Mother in laws dream comes true – Part 2

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I woke the next morning to the sunshine glaring into the room from the large double doors that led to the outside area of the room. You could already start to feel the heat building outside for what was going to be another scorching day. I could feel already that I had woke with the normal morning glory and looked down to see my cock big and hard yearning for attention.

I turned to Jules who was reading in the bed next to me.

‘Morning Jules, you were incredible last night, how about round 2?’ as I looked at her I moved my stare to my groin and her eyes followed.

I couldn’t wait to enjoy her again but then came a huge disappointment.

‘No Chris’ she said sternly looking angry ‘I can’t believe what we did last night, I’m a married woman and a mother and have been up all night worried about what I have done to Paul and Leila, it can’t happen again’

‘But don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it?’ I tried

‘Chris, of course I did, apart from struggling to walk properly this morning it was the most incredible feeling I have felt, but this doesn’t make up for the fact I feel so bad this morning and am contemplating going home’

‘oh no Jules, please don’t do that, you have always wanted to do the naturist thing and we can still do that and plus if you go home now they will know something is wrong’ I pleaded

‘I know young man, I have thought about it all night and think you’re right’ she revealed ‘but it can’t happen again, don’t you feel bad about Leila?’ she asked

‘Not really Jules’ I said calmly as she looked horrified ‘Leila has always been cool. She knows that I have a huge sex drive and right from the start has known that occasionally I need a release like this’

Jules’ face starting to look puzzled. ‘Really? I don’t see how I would ever be ok with something like that and I thought she was so much like me’

‘Times move on Jules, Leila knows I can treat sex as sex and not have the same full emotional connection I do with her. Plus I was like it when we started seeing each other and so she knew what she was getting into. She says I have been blessed down there and so doesn’t mind a few others getting to enjoy it’

I reached down and started to play with my still rock hard cock looking at Jules as I did it.

Jules still look puzzled ‘Well I know Paul is not like that and so the answers still no!’ she said firmly

Just then there was a knock at the door ‘Room Service’ came a shout.

‘I ordered breakfast here this morning’ Jules stated ‘I wasn’t in the mood for heading out so early’ as she got up to answer the door.

I pulled the sheet up to my chest, not that it hid too much as a large tent formed under it.

Jules opened the door and in walked the lady from the pool bar yesterday. With me focusing on the blonde by the pool I hadn’t noticed her fully. She was a local from the island with beautiful deep dark skin, shot cropped hair, a gorgeous bright white smile and a pair of huge natural boobs sitting pertly in front of her. She was incredible. As she walked past the bed carrying our breakfast she glanced down at the bed sheet and gave me a knowing smile. She walked through the large doors onto the patio outside where she placed the breakfast. As she did so she looked round to make sure I was watching and then bent over slowly as she placed down the tray. I couldn’t believe my eyes, her ass was so round, big but very toned. This was not helping mu huge hard on!

I couldn’t resist I had to show her and see her reaction, as she sorted the breakfast onto the table I slowly climbed out of bed and then stood next to it as she turned to walk back out of the room. Her face looked shocked initially as she walked by struggling to take her eyes from my heavy pole stood to full stature. As she left the room she turned and smiled again.

I couldn’t believe my luck on this holiday, surely I would get to sample the local delicacy soon I thought.

As I turned I could hear Jules talking outside. As I got closer to the patio I could see she was chatting to a guy next door. It was one of those setups that the patio/ground floor balconies were close together but just separated by a low wall. The guy was stood next to his wall and facing Jules. He looked to be in his 40’s, not in too bad shape with what looked like a pretty small dick as he stood there chatting. I was in 2 minds what to do as I still had a hard on – should I go out now or wait until it’s gone down?

‘Come on Chris, your breakfast is here and it won’t last long in this sun’ Jules shouted.

I had no choice so wandered out into the sunlight and towards the table.

‘Chris!’ Jules shouted ‘you could have waited until that thing had gone down’ she joked

I turned to the guy to apologise and introduce myself. ‘I’m Chris, sorry about… you know’ I said and reached out to shake his hand.

‘Erm, Ch-Chuck’ he stammered as he shook my hand slowly while looking down at my groin ‘and no need to apologise, these things happen’ ‘definitely not something you need to hide, Kellee mentioned a big guy at the pool yesterday but I thought she was exaggerating’

‘Hey Kellee, come out here’ Chuck shouted

It felt a bit strange this guy calling his wife out as if I was a bit of a freak show.

At this point it felt like Jules was getting a bit protective over me and joined chuck and me by the wall. Just then Kellee appeared from their room. It was the blonde from the pool.

‘Is this the guy from the pool you talked about?’ Chuck said boldly.

Kellee seemed a bit embarrassed that Chuck had said this but nodded sheepishly. ‘I’m sorry’ Kellee said ‘I’d had a few drinks by the pool’ she tried to excuse herself while trying not to keep looking at my cock.

‘you weren’t wrong Kellee’ Chuck said ‘he is huge, must be about 2- 3 times my size’ he joked.

Then Jules spoke before thinking ‘same as my husband too’ she laughed before suddenly realizing what she had said.

Chuck cottoned on quick ‘Wait, you guys aren’t together? You have a husband?’

Jules didn’t know quite what to say and just nodded, how were we going to get out of this one?

‘Wow’ Chuck shouted ‘What a guy, I thought I was a cool husband but to let you come away with this guy, he must be a real Cuckold’ he looked very impressed.

Jules looked confused ‘a cuck…

‘He sure is’ I interrupted. ‘He was keen to let us come away’

‘Well’ chuck started ‘I have to say I don’t blame him, youre an impressive specimen, I bet Kellee wishes she was as lucky as you Jules’ he joked while giving his wife a gentle grope of her ass. ‘Well we better head out now we have a boat ride booked for this morning’.

Kellee smiled at me as she took one last look and returned to her room. Once she had gone Chuck turned to whisper to me. ‘Hey Man, I owe you, she came back from the pool yesterday like a bitch in heat, we had a great time’ I was a bit surprised he was telling me this.

‘As you can probably see we have a similar relationship to Jules and her husband, so anytime you want Kellee’ he nodded and winked and then walked off.

I turned around to sit down and enjoy breakfast but I could see Jules was confused.

‘Chris’ she said seriously ‘you don’t think they will say anything about me being married will they?’ she sounded very concerned. ‘and why did you say Paul was a cuckoo?’

‘Don’t worry Jules’ I tried to reassure her ‘they have no need to say anything and I’ll speak to Chuck later but think they understand the situation so won’t say anything’

‘and you mean cuckold?’ I asked ‘well, I thought it was easier to explain it that way, would have been odd if I had explained we were who we really are and they then said they heard us last night’ I laughed.

‘I still don’t understand, what is a cuckold?’

‘Well, it’s quite difficult to explain but basically it relates to a man who is more submissive and lets his wife have other sexual partners. There are very different ends of the spectrum but some just think their wife is so special and they don’t deserve them and so she should have anything she wants, including who she wants. Also, some guys really enjoy the thought of their wife with other men and it turns them on sexually. Does that help?’ I asked.

I deliberately didn’t go into the other extremes as would probably have freaked her out.

‘Well I guess I understand what you mean but not sure I get it, guys can be weird sometimes’ she said ‘and how do you know so much about it anyway?’ she asked

‘Well, before I met Leila, I was involved with a few couples like that. You see, it generally works that the cuckold guy has a small, you know, and enjoys seeing his wife enjoy something bigger. That is where I come in. I got referred to as the bull. The guy sleeping with the cuck’s wife’.

I could see Jules looking confused and a bit horrified.

‘I know Jules, I don’t truly understand the guy’s mindset in those relationships but I can honestly say I have been surprised over the years how many offers guys have made me to sleep with their wives, it’s a lot more common than you think. And I don’t blame the ladies, are you telling me if Paul said he would really enjoy it if you slept with someone who you found really attractive and lusted over a bit you wouldn’t do it?’

Jules was a bit taken a back. ‘I had never really thought about it, I’m really not sure, depends on who it was and the situation I think’

‘Ok, try this scenario, you said you really enjoyed last night but it was how bad you felt about Paul that is hurting you and not wanting you to do it again. Correct?’ I asked

‘Well, err.. I guess so’ she admitted

‘So, imagine if Paul says to you, he can’t give you what you would like and he would really enjoy you being happy and would be very happy for you to sleep with me. Would that mean you would do it again?’

‘What are you trying to do here Chris? I’m really not sure where this is going. You know most women would love to’ she finally admitted ‘But Paul is not like that, you know that, so nothing has changed’

‘All I can say is you would be surprised how many guys are like that but would never admit to it unless it comes out in some way, and in some cases they don’t really know gaziantep swinger until it happens. You said Paul had a small dick right?’ I said bluntly

‘Chris! Don’t be like that, it’s been fine for me all these years’ she said defiantly ‘most are small compared to yours young man’

‘ok Jules, I’m sorry, but it does tend to be guys with smaller ones that enjoy the cuck thing’

‘Ok, yes, he is smaller than average I would say’ she said reluctantly

‘well, do you want to find out if Paul has some of these tendencies?’ I asked ‘I think we can find out easily and without him knowing we are testing him but if he is and once you know, you can’t change that’ I said

Jules looked puzzled and genuinely torn. ‘You think he could be? And he wouldn’t know?’ she asked for confirmation.

‘absolutely’ I said.

Jules paused but then agreed ‘OK Chris, I trust you on this, what do we need to do?’

It was all quite simple, I explained to Jules that all we needed to do was slowly give Paul opportunities to reveal if he is that way inclined.

‘So have you spoken to him since you got here?’ I asked

‘I text him when we arrived yesterday but not since then’ she said

‘Well, they’re quite a few hours ahead so why don’t you text him to check how things are. Let him know you’re enjoying the weather and being naked. Also take a quick picture of the place and the weather and send that’ I said

Jules went and got her phone and sent it off. You could see she was nervous about this but also excited at the same time. We continued to finish our breakfast and discussed what we were going to do today.

We agreed to go and try the beach and so put all our suntan cream on (mostly doing it ourselves this time unfortunately) and headed down to the beach. Jules was happy it was quite quiet early on, there were a few people in the sea but we found a quiet spot. We were just setting our stuff up on the loungers when she got a text back.

‘read it out then Jules’ I said

‘let me read it first Chris, there may be bits I don’t want to tell you’ she tried

‘Jules, you need to tell me everything in the message if this is going to work, understand?’ I tried to assert my authority on her. To my surprise she looked at me and then started reading.

‘Hi honeypot’ she started, looking embarrassed, I tried not to laugh and she continued ‘all good here, although weather not great, looks like you are not having the same problem. Place looks great. What are you up to today? Xx’ she finished. ‘Told you he wasn’t’ she said, ‘all normal’.

‘Jules, calm down, it will take time, and it is also about timing with these things, trust me’ I said.

‘so what do we do now?’ she asked.

‘give me your phone’ I said ‘and go and stand over there’

She looked confused but then understood what I meant. ‘No chris, you’re not taking a picture of me naked on my phone’

‘it is the only way this is going to work, now get on with it’

She got up and I took a few photos so she could choose the one she was most happy with. And I encouraged her to send to Paul telling him that she was having a great time on the beach.

The text came back very quickly ‘Wow, looking great, really glad you’re getting to experience it and enjoy it. Is the beach busy, what is everyone else like?’ he asked

‘well that’s a start’ I said

‘what do you mean? It’s just a normal text’ Jules said confused

‘can’t you see what he’s doing? He’s asking how many people are around, how many people may be looking at his wife naked. You don’t think he would have let you come out here if he didn’t want people to look at you? I explained

‘really?’ Jules seemed to be getting a bit excited and definitely was now into the plan ‘So what next?’

I explained to her to write back that the beach was quiet but still a few people around. That she was surprised how great she felt when comparing herself to other real naked people and not just media pictures of people. She added she was really growing in confidence in herself and enjoying some of the occasional glances she was getting from people.

Another message came straight back ‘That’s great honeypot, I’m so glad you’re enjoying it and feeling great. I’ve always said how beautiful you are and I’m glad you’re finally starting to believe it. So how about the others there, how are they? I bet you’ve seen all shapes and sizes. Lol’

‘he’s playing ball Jules’ I said

‘how do you mean?’ she said, she really was struggling with this a bit

‘he’s asking about others, i.e. guys, and all shapes and sizes, he’s asking if you’ve seen anything unusual. Oh this is going to be so fun’ I laughed

I started to dictate the next message ‘Yes honey, I’m really growing in confidence and feel great. In terms of the others, yes, definitely all shapes and sizes lol. The couple in the apartment next door seem nice, he looks similar to you down there if that’s what you were asking? Lol’

Another message came straight back. ‘ok love, glad you are making more friends and feeling comfortable chatting to others naked. Poor bloke if he looks like me down there, lol. You said all shapes and sizes, any others?’

The plan was working perfectly. Just then one of the hotel staff, a guy this time, came over to ask if we wanted a drink. He was a local similar to the lady this morning and was very toned with a six pack, he also looked to be pretty hung and was confidently strolling around. As he waited for our drinks order he clocked me too. ‘hey man, nice, thought I was big but that’s impressive, you’re a lucky lady maam’ he added

‘cheers mate,yes, she likes them big’ I joked to which I got a frown and a playful slap from Jules.

‘Don’t blame her man’ he said ‘she deserves too, you’re a very gorgeous lady maam, my name’s Jermaine’ you could see Jules blush a little but secretly was enjoying the attention.

‘can we get 2 beers please, Jermaine?’ I said

‘Chris, it’s early do we need to be drinking?’

‘we’re on holiday, come on, 2 beers please’ I asserted myself again. I knew that if the plan was to work I would need to get Jules to have a few drinks as well.

Jules didn’t say anything as the guy pulled 2 beers out of his cool box.

‘Hey man, can you take a picture of us both please?’ I asked and he agreed.

‘come in a bit closer’ I said to Jules as I put my arm around her shoulder and got very close. We got a few good pictures. ‘now get that thing away from me’ she said as she jokingly tried to push my cock away.

‘Do you want one with Jermaine?’ I asked Jules ‘Sorry mate, I forgot to ask, are you ok with pictures or would you prefer not to?’

‘it’s cool man, I’m ok with a photo, it happens quite a lot’

Jules looked a bit unsure but I didn’t really give her a choice and took the photo.

I looked through them and there was as ok one of Jermaine and Jules and one that looked great with us looking very close and the light on my cock making it look even bigger and hanging huge and soft very close to Jules.

‘wow, that does look a great pic’ said Jules ‘I look so happy and look pretty good in that light and can’t believe how big you look’ as she kept staring at it.

‘so what do we do now with Paul?’ she asked eagerly.

I explained that it was better to ignore his last question so it doesn’t look like we are deliberately trying to catch him out and plus if he’s home alone with the thought of you on the beach it will drive him crazy I joked. Plus if he asks again then you know he’s really desperate to know. Instead just send a picture of your beer against the beach and say ‘cheers’. She looked a bit disappointed about the slow down in pace of the progress with her husband but did as she was told.

A message came straight back ‘Lucky lady, looks perfect, you deserve it, enjoy yourself’

Another message pinged in. It was a picture of a large glass of wine ‘Cheers to you too’.

‘he’s started a bit early’ I said ‘it’s only early evening. But that could really help the plan as if he has had a few drinks he will likely lose his inhibitions much sooner and be more honest. If he drinks all that and then texts you I think we will be ready for the next phase’ I said cockily. ‘let’s leave him to wait for a bit’

We finished our beers and decided to go for a swim in the sea. ‘I have to say Jules, I’ve never been skinny dipping before so this could be fun’

‘I’m looking forward to it’ she said and moved a bit closer. I think the beer was already working, she put her arm around me ‘thanks for all your help with Paul Chris, I do love him so much and don’t want to hurt him’

We strolled together into the water and slowly got deeper until the water was above our waists. ‘wow how good does that feel’ I said ‘this is amazing’ and started to swim around.

‘sure does, can’t believe it’ she replied while also starting to swim.

We enjoyed the very warm sea for 15 minutes or so and the feeling was so good that I started to get a boner again. It felt so good swimming around naked with a huge hard on underneath the water. Jules came swimming over ‘this is the best, I can’t say how grateful I am that you came with me to let me experience this Chris’

She put her arms around me to give me a hug but as she did I felt my huge cock slide between her thighs. She hadn’t noticed she was floating in the water, with those huge breasts touching my chest. Then she lowered herself to stand on the seabed and got a surprise as she straddled my now throbbing cock. She looked at me in shock and moved away.

‘Chris, we can’t it felt amazing but we can’t, not yet’ she gave me a quick kiss and then said ‘sorry big boy, you’ll have to wait’ as she playfully grabbed my cock. ‘let’s head back to the sun loungers. There’s no one around to worry about that thing showing himself off’ she laughed.

We made our way out of the water and back to the sun beds. Jermaine suddenly appeared, ‘anymore drinks?’

Then he noticed my state ‘Jeez man, put it away’ he laughed ‘I hope I wasn’t interrupting anything’ he added

‘sorry mate’ I said ‘not interrupting anything, 2 more beers please’ Jules didn’t say anything this time around.

He gave us 2 more beers. ‘sorry mate, we don’t have any cash on us right now but will give you a tip before we leave if that’s ok’ I said. ‘that’s cool, no worries man. Enjoy your day Maam’

Jules cracked into her next beer and then checked her phone. ‘no more messages. You were wrong to make him wait, the plans not working’ she said getting frustrated.

‘trust me’ I said knowingly ‘these things take time. He would have finished his glass of wine soon and then I’m sure we’ll be back on track. Just lay back and enjoy the sun and the beer’

It was such a good feeling, chilling on the beach completely naked with a beer. I slowly started to day dream on the sun bed until Jules’ phone beeped again.

‘well, what does it say’ I asked

‘really missing you honeypot, keep looking at your photo you sent me, you look so sexy, I bet people are enjoying an eyeful of your curves. You getting a good view of other shapes and sizes lol x?

‘game on’ I said ‘he wants to know bad. I bet he is getting horny thinking of you naked with others and wants to know you’re looking at other guys’

I told Jules what to give me the phone so I could reply. ‘thanks darling, missing you too. Glad you like my picture, I can’t stop looking at it too, makes me feel very sexy looking at it. The attention and looks from others really growing my confidence. Yes, I’m getting a chance to have a good look too lol. Some very interesting sights xx’

Within seconds the message came back ‘interesting sights? Lol. Do tell me more x.’

I told what she needed to reply with. ‘Darling, you know I’m a bit shy about talking about those things, do you really want to know xx?’

‘yes please honeypot, we’ve both had a drink so I won’t judge, just be honest xx’ he replied.

‘OK darling, well, as I said, the guy next door is built similar to you and most of the guys on holiday here are average and getting on a bit but a couple of the local staff are quite a sight. Never seen one before but it’s true what they say about black men lol. Felt very funny getting close up views as they bring me my drinks. Having said that Chris is getting a lot more attention than the locals if you know what I mean lol xx.’ I hit send and then passed the phone to Jules so she could see.

‘Chris!’ she shouted ‘my god, I would never say that’ she looked shocked ‘he’s going to work out its not me and get all upset’

‘it’s ok Jules he’s had a fair bit to drink I think you may be a bit surprised.’

Ping. A new message came back quickly.

‘thanks sexy for you being honest, great you’re enjoying yourself, sounds like some eyefuls out there. I’ve never seen one either, you’ve got me intrigued. Would now like to be there with you see these things for the first time and also see for myself. How big are they? Sorry, wine talking. Surprised about Chris but yes I think I get your drift lol. But don’t show him any of these messages xx’

I snatched the phone back again and began to reply.

‘of course I’m not sharing with Chris, it’s our little secret lol. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I have to say the locals are pretty big, fascinating to watch them walk along the beach with it swinging around lol. It gets me a little excited seeing them and watching them look at me. Having Chris here is really helping too, he’s so kind and looking after me. I hope you don’t mind me saying this but the way everyone else looks at his.. you know and sees he’s with me makes me feel 10ft tall and very sexy. Lying next to him now, he’s half asleep on the sun bed and can’t stop looking at his thingy. Sorry beer talking here too xx’

As soon as I hit send Jules grabbed the phone back to see what I had written. ‘oh wow Chris, I can’t believe you’ve written some of this stuff, and you even mentioned your thingy! I feel so embarrassed.’

Ping. An even quicker reply.

‘of course I don’t mind you saying honey, I asked you to be honest. I don’t blame you for feeling sexy and great if you’re being envied as you walk around. You deserve it sexy, I always said you were hot. I have those images in my head now of you being ogled by a black man with a big willy and then you lying next to chris with his even bigger willy lol. I assume that’s what you meant by Chris. I should be annoyed but getting me a bit excited too lol. Really wish I could see all this with you. It must be the wine, half way through my second glass now. Love you x’

‘see Jules, I told you, he says you deserve it and its getting him excited the thought of you being around big dicks and guys fancying you. do you believe me know?’

‘ok Chris, I’m starting to believe you now, getting me a bit more relaxed and even excited that he’s enjoying it too. But what next?’ she asked. I grabbed back the phone.

‘Oh wow honey, you’ve made me even more excited now that you’re getting excited by the things I’m seeing and feeling. I really wish you were here to share the experience now too. Love you so much xx. P.s thought you might like these photos of me with Jermaine and Chris to help your imagination. Xx’ and I attached the pictures and sent the message and handed the phone to Jules.

‘Jesus Chris, I can’t believe you, why would you send those pictures, it’s too much, he will hate me now’ her mood had turned.

‘don’t worry’ I assured her ‘it’s what he wanted, be patient’ and took the phone back

A few minutes went by and no message appeared, ‘Chris, I’m worried now, check the phone’ said Jules ‘he’s taking too long, you’ve ruined it’

I have to say at this point I was getting a bit worried but played calm and just chilled on the sunbed.

Then about 5 minutes later the next message appeared.

‘Wow, honey, sorry it took so long, must have been the photos, seemed to take ages to come through, you look great and so happy with them both. You were not wrong about Jermaine, he has a very big black willy, the contrast in skin colour with the beach in the background looks so exotic. And then Chris, holy shit, what has he been eating to get that thing, it’s half way down his thigh and so thick. It looks like it’s almost touching you. did it touch you? I can’t stop looking at the pictures. My sexy wife naked next to such fit men, it really suits you x’

‘there you go Jules’ I said cockily although also a bit relieved. ‘you are married to a cuckold husband. He’s asking if my cock touched you and believe me he wants it to have. Now you have the proof it’s up to you what you do next, I think this could be a big decision point in your life. We can push this further and you get to experience last night again and probably give Paul what he wants deep down or we can stop now and put it all down to the alcohol. Your choice?’

I thought it would take a while for Jules to think about it and not sure if it was the beer or the fact she felt horny but she didn’t hesitate ‘we need to go further’ she said looked me in the eye and then gave me a long passionate kiss as if now it was ok again.

‘ok then’ I said ‘come round here. Put one hand on my cock and take a photo with the other one’ I instructed.

‘Chris, we’re in public, and I’m not sure about this’ she said reluctantly.

‘have I been wrong so far?’ I looked at her seriously. She placed one hand around my cock and took the photo. I couldn’t resist a grope of her bum as she was trying to take the photo.

I took the phone and replied.

‘Thanks darling, I’m glad you like the photos, I can’t stop looking at them too, it makes me feel so sexy. And yes, Chris’s willy did touch me while we took that photo, I hope I can be honest but it has a few times over the time here while we’ve been together. Nothing deliberate but just if we hugged or if we were passing each other. It feels really heavy. And yes, you’re right, it is very thick, I’ve never seen anything like it. He’s asleep on the sunbed at the moment so took this to show you xx love you xx’ and attached the picture of Jules hand struggling to wrap around the girth of my cock.

I explained to Jules that we should probably head back to the apartment now while we wait for his reply and get out of the hot midday sun. we can always come back out later so you can chat up Jermaine I joked. We grabbed a couple more beers on the way back. By the time we arrived back at the room the reply from Paul had arrived.

‘Oh my god Jules, I can’t believe you just did that, you’re so naughty, it looks absolutely massive. I know I shouldn’t say this but that picture of you touching Chris’s cock got me so excited. It must have felt so big and heavy. You’re such a good wife for sending these photos to me, I love you so much. Was that completely soft? I can’t imagine what it looks like when he’s excited x p.s. I’ve never done this before but here’s a photo of what you’ve done to your husband back home, not quite as impressive as Chris I’m afraid xx’ and attached a picture of him with an erection.

I read Jules the text. ‘you’re not wrong about him being quite small’

‘Chris, let me look, did he really send a photo?’ Jules took the phone and looked at the photo. ‘oh my god, he did, he has struggled to get himself hard for a while but doesn’t look to have had trouble there, he must be very excited’

I opened the beer for both of us took the phone back and replied.

‘wow, thanks darling, I can see little Paul is very excited there, and yes not very impressive, good job I love you. Yes, he was soft when I touched it and did feel so heavy. I feel bad admitting it but I have seen him excited a few times. He is young I guess and keeps springing up. Once this morning he had morning glory and then once when he went into the Sea. I hope you don’t mind but I had a good look this morning while he was hard while asleep. It is so long and thick I honestly don’t know how anyone could take it all. Chris woke at the beach and now at the apartment, it sounded like you wanted to see it excited. Should I try and sneak a pic for you darling? Xx’

Jules got very angry with this one. ‘Chris, you’ve gone too far this time, i’ve just insulted and humiliated Paul in that message, what are you trying to do?’ she couldn’t believe what I was doing.

But the response came very quickly ‘Honeypot, how rude about little Paul, but very true, I know my place and know you deserve better. You telling me that made me more excited. Do you think you could get a photo? Love you xx’

‘oh my god Chris. You’re some kind of mind reader, I’ve never seen Paul like this’. She kissed me again.

‘you do realise you owe me big time when this is all done’ I looked into her eyes and she smiled knowingly. ‘well let’s give him what he wants’ I said ‘but needs to look like I don’t know what’s going on’

I said I would go for a shower and leave the bathroom door open a bit and then get a hard on for when I got out to dry myself. Jules took a lot of photos so we could pick one that looked genuine. There was one really good one with me looking huge against the white background in the shower. ‘that’s the one’ I said and started to reply.

‘I can’t believe I just did that darling, I feel so naughty but can’t help myself. Here he is for you, I caught him as he got out of the shower, he didn’t have a clue. Xx’

‘You ought to pop in the shower too Jules, wash off that sand’ I said.

‘I will in a minute but want to see what he says to that picture’ she said eagerly.

The message response was quick once again. ‘OH MY GOD JULES. I can’t believe you just did that. thank you. He is huge, I don’t mind admitting that is something special and I can’t compete with that. I can’t imagine the pleasure he could give someone with that thing, and you’re in the same room as him. I’m so used to my little one I would love to see how someone handled that Xx’

‘See Jules, he has it bad, he hasn’t said he wants to see you with my cock but not far off. Now go take a shower while I think about what to do next’. Off Jules went for a shower even though I knew fully what I was going to do next. All this messaging had got me very horny and I wanted to take my credit from Jules now. I loved fun in the day time and this was perfect.

As soon as she got into the shower. I picked up my phone.

‘Well, what have we here Paul. Jules is in the shower and I just looked through her phone as I noticed her taking a photo while I got out of the shower. I can see you don’t have much to compete with down there, ha. Looks like your wife can’t stop thinking or looking at my cock and you too. You want to see how someone handles it do you? well I think we know which someone that’s going to be now don’t we. I think with your two’s little sneaky picture taking I can take what I want. As soon as Jules comes out of the shower I intend to do what I want with her. But as I’m feeling generous I will give you a choice. You can either know that it’s happening and wait for me to text you after. I can video it for you so you can see what pleasure looks like or I can call you on video call and you can watch Jules try and take all of me. She will not know you’re watching. You will see how much resistance she puts up. What’s it to be?’ and I sent the message. This was high risk but I thought we had him where we wanted him.

The response was quick.

‘I’m really sorry Chris, we didn’t mean to take advantage of you, you’re right you deserve to take what you want and Jules deserves to feel real pleasure. Option 3 please’ result.

I looked around the room to find the best viewing point. I found a shelf slightly above the bed where the camera could see all of the bed and a section of the floor next to it. I called Paul on my phone, turned the volume up really high on our end so he could hear everything but put Paul on mute so Jules would not know.

Jules came out of the shower. I waited until she came over to the side of the bed where she normally sits on the edge. She was wrapped in a towel. I was so horny now knowing Paul was watching and I was about to give Jules all of me. My cock had risen up again and was now bolt upright and rock hard. I walked up to jules and placed it by her Lips.

‘I think it’s payment time’ I said

‘but what about Paul, we can’t’ she resisted slightly.

‘I don’t think that’s a problem now do you?’ I asked and without waiting for an answer I slowly forced my cock into her mouth. She opened her mouth more and more and then started to suck on my cock. The beers and the days antics had taken their toll on her as she made real sounds of pleasure as she sucked away.

‘you like that cock do you Jules?’ I asked wanting her to answer for Paul

‘god yes, you’re so big, I love it’

‘on your knees’ I said as I ripped off her towel and she sank to her knees not letting my cock slip from her mouth as she did. I lent down and grabbed her tits. ‘you’re so hot Jules. I love those big tits’

She went to use her hands on my shaft but I leant down and spanked her ass hard. She let out a little moan from her cockful mouth. ‘no hands’ I said firmly ‘put your hands behind your back, look me in the eyes and suck me’.

She duly obliged and bobbed her head back and forth trying to suck my thick cock. I grabbed her head to hold it still as I thrust deep into her mouth. She was gagging but still trying to suck as she wanted it so much. ‘you’re such a good cock sucker Jules, could let you suck me all day. But I want my balls sucked’. As if like a robot under my control she leant forward and started sucking my balls. I leant down to feel her pussy, I slipped a few fingers into open her up a bit ‘you’re so wet Jules, you’re dripping, I think you’re ready’. I spanked her ass again, and then leant down. Wrapped her arms around my neck, picked her up by her ass and held her above my cock as I stood up. She wrapped her legs around me. I turned around a bit so I knew the camera was pointing right at her pussy and then lowered her slowly onto my cock. You could feel her pussy stretch a she slid further down my shaft. She let out an almighty moan as stopped an inch or so from the base of my cock. ‘oh my god, I cant take any more. You’re too big’ she pleaded. I ignored her and let her weight go as my full cock disappeared into her.

‘arrrgh, oh my god, you bastard’ she screamed but then kissed me passionately and then started riding my cock. I lifted her ass up and down in front of the camera knowing Paul was watching his wife get impaled time after time. I moved even closer to the camera so he could hear the noise her pussy was making and how wet it was as she was lifted up and down. I spanked her ass again and she let out a whimper.

I leant forward and placed her on the bed with me still deep inside her, her legs spread so wide. Her face now clearly visible to the camera with a side on view as I started to drive hard into her. ‘god I love your pussy, it feels so good that you can take all of me’ she reached her arms around and grabbed my ass and pulled me into her ‘please fuck me, I want it, fuck me hard Chris’. I wasn’t going to disappoint and started pounding into her so fast and hard, our bodies slapping together so loud it was incredible. ‘don’t you dare stop Chris, I’m going to cum, harder, please don’t stop’ I could feel something building in her as I kept pounding away. As I felt she was about to cum I pulled out and she let out the biggest moan ‘ooooarrrgghhhhh, fuuuuuccck’ as she squirted so much all over the floor. I waited for it to subside and then pushed 3 fingers into her pussy and fucked her really quickly as she wriggled around and within seconds squirted again.

‘Wow Jules, that was impressive, you loved that didn’t you my little slut’

‘oh my god chris, I’ve never come like that before, you’re amazing, I love that cock and yes I’m your little slut, do what you want to me, I’m all yours’

Knowing Paul was watching this got me even hornier ‘right then, it’s my turn’ I said firmly flipped her over onto her front and spun her round to face the camera. I got on the bed behind her and placed my now throbbing cock at the entrance to her ass.

‘No Chris, not my ass, I can’t take that thing, I didn’t mean that’ she pleaded.

But I didn’t listen, I was taking what I wanted, I pushed my cock slowly but firmly further into her ass. Her screams turned to moans as she admitted defeat as I continued my descent into her now stretched ass. I spanked her ass again and then lay on top of her now fully into her. ‘your ass feels so good Jules, I think this is the best ass I’ve ever had’

‘shiiit’ she cried as she gripped the bed sheets as I rose out and entered back into her ass. I started to pick up speed ploughing in and out of her ass. I thought the pleasure was all mine until suddenly ‘oh my god Chris, right there, that’s it, oh my god, don’t stop, I’m coming again, don’t stop.’ I continued to plough her ass until she let out an almighty scream ‘’yeeeesssss, fuuuccck’ as I felt her body shake and shudder in orgasm. It was too much I was about to cum.

‘Shit Jules I’m going to cum’ I pulled my about to explode pole, covered in her pussy and ass juices, from her ass and leant forward, right in front of the camera ‘arrrgghhh’ I shouted as I shot my huge load all over Jules face, it covered her hair and was dripping down her face. It kept coming and coming. ‘suck me dry Jules’ I instructed.

She looked at me in the eyes as she took my cock in her mouth and sucked the last few drops of cum from me rock hard cock. ‘oh my god Jules. You were amazing, you’re one filthy lady’

‘I have never come like that Chris, that was truly amazing, I couldn’t resist’ she said as she swallowed the cum as it dripped into her mouth from her face.

‘I’m glad you enjoyed it Jules’ and leant forward and turned Paul off Mute. ‘What did you think Paul?’

Jules face turned from one of satisfied lust to one of sheer horror ‘you bastard Chris, why wo..’

Just as she was laying into me Paul spoke ‘Wow, I have never cum that hard or that many times in such a short time. I didn’t think I could love you more Jules but you are truly amazing’ and with that hung up the phone.

Jules looked at me ‘what the fuck was that?’

‘I told Paul I saw your texts and that I was onto your two’s little game. I said I was going to take what I wanted and what I was owed and he had 3 choices. He chose option 3 which was to watch you get properly fucked. He didn’t sound disappointed did he?. I think you now have a fully cuckold husband. You can thank me again later’

She looked at me in shock, but then a huge smile grew across her face and leant in to continue cleaning my cock.

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