Morning Shower

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It’s morning and the sun is shining in through the slits in the blinds. I am still so tired and definitely don’t want to get out of the nice, cozy bed where you are still sleeping soundly next to me. I grumble a little and then make towards the edge of the bed. I stretch as I get off and make my way to the bathroom.

I turn on the water in the shower and as it starts to get hot, steam fills the room. I brush out my hair and then come back to the bed to wake you up. “Come on, sleepy head,” I say, “it’s time to wake up.” “I’ve started the shower and it’s nice and hot, just the way you like it.”

You stir a bit and rub at your sleepy eyes. You give a big stretch and then grab me, pinning me to the bed. You kiss me gently along my neck and then let me up. I go from the bed into the bathroom and then step inside the shower. I let the water run over me, letting it take the sleep from my eyes and mind and then I feel you come up behind me. I move to the side, letting you get into the stream of water.

I watch as the water courses its way along your body, small trails of it flowing along over your back as the muscles move beneath the skin. My excitement is building and I grab the bar of soap from the shelf. I rub it between my hands, getting a good amount of lather together. I then put the bar aside and run my hands across your back, feeling the muscles against my palms.

I run my hands up to your shoulders and gently squeeze at your neck. The lather allows free movement of my hands as they slide down your back to your ass. I rub each cheek gently, but with a certain firmness as well. Tekirdağ Escort I squat down rubbing my hands along the back or your thighs, then down to your calves, the hair on them slick from the water pouring from the showerhead.

I stand up again and then pull to turn you so that you face me. I glance along your body, taking in the glorious view. Already your cock has begun to awaken, even if the rest of you has not completely. I put my hands up along your neck and rub the suds along it, slowly tracing down to your shoulders and collarbone. I then move across your chest, moving in slow circles and rubbing lightly against your nipples with my fingers.

I move my hands down to your stomach where they leave their white film behind as I hunch down again to wash the fronts of your legs. As my hands slide down, I move them so close to your cock that it jumps slightly at the anticipation of my touch. I look up at you and see you smiling down to me. “Not yet, my dear,” I say with a grin. “I am saving the best for last.”

I slowly raise myself before you, pressing my breasts against your thighs and then your cock as I move upward. They slip easily along you as I slide them against your stomach and then bring my mouth to yours. I kiss you deeply as my hands find your cock and balls, soaping them up and feeling their weight and texture.

Your hardness increases my own desires and I can feel the all too familiar throbbing between my legs. I continue to caress and soap your “sensitive” spots as I kiss at your neck. You lean down towards my ear and whisper, “I want Tekirdağ Escort Bayan to be inside of you.”

I almost fall to the bottom of the shower as my knees weaken from your words. I look into your eyes and my grip on your cock tightens slightly. I turn you around once more to face the streaming water. I rinse all the soap from your body, using my hands for assistance. Your hands have found their way to my hips and you pull me towards your back.

Once all the soap is gone, you turn to face me and kiss me deeply. I enjoy the sensation of your tongue passing between my lips and lightly brushing against my own tongue. The taste of you filling my mouth as my hunger for you increases. You put your hands into my hair and gently grasp it between your fingers as your kiss continues. My hands move to your ass and pull you even closer. I can feel your hard cock as it presses against my skin and I let out a small moan.

You push me against the wall of the shower stall and the chill of the tiles sends a shiver through me. You kiss me harder and your hands roam along my shoulders, over my breasts and then to my hips. As our kisses continue, you move me upwards, pinning me against the wall and moving forward allowing your cock to slide along my thigh.

You slowly enter me and move your kisses along my neck and collarbone. You nibble lightly as you penetrate me completely. My hands come up around to your back and I trace along the muscles there, feeling them as you move against me and slowly pull away in preparation for the next slow thrust. I move forward Escort Tekirdağ and bite firmly into your shoulder, feeling your moan against my lips as it vibrates through your flesh.

You are still moving in and out of me at a very slow pace, allowing me to enjoy every second, every inch, as it passes along my pink tenderness, but also tormenting me as all I desire for is that you will ravage me. “I want you to take me,” I whisper against your neck. “I want you to take me and make me yours.”

Your hands and body respond quickly to the words as your grip on me tightens and your thrusts begin to quicken. I pull my head back and press it against the wall of the shower stall. Your thrusts are moving me against the tiling and I can feel a faint sting along my back where the bones press my flesh hardest against it. Your teeth find my neck and sink in slightly. You pull away and can see the redness already appearing where your teeth just were.

I can feel my orgasm building inside as I wrap one leg around you. You push into me harder and faster and my moans get louder with each thrust. My nails dig into your back and I clamp down my teeth on your chest as a scream escapes and I expel my juices over your cock. You continue to push and I tremble in your arms. Soon you find your own release and push hard against me one final time and allow your head to rest against the shower stall wall.

You let me down and we return to the water. We take turns cleaning each other off, allowing the last of the warm water to rinse us. You reach down to turn off the water and then pull me against your chest. The water is still dripping down you and I can feel it against my cheek as it drips along its path. You hold me there for a moment and then bring my face up to meet your lips for a kiss.

You then open the shower door and motion for me to exit. I do so, leading you behind me by the hand.

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