Morning Bus trip

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There I was busy watching a movie on my laptop on the bus trip to work, when she got on. I had
seen her nearly every day on this same trip. She gets on two stops from where i catch the morning
bus. She is about 5’9”, shoulder length red hair, beautiful face and a body with curves in all the right
places. She approaches smiles and takes a seat next to me, I have butterflies. A bit about me, I’m
6’2” short jet black hair, dark brown eyes, muscular frame.

We sit there quietly watching the movie on my laptop, I can feel the warmth from her thigh next to
mine building but now i feel something else it feels like a hand moving up and down the outside of
my thigh, now it’s on top of my thigh and I can feel my cock getting hard. I glance down quickly and
it is her hand caressing my thigh and the bulge in the front is clearly visible, i look at her and she is
smiling at me. I can’t believe this is happening.

She glances towards my crotch and grins, and then she runs her fingers over the bulge in my pants
which gets a twitching reaction from my cock wanting to break free from its confines. She leans in
and whispers “excuse me “ in my ear as she unzips my fly and realising that I am going commando
today is very surprised to be staring at my 9” long 2.5” girth cock. I nearly cum right there when she
wraps levent escort her soft strong fingers around it and starts to jerk me off right there in the bus.

She then lowers her head to my cock and licks the tip which causes some precum to the tip, she
quickly laps that up and wraps her lips around my cock and slides down taking half of it into her
warm mouth, a moan of ecstasy escapes my lips. She starts sucking my cock, taking more and more
in with each downwards thrust. I grab the back of her head and push her down onto my cock. I am
balls deep in her mouth and she starts humming. I am not going to last much longer.

She takes my cock out of her mouth long enough to say, “Cum down my throat please. I want it
down my throat now!” So I do as I am told, four more thrusts does it I feel that familiar feeling
surging up from my balls and I spurt stream after hot stream of cum down her throat. She sucks and
licks me clean then leans to my ear and whispers “Thanks for the cream, what number is your bus
after work, maybe you would like to cum by for dinner and dessert, I have the ice if you can bring
the cream” grabbing my cock which is already hardening with the thought. I give her my card and tell
her the 219 at 5.05pm. Before she gets off, she takes my hand taksim escort and sticks two fingers into her soaking
wet pussy and rides the bumpy section three stops from hers and cums all over my hands. I catch
some and lick it from my hand and fingers. As she gets up to leave she hands me her panties which
are saturated in her juices and asks me to return them on the trip home.

I spent my whole morning at my desk drawing pictures of her on my desk pad and thinking of how great it felt having her hand touch me and her lips around my cock……. and the feeling of that release of my seed straight down her throat…….. damn my cock is so hard…….” Carol can you cum in here please….. and bring your special pad…”

Did I forget to mention my secretary, 5’7″, 32D tits. beautiful tan skin and lips that can suck the paint of a car.

Carol comes in and pushes my chair away from the desk and quickly has my cock out of my pants and in her expert lips, she sucks my cock for a good 10 mins then sit back on the desk and spreads her legs allowing me access to the gates of heaven. I lean in and start to dine on the beautiful pussy placed before me, each lick each taste is better than the last. I start to fuck her with my tongue and shivers surge through her body signalling the first fatih escort orgasm for the day. I stand and insert my 9″ cock into her glorious wet love tunnel and we commence to fucking each others lights out, I grab her ass and pull her fabulous body with more vigor.

She asks me to take her from behind to which I am only too happy to do. She climbs off the desk and turns around presenting her ass to me…… God what a site!. She guides my cock to her pussy and I slide into it balls deep and feel my balls slap against her thighs……. I know she likes it hard so I grab a handful of her hair and start to thrust from tip to balls into her, her pussy clamps down around my shaft to let me know she is orgasming again, holding her ass cheeks part I spy her ass, licking my thumb I start to stimulate that perky little ass whole, I apply a little more pressure and the tip of my thumb pops into her ass, illiciting a moan of pleasure. Getting a little bolder I start to push my thumb further while fucking her pussy, my thumb is now buried in her ass and she is shaking through orgasm number three. I feel the cum starting to work its way up from my balls and within seconds I pull my cock from Carol’s pussy and spurt ropes of cum over her ass and lower back. Carol turns and cleans off my cock when she is done, I reach inside my desk draw and grab a couple of wipes to help clean her off, she tidies her clothes and asks if that will be all to which I answer Yes thank You. You can have an early lunch if you want.

First time writer working on the bus trip home……

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo�altmam� ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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