured some of the pink, oily fluid into her palm. “Start workin’ that on your son’s cock, mom”

Marie put her hand on Todd’s cock and rubbed the oil all over it.

Todd groaned a little.

“Don’t cum yet, young man. Give me your other hand now Marie.”

Mrs. Jenkins stretched a latex glove onto Marie’s left hand and said, “OK son, lift up your feet and show us your pucker.” She poured a little oil on his now exposed anus. “Go ahead and work that in, mom, get your index finger deep in there.

“What we’re going to do is massage your prostate gland, go ahead and relax, son. The prostate gland is where semen is made, that’s the fluid that carries a man’s seed. If you massage the prostate directly, men tend to cum very fast and very hard. Are you ready to cum?”

“Sure thing, Mrs. Jenkins. That feels good, mom.”

“Now, Marie, go ahead and put your mouth over your son’s cock so you can taste his cum. Keep massaging his prostate down there, too.”

Marie took the tip of his cock and closed her lips around it. It tasted like cherries.

“Keep stroking, mom. Alright big fella, go ahead and let go, your mom wants to taste it.” Mrs. Jenkins rubbed on her own clit.

“Oh God, here it comes. Yes!. Oh mom! Yes!” His hips thrust upwards so hard her finger came out of his ass and she nearly choked on his cock.

“GGGGgggg” She gagged a little amatör porno as some of his cum ran out her mouth and down onto his balls.

“Oh mom! Suck it! Yeah!” Todd was having the most intense orgasm of his life, he started shaking uncontrollably. “Oh yeah, Suuuuuuck…” His voice trailed off as he nearly passed out. Soon he just lay there, trying to catch his breath.

“That’s a pretty good job for a beginner, mom.” Mrs. Jenkins rubbed her clit a little harder. “Let me finish my cum here, then we can get to your massage.” She rubbed her clit furiously and soon cried out “Jesus tapdancing Christ!. Fuck! OH! That’s it! Oh!” Her fingers slowed down and she took them into her mouth to suck her juice off. “Mmmmmm.” She moaned.

After a few minutes of silence, Mrs. Jenkins asked Todd, “Have you ever cum that hard in your whole life, son?.

“Not even close.” He whispered.

“You liked that, honey?” Marie asked. “I liked it too. Your cum is delicious.” She leaned over and licked some cum off his balls.

“OK, mom, your turn. Get up and go sit in that chair young man. If you can make it.”

Todd got up and staggered over to the chair. Marie got up on the table, and Mrs. Jenkins started the massage.

The massage was the same as last time, but Mrs. Jenkins spent more time rubbing her asshole, even sticking her finger in a little way.

“Time to turn over.” Soon the massage part was over. “Get up on all fours here, mom. Young man, are you still alive?”

“Yeah I’m better now. What do you want me to do?” He stood up.

“Come over here and make yourself hard. Have your mom help. Put it in her mouth.”

Marie bent down and took her son’s soft dick in her mouth and sucked and stroked. Soon he was hard.

“OK, big fella, get up here on your knees behind your momma.”

Todd got up and laid his cock on his mom’s ass, between her cheeks.

“That big thing is in the way, son. Why don’t you put that in your mom’s pussy for now. We need access to her pucker.” Mrs. Jenkins guided him in.

“Now, women can be stimulated anally too, but instead of a finger, you are going to use your cock.” She poured some oil on Marie’s asshole. “Rub that in real good. Push some all the way in with your fingers.”

“Ready dear?” She asked Marie as she motioned for Todd to pull out of her pussy and point his dick right at her asshole.

“I’m not sure. Go easy back there.” Marie said and tried to relax as her son pulled his fingers out of her sphincter.

“I would tell you that this won’t hurt, but as big and fat as your boy’s cock anal porno is, this may hurt a little bit. Go ahead son, push it in. Go slow at first. Just put the head in and stop.”

Todd pushed forward and his cockhead finally popped into her ass.

“Oh my God!” Marie cried.

“Are you OK, mom?” Todd asked

“Yes, Todd. It just feels so… so…” she let out a heavy sigh. “Go ahead, go a little deeper. Slowly.”

He pushed on and soon had his cock halfway up his mom’s shitter. “You OK, mom?”

“Mmmmmm.” She moaned. “More.”

“OK, here I come.” Todd pushed forward and slid easily down until his balls touched her pussy. “Balls deep, mom.” He said.

“It feels so…” her voice trailed off.

Todd pulled about halfway out then pushed back down.

“Good job there, big fella. I didn’t know if you were going to fit.” Mrs. Jenkins gave him a pat on the ass. “Let’s get some more oil on there. You can never have too much lube.”‘ She squirted more pink oil on Marie’s asshole and his cock. “Start pumping in your mom’s ass son. Make her cum.”

Todd pulled back and then pushed in, starting to get a rhythm going. “Feel good, mom?”

“It feels so…” she pushed her ass back against him.

“Try to hold off your cum until your mom gets her climax. Reach around her and rub her clit.” Mrs. Jenkins started rubbing her own clit.

“Oh! That feels so… so… Ah! Fuck my ass, baby! Oh! I’m cumming!” Marie started shaking as she came, and Todd felt her sphincter tighten up on his cock.

“Oh, mom, I’m getting close.” he panted.

“Don’t waste it in her ass, boy, pull out and cum in her mouth. You hear that Marie? Turn around and take his cock in your mouth.” Mrs. Jenkins was fingering her pussy now.

Marie turned around and put her mouth on her son’s cock, fresh from her own ass.

“Oh yeah, mom! Suck it! I’m going to cum! Ahhhh!” He spurted into her mouth and she managed to swallow most of it.

“Oh mom, just hold it in your mouth. Stay just like that.” He shuddered and she could feel him spasm in her mouth. “Keep it right there, mom. That feels so…”

Mrs. Jenkins was thrusting three fingers in and out of her cunt. “Sweet mother of God! Fuck! Oh! That’s the ticket!” she cried out as she came.

“Oh!” he cried as he finally pulled out and sat back. “Wow, mom. Just wow.”

“I know what you mean.” Marie smiled at him as she wiped a bit of cum from her lip into her mouth.”

“Well, how did we like today’s session? Everybody enjoy their massage? I know I did.” Mrs. Jenkins said. “Time to get dressed, I’ve got a first time client coming over in a couple of hours, a woman and her son AND daughter. Twins. Should be a fun time.”

“OK Mrs. Jenkins, thanks for the massage. We’ll be sure to practice this week.” Marie said. “Same time next Saturday?”

“Same time.” she replied.

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