Montana Skies

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I wrote this story at the end of ’03 but for another site so I thought I’d share it here.


Another hot ass day thought Diane as she stopped brushing the soft velvet coat of her new stud long enough to wipe the sweat from her brow and peer up at the sun. Montana was known for its warm climate, but after a few hours of manual labor it could seem almost unbearable. Diane Keigan was a young woman around her mid twenties. Her skin was fair and her hair was a long rich brown color. Emerald hues sparkled under the sun’s rays as she continued brushing the horse beside her.

“Looks like it’s just you and me today buddy…” she smiled as the horse nickered and she patted him softly on the head. Diane, after being born and raised on a farm, was no newbie when it came to the hardships of farm life. Her parents had owned a farm not far from the one she’d just bought a few months ago. They’d decided to let her oldest brother take care of the place, seeing as they were getting to old to see to the regular chores. They’d packed up and moved to the city, something she never thought she’d see happen in a million years.

Growing up as the youngest in a group of seven rowdy kids hadn’t always been easy on her. Not to mention she was always compared to her older sister, Ashley. They were complete opposites, and seeing as they both grew up with the same limits and love it’s hard to see how they could be so different. But they were. Her sister loved to have others work hard and claim their rewards, nothing like Diane who liked to work for everything she got.

Ashley always used to demand for pretty dresses and fancy jewelry, while Diane had been content with her brother’s hand me downs during most of her youth, understanding that her parents couldn’t afford the stuff she might want instead. That among other things was why she never got along with her sister. She just seemed to be embarrassed of who she was, a poor farmer’s daughter, while Diane relished in it. Maybe that’s why Diane bought the ranch.

But one thing was certain, she couldn’t maintain the place alone, she’d need help. Her parents had had five strong boys and a willful daughter to help out, but she was all alone. She’d called an agency for a little help until she could afford to hire her own personal staff, which reminded her she should be getting back before the applicants showed up. Shielding her eyes from the sun she looked over to the large house, that was once a bed and breakfast.

“Come on Rusty, best be gettin’ off…” taking the horse’s reins in her hands she led him back to the barn. She’d been trying to get the stud familiar with the land so he wouldn’t be surprised by anything. She’d bought him and two other horses, both mares. They would do for now. After putting him back in the stall she took a sugar cube from her pocket and fed it to him, before leaving for the house.

Looking at her watch, she decided she had enough time to shower and change clothes before they arrived. After stripping naked and stepping into the shower she fumbled around trying to grasp the slippery soap. Quickly soaping up her washcloth she traced it along her limbs. Stopping briefly she tweaked her already hard pink nubs. Letting her free hand wander down to her crotch she spread her lips, running her fingers over her inner lips.

‘No… I don’t have time. I should make this quick.’ She mentally chastised herself as she removed her fingers and continued washing. It’d been some time since she’d been with anyone and at times it proved to be too much. By now her fingers had become quite talented, but that didn’t stop her from wanting a real lover.


Quickly rinsing off and stepping out of the shower, she grabbed the towel she’d hung on the door and walked into the adjoining master bedroom. Towel drying she heard the sound of a doorbell and quickly looked to the clock resting on the dresser, she was late. Grabbing her underwear she slipped into them and her khaki pants. Taking out her white floral and butterfly blouse she slipped it on, not worrying about a bra.

Her breast were pushed against the confinements of the tight shirt and almost seemed to be thrusting out, begging to be greeted. Checking herself in the mirror she noted that her nipples were still hard and she’d have to try and cover that up. Her hair was still wet, but she’d just have to let it dry naturally even though it wouldn’t be very business like of her. Slipping on her boots she dashed out the door and down the stairs.

“Just a minute!”

She opened the door just in time to see the blonde lady’s back as she turned to go back to her car.

“Excuse me, miss. I’m sorry I was just getting out of the sho—w, show—wer.”

She’d stopped talking as the blonde turned around, an irritated look on her face. Even when seeming upset she was a sight to take in. Shoulder length blonde curls danced about her head and aqua looking eyes pierced her emerald ones. She seemed almost cherubic, as she looked up demetevler escort at her from the bottom of the stairs. Tight hip huggers clung to her curves, as her tank top seemed to outline the shape of her breasts. She was guessing from physical appearance alone, that she was around the legal drinking age. Taking out a piece of paper she quickly read it and then reread it.

“Are you Ms. Keigan?”

“Yea, that’s me. Are you here for the temp job?”

“Yea, actually. But I think they made a mistake down at the agency. I was told this was a B&B.” She looked around the place as though with contempt.

“Well, it was a B&B. I bought it, and I’ve been remodeling since I got it.”

“You’re not planning on keeping this place a B&B then?”

“No, I wanted to turn it into a regular ranch, maybe give out riding lessons when I get enough horses. I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name.”

“Oh, I’m sorry. I’m Karen Scott. Do you mind if I call the agency, I don’t think I’m qualified for what you were thinking…”

“Sure, Come on in.”

Holding the door open she walked into the newly remodeled kitchen. “Phone’s over there.” Karen sauntered over to the phone and punched in a number. Diane watched her subtle movements and listened to the Karen’s end of the conversation. She noticed when she seemed really agitated she drummed her well-manicured fingernails along the counter top.

“So what am I supposed to do? I need a job Dave! No, no. I can’t work here, I’m not qualified. You don’t have anything else open? Fine…”

Slamming the phone down she turned to Diane, an apologetic look on her face at having been so hard on her stuff.


“It’s ok. I take it things didn’t go well?”

“They don’t have anything else open. I’m really strapped for cash not to mention my lease is almost up.”

“Your lease?”

“To my apartment, in the city.”

“Well… Do you know anything about cooking?”

“Cooking? Yea, I cook. Why?”

“Well, I won’t have much time to fix meals and the temps I’m going to hire are going to want a hot meal. If you’re willing to cook, I’m willing to hire you until something else becomes available. As I said, this place used to be a B&B, so we have room.”

She wasn’t sure why she was being so nice to this woman. She’d just met her and for all she knew she could be an escaped convict. She shook her head at the somewhat childish thought. She didn’t like to see people down on their luck, and she could help her at least a little.

“Really? You’d do that?”

“Sure, why not? So it’s a deal?”


“I guess we can talk about your wages after I see how you cook.”


The girl seemed instantly bubbly compared to her last mood. The agitated look faded, turning into a bright and cheerful smile. She seemed to light up the room with her new attitude. Diane smiled back, tossing her still damp brown locks behind her shoulder.

“Thank you, Ms Keigan.”

“Oh, please call me Diane. Ms. Keigan is too formal for me.”

“Ok then,” she nodded slowly, giving her new boss the once over, “Diane.”

“Why don’t you let me show you around until the other applicants arrive?”

Karen nodded and followed Diane around the large house. Diane was explaining a few things about the place, only a few bits and pieces sunk into Karen’s mind. Diane offered her, her choice of the bedrooms. There were several bedrooms with different decorum to each. She picked the bedroom across the hall from the master bedroom. There were only three bedrooms on that side of the house the other one had been turned into a mini library.

Her new bedroom had a queen sized with beautiful embroidered quilts and pillowcases. The drapes were a marvelous rose color and she was sure they were satin. A small oak nightstand rested beside the bed and an oak dresser directly across. A full-length mirror hung on the far side of the wall and next to it was a huge walk in closet. On the other side of the room were large French style windows that lead to a small balcony. If this was just a regular room she wondered what Diane’s room looked like. That brought her attention back to Diane who was eyeing her from the doorway.

Diane stood at about an inch and a half taller than her. Her warm smile seemed genuine enough. When she came out for the temp job she was already in a bad mood. Not just about her money problems, but also because she hated working in the country. It seemed as if the people in the country spoke their own language and everything was just so isolated. But as she looked over at Diane she supposed it wouldn’t be so bad being alone with her.

“Well I hear the door, you should probably start packing your things from your apartment.”

“Oh it’s already packed…” she decided to explain as Diane gave her a look of confusion, “Well, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to keep the place after my lease was through. And otele gelen escort when I was told that you were looking for workers at a B&B with free room and board…yea.”

“Well, looks like they got it half right. I hope whoever’s downstairs won’t be expecting to work at a B&B…”

Karen shrugged and walked over to Diane. “I’ll be back later with my stuff, do you want me to start tonight.”

“No, might as well get a fresh start tomorrow.”

And with that she dashed down the stairs to reach the person at the door like she’d done earlier. Karen couldn’t help but smirk as she followed her down the stairs and out the door toward her car, waving briefly as Diane let a tall rugged looking man inside.


Karen had been moving boxes from her car to the house. Things were actually going rather quickly with Diane and the new ranch hand, Jim’s help. They were down to the last few boxes when the sound of soft yelping was heard from the passenger’s side of Karen’s car.

“What’s that?” Diane looked around slowly.

“What’s what?”

“That noise.”

“Oh that,” Karen opened the door, showing a medium sized looking golden retriever on the floor of the car. “I forgot to tell you that I had a dog… Can she stay? Please. She doesn’t bark much.

“I don’t know, she’s kinda fat…” Diane eyed the dog carefully and Karen seemed to be taken aback by her comment. “I didn’t mean it like that. I mean, I think she’s pregnant.”

“What?! Are you serious?”

“Yep, looks pretty pregnant to me. Jim? Jim, what do you think?”

“Oh yea, from how’s she panting and how big she is, I’d give her about a month, maybe less.”

“I don’t see how she could be pregnant that long.. I’ve kept her in the apartment. I mean I know she’s gotten big but—” She was cut of by Diane as she explained that there was no other explanation.

“I’ll let her stay. But if you decide to keep her puppies, it’ll be up to you to take care of them too.”

Karen nodded solemnly as she stared down at her dog in disbelief. Squatting down, she patted the dog and fluffed its ears.

“Goldy, how could you not tell momma what was going on?”

Diane couldn’t help but to roll her eyes as she talked to the dog. But she couldn’t help but to smile, for sometimes she talked to the new stud like that. “That’s her name, Goldy?” Karen nodded slowly while standing tall again.

“I promise she’ll be good..”

Diane nodded and looked away from the dog, back to Karen. “Well since you’re working tomorrow, I thought that I should tell you, we ranchers get up early, so if you could have breakfast ready by five or six…” her words trailed off a bit and it didn’t seem like she finished her sentence.

“That early, huh? Ok, do you have an alarm clock or something?”

“There should be one around here somewhere. I usually get up on my own, habit. My brother is supposed to stop by in the morning too, so could you make enough for him?”

“Sure, have anything in mind?”

“Nope, so long as it’s warm and good, doesn’t much matter. Well, I’m gonna turn in. Night…”


Most of the night went by fast seeing as she’d been unpacking and Diane was already asleep. Of course in that short time it didn’t stop Jim from hitting on her. He was a fairly attractive guy with a muscular build, nice smile. But he wasn’t really her type, she hadn’t dated a guy in well over a year. Not to say that she hadn’t dated, just not with guys. She’d gone out with several women, discovering the side of her that seemed to lay dormant for the most part.

However, It hadn’t lain dormant when she set eyes on Diane. Even though Diane claimed to be just an old farmer’s daughter she seemed like she belonged on the cover of playboy, not on he haw milking cows. It was just that Diane didn’t seem to notice how hot she was, even in her less than eye-catching clothes. Her body was firm, her legs were toned, and her face was beautiful. She seemed to have the most expressive eyes she’d even seen.

She was taken away from her thoughts about the hidden beauty across the hall by Goldy, who jumped on the bed and nudged her arm.

“I know, I know. I gotta keep working. You don’t have to tell me…”she said softly, before getting back to work. “Hey Goldy, think someone like me could seduce someone like her?” when the dog let out a soft moan she shook her head. “I know, she’d probably just call me a lazy city slicker, or something like that. Bet all the guys around here are after her too…”


Diane hadn’t turned in just because it was getting late but also because she felt that tingling inside her pants again. She knew herself well enough to know it hadn’t been from Jim, who hadn’t minded trying to pick her up, even though she was his new boss. It had to be Karen. But could that really be? She hadn’t been attracted to girls for the longest. She’d figured that was just a phase like some balgat escort of her friends went through. She couldn’t really be gay.

She believed that just about every girl experimented or at least thought about it, but she was too old for that now. Yet, as she was telling herself that her hand gingerly slipped to the waistband of her panties. Letting her hand push inside she found her juices were already seeping out. She couldn’t believe she was getting this hot. Spreading her already swollen lips apart she began to gently stroke herself.

She tried restraining herself from making any noise, but she couldn’t help the soft whispers that escaped. “Oh… Karen. You’re much better than my fingers. Lick me good, oh please…”she hardly fantasized out loud like this, and she just hoped she was quiet enough so as not to alert Karen.

“Yes, yes I like it. Oh please Karen…” she was moving her fingers around her clitoris now and plunging one into her depts. Soft moans escaped along with her murmurs. She was envisioning Karen on her knees, between her legs. Her tongue working its magic on her sensitive cunt. Putting in a second finger she imagined it being Karen’s. Bringing up her slightly wet hand she tweaked and twisted her nipples, while her fingers moved in a frenzy

“Yes..yesss, oh, oh” she was cumming now. Quickly she stuffed her pillow into her mouth so she wouldn’t be heard as her orgasm approached. “Mmmm.” She shook as she came, her body jerking in every direction. Her breathing was labored as she came down from her high. Slowly she removed her hand from her soaked panties, licking her fingers clean. It wasn’t too hard for her to get to sleep after that.


“Morning!” Karen’s chipper attitude this morning was refreshing, but Diane couldn’t help but blush as she remembered what she’d done last night

“Mornin’.” Karen noted that the slight country accent she held only seemed to be noticeable with certain words. She found it to be interesting and cute instead of annoying like she usually would have.

“Jim up yet?”

“Yea, but I think he’s still in the shower… You have a good night?”

Diane froze at the question. Had she heard her? Did she know what she’d done last night? “What’s wrong?” Karen’s confusion seemed to answer negatively to the questions in her mind and she shook her head. “Nothin’, I had a good night. How ’bout you?”

“I slept like a baby, the bed is so comfy. I made blue berry pancakes, I hope that’s alright…”

“Alright? That’s better than alright.” Karen smiled and set a plate in front of Diane, who eagerly dug in.

“Oh, somebody called while you were in the shower about the temp job, Cindy something, I took a message by the phone.”

Diane nodded, getting up to look at the message just as Jim came down. His hair was still damp and there was a towel hung around his neck. He rubbed his hands together as his mouth watered, “What? Is it my birthday already?”

Karen smiled and set a plate in from of him, “Easy Jim, it’s just breakfast…” Jim smiled up at her as he grabbed a knife and fork after covering his pancakes in maple syrup.

“The best meal of the day…”

“I think it’s the most important…”

“Same thing Kay…” Jim had started calling her Kay after she shot him down for a date. It was a nickname that didn’t bother her so she let it go. “If you say so Jay…”


“Well, If I’m Kay, then you’re Jay.”

“Suites me fine enough sugar.” Karen shook her head as she turned to Diane who’d just made a soft comment to herself, “What?”

“Huh? Oh, nothin’. Cindy is an old friend of mine. She’s stoppin’ by with my brother…”

“Oh, I’m not sure if we’ll have enough for her too..”

“Oh, that’s ok. Knowing Cindy she’s eaten already. Karen, we’re gonna be doin’ some livestock shopping today, and I don’t think Cindy will wanna tag along so could you keep her company?”

” Me? I don’t think she’ll find me entertaining.”

“Well she’s from the city too, I’m sure you could find something to talk about.”

“Ok, I guess. It’s the least I could do.”

It wasn’t long before a silver range rover pulled onto the dusty drive and two people got out. Diane had gone out to the porch and a red head ran up to her, wrapping her in a breath taking hug with an innocent peck on the cheek. At least, that’s how it appeared to Karen as she peeked out the kitchen window.

“Diane! It’s been too long…” Cindy quickly took Diane’s hand, leading her back into the house, leaving her brother to follow. Her brother shut the door behind him and looked at the chatting redhead.

“Do you mind if I hug my own sister?”

“Only if ya make it quick. I’ll time ya.”

“Cute.” The tall man held his arms out and wrapped Diane into a tight embrace. “It’s good to see you.”

“It’s good to see you too Robert. Oh, I forgot, this is Karen and Jim, they’re gonna help out. Karen, Jim, this is my friend Cindy and my oldest brother Robert.”

Hellos and handshakes went around until everyone officially met. It wasn’t long before the redhead began to chatter away again. Robert came over to Karen, and she thought he was going to hit on her too, but she was happy to find out that he was happily married. One less guy to worry about. She fixed him a plate as he told her about Diane and Cindy.

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