Mom’s Adult Education Class Pt. 03

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This is a work of fiction. All characters are over eighteen years of age.

Jason Smith and his mother Carol were having an incestuous affair. It had begun at the start of the summer, Jason was home from college and his Mom had helped him re-certify so he could get a job as a lifeguard. They’d fucked in the changing rooms at the pool, in Jason’s bed and now on their living room couch. There was only one problem, Jason’s dad. He was supposed to be gone on a fishing trip, but he was home way early!

Norman Smith walked in to see his wife and son, naked together on the sofa, they’d obviously just finished fucking. He couldn’t believe his eyes! He’d come back for his forgotten tackle box, he’d only been gone an hour! They obviously couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Jason stood up. Norman’s son was a solid six feet, with a lean, muscled swimmer’s body like his mother. His semi-hard cock was larger now than Norman’s ever got, Norman only packed four erect inches under his belt. Jason stretched and gazed confidently at his dad.

Carol stood and kissed her son on the mouth, watching Norman to see his reaction. He seethed, what the hell did this bitch think she was doing? She practically draped herself over Jason, looking for all the world like a satisfied slut.

“Home early dear? You always did finish things early, didn’t you?” Carol smirked at her husband. She reached down and played with her son’s cock, getting it hard again. Jason grinned and stared boldly at his father. His Mommy had told him how much bigger he was than his father.

“You slut!” Norman’s voice was low, furious. “Not enough that you cheat on me with every Tom, Dick and Harry? Now you seduce your own son? You whore!” He balled his fists at his side, practically vibrating with rage.

Jason kissed his Mommy, then stepped forward and faced his father. “If you ever call her that again I’ll beat you to within an inch of your life. Try me.” His father flinched and turned away, holding his hands up against a blow that never came.

“Why are you even here, Norm?” Carol stepped up to her son again and wrapped an arm around his waist.

“…forgot my tackle box…” her husband muttered.

“Well? What are you standing here for? Go get it, get out of here!” She was still holding her son’s kahramanmaraş escort now throbbing cock. She looked in Jason’s eyes and said to her husband, “Can’t you see we’re busy?”

Norman stood for a moment, watching the two start making out, melting into each other. His tiny cock gave a twitch in his pants but he spun around and headed for the closet where his fishing gear should be.

Carol dropped to her knees in front of her son. “Oh Jason! That was so wonderful, standing up to your father like that!” She grabbed his shaft and popped the head of his cock into her mouth, swirling her talented tongue over it and making him moan.

Jason put his hands on the sides of his beautiful Mommy’s head and fucked his hips forward as she sucked and licked. “God Mom, you suck cock so good! Oh yeah, suck my dick!” Her oral skills were driving him wild.

Carol was hotter than she’d ever been, her boy was so manly! And he stood up for her, telling off her limp-dicked hubby. She was so wet she was dripping on the carpet, she wanted her son’s cum like never before.

Norman stopped in the living room on his way out the door. For a moment he thought about standing up for himself. His wife was on the floor, moaning around her son’s cock, fingering her pussy with one hand and twisting a nipple with the other. Jason had his head thrown back, a look of ecstasy on his face. Norman thought for a second, but no, he headed out the door, the fish were waiting.

Neither of the remaining Smiths heard the door slam or Norman’s car burn rubber in the driveway, they were too busy.

“Oh Mom, that’s so good but I want that pussy! I need to fuck you Mom! Right now!” Carol released his tool reluctantly and stood. “Can you wait until we get to the bedroom at least? I want you to fuck me in my bed tonight!”

The thought of cuckolding her hubby with her son in their marriage bed was cranking her lust up to a fever pitch. She grabbed her son by the hand and they half-ran to his parent’s bedroom. Once there Jason picked up his Mom and tossed her onto the mattress.

“Oh Jason! You’re so strong!” his Mommy cooed. She got on her knees and welcomed her son to her with passionate kisses. She ran her hands over her son’s back, thrilling at kahramanmaraş escort bayan his strong muscles. She felt his hardness poking her stomach and moaned with desire.

“Ride me, Mommy. Ride my cock.” Jason whispered in his Mommy’s ear as they caressed each other. He was cupping his Mommy’s tight ass, pulling her to him. He couldn’t wait to get his wang back inside her tight box.

“God yes!” Carol moaned. She pushed her son down onto the bed. For a moment she just stared, he was so handsome, so sexy! His hard cock was waving in the air, she straddled him and pointed it at her dripping snatch.

She slid down his pole in one smooth stroke and they both moaned as one. Her tight cunt fit her son’s incestuous cock like a glove. She was still partially full from their last fuck, just an hour or two ago, she was almost sloshing as she humped her ass up and down on her boy’s meat.

“God, Jason, I love your cock, you fuck your Mommy so good!” Carol wailed as her son grasped her hips and helped her fuck herself silly. She was bouncing like a rubber ball, her tits were wobbling enticingly and Jason grabbed them, mauled them roughly and pinched his Mommy’s nipples.

“Fuck yes, oh god keep doing that, yes, maul my tits, slap them, oh yes!” Carol spurted more cunt juice onto her son’s hot meat. “I love it when you’re rough with your Mommy!”

“You’re mine now, aren’t you Mommy?” Jason said as he railed his Mom. “Poor old dad’s out of the picture, now you and I are sharing this bed!” He leaned up and gave her a passionate kiss, then lay back and humped his hips up with even more vigor.

“Yes, Jason, yes! Mommy’s all yours! Cumming, oh god, cumming on your big cock, oh Jason! Yes! Fuck your Mommy! Such a good boy! Fuck me hard, cum, cum in your Mommy’s cunt!” Carol was orgasming hard, she had to lean forward to support herself as Jason kept pounding her through her cum.

“Does Mommy want her son’s cum? What a sexy Mommy, god, cum on my cock, yes!” Jason didn’t plan on cumming again quite yet but he wanted to please his Mommy, give her lots of good cums.

“Oh Jason, cumming so hard, so good, such a good boy oh my god, love your cock honey!” Carol babbled as waves of delight washed over her. Jason escort kahramanmaraş grabbed her hips and held her down tight to his groin as her cunny spasmed wildly around his dick.

Once she had regained her breath Carol kissed her son again and again as he gently removed her from his still hard cock. He positioned several pillows just so and had his Mom lie down so the pillows tilted her hips up. Jason knew if he blew his wad with his Mom like this she had a slightly better chance of getting pregnant.

Carol had recognized the arrangement of course, she was thrilled her son was serious about planting his seed in her womb! She got eagerly into place and held her arms up for her handsome son poised once again above her. “Come to me, lover,” she purred. “Cum in your hot milf Mommy.” She licked her lips and gave her son a slutty grin.

Jason needed no other encouragement. His throbbing cock slid home, his Mommy felt extra hot, extra tight somehow. He rested his crotch against hers for a moment, their pubic hairs tickling each other, pressing inward as firmly as he could, getting deeper than ever before.

“Here we go, Mommy,” Jason growled. He planted his arms firmly on either side of his Mom’s beautiful face and gave her long slow kiss before starting to fuck her with long, smooth strokes. She threw her arms around his neck and wrapped her legs around his flexing ass as he pumped.

“Oh Jason! God that’s so deep! Yes! Oh yes, fuck me! Fuck your Mommy, make me pregnant!” Carol was going crazy from the hot sensations her son was throwing her cunt with his skillful cock. His full balls slapped at her ass, her nipples were like diamonds digging into his chest as he crushed her to him.

“Yeah, gonna cum in you Mommy, fill you up with my load! Make you preggers, aw, fuck!” Jason’s tool was throbbing wildly as he plowed his Mommy’s furrow, he could cum any second.

“Yes, give it to me!” his Mommy begged, “I want your seed, fill me up. give me a baby, make me a Mommy again! Oh fuck yes! Fuck me, fill me! Fuck me! Fill me!”

Jason roared and blasted another load deep into his Mom’s quim. His dick throbbed over and over, pumping his Mommy full to overflowing with his incestuous baby-batter.

“Take it Mommy, aw, take it all, yes, let that greedy pussy swallow all my cream!” Jason flexed his ass and pushed even deeper into his Mommy’s sucking twat. Obscene noises rose from their slick bellies as they tried to climb inside each other, their orgasms merging, cumming together, crying out their mutual ecstasy.

Finally satiated, they collapsed in each others arms. Jason held his Mommy tight as they drifted off to sleep.

The End.

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