More Than Just Hoops Ch. 02

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continued from “More than Just Hoops, Part 1”

7:00 PM, April 9, 2003

I could barely stand, as I looked at my lovely Lily, her lips still coated with my cum, and her cheeks bright with excitement. We had just a few minutes until we were supposed to leave for the basketball game that started at 7:30. It was my birthday celebration, and much as I’d been looking forward to taking Lily to the game, all that was on my mind right now was “taking Lily.”

Without hesitation, Lily grabbed the bag she’d left by the door and sashayed her pretty ass toward the stairs, leaving me standing naked and numb.

“Get dressed, Jack!” she commanded “We’re going to be late!”

I hurriedly put my clothes back on, finding a new pair of boxers that fortuitously had been sitting in a basket in the corner. I waited in anticipation for my lover, who showed up in a matter of moments. In awe of how women could take either hours or minutes to make themselves look perfect, I examined Lily as she walked down the stairs. She had never taken off the leather Keds and flirty tennis socks she’d had on the entire time we’d been fucking in the living room, and had managed to put on an outfit I could best describe as a “mature Catholic school girl uniform.”

Lily was wearing a white cotton shirt that was just a little snug around her ample breasts, pulling at the buttons in that erotic way that women have of dressing. I could see the outlines of a lacy push-up bra that provided wonderful cleavage that I could see clearly at the neck of the shirt, which she’d unbuttoned just a little too much to be “conservative.” She wore a wrap-around plaid skirt that came an inch or two above her knees, with a big gold pin that had been so popular when we’d been in high school and college at the best preppie high schools. What I could tell, however, was that this pin was more than just ornamental – it was obvious that if it was unpinned, that it was dropping quickly to the floor. With a quick flash, she showed me the matching panties… white, nearly transparent, high cut and very sexy… and already a little wet.

“Hurry up,” Lily said, as she grabbed my hand. “You don’t want to make us late, do you?”

There was no way I was going to disappoint Lily after her first “birthday present,” so I hurriedly followed her out the back door to my waiting SUV. Five minutes down the road, Lily realized that she’d forgotten to bring a jacket to wear. I was almost embarrassed to admit that I had noticed, but seeing her cold-hardened nipples poking through her shirt, I was not one to suggest covering it up. Being a gentleman, however, I took off my coat at the next light and let her wear it. It felt like high school, letting my girlfriend wear my letter jacket.

We arrived at the Palace of Auburn Hills moments before tip-off. Before going through the turnstiles, I steered Lily into the Locker Room store to get her a jacket. I picked out a nice leather jacket with the Pistons logo that snapped up the front. Lily protested but I bought it for her without hesitation. One of the beauties of Lily is that she doesn’t want or expect anything – exactly the kind of woman that makes me want to give her the world.

We settled into our mid-court seats right after the player introductions. The game started with the Pistons seemingly handling the Bulls without much effort, despite our team being without Ben Wallace, the defensive player of the year. Lily and I were playful, teasing each other unmercifully, whispering explicit promises into each other’s ears and finding ways to quickly fondle each other whenever no one was looking. The couple sitting behind us even got into the act, catching me at one point with Lily’s breast firmly in my hand.

“Get a room,” our new female friend Sandy teased, as her husband Tom smiled and winked at me.

He leaned over to Lily and whispered to her “Get Sandy to let me do that and I’ll buy your beers for the rest of the night.”

Lily got completely in the act, and motioned her new friend out of her seat for a second. They escort şişli huddled in the stairway giggling as the two of us guys looked at each other. As they came back to their seats, both obviously flushed, I watched Sandy whisper in Tom’s ear and saw his eyes go wide open. I looked at Lily questioningly and she said to me in a low voice.

“We’ve been challenged. If we make at least four outrageous bets, and carry them out, Tom gets to do Sandy in her butt tonight.”

“You’re kidding!” I responded.

“Nope,” Lily smiled, “but they have to be outrageous bets, and they get to make sure we complete them.”

“Okay,” I agreed, “here’s bet number 1. If the Pistons lead by 10 at the end of the first quarter, you have to take off your bra.”


1st Quarter, 30 seconds remaining.

I leered over at Lily, who blushed a little, knowing she was about to lose her bet. The Pistons were up by 12, with the ball. Without waiting, Lily stood up, grabbed her friend by the hand, and walked down the stairs. Her husband looked down at me and told me that we were drinking free the rest of the night, as his wife had let her sneak in a quick tittie-squeeze during the first time out. Moments later, as the quarter was ending, Lily came back up the stairs, her breasts bouncing and straining against the thin fabric of her shirt. She was bright red and blushing from embarrassment, but at the same time was obviously excited, at least as far as her nipples indicated.

2nd Quarter, 11 minutes left, Pistons up 31-29.

Both of us were very much into the game, which had tightened up considerably. The Bulls looked as if they were going to make a game of it, with an 8-0 run that had brought them within 2. The Pistons had the ball, and as they set up for a shot, Lily quickly looked up at Sandy and said:

“Jon Barry makes a triple here and Jack takes off his boxers.”

I looked back at Lily and said “done,” just as Barry took… and made… the shot… but inside the three-point line. We both looked at Tom for a ruling.

“Neither one of you wins, but neither loses.” Tom and Sandy huddled a moment and announced their decision.

“Boxers and panties join the bra” was the verdict as Sandy showed me Lily’s bra in the bag that Lily’s jacket had come in. We quickly ran to our respective rest rooms, stuffed the appropriate garments in pockets and came up the stairs, missing only a minute of two of the game. We deposited what we’d taken off in the bag, with Tom whistling in appreciation at the lacy underwear that my little dish had taken off.

I couldn’t think of a time that I’d had more fun, especially since we’d brought some other people into our game in a completely non-threatening way. The thought that I was going to contribute to a new friend de-flowering his wife’s anus was a little thrill in itself in a “male-bonding” sort of way, and I was resolved to do my part.

“Okay,” I said, taking a major risk, “here’s the next bet… if the Pistons lead by 10 at the half, I flash Lily in the stairwell, if they’re up by less than at the half, she flashes me.”

Lily looked at me and winked “done.”

2nd Quarter, 10 seconds left. Pistons 53, Bulls 47.

“Uh oh,” Lily said. “I’m in trouble.”

“Do it quick,” Sandy suggested. “Right now before the crowd goes down for half-time.”

We got up quickly, and Tom and Sandy turned in their seats. I moved about six steps down and Lily lifted the front of her skirt, exposing her pussy to me. We went back to our seats and Tom “high-fived” me, with the entire crowd thinking we were cheering for the halftime score.

3rd Quarter, 3:49 remaining. Pistons leading 70-59

Lily took her turn to make the bet. Chauncey Billups had made two straight three-point shots. “If Chauncey misses his next three, Jack takes off his shirt… if he makes it, I take off mine.”

I stared at her in shock, at the same time knowing she had to have something up her sleeve. The Pistons had the ball, but all of a sudden Lily told escort mecidiyeköy Sandy she needed to go to the bathroom. She slipped her new jacket on and they disappeared, as Tom and I wondered what was up. Moments later, the next three point shot by Billups went in, and I sat there trying to figure out the plan. About five minutes later, they came back up the stairs, with Lily wearing her new jacket, buttoned most of the way up. Sandy made a ceremony of carefully folding the white shirt that I knew was Lily’s. Lily, for her part, made sure I could see an unsnapped part of her jacket as she leaned forward to pick up her beer that was sitting on the floor below. She pulled my hand into her jacket and I felt her breast filling my hand… and I knew that there was nothing on under the jacket!

One more bet. The game was getting close. In fact, the Pistons had squandered a great lead and Chicago was threatening. Lily looked at me with a sad face certain that we’d come to see an unexpected loss. I was confident the Pistons would win, and decided to make my fourth bet on that. I looked up at Lily, and in a voice loud enough for Tom and Sandy to hear, said “Lily, if the Pistons win, you have to suck me off in the car in the parking lot.”

Sandy laughed and told me that given what she’d seen so far, that was likely to happen anyway, and that she didn’t thing it’d be easy to view that, given the public nature of the situation. Sandy suggested a modification.

“If the Pistons win, Lily has to take off that jacket at least ten feet from the car, and has to suck on Jack for at least ten seconds before they close the door. If the Pistons lose, Jack has to take off his pants at least ten feet from the car.

NOW… I was nervous, and on top of that, the Pistons made us wait, and went into overtime.

Overtime, 2 minutes left, Pistons up by 7.

I leaned over to Lily and whispered in her ear. “One last bet.. for us only… if the Pistons win, you can sit on my face until I make you cum three times.” This was an easy bet for me, as I both expected them to win, and wanted to lose the bet.

Lily smiled at me and said “Okay, however, I sit on your face AFTER you cum inside me.”

I looked at her, stunned. Much as I loved the idea, I didn’t think she’d want to take the risk. Very quietly, she opened her purse, and I saw the tell-tale clamshell of a month of birth-control pills, and I understood.

Final Score: Pistons 111, Bulls 102

“Follow us for the proof,” I said to Tom and Sandy, as I sent a lecherous leer at my lover. Luckily we were parked in the same general area. I pointed out my car, and Tom and Sandy dropped a little behind, knowing that Lily was going to be shy about this, especially since there were other people around. I clicked the locks open, and just as promised, around 10 feet from the car, Lily dropped the jacket off her back. She smiled at me and did a quick pirouette, giving Tom and Sandy a flash of her chest, with nipples hardened from the slightly chilly night. We got behind the door of the car and Lily quickly pulled out my cock and sucked on it for the required 10 seconds. Before anyone else could see what was going on, her jacket was back on, snapped halfway up, and Tom and Sandy had come over to the car. Tom shook my hand and said a quick thanks. Sandy gave Lily a hug and whispered something in her ear. They shared a giggle, and we said our good-byes, looking forward to meeting again as the playoffs started.

We drove home quickly, anticipating what was to come. I excused Lily from the rest of her bet obligation, if she’d take off the rest of her clothes and go the entire road home nude. She quickly agreed and seconds later her remaining clothes were in the bag. To my even greater surprise, she boldly walked across my lawn and up the stairs of the deck to the back door, completely naked. I was amazed but somehow not surprised, as I realized once again how lucky I was to have such an incredible lover.

Pausing only to lock the door osmanbey escort behind us, we went straight up to my bed. This time, despite the hunger and the excitement, we took things slowly. We kissed for what seemed like forever, with our hands exploring our bodies. With an easy flow that was based more on mutual desire to please than our experience together, we slid into a 69 as Lily took me deep into her mouth, and I bathed her pussy, alternating licking and sucking her pretty little clit, to poking my tongue into her tasty pussy. From time to time I let my tongue drift to her asshole, flicking it and teasing it with the tip of my tongue, savoring her little gasps of surprise at the unfamiliar sensation, sensing her approval as her sucking increased and her lips tightened around my cock. Lily returned the favor, pushing her finger into me as she sucked, knowing that I enjoyed the sensation as well.

Building up to the inevitable, I slid on top of her and entered my woman, lovingly taking her, slowly moving inside her to ensure that she came as often as possible. As usual, my second erection of the evening lasted much longer, and we both lost track of the time, as well as the various positions we were in. I rode her on her hands and knees, bent her back with her legs over my shoulders, had her ride me both facing me and facing away, and stood at the side the bed as she lay on her side. Moving back on top, I realized that I was about to cum inside Lily for the first time in years, and I could feel my cock swell larger from the emotion of it. Lily looked at me with her eyes wide as she felt the same thing. She looked at me and knew as well what was about to happen. Seconds later I came for what seemed like hours, filling her with my hot cum. Lily smiled at me as if I’d given her the birthday present, and an incredible outpouring of love filled me as I let my body fall onto hers, gently kissing her neck and sucking her earlobe.

Lily gave me a naughty little glance and said “pay up.”

I smiled and answered “gladly” as we rolled over and she got on top and moved her body against mine. I adjusted the pillows under my head as Lily positioned herself with her knees aside my head, and slowly lowered her steaming cum-filled pussy to my mouth. I stuck my tongue out to tease her clit and she pressed down against me, her hands moving up to caress her breasts and tease her own nipples. I licked and sucked on her, savoring her taste, and my own cum that periodically dripped into my open mouth. I watched Lily as her eyes glazed over and she kept one hand on her breast and the other reached down to rub her clit, and stick her finger into her own pussy to get cum to suck on. The image was so erotic, watching my lover please herself as I was pleasing her. I counted as best I could how often she came, to make sure I met my obligation. After the third time I felt her shudder against my mouth, I reached up behind her and slid two fingers into her pussy while my tongue worked her clit. I pulled one finger out, and let it drift back and slide into her ass. Lily rocked back on my hand as I slowly fucked her pussy and ass with my fingers while licking her clit and making sure I’d taken care of every drop of cum, both mine and hers.

A few minutes later I felt Lily cum…. number four. Honestly, I could have stayed that way for number five, six, or seven, but I knew it was late, and so did Lily. She very slowly lifted herself off my mouth and rolled over next to me. As Lily snuggled in next to me we started kissing again. We were kissing as if we’d never kissed before and were just discovering the concept. It was exactly the same as the last time we’d been together… kissing hungrily and gently… kissing for the sheer pleasure of it.

It was after midnight and I knew the inevitable was coming. “Baby… when do you have to leave?” I asked, afraid that she’d answer “right now.”

Almost dreamily, Lily fitted herself to me, laying on her side with her head on my shoulder, one hand resting on my chest, and one leg crossed over mine. I felt her breath on me, and felt her heartbeat against my body. I felt the warmth of love and the comfort of someone who knew exactly where she wanted to be.

Lily murmured sleepily, turning her head up to look at me. “Not going back to the house tonight, darling, I’m spending the night at home with you.”

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