More of What Friends Are For Ch. 03

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The following totally fictitious writings and are intended for the sole readership of those of LEGAL AGE. The ADULT ONLY material contained within is also for personal use only where local standards permit scenes of violence and sex. Please do not read further if any of these subjects offend, or if you are not of legal age.

This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone violence of any sort.

The following is under Copyright and is for your sole enjoyment. Your cooperation in not using the material in any other application without the express permission of the author is requested. Thank you.

“Here, let me show you. Laura has such lovely tits I think we should highlight them.”

She has the kind of tits that are more like globes than cones. They actually are bigger around in the middle than at the very base. It allows one to wrap a cord or rope around the base and make them stand out even more. I wound the somewhat rough finished cord tightly around the base of first one, then the other. Then I made a figure eight out of it in-between her tits and finally going around her trunk right above and below her breasts fashioned a halter-like device that tied behind her back. I finished it off by bringing her hands together behind her back and tying the ends around both of her wrists. It meant that if she let her hands sag, it put even more pressure on her tits.

It caused her tits to be thrust out and up, even more so if she didn’t keep her hands well up her back. And the best part was that the tightness around the base acts much like a cockring does on a man. It keeps blood trapped in the boob, making them harder and bigger and certainly much more sensitive.

“One final touch” I said as I went and retrieved the adjustable nipple clamps and weights on springs.

I showed John how they worked and suggested he put them on.

He fumbled a bit, but got them adjusted and in place.

“Too tight?” he asked gently.

Hmm, not a good sign I was thinking to myself.

“A little” Laura replied sweetly with a smile.

“Tough shit” he growled and tightened each one just a little more.

Ah Ha! Hope for this boy yet!

I showed him how to attach the weights and once mine was attached, I dropped it a little and watched her grimace as it bounced.

John attached his, gently lowering the weight so it didn’t bounce, then at the last second pulled it down about an inch and released it so it bounced even harder than mine had.

Both the bouncing and the surprise caused more than a grimace, she yelped.

Yup definitely hope for this boy!

We strolled down to the same spot on the lake where the tree was. John and I chatted and I told him about the place as if Laura, who was following behind, wasn’t even there. I set a moderate pace. One that wouldn’t be too taxing on her, but one that was faster than she would have liked. Every once in a while I’d glance back and see how she was doing. I could see the discomfort on her face and noticed that her tits were getting a nice angry red.

It had been a pleasant, short walk for John and I and what I’m sure seemed like a five mile hike to Laura.

I showed John the old swing rope and released Laura’s hands only to retie them over her head as I had the time before. This actually relieved a little of the pressure from her tits.

I removed one of the clamps and she jumped and grunted as the blood rushed back into the abused nipple. I explained to John how that worked. He quickly removed the other one and studied her reaction closely.

I pulled out my knife which gave John a worried look until I explained what I was going to do next. We went to the tree and cut several branches and then teasing Laura by telling her not to wonder off, John and I went down to the edge of the lake to be out of earshot.

I trimmed a nearly perfect crop, much like the one I’d fashioned from the tree before. I explained it’s use and danger to John and told him it was what had made the nasty welts on Laura’s ass last time. I reemphasized how easily you could break skin with one. I told him I had a plan for it’s use on Sunday and not to worry.

During my discussion I had taken several practice swings knowing full well that Laura would be watching and I was sure of the thoughts going through her head.

Then I showed him another use for willow branches. One I intended us to use right away. If you take the shoots from the very end of the branch, they are more like string than a twig. You can then bundle several together and make a flogger that is like a miniature cat o’ nine tails. By not removing the leaves, you pad it somewhat so that it inflicts less damage.

In the extremely sensitive condition of Laura’s tits, these would sting like Hell and leave nice stripes, but they wouldn’t injure and she’d recover much quicker and without the bruising that the crop thrashing had left.

We returned to the strung up damsel.

There was a look of apprehension in her eyes.

“Scott, I told you about the cane” she said warily.

John Tipobet looked puzzled again. I addressed him first “When Laura and I discussed limits for this weekend she told me that the crop was over the line. With a safe word she could make me stop, but the goal is for us to push her as far as we can, but not make her use her safe word. If I were to use this on her, it would be a violation of the trust she put in me.

“So sweetie, you don’t have to worry. I’m not going to use this on you. It’s just in case you need a little extra discipline any time this weekend by displeasing your husband.”

They both looked confused, but neither said anything. As usual, I had a plan.

“For now, John and I are just going to have a little fun with your tits!”

I took one of the two floggers I made and lightly flicked her right boob, focusing on the nipple.

She gasped.

“Surprised at how sensitive they are?” I asked her.

She shook her head yes.

“You see John, you wife’s tits are not just lovely, but she enjoys having them abused a bit. Something I am only too glad to do for her. AND to help you learn how to do this for her as well. But bound like this and so fully stretched and engorged as they are, they will be extremely sensitive and I believe Laura is about to have a whole new experience.”


And I started slowly and easily using the flogger all over her tits. As I’d explained to John, I started so that the softer middle of the flogger landed on the most sensitive part of the breast, like the nipple or soft underside and the very tips, which stung far more where landing on the slightly less sensitive tops and sides.

Slowly but surely I increased the speed and strength of my strokes. She was starting to moan and now some of the lashes were leaving white stripes on the darkened skin, which after a few seconds turned a darker red even than the surrounding area.

I was giving her tits a real good going over and she was starting to jump around a bit and was crying out.

“Oh, OW! OW that hurts! OW!”

I stopped and breathing deeply she looked up at me, clearly surprised I’d stopped.

“Now my friend, it’s your turn.” I said, looking at John “This is the fun part because you get to see how much she is enjoying it!”

“How do I know how hard?” he asked, though not tentatively.

“Just do what I did, and watch her reaction. You’ll learn over time. Besides, she has her slowdown safe word, which I’m sure she’d never use on your very first time. It would be insulting!”

Laura glared at me, but I knew I’d accomplished exactly what I’d intended. She had a defiant streak and now challenged, she’d resist using her safe word at all costs.

I wasn’t sure how he’d do with this, but at least he smiled at my quip.

I’ll give him credit, he nearly duplicated what he’d seen me do. Soon he too was striping her lovely breasts and he had her moaning and jerking and crying out.

“A little harder, and start letting the tips catch the nipples” I coached in his ear, but Laura heard as well.

She was sweating profusely and biting her lip while still crying out frequently,

“Oh God, stop STOP! Fuck it hurts, IT HURTS!”

She was earnestly begging him to stop and to my surprise he just kept at it.

I was pretty sure she was close to breaking, but I wanted to be sure.

“You could always use your safe word” I said loudly.

“You dirty fucking bastard” she screamed, clearly at me in response to my taunt.

“You better stop now” I said softly to John, which he immediately did. I’d gotten my answer.

Laura sagged, her knees giving out on her.

I told John to untie her and lay her on the same mossy spot I’d used before. This time I made sure Laura didn’t overhear.

He did so, gently and lovingly. It was just the right thing to do. I don’t know if it was intentional or just instinct, but I could see the makings of a good top in him already.

She smiled up at him.

We walked off a ways, giving her a chance to recover and me a chance to explain to John as best I could how to know when to stop.

We returned to Laura who was sitting up.

“Ready to head back?” I asked her, back in my gentle mode. She nodded.

I had one more lesson to teach them both today, I thought I could do it now.

John and I helped her to her feet and I dug the clamps and weights out of my pocket.

Laura groaned loudly and in a shaky voice said, “I think my nipples are too abused to stand wearing those on the walk back, please don’t, PLEASE!”

I looked her straight in the eyes and didn’t speak for a moment. I could read that she meant what she’d said, she was at her limit. I knew she expected me to relent and I knew I surprised her when I said

“Tough fucking shit!” and reached as if to attach one of the clamps.

“Yellow, Yellow” she yelled and then started to sob softly.

I replaced the weight in my pocket and hugged her gently, “It’s okay” I whispered in her ear.

After a moment when Tipobet Giriş she had collected herself I spoke again, “Laura, it was my fault. I knew it was going to be too much, but I had to be sure John understood.”

A slight smile of understanding crossed her face.

John was completely confused.

“John, Laura was upset because no sub, at least not one with the strength and pride that this wonderful wife of yours has, ever wants to use their safe word. That’s why I taunted her when you were whipping her. I’m sure she would have if I hadn’t shamed her out of it by mentioning your first time, would you Laura.?”

She nodded, and had obviously been pleased with the compliment I’d paid her.

“You see John, I should have known that when she said she couldn’t handle the clamps, she really meant it. In fact I did know and normally would have done something different without making her use her safe word. Not only does the sub not want to use it, she, or he (I often forget about male subs) wants to trust us as the top not to make her.

“I only did what I did because I knew she’d have no choice, but you needed to see it to understand. Just telling you wouldn’t have been enough. Am I making sense?”

John replied, “Yes, yes I’m pretty sure I get it. I just have to see.”

“You’ll do fine, I’m positive” I said, later in private I would tell him just to error on the side of too light until he got more experience. I was also pretty sure that the routine these two would settle into would be much less severe than this first time together and that they would both be happier with that as well.

“Now, what I normally would have, and should have done was ease up on Laura, but not let her off the hook totally!”

She smiled at me and said softly, “You really are a fucking bastard, but thanks”

I laughed.

“Okay, let’s take off the rope harness before those tits explode” which I did quickly.

“And after a few more minutes to recover, we’ll head back”

I gently massaged her chest to help the blood flow return to normal more quickly. Besides any excuse to fondle tits like those, right?

While I rubbed her softly I explained further, “The ‘not off the hook’ catch will be this. We’ll put just one clamp, without the weight, on one nipple AND whenever Laura asks we’ll remove it. But only to move it to the other tit!” I laughed.

Laura groaned some more.

“So she’ll be forced to choose between enduring the duration of torment to her already abused nipple and the frequency of enduring the pain of the blood rushing into the one we’re removing and the initial pain on the new tit!” John said with the enthusiasm of the sixth grader who just figured out the answer the bonus question in math.

“Your husband is a fast learner!” I said to Laura.

“Yeah, evidently” she said both chagrined and amused at once.

After a few more minutes I handed John the clamp and said, “Lets get going”

He quickly applied and adjusted the clamp and we were off.

I guess Laura decided the switching was worse than the enduring, so she waited until we were just about half way back before asking for it to be removed.

John quickly and adeptly handled the switch.

As soon as we reached the cabin Laura asked if we would remove the clamp.

John warming to his role said, “Here, I’ll do it for you” without so much as looking at me for approval. He was making good progress.

Her tits looked sore and tender, and her nipples really did look, well, abused! But I was sure they would recover fairly quickly, however they’d now be tender for the rest of the weekend and quite fun for more games if we so chose.

“So, what’s next!” John said like a kid in a candy store.

Laura looked at him a bit incredulously and I laughed hard.

“Maybe a cold drink and a little break for the fuck toy!” I laughed.

A little sheepishly John replied, “Yeah, maybe that would be good.”

“I think I’ll go lie down for a little while, okay?” Laura asked, but rhetorically.

As she was headed to the bedroom John said, “Yeah baby, go get a little rest.”

After she’d gone I explained that she needed some time to recover her strength after an intense experience like the one we’d just given her if she was to be able to take a lot more.

“Also dickwad” I teased, “one of the best parts of these adventures is the sex. You guys aren’t going to live everyday life like this. When you do have a ‘playtime’ or whatever you choose to call it, you get to call the shots completely. If you want a blowjob, pull out your cock and stick it down her throat. If you want to fuck, throw her down someplace and fuck the shit out of her. Who gives a shit whether she’s ready or not. But trust me, that little slut you’re married too will love it and the treatment will have her ready and cumming more than you can imagine.

“Now I saw the wood in your pants down by the lake. You’re loving this, which is very good. But you should have grabbed her by the hair and fucked her face if you Tipobet Güncel Giriş wanted to get off. And for God sake, don’t stand on ceremony just because I’m here. I sure as fuck don’t intend to. If this works out like I think it’s going to, this will probably be the last chance I have to fuck that sexy little wife of yours and I intend to take full advantage. It just shows how stupid I really am to figure out a way to bring this to an end!”

I laughed

John laughed too.

“Scott, I honestly can’t thank you enough. And please, believe me I am happy for you to enjoy Laura as much as you can this weekend. God knows she seems to enjoy it and it’s little enough for you to ask in return for what you’re doing for us. I don’t even understand it, but in this setting I don’t feel jealous at all, I just feel like I’m sharing with my buddy” John shook his head as he said this, but I knew he meant it.

He and I went outside and sat in the sun relaxing for a while.

“John, I suggest we set Laura up like she was when you got her, without the clamps though, I think her tits might need to recover a little more, and you fuck her face. I promise you she’ll give you a blowjob like you’ve never had.”

John looked bewildered. “Scott, I may not have ever fucked her ass before, but she’s given me plenty of blowjobs” he said, but it was clearly a question.

“John, I’m going to ‘encourage’ her to do an extra good job! And believe me, when motivated she is the best cocksucker I’ve ever seen!”

“Oh!” he said not knowing the specifics, but understanding all the same.

We’d been sitting there for some time shooting the shit about miscellaneous bullshit, having gotten off the topic of the day for the time being, when Laura came out on the deck still buck naked. Every time I saw her nude I marveled at her beauty. Her tits looked almost normal, though I was positive they were still quite tender.

“Get a good rest?” John asked.

“Um hmm” she said still a little groggy.

“Good, you’re going to need it! Scott tells me you can be quite the little cocksucker when you want to be and I feel like a blowjob, now!” he said forcefully.

She turned bright red! Funny what can embarrasses someone under peculiar circumstances like those.

“Let’s go inside” I said, and we all did.

Of course Laura didn’t know what John and I had discussed and appeared a little worried when I led her to the horse.

“You know the drill, get in position” I told her.

She did silently and I fastened the ankle and waist straps.

“That’s all this time. I want you to be able to really concentrate on giving my friend the best head you can” I said.

She tried to hide it, but breathed a sigh of relieve. John and I undressed and I picked up the crop which I’d laid nearby earlier.

“John, I just can’t resist this nice round ass. When I see it all poised like this I just can’t help wanting to turn it a bright shade of red!” I said.

“Well Hell Scott, then I think that’s exactly what you should do!” he laughed. Yup, boy was going to do fine.

As Scott and I were bantering I had started to finger Laura’s pussy, quickly finding and attending to her clit. She was squirming and moaning almost instantly.

“My God John, I think she likes the idea of sucking your cock while I watch, either that, or the idea of my working over her ass has her going. Who knows maybe both, but something has her little cunt running with cunt juice!” I teased.

“Watch this John, she is such a slut that I bet I can make her cum with what is about to be the instrument of her abuse” and with that I slid the business end of the crop into her crack and started to rub it back and forth on her clit.

She started moaning louder, “Oh yes! Oh Please yes!”

“Oh Scott make me cum! Make me cum hard! Yes! Oh fuck I’m close, YES!”

And with that I stopped.

“NO! PLEASE!” she begged, but to no avail.

“You see, I could have. She would have cum all over this crop knowing it was going to turn her ass red just as soon as she did. She’ll do damn near anything to be allowed to cum, but I’ll demonstrate more about that later.”

“Another surprise?” Laura asked friskily, still panting from wanting to cum and having a lot of spunk left for someone in her position who’d already gone through quite a bit.

“Patience, patience my dear, but yes, in fact it will be quite a wonderful surprise!” I replied.

“But first, my friend’s blowjob. Just to make sure you don’t try to tease him, knowing what a natural little cockteasing bitch you are. I’m going to be cropping your ass the entire time until he cums. When he does I’m either going to fuck your pussy, in which case you might get to cum yourself, or I’m going to fuck your ass, which without some loosening up first I don’t think you’ll like much. Which one I do depends on his reaction, but if he doesn’t scream his head off and nearly faint from the orgasm you give him, I think you know which it will be. Frankly I don’t really care because I’m fucking horny again and I just need a hole to unload in”

That really wasn’t true. I fully intended to fuck her cunt because it felt so damn good, and as I’d honestly told John, I didn’t expect many more chances at it. But I wanted her worried about her poor little asshole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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