Morgan’s Mistakes Ch. 01

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Morgan had been used to making friends and getting attention, and college was no exception. She was in her sophomore year at a decent university on the east coast, having received a considerable scholarship to play golf. Her boyfriend since junior year had moved to town with her, living off campus by himself. Layne had always been kind of lazy, but had treated her well in the few years they were together. He was a great student in high school, but has no desire to go to college or better his situation. He had long lost interest in Morgan, gaining about 30 pounds, rarely shaving, and avoiding her to smoke dope with his friends. He quit his job at a department store, and has been living off unemployment for about 8 months. Morgan struggles with reasons to stay daily. She had already alienated herself from her team to try and salvage what she could with Layne – skipping parties thrown by the football or baseball teams (the Golf girls were always invited). He had picked up the hobby of teasing Morgan to the point of hiding tears, and took her love for granted. It had been a week since he had so much as texted her, and her heart was too worn to really care.

Looking at herself in her bathroom mirror, she notices how much she has developed since high school. She had grown to a lean 5ft 8in, with abs that look painted on, complementing her rounded C cups. The golf program had her on a strict diet and exercise routine, spending upwards 20 hours a week in the gym. Morgan was well toned and athletic, and satisfied with how curvy she is despite her body mass. Her light brown hair has grown long, past her shoulders now. The few freckles she has developed on her nose draw away from her hazel eyes, but she doesn’t mind.

It made her sad that she got no attention from Layne, but she wasn’t one to confront him on the matter. Midterms have ended for the week, and she plans to get her rest from too much studying and practice. Ok three days before your last final Morgan, do well and maybe Dad will let me go relax during Spring Break. She put on her pajamas and socks, and began studying for her physics test.

“Morgan! Where have you been? You’ve been disappearing after practice for 3 days now!” It was Audrey, her roommate. Audrey always had a habit of barging in when Morgan was working. She was a senior on the university golf team, and took a liking to Morgan when she first arrived to school. She was a nice girl, but her upbeat attitude got on her nerves whenever she started talking.

“I’ve been over at Layne’s, he’s been sick and I’ve been staying with him.” Morgan always told everyone they were not together anymore. Mostly it stemmed from embarrassment, but she also didn’t want to refer to what they share as a relationship.

“Ugh, doll you need to get out more! You are too sweet for your own good!” She said with her usual peppy smile. “Listen, we are going to Sigma tonight and you have to come. The whole team will be there and I’m not drinking so you have a ride back! You’ve earned it and it’s Friday for Christ’s sake. Physics can wait till tomorrow you nerd!”

After a feeble protest, Morgan was coaxed into attending her first real Frat party. Her parents were both involved in Greek life when they were in school, so she was familiar with the promises of “good connections” and more importantly: the rowdy, drunk college boys. Morgan usually ignored the sexual comments from the boys on the sports teams around campus. She saw them as morons who use naïve girls for sex, and she found their attitude pathetic. Morgan worried about some of the rumors she heard about young girls being taken advantage of, but was going with her sober roommate, and figured she would help in any awkward confrontations with any guys. Mother wants me to pledge next year… She imagines herself surrounded by a crowd of chanting sorority girls and chuckles.

The drive to the party was short. Morgan had spent the past two hours being evaluated by Audrey, and she was grateful to be finally be done listening to her yappy beauty Gaziantep Mutlu Son Escort tips. She decided on a short, blue dress that fit snugly on her body. A braided gold necklace sits atop her profound collarbone, falling down to an emerald pendant nestled above her cleavage. She wears tall blue heels borrowed from Audrey, matching her tight dress, which she noticed had shrank since she wore it at her first golf formal.

Morgan and Audrey make it inside the mansion of a fraternity, and quickly make their way to their teammates at the bar. Every room in the house is packed, and it is mostly athletes at the university. Morgan feels guilty for liking the elitist mentality that comes with sports at a prestigious school, but is determined to have a little fun for her self, pushing her unease aside.

An hour goes by in the Sigma House, and Morgan is having a great time! She has already taken four shots of tequila with her team to celebrate their success in their first conference tournament. Morgan laughed as she joked and teased each other about boys “checking them out”.

“One more to Sara! Thank goodness the 6th hole at The Pines is as wide as her’s!” Audrey bellows as she hands out another round of shots. The girls break into laughter as Sara blushes. She has been known for sleeping around, but for some reason that was respected amongst the girls. Morgan downs the tequila in one gulp, sending a jolt from her throat down to her toes. Feeling like her outgoing self for the first time in awhile, she grabs Anna, another teammate, and heads to the dancefloor.

Anna is a towering 6 feet tall, and weighs about 170 pounds; she is the obvious driving powerhouse of the squad. Guys tease her and call her ‘dyke’ sometimes, but Morgan is always impressed with how well she can shake off their insults. Feeling safer with Anna by her side, Morgan starts to move fluidly to the rhythm of the DJ’s music. Her ass inches from the ground, Morgan slowly rises up, bottom first, into the air. She had always been good at gyrating her hips and dipping low, (Layne had insisted she learn to dance properly at parties). Her hours of practice are evident as she shakes and pops her body to the beat. Ha! I wonder how mad Layne would be if he saw me now! The thought brought a smile to her lips. Any consideration of him had been drowned with her last shot.

Morgan is surprised when she feels her ass grind on a hard body behind her. She turns on her heels to see a tanned, high-cheek boned face, belonging to a classmate, Chris. She had met Chris at a football game earlier in the year, and they hit it off. Morgan was too preoccupied with Layne and school to find time to get to know him.

“Hey there, gorgeous,” he says with a grin. He has stubble on his defined jaw and cheeks, and grey eyes that always made Morgan shudder. “May I have this dance?”

Without a word, Morgan turns to Chris and straddles his leg. He seems a bit taken aback, but puts his hands on her hips, guiding her up and down his leg. Morgan’s thoughts start to run wild as she realizes she is drunk. It’s just dancing, she tells herself. I’m not fucking him or anything and besides, Layne obviously is too busy to even care if I did. Morgan started feeling a rush build in her pelvis and rise up her body as she pressed close to Chris’s body. Her inner thigh rubbed up against something hard and radiating heat, and she knew she was turning him on. Ignoring all instincts to resist, she took his hands and put them on her ass. She leaned in and kissed his neck, whispering softly in his ear.

What am I doing? Morgan thought as her bra fell undone on the floor. I had no idea he was a brother at Sigma! Chris’s tongue filled her mouth and immediately took interest in the small metal stud that Morgan had pierced three weeks earlier. They had made their way back to his room on the third floor. It was larger than her room and kitchen combined. The floor was covered in used clothes and beer cans, but is still cleaner than any room in Layne’s condo. There are pictures of his family and posters of the school on his walls, and has king size bed, the nicest Morgan had ever seen.

Chris catches her off guard, sweeping her up by the back of her thighs. He carries her to the bed and climbs on top of her, breathing heavy and kissing her chest. His tongue swirled and rolled in constant motion with hers, as he began to fondle his fingers along the see through white underwear, now the only thing keeping her clothed. Morgan speaks up when she feels a hard poke through her panties.

“Do you have a condom?” She asks subconsciously.

“No Morg, I don’t, but I promise I’ll be careful…”

Morgan pushes him off from sucking on her neck. “No I can’t, pleass… Immnot on thuh pill yet,” she says with in slurred string.

Chris persists, but Morgan has regained enough composure to stop him. She flips over on top of him and looks into his dark, gray eyes. He falls silent, as she looks him over thoroughly for the first time. Chris has no hair on his body at all. She rubs her exposed body close to his and feels that he has a defined six-pack! Layne has always been hairy and kind of chubby, which only made her kiss his muscular body more passionately. Chills run down her spine as she rises up and Chris grabs both of her breasts. They fill up his powerful hands easily, boobs big enough where he can give a rough squeeze. Groping gently with his fingertips, Morgan bites John’s ear and whispers:

“I won’t fuck you tonight, but maybe I can make up for it.”

Chris kisses her neck deeply; rough sucks accompany his fingers caressing her hard nipples. Her boobs had always been a big turn on for her, and she felt a moist warm sensation between her legs. Oh no! These are my only good pair of underwear. Before she could make a grab for them, Chris slid down under her and started sucking on her titties. “Mmmm,” moans Morgan as he runs his tongue over her nipple, stopping only to leave hickies on her neck and chest. Chris rubs her soaked pussy through her underwear, and offers no resistance when he slides his index finger inside of her. Morgan feels her pussy throbbing around his finger, as he plunges deep over and over. Her hair covers her pained expression on her face as he inserts another finger and pumps rapidly into her slit. Morgan is embarrassed when she lets out a light scream as he massages her clit. The fire inside her had become too hot.

Morgan slid down to Chris’ boxer shorts and reached into the unbuttoned opening. She had handled Layne’s penis for years, and was a bit disappointed to find that his member was about the size of his. Nonetheless, she wanted him badly. The thought of her pleasuring a random guy without Layne’s knowledge gave her such a high that she couldn’t stop herself from sticking out her tongue and taking rigid dick in her mouth.

Morgan is lost in her hazed judgment. She runs the cold metal stud from the base of his shaft as she licks hard up to the tip; alternating taking it in her mouth and sloppily covering every inch of his cock with saliva. Chris starts to moan and Morgan feels his dick growing harder in her mouth.

“Oh baby, mmm you are making me so hard,” Chris croons. He grabs her silky brown hair she spent an hour flattening before the party. Morgan pulls back to resist but his muscular arms hold her down. He slowly pushes her head down on his throbbing cock, which is now dripping with a thick coating of spit. She gets about half way down on his shaft before she starts to feel it penetrate her throat. Almost instantly she gags, coughing with his cock stuck in her throat. She pulls back to his tip, never breaking the suction with her mouth.

She bobs her head in a quick rhythm, thankful that he is satisfied with half his cock being serviced. Morgan had been working on deep throating Layne, but he always finished before she could get that far. Ugh, Layne always cums in my mouth without telling me, what a fucking ass. The idea only fuels her desire, and starts massaging the base with her hands.

“I want to cum on you Morgan,” Chris utters out with a moan. “Oh baby you are so good, where do you want it?”

Just as she looks up Chris hops off the bed on to the floor, letting Morgan down easy on her knees. Layne has never done this before! She thought as he grabbed the back of her head and started pumping his hips lightly, exploring her mouth to the fullest extent. Morgan finds herself lightly rubbing her clit, and almost chokes again when she chuckles at his balls slapping her in the chin.

“Sit up,” Chris says in a firm tone, the first time he has taken charge all night. He pulls out of her throat as she gasps for air and straightens up on her knees. He takes her hands forcefully and makes Morgan hold her boobs together. Chris’ cock is lathered in her juices, and he begins making long, smooth thrusts between her supported breasts. She was on the verge of coming, her eyes rolled back in her head as she gasped and moaned. I’ve never felt this before, I thought those contractions Layne gave me were orgasms! Morgan had a growing pressure in her pussy, dripping wet with anticipation for his load.

Morgan opens her eyes when Chris lets out a mighty grunt that gave her the chills. Chris jerks backward as her lips are splattered with a warm liquid. She closes her eyes just in time to avoid the second shot that submerged her left eye. Morgan’s lustful anticipation diminished as she felt his sticky load glob onto her chin, and drip down onto her sore breasts. She was so close.

“Now lick cum off of your tits baby'”

Without hesitation Morgan attempted to clean herself off, but they were too small for her to reach with her mouth.

“Here let me help you,” Chris said. He reached over on his nightstand and grabbed his phone. Choking his semi-hard cock, he wiped off the splashes of semen off of her boobs onto his tip. Morgan opened her mouth and took his entire softening penis in her mouth. “Now suck off… Smile!” he said in a satisfied tone.

The next time Morgan is conscious she is splayed on the couch in her apartment. She is missing her underwear, and has a sour taste in her mouth. Blech, she thinks to herself. Giving Chris head is a clear memory, despite her splitting headache. She makes her way to the kitchen and pours herself some orange juice before sitting at the table and checking her phone. A message from Layne is passed over without a thought, as that is the last thing she is worrying about. A message from Audrey, “Where are you slutttt? We are ready to go get your pants on and your ass out here!”

Great, now the whole team knows about my hook up. Two messages from Chris, “Hey gurl, last night was fun, you left your wallet here so I’ll hold onto it for you until we can meet again ;)” This made Morgan feel giddy. The thought of someone wanting her made her excited, and the fact that Layne is clueless made it all the more enjoyable. She craved that feeling that Chris gave her last night again, except she wanted to climax this time…

Morgan breaks out of her daydream she opens the second file. The message reads, “Don’t worry, just for me and you!” Morgan’s heart drops as she stares into her own eyes. Or at least one of them; the other is shut tight coated in a thick layer of cum, dripping down off her chin. Her hair is a mess in the picture, but that was nothing compared to seeing her tits red and fondled peaking out from beneath her mouth filled with his penis. If anyone sees this I can lose my scholarship. Morgan panics and runs to her room, sobbing into her pillow until she slips into a sobering slumber.

When Morgan wakes she feels a bit better. She sends a text to Chris, asking if she can come by in a few hours. He replies two minutes later, asking to give him time to prepare. I’ll figure out what to do about that picture when the time comes…Ugh another message from Layne “So I know you were at Sig last night, my friend Brett saw you. Get the fuck over, now.” Morgan loses track of time staring blankly into her wall, running scenarios in her mind. She makes her way into the shower, still exhausted, knowing she is in for a very long night.

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